Don’t give your children a “flat head” sleep. Only when they grow up, they know the “destroy” appearance. Girls suffer more than boys.

Don’t give your child a “flat head” sleep, you will only know the value of “ruin” when you grow up, and girls suffer more than boys.

Don’t give your child a “flat head” sleep, you will only know “destroy” when you grow up. “Yes, girls suffer more than boys

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People of different ages may have very different aesthetics. After the baby was born, sleeping with a flat head became the biggest dispute between some young parents and their elders. 

Suppressed by “sleeping flat head” Generations of influence

Nowadays, many netizens have found that the elderly in the north have a paranoid feeling for “sleeping flat heads”. They insist that children with flat heads are smart and beautiful because they think children with flat heads. Looks big and official. 

Actually, the influence of flat heads on our country is not very long. According to historical records, the habit of sleeping flat heads originated from the Qing Dynasty. The Manchus like to let their newborns sleep on hard pillows. The back of the head becomes flat. 

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This preference stems from their hunting culture, believing that the flat back of the head can make the body bones look taller and straighter, and then it has become an aesthetic, because the north has been away from the political center since ancient times. It’s near, so the impact is even more far-reaching. 

but use modern and scientific From a point of view, the “flat head” is neither beautiful nor smart. These effects may also accompany the child throughout his life. 

▶ Not beautiful

Nowadays girls like ponytails, ball-shaped heads or draped hair, but these hairstyles are basically those of girls with round heads that look better; now boys also Generally, you have short hair and a rounded back of your head is needed to look better. 

Young people who care about their own appearance may feel inferior for a lifetime because the back of their head is not as good-looking as others. 

▶ Not smart

The American psychiatric and behavioral science expert Matthew %uB7 Speltz once conducted an investigation on these children with flat heads and tilted heads, and found that if the head shape is not correct, the children’s intelligence, cognition and Language ability affects, and this phenomenon is called “flat head syndrome”. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that if a child’s head is flat or too severe, their brain damage may have a lifetime impact. The mental damage caused by a slight head tilt will slowly disappear after the baby is 3 years old, but this also delays the baby’s too much time for learning and growth. 

How to help your baby sleep perfectly What about his head shape? 

✔ Grasp the time

In order to adapt to natural production, the bones of the human brain are not completely closed at birth. There are still many gaps between the bone fragments and the bone fragments. Therefore, the baby Because of various reasons, the shape of the head will change into different shapes. 

And 0~3 months is the golden period for babies to have a perfect head shape, parents should pay attention to it. 

✔ Sleeping position

The sleeping position has the greatest influence on the baby’s head shape, but parents should not let them sleep on their stomachs alone because they are afraid that their children will have a flat head. This may cause the baby to suffocate. 

Of course, if there are parents watching by the side, it is also possible for the baby to sleep on their stomachs, and they can also be allowed to sleep on their stomachs and play games on their stomachs, which can also exercise their athletic ability. 

Usually, let the baby sleep normally. If the baby can change his sleeping position during sleep, such as turning over to lying on his side, parents do not need to worry about them. 

If they can’t move, parents need to help them adjust the position of their heads, changing their heads from head up to left or right. Don’t let the baby stay in a sleeping position for too long at the same time. 

✔ Hugging posture

❶ Vertical hug:

Holding your baby vertically is also very helpful in shaping their head shape, but it should be noted that the baby’s shoulders and shoulders should be protected to avoid their cervical spine problem appear. 

❷ Airplane hug:

Airplane hug is a method recommended by doctors to hug your child. It can alleviate the problem of baby’s stomach discomfort. The child also loves it, not only for the child There is no negative impact on their development, and it can help them shape the perfect head shape. 

Position: Let the baby lie on the parent’s arm, the belly is next to the parent’s palm, and the legs and arms hang down naturally. 

✔ Feeding position

Regardless of whether the child is breast-fed or formula-fed, pay attention to adjusting their drinking posture. Maintaining the same posture for a long time may not only cause the child to tilt his head, but also make them crooked. neck. 

If the baby has a flat head Or head tilted, what should I do? 

✔ Babies less than 3 months old:

Baby whose brain bones have not healed completely, can also sleep back their head shape by the above methods. 

✔ Babies over 3 months old:

If the baby’s head is too old and it’s difficult to go back to sleep, parents can choose to go to the hospital to ask the doctor to develop a special corrective headgear , So that the baby has a perfect head shape. 


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The baby’s face value is determined by four factors. If you are among them, congratulations, the baby will probably win at the starting line.

In today’s society, the value of beauty can be said It is a “stepping stone” for children’s future development. 

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Every parent wants their child to have a good-looking skin, but in most cases, they are just born ‘S children are more “ugly” and wrinkled, and some parents even suspect that the child is holding the wrong child. 

It’s just that, as the month’s age increases, the facial features of newborns gradually develop, and parents begin to look forward to their children’s longer and better-looking. After all, people with good looks are the winners. On the “starting line”. 

“The most beautiful newborn” was born and captured people’s hearts by its beauty.

During pregnancy, Ms. Zhao often fantasizes about the baby’s appearance. Because the couple’s beauty is good, she always hopes that the baby will look beautiful. During this period, Ms. Zhao also tried to achieve a breakthrough in the value of the baby’s appearance under the premise of ensuring the health of the fetus through a balanced diet, an optimistic attitude, and moderate exercise. 

After being pregnant in October, Ms. Zhao finally gave birth to her baby in the delivery room. The whole family was very happy. 

The delivery process was relatively smooth, and it seemed to be much easier than other pregnant women. At that time, the other pregnant mothers in the same delivery room gave birth for a long time, but Ms. Zhao gave birth smoothly in less than two hours. 

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When the baby was born, the doctor who delivered Ms. Zhao was even more surprised: “This is the best I have ever seen. The newborn baby I saw is too good-looking. This mother seems to have saved the galaxy in her previous life!”

Not only that, the family members and relatives saw the baby born by Ms. Zhao, all of them. Ms. Zhao, who admired the baby’s good appearance and had great expectations for the baby’s appearance, was even more overjoyed after seeing the baby and was happier than anyone else. 

What factors determine the good looks of a newborn baby? 

①, good genes

In theory, father and mother’s genes each account for 50% of the child’s DNA, but male genes are more aggressive than female genes, so in In terms of appearance, male genes are usually more prominent. Active genes are probably 40% for mothers and 60% for fathers. 

Therefore, the facial value of a newborn baby is more like a father in his facial features, and his mouth and chin may be like a mother. This may be the characteristic of most babies. 

Of course, if the parent’s face value is relatively high, then the baby’s appearance after birth will not be much worse. After all, the influence of genes is quite large, and genetics can allow children to retain some of the characteristics held by their parents. 

②, a balanced diet

If you want to make your baby more beautiful, you should start during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers consciously eat high-protein foods and eat more nutritious foods, which are not only good for themselves, but also have a positive effect on the growth and development of the fetus. 

In short, a balanced diet is very necessary, those high-calorie, high-sugar foods, pregnant women should still eat less, after all, excessive intake of such foods will also affect the development of the fetus . Strictly demand oneself, the baby born is healthier and more beautiful. 

③. Appropriate exercise

As the saying goes: life lies in exercise, life is not limited, exercise is not limited. 

It can be seen that no matter whether you are pregnant or not, exercise is good for your body. During pregnancy, although it is inconvenient for pregnant women to do some intense and large range of exercises, if you do not exercise for a long time, abdominal fat If it accumulates too much, it will affect the smooth delivery. 

Maybe older generations think that pregnant women need to be quiet, but in today’s pregnancy training process, proper exercise can not only keep pregnant women light, but also effectively promote the development of the fetus, and make Pregnant women are more relaxed during normal delivery. 

Therefore, even if you are pregnant, pregnant mothers should exercise appropriately every day, such as going for a walk, and if possible, they can also do maternity yoga. The fetus is well developed and the birth is smooth, and will naturally have a good look. 

④, emotional stability

It is well known that during pregnancy, due to the tremendous changes in the physical and psychological aspects, the emotional ups and downs of pregnant women are often relatively large, and it is easy to be upset by some trivial things. Yu Huai. 

However, the mood of pregnant women can easily affect the growth and development of the fetus in the belly. 

If you want the fetus in your stomach to be healthier, you should maintain emotional stability and have a good mood every day. The fetus will also be affected to a certain extent and become healthy and beautiful. 

Who determines the appearance of a newborn? 

▶A avatar father

Actually, after seeing the baby, there may be some places like the father, but after a few days, some places will feel like the mother, because the baby is just born and has facial features. It hasn’t been finalized yet, maybe in terms of appearance, whoever has more genes will be more like whoever. 

The size of newborns is naturally different, but most of the time, the size of the father also affects the size of the baby to some extent. If the size of the father is relatively tall, the baby will inherit this too. Class characteristics. 

▶Take the average value of the skin

As the saying goes: one white hides one hundred ugly. This is not true, fair-skinned people will give a clean and beautiful impression. 

After the baby is born, if the parents have a fair complexion, the baby’s skin will also be particularly white; but if the parents have dark skin, the baby’s skin may also appear dark. 

However, inheritance is a very complicated standard. There is no accurate statement about which characteristics a baby will inherit from a parent. The probability that the characteristics held by a parent will be inherited to the child is actually the same. Return to Sohu to see more

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