Don’t buy fake milk for kids anymore. These kinds of milk are not more nutritious than drinks. Old people like to stock them.

Stop buying fake milk for children. These kinds of beverages are not nutritious. Elderly people like to stock them.

With the continuous development of the economy, the standard of living of the general public has been significantly improved. Parents nowadays no longer only care about whether their children can eat or not, but also to achieve a balanced nutrition. 

In many diets that are beneficial to children’s growth, they are rich in protein, calcium and a variety of nutrients, which can improve children’s immunity and at the same time help children grow taller. Therefore, milk is used by many parents. Honored as “Holy Water”. 

As everyone knows, not all milk-related drinks are good for children and the more the better. Sometimes it will cause counter-effects and be harmful to children’s health! 

less than 3 -Year-old child has tooth decay? Drinking “milk” every day can still be severely deficient in calcium? 

Tongtong is only one month away from reaching the age of three, and he is still in a small kindergarten class. However, because Tongtong has always been very lively and cheerful, her parents never worry that she will not adapt to the kindergarten life, and Tongtong has never been abnormal. 

Until two days ago, Tongtong’s head teacher reported to Tongtong’s mother that Tongtong had become absent from food and sometimes called her toothache. 

During the physical examination two days before kindergarten, it was found that Tongtong’s height had not changed in these two months. The head teacher suggested that Tongtong’s mother should take Tongtong to the hospital for examination. 

After the class teacher’s reminder, Tongtong’s mother also discovered that in the past two months of school, Tongtong had taken a few leave due to physical discomfort. This was not a situation before, so she took her with her. Tong went to the hospital for a detailed examination. 

The results surprised Tongtong’s mother. Tongtong not only had a tooth decay, but also had some malnutrition. Many trace elements, such as calcium, iron, and zinc, were in relatively deficient indicators. 

After the doctor asked Tongtong’s daily diet, she learned that because Tongtong didn’t like to drink pure milk, Tongtong’s mother bought her children’s sweet milk and gave her every morning and night before going to bed. A cup. 

The doctor’s conclusion is that the children’s milk that Tongtong has been drinking is a kind of modified milk with extremely high sugar content, which is far less nutritious than milk, and can also cause tooth decay. 

Tongtong’s mother did not expect that the original drink labeled children’s milk is not suitable for children to drink too much. Not only does it lack the nutrition of real milk, it delays the child’s physical development, but also produces many disadvantages. 

I believe that many parents, like Tongtong’s mother, were misled by the words “children’s milk” and fell into the “milk trap”. Next, let us take a look at what is “fake milk”! 

Don’t give Children bought fake milk. These kinds of milk are less nutritious than drinks. Many of them are the favorites of the elderly.

1. Sweet milk for children

Maybe many parents see the two “children” The word is mistakenly thought that it is specially made for children, and it is rich in nutrients that children need to grow up. Especially the elderly are more likely to be misled and hoard a lot of them for children. 

As everyone knows, this kind of sweet milk for children contains high sugar content, while the milk content and nutritional value are relatively low. Long-term drinking does not have much nutritional value. 

If you drink this type of milk at night and don’t brush your teeth in time, you will be prone to tooth decay. Therefore, parents must purchase carefully. 

2. Modified milk

Compared to pure milk, 100% is milk, while the milk content of modulated milk is only 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​is additives and fortifiers , It is made for people who are lactose intolerant. 

It is worth noting that it is best for children aged 0 to 1 to drink breast milk. Do not drink this type of modulated milk, which is prone to malnutrition. 

3. Milk beverages

Compared with pure milk, milk beverages are popular with children because of their various flavors and refreshing taste. The protein contained in this type of drink is relatively small, even less than one-third of pure milk, and other nutrients are even less. 

It is very undesirable to replace pure milk if the child prefers to drink this type of milk beverage. It is not conducive to the child’s nutritional balance and health. 

It is said that the disease is imported from the mouth, and the resistance is relatively weak. At the same time, children who need a lot of nutrition for physical development should pay more attention to choosing their food. 

Don’t make the wrong choice and fail to supplement your child with the protein, calcium, sodium and other nutrients that milk should have, and also because you have been drinking these “fake milk” that has low nutritional value and contains a lot of additives. Malnutrition delays the normal development of children and affects their health. 

Parents give When children choose milk, they should pay attention to the following points.

1. Pay attention to the ingredient list on the package

According to national standards, the protein content in 100 ml of milk should not be less than 2.9 grams. Parents should pay attention to the ingredient list when buying milk. 

It not only depends on whether the nutrients such as protein meet the standards, but also whether the milk content is 100% in the ingredient list. 

2. Try it yourself before buying

Compared with the thick milky aroma of pure milk after boiling, the taste of modulated milk and milk beverages will be better if you drink it at room temperature. Sweet or sour and sweet, there will be many flavors. 

Therefore, after viewing the finished sub-table and ingredient list, parents have to taste it personally before deciding whether to buy it for their children. 

Pure milk is not only different in taste from modulated milk and milk drinks, but also in nutrient content. 

Pure milk is rich in protein, iron, iodine, sodium, etc., which can improve the child’s immunity, help the child grow taller, and at the same time benefit the intellectual development. 

Concocted milk and milk beverages cannot replace pure milk. They not only have high sugar content, but are also harmful to children’s teeth. 

Besides, there are not too many nutrients. Long-term drinking will make children suffer from malnutrition, which delays growth and is detrimental to health. Parents must choose carefully! 

When you buy milk for your child, which one do you choose? Welcome to leave a message to share! Women who are prone to conceive have revealed their 3 living habits. No wonder they are so able to give birth. It’s good to be able to do a little bit.

Compared with the past, many women now have more obvious infertility, even some of them Women are the symptoms of infertility, which is mainly affected by many factors. 

To a certain extent, if it is a symptom of infertility, it can only be achieved through medical means to restore fertility, but if it is the former infertility, it may also be through some lifestyle habits Changes to achieve the purpose of improvement. 

So if you want to become a fertile physique, what are the good habits you should have? In response to this, we have found these common points in women who are fertile. 

1. Rarely stay up late

According to the 27 fertile women we interviewed, all of them hardly stay up late. Of course, after all, it is a new generation of young people, it is impossible to ask them not to stay up late at all, but even if they stay up late, there are only so many times, after which they will quickly adjust their work and rest. 

Baoma A, I rarely stayed up late when I was young. I was sleepy at around 10 o’clock every night. I cleaned up all aspects of washing and went to bed at about 10:30. It can be said to be a thunderous thing. . Occasionally, I stay up a few times, but it will not exceed 12 o’clock at most. 

This is where the gap between fertile women and infertile women lies. In their opinion, 12 o’clock at night is already very late, but for some women, 12 o’clock is the real beginning of night life, which is the most terrifying of. 

Therefore, if you want to become a fertile body, it is best to stay up late. Because staying up late will disrupt the hormone balance of women, leading to endocrine disorders, and ultimately feedback to the reproductive system. 

The most obvious point is that women’s menstrual cycle disorder after frequent nights stays up, which can still be felt. As for other internal effects, they are actually much more serious than this. It’s just that many women think it’s not important because they haven’t found it, and these are the keys to fertility. 

2. Few cold drinks

In fact, many female friends cannot do this. Especially in summer, ice cream and ice drinks have become essential products for some women. 

You can even see some women drying milk tea every day in the circle of friends, even claiming that “no ice is not happy”. Usually such women will find hormone imbalance and poor uterine condition when they go for gynecological examination. This is largely due to long-term drinking iced drinks. 

Bao Ma B. My sister and I were born to the same mother, but the difference is very big. All three of my children were pregnant at the same time, so that later on, my husband and I had to take contraceptive measures, otherwise I would be afraid. Winning the prize”. But my sister has been married for 2 years and there is still no result. The hospital checkup said she was infertile, and all the tests were done. The doctor finally found out that she was eating cold drinks, and finally told her to quit. Suddenly I was grateful that I never had the habit of eating cold drinks. 

Some female friends have more obvious symptoms. When they eat cold drinks, they will feel dysmenorrhea when the menstrual cycle comes, and it is extremely serious. Some people may even faint from pain. 

If you are in this situation, then it is not recommended that you take cold drinks, because your uterus is in extremely poor condition, and cold drinks will only stimulate the uterus even more. Once the uterus is stimulated to a certain degree, it will activate the self-protection mechanism, and it will be difficult to get pregnant at that time. 

3. Optimistic attitude

The body is an extremely magical structure, not only in the physical aspect, but also in the psychological aspect. To give a simple example, when women deal with the menstrual cycle, their mood will be significantly lower and poorer, which is affected by hormonal changes. 

Similarly, how women’s emotions will directly affect their physical health. If women’s long-term mood is poor or negative, and their mentality is more pessimistic, hormones will also be disordered, which will eventually be fed back to the reproductive system. It affects the state of the uterus, the normal function of the ovaries, etc., and the quality of the eggs secreted is not good, which is one of the reasons for infertility. 

Mom C, I am very happy because my husband and I have a very good relationship. I have never had a quarrel in the three years of marriage. I feel that I am very lucky. I was a contradiction before and I like to struggle with some things. It has been him all these years. Guide me, enlighten me, and I have my current state of optimism. I even feel that pregnancy and childbirth are easy, thanks to his credit. 

Maybe this is marrying happiness. I have to say that women with good moods and optimistic attitudes, even the goddess of luck will take care of them. 

Therefore, if you want to become a fertile body, mental adjustment is also essential. However, many women tend to be the opposite. The more infertile during pregnancy, the more anxious and irritable they will be, which will lead to an emotional cycle, which is more unfavorable to their body’s hormone regulation. 

It is not easy to maintain these habits. The fertile physique of others is also the result of their long-term persistence. It is not easy to achieve one of them.

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