Don’t fight for the second child. If the couple is older than this age, they are looking for sin and embarrassing their children.

Don’t fight for the second child. Couples who are older than this age are looking for guilt and embarrassment for their own sad children.

As my country’s population is aging, the second child policy has been fully liberalized, and many families have responded. Actively enter the second-child army. 

According to investigations by relevant departments, since the opening of the second-child policy, the post-70s and post-80s have become the main force. Well, even the parents in 1979 are now 42 years old. Is it really okay to insist on having a second child at this time? 

Don’t fight for the second child. If the couple is older than this age, they are looking for sin and suffering. If you are sad, the child is still embarrassed! 

Sister Liu and her husband, Brother Wang, both were born in 1973 and are 48 years old this year. The first son is 20 years old this year and is already in the second year of university. 

Since the full liberalization of the second-child policy, the couple have been hoping to fight another daughter with a “intimate little quilted jacket.” 

In order to get pregnant smoothly, Sister Liu has been actively conditioning her body since the year before last, although due to her age and her body, her natural conception was not successful. 

But in the end, I passed the test tube baby and got pregnant successfully. I was pregnant in October. Due to the severe pregnancy reaction, the process was naturally very difficult. However, at the end of last year, Sister Liu gave birth to a daughter through a caesarean section. 

I thought that having a daughter would make the family happier. However, what the couple did not expect was that their energy was already difficult to cope with the care of the newborn. 

Always stay up late, and neither of them has retired. They stayed up at night to take care of the children and have to go to work during the day. Sister Liu, who was well maintained, was 5 years old in just two months. , Brother Wang is also completely lack of energy. 

What embarrassed the couple the most was that when they took their daughter for a walk in the garden of the community, they were mistaken for their grandparents. 

After their daughters can go to kindergarten, Sister Liu and Brother Wang are already over 50 years old. By then, facing their parents being mistaken for their grandparents, they should not be the only ones who are embarrassed. They probably have children. Right! 

In medicine, the best age for childbearing is recommended to be 23 to 30 years old for women and 30 to 35 years old for men. 

Usually after the age of 40, as the age continues to increase, not only the quality of the fertilized egg will continue to decrease, but the fetus is prone to developmental abnormalities or congenital diseases. 

The risks faced by older women during pregnancy and childbirth will continue to increase. If there are no special circumstances, doctors will not recommend parents over 40 to give birth to children. 

Too old to give birth What are the undesirable consequences of the second child? 

1. Influencing the harmonious atmosphere of the family

Generally older parents who have a second child, their first child is basically adult or close to adult. When they face their younger brothers and sisters, because of their huge age Poor, the huge generation gap created will only feel embarrassing. 

At that time, I will definitely help take care of the second child. Maybe I will complain, which is not conducive to the harmony of the family. 

Experts have pointed out that for the physical and mental health of the first child and the harmony between the first child and the second child, the best age difference is generally 3 to 5 years old, with the maximum age difference Do not exceed 15 years old. 

2. When the second child grows up, it is easy to be ridiculed by peers

If the parents give birth to their children at the age of nearly 50, then the parents will be over 60 by the time the child can go to kindergarten, elementary school, or junior high school. 

When the child is an adult, his parents are nearly 70 years old, and his age is no different from his grandparents. 

In this situation, it is easy for children to feel inferior in front of their peers, especially when their parents are young and strong compared to their peers, they are likely to be ridiculed by their peers. 

The age gap between parents and children is too large, which will increase the generation gap, which is not conducive to the communication between parents and children, and the establishment of close parent-child relationships. 

3. Raising a child is difficult

Raising a child is not only to ensure economic conditions, but more importantly, spiritual satisfaction. Accompanying children to grow up is a very exhausting task. 

As the age continues to grow, both physical strength and energy will continue to weaken. When raising children, they will inevitably be unable to do what they want and feel more difficult. 

Giving a second child at an advanced age is not just about giving birth to the child safely to complete the task. It is also necessary to ensure that a warm and harmonious family atmosphere can be created for the child, and that there is enough energy and physical strength to accompany the child to grow up. 

Let the boss and the second child get along in harmony. If you don’t handle it well, it will not only hurt the child, it will not be conducive to the growth of the child, the whole family will no longer be harmonious, and the parents will be in a dilemma. 

Senior parents in When considering having a second child, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Whether you still have the ability to raise children

When raising children, you must consider financial ability, whether you can afford the children’s food, drink, housing, transportation, Education and other expenses cannot put the pressure of raising a second child on the first child. This is unfair and irresponsible. 

I also need to consider whether I still have enough energy to do a good job of raising and educating. 

2. Is the body suitable for having a second child?

When considering having a second child, the couple must first go to the hospital for a detailed physical examination. If it is possible to have a child, the face is too big Risks, or the fetus may not be able to develop healthily, so you still need to consider carefully. 

Don’t hurt yourself and your children because of temporary stubbornness. 

Children are a kind of continuation of parents’ lives and the crystallization of love. Having a child is a joy and happiness. 

But if you are too old, regardless of your own physical condition, family financial status, opinions of the first child, etc., you still insist on giving birth to a second child. This is irresponsible to your child and yourself and harms yourself It also killed the child. 

If you are already very old and have a child, parents should carefully consider the issue of having a second child, and don’t do things that make them uneasy in their later years! 

Have you had a second child? At what age was it born? Welcome to leave a message to share! After the baby is born, the mother-in-law insists on using diapers for the baby, saying that diapers are cheaper than diapers for hygiene.

When a baby is born, it will bring a lot of happiness and happiness to the whole family, but raise a baby Growing up is very hard. Take care of your baby’s food and drink every day, and every detail must be very attentive. Fortunately, with the progress of the times, more and more childcare products can greatly reduce mother’s fatigue. Diapers are one of the greatest inventions, but there are still some conservative-minded elderly people who cannot accept diapers and advocate using traditional diapers for babies. 

Ali just became a mother recently. After the daughter was born, her mother-in-law came from her hometown to help take care of her. Because the mother-in-law lives in the countryside, many thoughts are still stuck decades ago, completely unable to keep up with the changes of the times. The thing that Ali can’t stand the most is that her mother-in-law will not let her granddaughter wear diapers, not to mention that the airtight diapers will cover the children. The mother-in-law brought a lot of old sheets and clothes from her hometown, and cut them into pieces of diapers, planning to let her granddaughter use her own diapers every day. 

Ali and her husband talked to her mother-in-law, but the mother-in-law was still unmoved. One night the baby woke up and cried. When Ali changed the baby’s diaper, she saw that the entire diaper had been soaked, and even the clothes on her back were wet, and her buttocks were also a lot of red. Diaper rash looks very distressing. It turned out that this was all caused by the use of diapers. After the mother-in-law saw it, she agreed to let the baby put on diapers. 

What are the hazards of using traditional diapers

Although children used to grow up with diapers since childhood, it does not mean that diapers are necessarily good. Because of the limited living conditions in the past, there was no better choice other than diapers. But the times have changed. The development of technology has also brought a lot of convenience to childcare. If you insist on using traditional diapers for your children now, it will not only increase unnecessary hardship, but also bring many threats to your children’s health. 

1. It’s easier to cause diaper rash.

Traditional diapers are made of old sheets or soft cloth. These materials are not very absorbent and will become wet. It sticks to the skin and does not protect the skin at all. The baby’s diaper rash is just because the skin is in a moist state for a long time, it will cause skin redness or itching. Therefore, traditional diapers not only cannot avoid diaper rash, but also increase the chance of diaper rash. 

But diapers are different, diapers have stronger water absorption, and the speed of the stream is particularly fast, which can quickly make the surface dry. If it can be changed in time, it will not easily cause diaper rash. 

2. Affect your baby’s sleep

If you want your baby to grow healthier, you must ensure adequate and high-quality sleep. If you use traditional diapers, sleep is not guaranteed at all. Because the diaper does not have enough water absorption, it will be particularly uncomfortable when wet, and the baby will feel uncomfortable during sleep. Frequent diaper changes will disturb the baby’s sleep. Therefore, using traditional diapers is very unfavorable for the baby’s sleep. 

The diaper will greatly reduce the interruption to the baby’s sleep, because the diaper has better water absorption, even if the surface is still dry after being wet, the baby will not feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, the quality and time of sleep All are guaranteed, and the physical development will be better. 

3. Cause skin allergies

Traditional diapers need to be reused. After they are dirty, they must be cleaned with detergent. If the cleaning is not thorough or the drying is not thorough enough, a large number of bacteria and germs will remain. And the detergent used in cleaning will also have certain residues, which are very easy to cause baby’s skin allergies. Because the baby’s skin is the most delicate, repeated use and washing of diapers will greatly increase the risk of baby’s skin allergies. 

The diapers are disposable products and will not be reused, and the material of many diapers can also be hypoallergenic. As long as you choose a regular manufacturer, and the material is soft, skin-friendly diapers, under normal circumstances will not cause baby’s skin allergies. 

So if you want to make your baby healthier, the benefits of using diapers are far greater than traditional diapers. Although traditional diapers are more economical, if it causes discomfort or even allergies in your baby, you will have to spend more time and money to remedy it, so the gain is not worth the loss. Some people worry that diapers are not breathable. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to them during use, diapers will become an indispensable artifact on the way to bring your baby. 

Precautions for using diapers‍

1. Master the time of use

For younger babies, it can be used in the morning and evening, because younger babies sleep for a long time, and If you use it at night, your sleep is relatively more assured. Slightly older babies can be decided according to the actual situation. For example, when the weather is very hot, they can not be used during the day and used at night when they sleep. And if the baby has reached the age of two and a half years, he should gradually reduce the use of the baby to cultivate the ability of the baby to go to the toilet on his own. 

2. Ways to prevent diaper rash

If some babies have sensitive skin and often have diaper rash, you can take some preventive measures before using diapers. For example, you can apply a layer of diaper cream first, or apply talcum powder first, and then put on the diapers, so that there is a protective layer between the skin and the diapers, which can also effectively prevent the occurrence of red PP.

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