Don’t sleep with the elderly before your child is 3 years old. It’s not a superstition. It has been scientifically proven to be necessary.

Don’t sleep with the elderly before your child is 3 years old. It’s not a superstition. It has been scientifically proven to be necessary

Nowadays, society is developing rapidly and the pressure on young people is increasing, especially after having children. The pressure has increased exponentially. Many young parents leave their children to the care of the elderly at home after they have given birth, and they return to the workplace. 

The elderly consider that young people must have sufficient energy at work, and worry that they will fall asleep with their children, which will affect the state of work, so the children will also fall asleep with the old at night. But is it really good to let children sleep with the elderly for a long time? 

The child’s long-term harmony Grandma slept and her physique became very poor. After knowing the reason, her parents regretted

Qiqi gave birth to a daughter after she married her husband. Although Qiqi also wants to bring her own daughter, because Qiqi and her husband are struggling in first-tier cities, they do not yet have their own houses, and they all live in their parents’ houses. The housing prices in the first-tier cities are very high. In order to have her own house as soon as possible, Qiqi returns to the workplace after giving birth to her child and out of confinement. Fortunately, the elderly in the family retire at home and can help them with their children. 

Qiqi has always been fortunate that she has a good mother-in-law who thinks about them. The mother-in-law’s body is also very strong, and she takes the baby well. The baby sleeps with her mother-in-law at night. In a blink of an eye, the baby is eight months old, but Kiki finds that the relationship between the baby and her grandmother is better. Usually, as long as she and her husband are close, the baby will turn around and fall into the arms of her mother-in-law. 

Kiki once suggested that the baby should sleep with herself, but after a night of trying, Kiki gave up. Because the baby was used to falling asleep with her grandma, she kept crying and crying for her grandma at night, but Qiqi had no choice but to take the baby to find her grandma. 

But gradually, Kiki found that the baby’s physique became very poor, and she was always sick in three days. After Kiki took the baby to the hospital for examination, she discovered that the baby was sleeping with her grandmother for a long time. Baby’s physique. After knowing the reason, Qiqi and his wife both regretted it. 

Children should not sleep with the elderly before they are 3 years old. It has been scientifically proven the necessity

According to the research of American scientist George Smith for many years, it has been learned that children under three years of age are not well developed in all aspects. The old man fell asleep together. 

The physical functions of the elderly have degraded and their immunity has become weaker, and they are also in contact with some elderly people. The elderly will also be infected with germs in the process of contact with them. If the elderly and children fall asleep, they will easily pass the germs to the children, which will cause the children to get sick and weaken their immunity. 

According to the American scientist George Smith after years of scientific research, it is known that mites are often hidden in the folds of the skin of the elderly. This is also the reason why we can always smell a strange smell on the elderly in many cases. This is because the wrinkles of their skin are covered with mites, which gives off the smell. If children sleep with the elderly, they will be easily infected by mites, causing dermatitis or respiratory diseases. 

Moreover, the old man is getting old, and the function of his body organs has degraded, especially the lung purification function, will also have obvious degeneration. We all know that the elderly’s breathing is very rapid. This is because the lung function of the elderly has been degraded. At this time, the air they exhale is “toxic” to the child. If the child sleeps with the elderly, he will inhale the more turbid gas for a long time. Gas will harm the child’s physical development. Therefore, it is recommended that children do not sleep with the elderly before the age of 3. It is not a superstition. It has been scientifically proven to be necessary

Although it is appropriate for children to sleep with their parents, children are used to falling asleep with the elderly, what should parents do? Do, the child is willing to fall asleep with their parents? 

What should parents do Do, the child is willing to fall asleep with their parents? 

1. Take the obligation to take care of the children after get off work.

Children do not want to sleep with their parents, mainly because they have a bad relationship with their parents. The children are taken care of by the elderly during the day. The parents return home from get off work, rarely take the children, and do not accompany the children to sleep. The children are naturally estranged from their parents and are unwilling to sleep with their parents. When the parents are at work, the children can be taken care of by the elderly, but after get off work, they have to bear the responsibility of taking care of the children and cultivate a good relationship with the children, so that the children will have a close relationship with their parents and will be willing to sleep with their parents. 

2. Be more attentive to accompany your children

If parents are busy at work during the day, and go home from work, they are busy playing games or playing TV dramas, and do not accompany their children attentively. Children can’t feel the company of their parents, so they will naturally get closer to the elderly and alienated from their parents. This is the main reason why children are unwilling to sleep with their parents. Parents must pay more attention to accompany their children and establish a close parent-child relationship, so that the children are willing to fall asleep with their parents. 

3. Let children understand the intentions of their parents

When parents realize the dangers of their children sleeping with the elderly, parents can also communicate with their children, and do not force them to separate the children from the elderly. Parents can say to their children, “Baby, grandparents are old, they have been very hard to take care of you during the day, you let them have a good rest at night, you sleep with grandparents, it will affect their sleep. You will sleep with mom and dad in the future. Is it okay?” Parents and children communicate well, so that children understand their parents’ intentions, and children will be happy to accept them. 

Children fall asleep with the elderly before the age of three, which is a lot of harm. As long as the parents master the above methods, the children will be happy to fall asleep with their parents. 

Parents, do your children usually sleep with their parents or grandparents? Please interact in the comment area. Every day there are big fish and big meat, but I don’t know that children are still in “hidden hunger”, and their health is bright.

In today’s material development For many families, eating full is no problem at all. Even meals with big fish and meat can also be done. 

Previously, children dreamed of delicious delicacies, but today’s children are already tired of tasting them, and wasteful and picky eaters have become the norm. But if under such material conditions, many children are still “hungry”, would it surprise you? However, this is precisely the reality. Although today’s children are accompanied by big fish and meat, many of them are in a state of “hidden hunger”, and their health is really worrying. 

I heard from a doctor friend that he often encounters children who are in good conditions at home but are still malnourished. Some of these children even grew up to 1.78 meters in height at the age of 14 or 5, but after checking the various indicators, all of them turned on red lights. One of them impressed him very much. The child was thirteen years old, and his parents were busy at work, and his grandmother usually took care of him. 

The child’s grandmother is Cantonese and loves to make soup. So when the child is young, there is soup every time, and it is a nutritious soup carefully prepared by the grandmother. The ingredients are both fresh and expensive. But even after spending so much money and energy, the child is still skinny. At the age of thirteen, his weight is not as good as that of a ten-year-old. The child’s mother worried that if he continued to do this, his puberty development would be affected, so she took time to take him to the hospital for an examination, hoping to find out the root cause of the child’s skinny growth. 

Although every check is done in accordance with the requirements of the child’s mother, according to the doctor’s friend, he can actually judge the child’s problem without looking at the check result, which is his usual diet. In his opinion, although the child’s grandmother is carefully preparing the child’s meals and buying expensive ingredients, these foods are not as nutritious as imagined. On the contrary, they are “false nutrition.” It is precisely because the child has been eating “fake nutrition” food for a long time that he is thinner and will not get fat no matter how much he eats. Later, a friend suggested that the mother of the child should give her baby less soup and eat more meat. After a period of recuperation, it really worked. 

Is big fish and big meat nutritious? Don’t be fooled by “fake nutrition”. I believe many people have heard such a saying that nutrition is all in the soup, and soup is better than meat. Is the truth really like this? Of course not. The main ingredient of the soup is water, and the rest are mainly fat, salt, and umami substances (such as sodium glutamate, etc.). These ingredients are not nutritious, so the nutrition of the soup is actually very low. Including broth, there are many low-nutrient foods that we usually eat. 

These foods are all “low nutrition”, no matter how much you eat, it won’t help.

1. Broth

As mentioned above, the main ingredients in the broth are all low-nutrient. So just drinking soup and not eating meat is equivalent to missing the best nutrition. Not only that, the soup can also make people feel full, so the child will eat less other meals after drinking the soup. 

2. White porridge

White porridge is often regarded as a food that “nourishes the stomach”, but nourishing the stomach does not mean good nutrition. In fact, the nutrition of white porridge is quite simple and quite poor. Unless the child has a bad gastrointestinal tract, it is not recommended to let him eat white porridge to prevent uneven nutritional intake. 

3. Juice

Many children love to drink fruit juice, and parents are also willing to buy it for their children. After all, it is rich in vitamins. This is not wrong, but the fruit juices on the market contain many additives, and in order to make the taste better, a lot of sugar is added. Even if it is freshly squeezed fruit juice, the dietary fiber is destroyed in the process of squeezing, and the nutrition is greatly reduced. Therefore, the juice is still less for children to drink, not only is not good for the teeth, but the nutrition is also very incomplete. 

Hidden hunger is a professional term. It refers to the appearance of fullness, but in fact the nutritional intake is insufficient or unbalanced, which leads to the developmental delay of the body. According to expert predictions, at least one-third of children in China are hidden under hunger. Compared with hunger caused by not eating enough food, hidden hunger is easy to be ignored by parents. 

Master these two principles to keep children away from “hidden hunger”

1. The simpler food cooking is, the better

The longer the cooking, the more complicated the process is. The more serious the nutritional damage, the more seasonings will be added. On the contrary, the simpler the cooking, the more it can retain the original nutrition and original taste of the food, which is to maximize the use of food. Therefore, when preparing food for their children, parents should master a principle that the production process should be as simple as possible and the production time should be as short as possible. 

2. Foods with high nutrient density are better than those with low nutrient density

Common foods have different nutrient density. The broth and porridge mentioned above have very low nutrient density. All kinds of meat, especially salmon, chicken breast and beef, have very high nutrient density. Therefore, parents should prepare as many foods with high nutrient density as possible for their children to meet the needs of physical development. 

Eating should not only pay attention to health and safety, but also pay attention to nutritional balance. Don’t think that your child will not go hungry if the material conditions are better now. As everyone knows, even if there is a lot of meat every day, many children are still suffering from “hidden hunger”, and health is a red light everywhere. Once this situation continues, it will have an immeasurable impact on the child’s body and brain development.

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