Don’t give your children these three types of names. It is easy to make people feel that their parents’ education is low and they have little influence on the children.

Don’t give your children these three types of names. It is easy to make people feel that their parents’ culture is low and will not affect the baby much.

A person’s name accompanies a person’s life, so parents should spend some time to give their children a good name. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

The ancients said: “If you are not afraid of a wrong life, you are afraid Taking the wrong name”, a person’s name is not just a code name, it is likely to be closely related to a person’s destiny. 

People often say “people are as they are”, which means that you can tell from a person’s name how that person is, and someone who says a good name can leave a good impression . Therefore, parents need to pay more attention when naming their children. Otherwise, not only will they not be able to make a good impression on their children, but they may also make people feel that the parents have no culture. 

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These types of names are given to children, which will make people think that the parents have no culture.

1. Names with too high repetition rate

When choosing names, some parents like Following the trend, for example, there have been a lot of names such as Zixuan and Zihan in the past few years. This does not indicate that the parents are not literate, but they certainly have not seriously named the baby. 

Such a name with a high repetition rate makes it easy for children to have the same name with others after school, especially for people with very large surnames. After entering the society, people with the same name will appear in the company , This will affect the baby’s social and competitive heart. 

2. Names that are too random

Some parents think that choosing a name is easy and fun, so when naming a baby, it seems very casual, such as the surname Wang, Just named the baby “King of Glory”, the surname was Qin, and he was called “Qin Shihuang” directly. This way of naming the baby did not take any thought at all, and it seemed to have no culture. 

Eventually, it will cause the child to receive attention from others because of the name, or others will compare the baby with the characters in the name, which may eventually turn the child into a laughingstock for others. 

3. Names with homophonic sounds

Some parents think a lot when choosing names, and also place their good expectations and wishes, but some names look good in every word, but they read them together Will produce homophonic characters, so that it is easy to be laughed at by others, such as Shi Zhenxiang (the shit is really fragrant), Bao Minhua (popcorn), Wei Junzhi (hypocrite), etc., which can easily lead to misunderstandings in public places. 

Therefore, when parents give their children a name, they should read it carefully several times or think about the meaning given to them, otherwise they will not only make others feel that their parents are uneducated, but they will also laugh at the baby. 

What should parents do Give your child a good name? 

1. Tone

When naming a child, parents should pay attention to the pronunciation of the name, the flatness and matching, and avoid the name that is awkward, and it is not easy to read it, so don’t give it. The baby has become a name. 

2. Meaning

Because a person’s name accompanies a person’s life, parents should pay attention to the meaning they give when naming their children. If parents can read the classics of Chinese culture, they can find some inspiration. But if you don’t understand, don’t cite the scriptures indiscriminately. It is easy to make jokes or come up with artificial names. 

At this time, parents can think carefully for themselves, and add their own hopes, and the meaning will be positive. This will also be a good name. 

3. Glyph

When parents give their children a name, don’t use some uncommon words. This will make people look troublesome and not easy to impress. When registering an account and applying for a certificate, you will also encounter the situation that the input method cannot be typed, which will be more difficult at that time. 

In addition, the shape of the name can be symmetrical, so that it looks more coordinated and more comfortable. If the parent has a high level of education, you can also consider the font structure and adopt a remote echoing method. 

Further reading: Reasons for the connection between name and destiny

1. Name will become a kind of label, a hint

A person’s name will be called thousands of times in this lifetime, which leads to many situations Next, the name will become a kind of label, a kind of hint, he is that name, and that name is him. 

In this way, many people will unconsciously tend to their name-related life to achieve their wishes or achieve success, so that they can prove their gratitude to their parents, such as a When a child has achieved some results in a certain area, he will happily share it with his parents, hoping to be appreciated by the parents. 

2, Rosenthal effect

Psychologist Wu Zhihong said: “The expectations of parents or teachers can usually affect the fate of a child.”

American psychologist This also raised the Rosenthal effect. Through investigation and research, he found that the expectations of parents or teachers for their children, whether good or bad, as long as such expectations continue to stimulate, it is likely that the baby will eventually become a parent or teacher. 

When most parents give their children a name, they will give meaning and their own expectations. Therefore, there may be a certain connection between a person’s name and destiny.  The golden sign of children’s growth, many parents I often ignore it and teach you a few ways to grasp the height of a baby scientifically

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland of the brain, which mainly promotes metabolism and protein synthesis. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalization: After Su Zi

Parents are happiest and concerned about the healthy growth of their children. If the parents find that their baby has a certain period of time, the changes will be great , Then it is likely to be a long golden period. 

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The golden period signal for children to grow taller

1. Appetite is significantly increased

Normal Under circumstances, as the child’s age continues to grow, the baby’s appetite will become more and more regular, and the appetite will increase. 

Especially in the golden period of growing taller, a lot of nutrients are needed to support it, which is likely to cause the child to feel hungry frequently and have a sudden appetite The time became very good, and the appetite increased sharply. 

Therefore, if your child’s appetite suddenly increases, and there is a growing trend in height, it is the golden age of growing taller. 

Recommendation: At this stage, parents can adjust their diet, pay attention to a balanced diet, eat enough eggs, meat, high protein, etc., and can also take in moderate fresh fruits and vegetables. Ensure adequate and comprehensive intake of nutrients to ensure the healthy growth of the baby. 

2. Sleep time is prolonged

If the child is in the golden period of growth, it may continue for several days After the appetite increases, you become more sleepy than usual, and the time and quality of sleep become higher. This is probably caused by the accelerated secretion of growth hormone in the body. 

And growth hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland of the brain, which mainly promotes metabolism, protein synthesis, etc., to promote epiphyseal cartilage, bone and joint The development of cartilage is what we often say to promote height growth. 

Recommendation: Since the peak period of growth hormone secretion is 23:00 to 2 and 5 to 7 o’clock, parents can put their children in a deep sleep state during these two stages to allow growth The better secretion of hormones promotes the development of joints and spine throughout the body, allowing the body to grow taller. 

3. The lower limbs feel sore

After the child enters the golden period of growth, due to the rapid development of bones Faster, muscle growth cannot keep up with the speed. In addition, the bones may “tear” with muscles, ligaments and other parts during the process of bone growth, which makes the baby feel soreness in the lower limbs. The main parts are the knee joints and the large and small legs. Position, which is often referred to as “growth pain”. 

Recommendation: Parents can use a hot towel to heat the painful area, and also can cooperate with a moderate amount of massage to relieve it. 

How to help grasp Live in the golden period of long high? 

1. Supplement enough calcium and protein for the child

For the golden age of the child, because Growth needs to digest a lot of energy, so parents need to pay attention to the intake of high protein and calcium when preparing food for their babies. For example, you can eat eggs and milk for breakfast. 

In addition, parents should reduce the number of children eating junk food, especially children drinking carbonated beverages, which is not conducive to growth and development. 

2. Don’t let children do too much homework

Now parents pay much attention to their children’s education and scores It has become an important standard, but this will not be conducive to the development of the baby’s comprehensive ability, especially for them to complete some excessive extracurricular homework on time, which will not only deprive them of their childhood; it may also affect the baby’s sleep quality. The increase in height will also have a certain impact. 

3. Take children to exercise and show them less technology and electronic products

Parents will encounter unsatisfactory things at work. In their free time, they are likely to choose to play with mobile phones to reduce stress or relieve their mood, and this behavior is likely to affect the child. 

Therefore, when parents are with their children in their free time, they can take their children out for a walk, which can not only increase extracurricular knowledge, but also promote the development of parent-child relationship. 

In addition, children in the golden period of growth, due to their faster growth rate, when preparing clothes for the baby at this stage, parents choose the one-size-a-larger clothes that are looser. Talent is not bound. 

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