Don’t do homework if you don’t give your phone? Do you want to listen to the child’s “threat”? Experts don’t ignore this

Don’t do homework if you don’t give your phone? Do you want to listen to the child’s “threat”? Experts don’t ignore this.

Nowadays, mobile phones are a must in people’s lives. Both adults and children love mobile phones. But it has to be said that for children who are in school, mobile phones do waste a lot of their study time, so parents are very disgusted and resistant to their children’s behavior of playing mobile phones. However, children face the temptation of mobile phones and are unwilling to cooperate with their parents in restraining them. Some children even use “homework” as a condition to threaten their parents, claiming that they will not do homework if they do not give their mobile phones. So, how should parents respond to this “threat” from their children? 

“No Mobile phones don’t do homework!” The parents confiscated their children’s mobile phones, and the children shredded their homework books. The parents’ mobile phones are too bad.

Xiao Liang is in the third grade of primary school, but the little guy is very proficient in mobile games. Whenever he had time, Xiao Liang would hold his mobile phone and play non-stop, which also made Xiao Liang’s parents feel very worried. Seeing the children’s grades and ranking bottom all the time, Xiao Liang’s parents decided to confiscate their children’s mobile phones. “When you get the first place in the class, I will return the phone to you!” Seeing his beloved phone taken away by his parents, Xiao Liang was very angry. Obviously, it is simply too difficult for him to be ranked first in the class. “You said that, obviously you don’t want me to play with my mobile phone anymore! In this case, if you don’t give me the mobile phone, I won’t do my homework!” So Xiao Liang took out his homework book from his schoolbag and tore it in front of his parents It was smashed. 

The child’s behavior really surprised Xiao Liang’s parents. Obviously, Xiao Liang’s parents didn’t think about how to deal with the threat from their children. In this way, the two sides stood in a stalemate for a while, and finally Xiao Liang’s parents compromised, “After that, there must be a limit on the time to play on the phone, and you can play after finishing your homework!” Xiao Liang, who was angry, did not agree with his parents. He cried and rolled on the ground, having to play with his mobile phone while doing his homework. Seeing the scene in front of him, Xiao Liang’s parents were very helpless, “The mobile phone is really ridiculous, and the child is so addicted, what can I do in the future?”

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When children threaten their parents with “not doing homework” in order to play with mobile phones, education experts advise parents Don’t ignore this point.

Many parents will feel entangled when facing this problem. If they compromise, their children may get worse; if they insist strongly, they may affect their children’s learning. To this end, education experts remind parents not to ignore the incentives behind their children’s threatening behavior. Children can say threatening words to their parents, which shows that in daily life, parents have not established parental authority in front of their children. Children hope to challenge their parents’ bottom line through threats. This is undoubtedly a contempt for parental authority. Obviously, the problem that arises in parental education is not as simple as “not letting mobile phones be used”. 

Parents are only obsessed with the behavior of not letting their children play with mobile phones, but they have not considered the psychological incentives for the children to appear such addictive behaviors. Parents have not mastered the way to establish efficient communication with their children. At this time, it is easy for children to express their inner thoughts and demands through some radical ways. In addition, this also means that parents over-intervene in children’s learning, which makes children think that they are learning for their parents. Therefore, it can be seen from the child’s threatening behavior that there is a problem with the child’s internal learning motivation. 

Children are playing When mobile phones threaten their parents, how should parents guide them correctly? 

Children’s self-control is limited. If parents blindly compromise, it is very likely that children will continue to indulge in mobile phones, but it is indeed difficult to achieve strong demands for children to be isolated from mobile phones. Therefore, when facing threats from their children, parents should adopt a more flexible way of coping, and try to look at the problem from the perspective of the child, so as not to allow the threat from the child to succeed, and at the same time not to intensify the confrontation between the child and the parent. 

In the process of adjusting the children’s habit of indulging in playing with mobile phones, parents must maintain sufficient patience, so that they can implement a continuous supervision on their children and help them complete the habit. Change. The patience of parents also makes children more confident to get rid of dependence on mobile phones. If parents are too eager for success, then it may actually stimulate the child’s rebellious psychology. 

Enriching children’s life experience and helping them to realize the shift of attention will also help to improve children’s behavior of indulging in playing with mobile phones. When children do not find the fun in life, they will favor mobile phones and even indulge in the virtual world. When parents make their children’s lives more interesting, they are more willing to put down their mobile phones. In short, the phenomenon of children indulging in mobile phones is still relatively common in life, and it is necessary for parents to think about it. Find out the reason why the child is addicted to it, and make targeted improvements. I believe that the binding of mobile phones to children will be significantly improved. 

What do you think about the way children threaten their parents to play with mobile phones as a reason for not doing homework? If you wake up earlier than this point in the morning, your child is 5 cm shorter than others a year. It’s hard to make up for it later

Some parents always get up early, and the morning time is higher than this point, forcing their children to get up early. , The children should follow their parents to go to bed and get up early. If things go on like this, it will be observed that children raised by this kind of parents are always a lot shorter than other children, nearly 5 centimeters. Why is this? 

Ms. Zhang from Taian has always had the habit of getting up early. Ms. Zhang gets up at 5 o’clock every morning to exercise. Not only that, Ms. Zhang also drives the whole family to get up early, asking her husband and her son to also Ms. Zhang always thinks that the early bird is worm-eaten. If you can get up at 5 o’clock every day, you have to spend 3 to 4 hours longer than others, and you can do it every day. Many things. 

Over time, Ms. Zhang’s son is a lot shorter than his classmates. The head teacher of Ms. Zhang’s son is also very attentive. After discovering this, she reminded Ms. Zhang to take the child to the hospital to see if it is growth retardation. Or if there is any incurable disease, Ms. Zhang took her son to the hospital. The doctor asked about Ms. Zhang’s sleeping habits and his son’s sleeping habits. He directly reprimanded Ms. Zhang for murdering the child. Why? 

It turns out that children have to sleep for at least 8-10 hours a day. Although Ms. Zhang’s children go to bed early every day, they wake up too early. The daily sleep time is about 6 hours. The child will naturally go to bed for a long time. She doesn’t grow tall anymore. Ms. Zhang can’t sleep on her own, and she’s got a habit. She still has to harm the child and pull the child to get up early. Now the child is not growing tall. Later, she missed the time to grow taller and wanted to make up for it. It is even more difficult. Ms. Zhang regrets it and blames herself. 

How long does a child have to sleep a day? Are there any gaps and gaps in the sleep time of children of different ages? Normal children have to sleep at least 8 hours a day, preferably about 8-10 hours. Different children have different sleep times. Create a good sleeping environment for children and help them sleep comfortably within these 8 hours. It is very necessary to be comfortable. 

Young children or adolescents have to sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day, otherwise it will cause growth weakness and poor growth hormone secretion, which will greatly affect the child’s height. Not only that, but also other hormones in the child’s body. In the state of secretion, if the sleep is not good and the sleep time is not enough, the secretion of hormones will naturally be bad, and the whole body will be bad. 

Infants and young children need more time to sleep. Children under one year old must have at least 14 hours of sleep a day, which means that children under one year old must spend half of their time in a day Sleeping, dog pups and human pups are the same, pet pups, human pups need to sleep for about 14 hours, if you do not sleep enough, it will greatly affect your health. The child’s body is still developing. The best supplement is not all kinds of nutritional calcium tablets. Sleep is the best nutritional supplement. 

This is why the parents of infants and young children always have to coax them to sleep, and the reason why infants and young children try to let their children sleep as much as possible is not to worry that the child wakes up and noisy themselves, but to worry that the child is not sleeping enough and the future growth and development will be unhealthy. The sleep time of children of different ages is inherently disparity and gap. The smaller the age, the more time to sleep. The older the child, the sleep time can be relatively less. However, if the child grows and develops during adolescence, if there is no 8 If you get a few hours of sleep to guarantee the bottom, your body will probably be overdrawn in the later stage, your body will not grow tall, and your body will become unhealthy. 

Not getting enough sleep delays all aspects of a child’s life, so parents should not overly oppress the child, try to buy sleep time for the child as much as possible, create a good sleeping environment for the child, and help the child sleep early. Children have to sleep a lot during their sleep time, but how many homework does the child have, how can parents help the child balance the contradiction between sleep time and complicated academic work? 

In fact, it’s very simple. Parents only need to help their children, remind them to finish school and homework earlier, and remind them that they must get enough sleep every day, sleep well, and sleep well. On the contrary, parents shouldn’t over-supervise their children to study, and make children stay up late at night, learn in the wee hours, and have to get up at 6 o’clock the next morning. Adults’ bodies can’t stand it, so children’s How the body can withstand it? Sudden death can easily happen in this way, and it is easy for the child to lose his life. The last illness was not a joke. Parents must clearly distinguish between academic performance and loss of life. 

A child’s sleep well has a lot to do with the child’s height. Don’t let the child sleep less. On the contrary, it will delay the child’s growth and development. Bamboo shoots grow the fastest in spring. It is not easy to grow if you miss the good time of spring. Children also miss the good time for growth and development. It is not easy to make up for it.

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