Don’t children like to organize their belongings? Mom and Dad can teach from these points

Don’t children like to organize their belongings? Mom and Dad can teach from these points.

The last time I went to my colleague’s house, I was shocked by the piles of toys in their house, because my colleague is very good at tidying up. I didn’t expect that their home would be so messy. , I asked her what the situation was, she just smiled and said that there was no way. Her son’s habit of putting things around made her very distressed, but no matter how many times she said it was still useless, her son should not hear it. 

In fact, there are many children who, like my colleague’s son, throw things wherever they go. Almost every child has this bad habit, and they don’t always understand that things return to their original place. Concept, how can we help children to get rid of the bad habit of messing around? 

Set a role model for children

All children are born Their skills are all from scratch. The first person they come into contact with is their parents, so they often learn from imitations in daily life. Therefore, if parents want their children to learn something, they must do it first. The children see I will follow my parents in my eyes. 

Many parents have expressed their doubts that their things are all well packed! It’s rare to leave things randomly, but nothing is absolutely true. Maybe you happen to be seen by your child when you accidentally throw things away, and your child’s perception will feel that you can do the same next time. When he grows up, he gradually develops this habit. 

Use games to increase interest

In fact, many children are very Resist to clean up their toys. They play because they need them, but they will forget everything if they don’t need them after playing. 

If the child is really resistant, parents can choose to play games to let the children learn the importance of returning things to their original place. For example, in a game competition, everyone starts together without seeing who finishes the toys first. Who will win the competition, the child may be motivated instantly, and must be faster than the parents, which is conducive to the improvement of the child’s enthusiasm. 

Set up a small world for children

Actually, I want When children learn to store, parents can design a small world for their children, and design cabinets and tables to a height suitable for children, so that children have a sense of belonging. 

These things are his own, the child will be more concerned about his own objects and toys, maybe he will take the initiative to organize them, and the child is more familiar with his own objects, so he will organize better Items too. 

Mom learns to show weakness and guide children to organize

Everyone’s life Have you seen many such scenes in China? Many mothers have been complaining that their children will not tidy up and will not tidy up, but they are still busy, so how can children learn to tidy up? 

Mom has always been in the image of a “strong woman” in the heart of the child. Mom must let the child feel, and the mother also needs help. Appropriate showing of weakness can cultivate the child’s sense of responsibility and accompany the mother to organize toys together. 

You can try the above points , Maybe one of them is very useful for the children, moms go and try it~ After feeding in the early morning, Bao’s mother tortured the children madly, this was sent by God to punish me

When we talk about the relationship between mothers and babies, a very intimate and warm scene will appear in our minds. In life, we believe that many mothers love their children very much. Every woman is full of maternal love. 

But in fact, many mothers said that after giving birth, their feelings for the baby were not as enthusiastic as they had imagined, and they might even feel disgusted. 

Especially in the process of breastfeeding, many mothers are easily affected and become very depressed and anxious. Some mothers even said that they felt that the child was a demon when breastfeeding, and they came to punish me. 

After breastfeeding in the early morning, Bao’s mother fell to death by herself

Every family has a newborn, and the focus of the family is all on the child, ignoring the importance of Bao’s mother. There was such a mother who fell to death with her own hands after feeding her son for more than a month in the early hours of the morning. 

And he stepped heavily on the child’s head with his foot. The husband was shocked when he saw Bao’s mother’s behavior and hurriedly tried to stop his wife. Faced with his wife’s behavior at the time, the husband couldn’t understand. After the police arrived, the baby was already lying motionless on the ground. The poor child was dying by his mother. He closed his eyes forever without drinking the last mouthful of milk. 

Faced with the death of the child, the behavior of this Bao’s mother made it difficult for many people to understand. Bao’s mother said that her behavior at the time was because of too much fear. 

After feeding the baby in the early morning, she I found that the child’s round eyes had been staring at her, making her feel like an electric shock. The mother looked at the baby getting more and more frightened, and she suddenly came up with the idea that this child is not a person or a ghost. 

This kind of thought quickly occupied her brain for some reason, squeezing away all the reason, and let the mother throw her own child to death. 

This mother’s behavior was also convicted of intentional homicide, but many mothers on the Internet expressed a lot of sympathy and understanding in the face of this woman’s behavior. Only then did we know that for a mother, she is not as gentle and indestructible as we imagined. After giving birth to a baby, she is prone to various emotional and psychological problems. 

How terrible is maternal depression? 

1. Affect normal breastfeeding

In recent years, depression in parturients has gradually been paid attention to. Many women are prone to suffer from depression due to lack of good physical and psychological care after delivery. Postpartum depression, which can have a serious impact on the mother and fetus. First of all, it affects the normal breastfeeding problem of the parturient. After suffering from depression, the mood of the parturient will be greatly disturbed, and the emotional problem will affect the secretion of milk of the parturient. And when feeding the baby, there will be various situations of depression, irritability and anxiety. 

2. Affect the baby’s growth and development

Postpartum depression can bring great negative emotions to the parturient, which seriously affects the daily life of the parturient, which involves a series of concerns about the baby. Nursing problems. For babies, mothers suffering from depression will seriously affect the baby’s growth and development, which has a very large impact on the baby’s language function, and even has a negative impact on the baby’s mood, making the baby’s mood abnormally low, and so on. 

3. Lead to suicidal tendencies in pregnant women


Then the harm caused by depression to the parturient is beyond our imagination. Many parturients tend to commit suicide because of postpartum depression. If the feeling of alienating the parturient is not taken into account in life, it will easily cause serious consequences. In addition, mothers are not only prone to suicidal behaviors, but also bring certain harm to the baby. Therefore, it is very important for every family to take care of the mother’s mood. 

How is postpartum depression treated? 

1. Care and companionship of family members

For pregnant women, after giving birth, their psychological pressure is very great, not only facing the pressure of body movement, work and career, but also various Physical illness after giving birth. 

So during the period after delivery, the mother needs to recover, and the family should take good care of and accompany the mother. Don’t ignore the psychological needs of the mother. Once you find that the mother is in a mood If the situation is low, it is necessary to do a good job of relief in time, and if necessary, you can ask the parturient to see a psychologist. 

2. Psychotherapy

If you find that Baoma is suffering from depression after childbirth, you should arrange psychological treatment for Baoma in time, which can greatly improve the symptoms of postpartum depression, and you should also accompany Baoma more in your life to let them vent their ills in time mood. Respect and understanding to Momma, and regular consultation with a psychologist, can help Momma self-regulate her emotions. Obstetricians and gynecologists said that since Baoma’s hormones are still in an unstable state after giving birth, it is difficult to control and regulate emotions freely, so the intervention and interference of a psychologist is needed at this time. 

3. Acupuncture treatment

Postpartum depression can also be treated by acupuncture. Acupuncture has the effect of helping Baoma regulate the meridians and dredge the body, and it also helps postpartum body Recovery, good improvement of the symptoms of postpartum unhappiness. In addition, during acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, women can communicate with their own conditioners, which is also a catharsis of mood. 

Many mothers have depression symptoms, Bao The postpartum pressure increase and poor psychological quality of mothers need to be paid attention to. In order to adjust the mental aspect of Baoma, what Baoma needs is care, understanding and respect. Finally, what suggestions do you have on how to prevent the appearance of postpartum depression? What?

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