Don’t buy toys of category 3 for your children anymore. If you don’t pay attention, you may take your children’s lives.

Don’t buy the 3 types of toys for your children. If you don’t pay attention, you may take your child’s life.

Every child has two major interests, one is playing and the other is eating, and most parents don’t. Will be stingy with children in this regard. 

However, if you are willing to spend money on your child, it is not necessarily good for the child. It is also possible that the money is spent and the child is hurt. 

For example, if you accidentally buy a “toxic” toy, it will cause a serious threat to your child’s health and even endanger the child’s life. 

This past Spring Festival, Junjun, the son of colleague Xiao Liu, suffered a serious crime. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the uncle of the army brought him a lot of gifts, some to eat and to play. 

Among them is a very popular crystal mud. Junjun fell in love with it at first sight, so he left all those food aside and started playing directly. 

In the process of playing with crystal mud, he opened the packs of snacks bought by his uncle to eat. As a result, at noon, the army suddenly felt dizzy. Mom thought he was tired from playing, so she asked him to take a nap. 

But less than five minutes later, the army was so painful that they vomited directly after helping him out of bed. 

Seeing such a scene, the whole family was terrified, and rushed him to the hospital. After the examination, he was found to be boron poisoning. 

After careful questioning, the doctor thought that the problem might be the crystal mud that I just played with, because many of the crystal muds currently on the market contain borax. If the child eats something without washing his hands after playing, it is easy to be poisoned by boron. 

Fortunately, I was sent to the doctor in time, and the amount of borax that was taken by the army by mistake was limited. After the treatment, there was no serious problem. 

But after this incident, the army has shadowed toys such as crystal mud, and even dare not play with similar clay. 

The crystal mud is crystal clear and can be easily squeezed into any shape. It is a favorite of many children. However, some unscrupulous merchants use inferior raw materials to produce them in order to grab more profits. 

And these raw materials will be mixed with a lot of borax. If the child does not wash his hands after playing, it is easy to get the poison from the mouth. 

The probability of this happening is not low. After all, let alone children, even adults, very few can wash their hands frequently. 

These 3 categories Don’t buy toys for your children anymore. A little carelessness may take your children’s lives.

1. Crystal mud and other toys containing borax

Crystal mud is also called “slime”. It has become a kind of internet celebrity toy in recent years, and many children love to play with it. 

However, according to a CCTV survey, almost 100% of the crystal mud currently sold on the market contains a toxic substance called borax, which is just a matter of content. 

The content of crystal mud produced by regular manufacturers is relatively low, but it may also exceed the safety standard. As for the crystal mud produced by informal manufacturers, exceeding the standard is even more serious. 

The toxic effect of borax on the human body is very strong, and the lethal dose for children is only 5g. Even if the intake is not large, it can cause dizziness, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. 

So parents had better stop buying online celebrity toys like crystal mud for their children. Although they look fun, they are also deadly. 

2. Inferior plastic toys

Plastic toys are also a category that parents need to pay attention to, especially toys that are in close contact with the face, such as plastic masks. 

Because these toys are likely to be made of recycled inferior plastics, and inferior plastics will contain phthalates, which will cause great harm to the human respiratory system and reproductive system . 

Especially boys, if they are exposed to low-quality plastics containing phthalates for a long time, they may cause lifelong infertility. 

3. Stickers

Many of the hazards hidden in children’s toys appear in unexpected places, such as inconspicuous stickers. 

The main problem with the sticker is glue. Inferior glue usually contains heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium, which will directly cause damage to the child’s skin. 

Compared to food poisoning, toy poisoning is more worthy of parents’ attention. I believe everyone has seen that each of the three types of toys mentioned above are very common in life and difficult to attract parents’ attention. However, the danger lies in them. 

Buy for your child Toys should not be cheap, safety is no small matter

Since there are so many problems with children’s toys, how can parents avoid stepping on pits? At present, it seems that there is only one way to be effective, and that is not to be greedy for cheap to buy three no products. 

Toys produced by regular manufacturers generally have strict quality inspections. As long as they are genuine, there should be no need to worry about safety, and in case of problems, it is also convenient for rights protection. 

In contrast, toys produced by Sanwu manufacturers not only have no guarantee of quality and safety, but also have no way to protect their rights if something goes wrong. 

Children’s growth is inseparable from toys, but if they are inferior and harmful toys, they will no longer bring happiness and happiness, but hurt and pain. 

I hope that parents can pay more attention to this aspect and would rather spend a little more energy and money than push their children into dangerous situations. 

As for the toys mentioned above, just don’t buy them. There are so many interesting toys. As long as the parents are careful, they can definitely find suitable substitutes. Women who have given birth are different from ordinary women in these aspects. It is very accurate.

During pregnancy, women’s bodies will undergo obvious changes. For example, some women will become very fat, and some women’s bodies Significant changes also occur in the location. Especially after production, these features will become more conspicuous. 

Xiao Zhou is a newly promoted mother. She has just given birth to a baby. Although she has gained a little weight during pregnancy, it is not so obvious. But who knows that when she was visiting the market, the vegetable seller suddenly asked her “How old is the child?”

Although she was indeed married and had children, she was still very young. People will think that their child has already been born, but why on earth would the other party guess that they have already given birth? 

In fact, this kind of situation is always very common in life, and the reason for this situation is that after giving birth, some physical characteristics have changed and betrayed you. So after giving birth, which characteristics of the body will change? 

What characteristics will change in women after giving birth? 

1. The breasts become bigger.

After giving birth, women’s breasts will undergo secondary development. This is because during pregnancy, the hormones in the female body will also change, coupled with the need to continuously increase nutrition, so the hormone levels will change more than usual, which leads to secondary development of the breasts. Happening. 

Furthermore, breastfeeding also makes women’s breasts enlarged during the period of feeding the child after delivery. But if the mother does not pay attention to maintaining her body after the breastfeeding period, then the breasts are likely to appear sagging, so this feature is also the most obvious among many mothers. 

2. Abdominal meat sagging

In October, the mother’s belly will become bigger and bigger, but after giving birth, even if the belly has shrunk a lot, But the flesh is still in a relaxed state, it is difficult to return to the state before pregnancy. 

Moreover, most mothers don’t pay attention to maintaining their own body or restoring their figure. Therefore, some mothers have loose belly meat and may also appear to sag, so this is also a mother. The most obvious sign after production. 

3. The buttocks become bigger

During pregnancy, the child’s continuous growth will naturally also press on our pelvis. Therefore, during pregnancy, the female’s pelvis The bones will become wider and wider, which causes women’s buttocks to become bigger and bigger. Especially for some mothers who give birth naturally, buttocks will also become bigger. 

In fact, the reason why these three points have become the biggest signs of mothers is that they do not pay attention to postpartum recovery after giving birth. So after giving birth, how should women recover? 

After giving birth, how should mothers recover? 

1. Pay attention to diet

First of all, the most important thing is diet. Many pregnant women think that their diet does not need to be restricted after childbirth, but in fact this idea is wrong. After giving birth, the diet should be strictly controlled. After all, we need to breastfeed our children. If we eat food indiscriminately, it will also affect the children. 

So try to eat more vegetables or food with milk, so as to ensure the health of the child. 

2. Exercise should be reasonable

Although exercise should be done after childbirth, if you exercise too much, it will also bring harm to women’s bodies. This means that if you want to recover after childbirth, the exercise that the parturient does must be reasonable. 

It is recommended that many parturients do not do excessively intense exercises. We can do some yoga to slowly restore our figure. 

3, pay attention to cleanliness

In fact, the most important point is to pay attention to cleanliness. Many people of the older generation think that they should not touch water after giving birth, and even their mothers are not allowed to wash their hair. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. After giving birth, we should pay more attention to cleaning our bodies, especially some private parts, and we should maintain hygiene. 

It’s okay to take a bath, but remember to dry your body after bathing to avoid catching cold. 

In short, postpartum recovery is a very important thing. Some mothers must pay attention to the above three points after giving birth, so as to help our body return to its previous state.

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