Don’t let children feel inferior, just rely on encouragement? These behaviors also need attention

Don’t let children feel inferior, just rely on encouragement? These behaviors also need to be noted.

“Oh, he is not so good, and his score is so high this time.” 

When I went to my girlfriend’s house to pick up things, I saw his child’s test paper on the table. The 100-point test paper scored 94 points, which is already a very good result. When I praised the child My best friend said the above, and the child who was happy to hear my praise immediately lowered his head. 

Although she knows that her best friend is humble and not to make the child proud, but depending on the child’s performance, her best friend does something wrong. Not only does she fail to achieve the effect she wants, it will also dampen her child’s self-confidence. 

Confidence is what every parent wants their children to have, but why do many children still feel inferior? It depends on the behavior of the parents. If you want your child to be truly confident, it is impossible to rely on words. 

to block other people’s improper criticism

except as mentioned at the beginning You can’t just deny your child’s grades. If you want your child to be confident, you also need parents to help your child block inappropriate criticism. 

For example, when someone compares their own children with others’ children, don’t indulge others in talking about their children’s shortcomings, and don’t indulge them in front of their children. Every child has its own advantages. Yes, the parents must refute when they should refute. 

For another example, when a child is not doing something wrong, he is pointed out by others. At this time, he should also refute, let the child know that he has done nothing wrong, and let the child know that he is not worthless. 

Maintaining children’s face

Many people think that face is Adults only have it, but in fact, children are more concerned about face than their parents can imagine. 

Even 3-year-old children already know that they love face, and they will compare their hearts. When the child’s face is thrown on the ground again and again, it will naturally lose self-confidence over time. Even if the parents use words to encourage them, it will not be much better. Effective. 

Therefore, whether at home or outside, whether in front of relatives or in front of strangers, parents must pay attention to safeguarding their children’s face, so that children can be brave and confident to be themselves without worries. 

Take him out for more walks

Finally, think If the child is not inferior, he must take the child out to take a walk and take a look at the outside world. Only when there are enough people and things in contact with the child, the child’s vision will be higher and more knowledgeable, and he has never encountered it before. There will be natural solutions to people and things, without feeling timid, let alone panicking. 

Many parents want their children to get rid of low self-esteem Self-confidence will choose language to encourage children, saying “you can do it, believe in yourself”, but the behavior cannot match the language, so it is difficult to convince the child. Therefore, if you want your child to be confident, start with the behavior. Let the children feel your encouragement! Stop memorizing, master the 3 “prime time” of memory, improve children’s learning efficiency

Why can’t children remember things? In fact, it is closely related to the education of parents, because wrong parenting education can easily lead children into misunderstandings. However, not every parent knows how to teach children to remember things, especially some parents, it is easy to mislead their children because of their wrong thoughts. 

Case study:

For Ms. Li, Her child belongs to the kind of mediocre person, so she wants to let the child learn by rote more. In this way, even if the ability is not as good as others, he can still catch up with others slowly by relying on steadiness and hard work. 

However, Ms. Li’s approach is obviously into the misunderstanding just mentioned, because it is not a small problem to let the child memorize by rote-because the child can only remember the time for one night, the next day is possible Just forgot. Sure enough, Ms. Li’s method caused the child to waste a lot of time, but the content was still not written down the next day. 

Therefore, parents should know about Ms. Li’s There are a lot of problems in practice, and you have to understand the shortcomings of rote memorization, so as to help children get out of the misunderstanding of memorizing things. 

What are the flaws of “rote memorization”? 

Rote memorization can only allow my brain to temporarily memorize what is in front of me, but memorizing things so bluntly cannot be kept for too long. Parents know that knowledge should be stored in their minds because they can be used at any time. However, if knowledge can only be memorized for a few days, then such “knowledge” is particularly tasteless. 

Therefore, rote memorization is not a good recipe. Parents must use smarter methods to help their children memorize more things. Therefore, parents should stop memorizing and master the 3 “prime time” of memory, improve children’s learning efficiency, and help children memorize life-long knowledge. 

When are the three “prime hours” of memory ? 

1: 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning

During this period, the child’s brain is the most active, because he has just slept for a full sleep, plus a meal to fill his stomach At this time, the child has been supplemented with considerable nutrition, and the brain will naturally slowly enter an active state if it is sufficiently rested. 

Therefore, this time period is the most critical golden time period for children to remember things, but in order to meet the requirements to make this time period a golden time period, parents should not forget to let their children go to bed early, in addition to breakfast Can’t fall. 

Two: One hour before going to bed< /p>

The famous psychologist Nicholas once mentioned in his book that if you read a book before going to bed, then the knowledge and content will continue to be played back in your brain, so when you wake up, your memory will be more Imprinted firmly in the mind. 

But remember, this golden period must be guaranteed under the premise of a good life and adequate sleep, so as to have a chance to trigger. 

3: From three o’clock to four o’clock in the afternoon

During this period, I have already had a full nap, so my spirits gradually became more vigorous and recovered to a stable stage. At this time, if it is used to learn and remember things, it is easy to remember it, even if it is “flunging” it cannot be forgotten. Therefore, whether you are on vacation or studying, you must make good use of this time to study. 

In fact, apart from these three golden memory periods There are other ways to help children improve their memory. Parents may wish to find out to make their children’s memory clear and active. 

What other ways can help children improve their memory? 

1) Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleep can not only ensure the child’s physical growth, but also help the child’s memory. Because our memory will be affected by our mental condition. If the child did not sleep well, the next day’s spirit would definitely be hazy, unable to improve concentration and write down the content in front of him, and his memory would naturally be unsatisfactory. 

2) Reasonable diet

< p>The reasonable combination of diet can actually help children’s brain development. For example, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in pine cones and nuts can not only make children’s brain development better, but also improve their ability to remember things. . 

In addition, the vitamins A, C and chlorophyll in vegetables are also key nutrients to ensure children’s memory and brain power. Parents should make their children’s diet more comprehensive and ensure their children’s daily nutritional needs. . 

3) Memory game

< p>In fact, there are many memory games that can help children remember more things. For example, you can put some small objects in front of the children, and then let the children close their eyes after browsing them. At this time, let the children think about what is in front of them. What kind of things, in this way, can greatly stimulate the child’s memory development. 

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