Don’t force your child to take a nap. Beware of your intelligence and your height. Whether you need to sleep or not, just look at three points.

Don’t force your child to take a nap. Beware of your intelligence and your height. You can see whether you need to sleep or not.

For children, nap has many advantages, but if it is forced by parents, it is likely to be harmful. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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In the process of raising children, parents hope that their babies can grow up healthy and happy, and at the same time cultivate some good habits, such as developing good sleeping habits, which is very beneficial to them Growth. 

Researches have found that children’s noon sleep is really beneficial to their growth. 

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Children who take a long nap are more than learning from their peers.

1. Immunity

According to research conducted by German sleep experts, the human body is in the daytime at 1:00 noon. At the peak stage of sleep, if you can take a short nap at this time, it can effectively stimulate the lymphocytes in the body, leading to more active immune cells, thereby promoting the improvement of immunity. 

According to surveys, a nap can protect the heart, soothe the cardiovascular system, keep the secretion of endocrine hormones in the body in balance, and effectively reduce the chance of suffering from cardiovascular system problems. 

2, memory

U.S. researchers have shown through investigations that about 90 minutes of lunch break can not only relieve fatigue, but also increase vigilance and energy by 13%, and long-term lunch breaks can also effectively increase memory. 

After a morning’s activities, children’s mental and physical strength are in a state of fatigue, which will make them feel tired, their thinking and expression skills will decrease. If they can take a lunch break, they will be able to Regulate the child’s nervous system, and then return to work in a better state. 

3. Physical development

According to researches, in addition to night time for children (3~6 years old) sleep time, midday sleep is also very important. During the nap, the body secretes Growth hormone is 3 times as much as usual and can promote the growth of the body, internal organs and bones. 

4. Personality

According to the survey, the human body is prone to irritability and irritation from 11 am to 1 pm, especially for children with poor emotional management, it will be more obvious. 

If the child can enter the nap mode at this time, then their cerebral cortex will relax, their nerves will become soothed, they will be able to maintain a calm mood after waking up, and their personality will be more gentle. 

To sum up, there are many benefits for young children to take a nap, but it is not necessary to force children to take a nap, otherwise it is likely to cause harm to them. 

The hazards of forced nap

1. Impact Height

According to research, a child’s sleep time is definitely related to the increase in height. This is because when in sleep, it secretes growth hormone that promotes height growth, and when in deep sleep, It will secrete more, especially at night (23:00-2: 00), the secretion volume is about 6 times that of the day. 

Therefore, if parents force their children to take a nap or take a nap for too long, which makes it difficult for them to fall asleep at night, then the time to sleep at night will recede and the time to enter deep sleep will be shortened, which will affect The secretion of growth hormone hinders height growth. 

2, accumulation of bad emotions

When the child does not want to sleep, parents force them to enter the lunch break, so it is easy for the child to show some resistance and feel irritability, anxiety, etc., which is not only harmful to the child The healthy growth and development of the child can also damage the emotional development between parents and children. 

3. Affect brain development

When children are not sleepy, parents force them to take a lunch break, then the baby will fall asleep after a long time, and after finally falling asleep, To be awakened again, it is easy for the child to be in a state of confusion, and it takes a long time for this state to be adapted by the brain. Over time, it may affect the intellectual development. 

Therefore, parents need to know in advance whether the child needs a nap, otherwise it is likely to do bad things with good intentions, which will damage the health of the baby. 

How do parents judge whether their children need a nap? 

1. Look at the child’s sleep time

Under normal circumstances, the child’s sleep time will have a certain pattern. Parents can choose to see how their baby falls asleep at night, and then consider whether to let them stay Take a break at noon. 

2. Does the child have a nap habit?

Parents can check whether their children doze, nap, etc. after lunch, and if they do, create a slightly quieter and comfortable environment for their children to rest. 

3. Observe the child’s emotions

If the child does not get enough sleep at night, then the mood during the day will be very unstable, such as irritability, crying, etc. At this time, the parents You can choose to let them take a break at noon to calm down their bad emotions.  Within 24 hours after Caesarean section, several things No matter what the pain is, there is something that can reduce the risk of second pregnancy.

Baoma who had a caesarean section, did not experience contractions, the recovery rate of the uterus would be much slower, and it might even cause relaxation of the uterine wall. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

Is it painless after a caesarean section? 

This is not the case. The postpartum pain is much more than that of a normal childbirth. All the mothers who have actually experienced C-sections know that the postpartum feeling can be called sour and refreshing. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Several things to do if you have pain after a C-section

1, insist on prescribing milk as soon as possible

Doctors will follow the principle of “sucking early and prescribing milk”. Within half an hour after giving birth, mother will be ready to start milking. 

If the labor pain during the normal delivery reaches level 12, for those women who are more sensitive to pain and have serious breast blockage, the pain of feeding milk can also reach level 5 to 6, or even It is level 6-7. 

For the mother who has experienced the pain of normal childbirth, this kind of pain may be “insignificant”, and it is still within the range that can be tolerated. For those who have just passed the cesarean section, the anesthetic has just passed. For mother, the pain of feeding milk will be doubled. 

But no matter how strong this pain is, Bao Ma should not give up lightly. 

Because colostrum contains precious immunoglobulin, it can not only improve the baby’s immunity, but also establish the intimate relationship between mother and child, laying the foundation for future breastfeeding. 

In addition, during breastfeeding, the prolactin secreted by the mother can also promote the discharge of lochia and help the recovery of the uterus. 

2, put a sandbag or press your stomach

6 hours after the cesarean section, the mother’s abdomen may be placed with a sandbag or pressed by the medical staff to help the lochia discharge and promote the rapid recovery of the uterus. 

The moment the cesarean section is pressed, the uterus will be stimulated to contract rapidly. This pain is self-evident, and everyone who has experienced it will know how this is an experience that you don’t want to remember. 

But even if it is painful, Bao Ma still needs to persist in patience, because only in this way can the lochia be discharged as soon as possible, otherwise the lochia will not be discharged completely, the uterus will be difficult to recover, and it will easily induce gynecological problems. , Posing a threat to health. 

3. Get out of bed as soon as possible

Doctor’s suggestion: about 24 hours after the cesarean section, it is best for the parturient to get out of bed and walk around with the pain. 

When the mother gets out of bed for the first time, it will be carried out with the support of her family members. The family will feel that Bao’s mother almost weighs her whole body weight on her body, and she will keep crying for pain. 

This is because when they were lying on the bed after the anesthetic, the pain was relatively mild without being pulled, and every step after getting out of bed, they would clearly feel their abdomen The wound is being pulled. 

But even if it hurts again, the parturient can’t be afraid of not getting out of bed, because not getting out of bed in time may cause intestinal adhesions, which is not conducive to the recovery of the incision, the discharge of lochia, and the recovery of the body. 

Data surveys have found that the probability of intestinal adhesions in the first cesarean section is 12% to 46%, and the probability of the second child will be significantly higher. 

Therefore, mothers must bear the pain to complete this matter. It can help mothers reduce the risk of pregnancy when they have a second child in the future. 

Possible after caesarean section Several hidden dangers will be left to the body

1. The uterus becomes enlarged and it is difficult to conceive again

During the delivery process during normal labor, the uterus will continue to contract. Although it feels uncomfortable, it is Postpartum recovery is very effective, it can help the lochia to be discharged as soon as possible, and the uterus can quickly return to its pre-pregnancy state. 

But the mother of the cesarean section did not experience uterine contractions, and the child was taken out directly by surgery, so the uterine recovery speed would be much slower, and it might even cause the uterine wall to relax, which would hinder pregnancy again in the future. 

2. Affect the time to have a second child

Nowadays, most people are late in marriage and late childbirth. If you choose to give birth by caesarean section, it means that the time to have a second child needs to be at least separated Two years, the doctor generally recommends three years, and the normal delivery method doctors recommend one year later. 

Therefore, if the first child chooses a cesarean section, then by the time you can conceive a second child, Bao’s mother may have already entered the ranks of elderly women. At this time, pregnancy will not only hurt yourself, but may also harm the baby. 

How should I care for a caesarean section? 

1. Wound care

Generally speaking, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the scar hyperplasia after caesarean section. During this period, women should ensure that the wound is dry and tidy, and avoid being infiltrated by sweat or water stains. , So as not to affect the infection. 

In addition, within 3 to 6 months, it is also necessary to avoid lifting heavy objects or doing other strenuous exercises, so as not to pull the wound and affect its recovery progress and effect. 

2. Appropriate activity

After giving birth to a child, the parturient mothers have a serious physical injury, and they all hope to lie under the bed to rest, but this is not only conducive to the discharge of lochia and the stomach and intestines. The peristalsis also hinders the body’s recovery speed to a certain extent. 

Therefore, after 7 to 15 days after the birth, the mother of a caesarean section can get out of bed and move around more often to promote the body’s speed. 

3. Eat a balanced diet

Before the parturients have gas, they can only eat liquid food; after the gas, they can gradually change to semi-liquid; after the bowel movement is normal , It can become a normal food. During this period and the confinement period after discharge, you need to pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. 

Don’t eat some foods that are prolactin or high-protein prematurely, which can easily cause blockage of the breast or induce acute mastitis, etc. It will not be worth the loss. 

In about 10 days postpartum, you should eat some light diet. After 10 days, you should choose to eat some foods with prolactin properties. It is best to choose the way of eating smaller meals and more meals. 

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