Don’t be too anxious about the development of the fetus. These feelings appear during pregnancy and the baby is developing well

Don’t be too anxious about the development of the fetus. There are these feelings during pregnancy and the baby develops well.

Don’t be too anxious about the development of the fetus. When these feelings appear during pregnancy, the baby is developing well

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After the child is born, some pregnant mothers will feel very anxious, and there will be some small changes in their bodies, and they will worry about the development of the fetus. 

In fact, it is good for pregnant women to relax their minds. If they maintain good living habits during pregnancy, the baby will not be so prone to accidents. You can also master some judgment methods at ordinary times, so you don’t have to worry about being afraid. 

Pregnant women have these feelings , Indicating that the baby is developing well

✔ The appetite is very good

Pregnant mother’s appetite is very good, which can indicate that the baby’s nutritional needs are relatively large, and usually absorb a lot of nutrients, resulting in the mother’s total To provide him with sufficient nutrition. 

At the same time, mothers with a good appetite can easily take in adequate nutrition, so they don’t have to worry too much about insufficient nutrition and developmental problems for their babies. 

Moreover, pregnant mothers with a good appetite generally do not have too much physical problems, and are easier to maintain a relaxed and happy state. 

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This frequent urination

When the fetus and uterus become larger, it will oppress other organs, and pregnant mothers can easily feel that they are going to the toilet. The number of times has increased, and the time has become shorter. 

This also means that the fetus is at ease in the womb and grows regularly. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much about his slowing down or growing up in the wrong place. 

✔ Fetal movement pattern

Pregnant mothers can feel fetal movement when they are about 4 months pregnant, and can also judge the baby’s development by the frequency of fetal movement. 

Under normal circumstances, the baby moves 3 to 5 times per hour, 30 to 40 times every 12 hours, and the time, frequency and strength of the fetal movements every day are very regular. If these regularities Sudden changes may indicate a problem with the fetus. 

On the contrary, if the baby’s The fetal movement is very regular, which also means that they are developing healthier. 

✔ Lie down and sleep

Many pregnant mothers can’t fall asleep easily at night because of physical pain, a too big belly, and mental reasons. Insufficient and irregular sleep will cause problems. It has a great influence on the baby’s development. 

Pregnant mothers who can sleep while lying down will not only have fewer adverse reactions in the body, but may also be healthier mentally, which can also make the baby develop better. 

✔ Leg cramps

The development of fetal body bones requires a lot of calcium. If pregnant mothers have leg cramps at night, it is likely that the body’s calcium has been absorbed by the fetus. Insufficient calcium, babies can absorb nutrients, which also shows that they are developing normally. 

Don’t forget the pregnant mother Supplement calcium in time to avoid affecting yourself and your baby’s body. 

In addition to their own judgment, pregnant mothers can also reassure themselves through hospital examinations. After pregnancy, there are many medical check-ups recommended by doctors. Some pregnant mothers deliberately skip some check-ups because they are too troublesome. Mom should also pay attention to these prenatal checkups. 

What must be done after pregnancy Obstetrics? 

✔ Neck transparent layer

This may be the first check-up performed by some pregnant mothers. It is carried out at 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This check is mainly done by scanning the fetus The position of the neck is used to judge whether there is a problem with their brains and prepare for Tang Si. 

✔ Down’s Screening

This test should be done at 16-18 weeks of pregnancy, and the results obtained are more accurate. The fetus is mainly determined by testing the pregnant mother’s blood Whether the chromosome is abnormal. 

✔ Sugar sieve

Nowadays, living conditions are getting better and better. If pregnant mothers cannot control their own diet, they are likely to have high blood sugar, and they are prone to danger during childbirth. 

Nowadays, the proportion of pregnant mothers suffering from this disease has reached 10%, so sugar screening has become necessary. 

✔ Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound

This examination needs to be done by the pregnant mother at 20 to 28 weeks of gestation. At this time, the baby’s limbs, heart, brain and other organs have developed relatively complete, amniotic fluid It is also relatively clear, and it is easier for the doctor to judge the child’s physical development and determine whether it is disabled. 

✔ Fetal heart rate monitoring


The detection of the baby’s fetal heart rate is more necessary in the third trimester, because at this time the fetus has matured, the space in the uterus appears narrow, the baby may have the umbilical cord around the neck, and the fetal heart rate can be Determine whether the child is still healthy. 

Negative emotions during pregnancy are always It will bring a lot of problems, how to reduce the number of pregnant women? 

▶ Reduce the reception of information

Some pregnant mothers who are prone to anxiety and negative emotions can reduce the reception of information during pregnancy and watch less forums and angry news. So as not to cause emotional instability, affect yourself and your baby’s body. 

▶ Divert attention

When there is a sudden worry about her baby’s stunted growth, pregnant mothers can try to do other things to divert attention, so as not to get worse in the negative emotions. The deeper the sink. 

▶ Try to rely on relatives< /p>

When pregnant mothers have negative emotions, they can try to communicate with their relatives. With their support, understanding and help, the psychological depression can be easily released. 


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September’s “eventful autumn” is coming soon. Parents need to prepare in advance so that children can survive safely

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The hot summer is coming to an end, autumn Coming soon, in the eventful season of rapid climate change, how should parents make their babies with weaker adaptability survive? 

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The meaning of troublesome autumn to prevent autumn dryness

The so-called autumn dryness refers to the hot and rainy summer, which is relatively humid, and the wind blowing in autumn will make people feel dry, coupled with the release of summer sweat In autumn, if the pores are cold, the body surface will be drier, which is a normal phenomenon. 

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, dryness in autumn is a kind of evil, which can easily damage the lungs, and may also cause dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips, and bad throat. 

If you suffer from autumn dryness, you are likely to experience feelings similar to wind-cold, such as headache, aversion to cold without sweating, and dry nasopharynx. 

Parents should take care of these aspects in autumn to avoid If the child is sick

1. Daily conditioning

A. Ensure adequate water intake. There is dry air in autumn. If the amount of drinking water is insufficient, it will cause the child to lack body fluids, which will be attacked by dry air and become sick. Therefore, you should take in adequate amounts of water. 

PS: 0~2 years old babies, drink water as needed; 2~3 years old children should drink at least 600ml; 4~5 years old children should drink at least 700ml every day; 6 Children over the age of 1200~1600ml daily should be consumed. 

B. Go to bed early and get up early. It gets dark early in autumn, and the days are no longer short in summer. Therefore, the time to fall asleep should be advanced to about 21 o’clock to fall asleep to ensure adequate sleep, so as to ensure that the body maintains normal metabolism, detoxification, etc., and is also beneficial to the immune system Development. 

PS: Babies from 0 to 6 months sleep for 10 hours at night and 5 to 7 hours during the day; babies from 6 to 12 months sleep for 10 hours at night and sleep twice during the day for 2 to 2.5 hours; 1 year old to 1.5 Children aged 1.5 to 3 years sleep for 10 hours every night, twice during the day for 1.5 to 2 hours; children aged 1.5 to 3 years sleep for 10 hours every night and take a nap for 2 to 2.5 hours during the day. 

C, diet. In autumn, if the qi is heavy, you should avoid greasy, spicy and irritating foods to avoid hurting the spleen and stomach. You can eat some porridge that dehumidifies, and you can also eat some foods that moisturize dryness and promote fluid, nourish yin and nourish lungs, such as pears, radishes, and white fungus. , Pomegranate, lily, etc. 

2. Emotional conditioning

In autumn, the fallen leaves are colorful, and people become a little melancholy due to environmental influences. Children are no exception. Parents can take their children out for autumn outings at this stage to relax their mood and promote the development of cognitive and social skills. 

Maintaining a happy state of mind and body will benefit physical and mental development and avoid the number of illnesses. 

3. Pay attention to dressing

As the saying goes: “Spring covers the autumn cold”, but some elderly people In the process of bringing a child, there will be cases of over-adding clothes, and there is a kind of cold that makes grandma think you are cold. 

But in fact, in autumn, only a little bit of cold in the morning and evening, you need to keep warm, at other times you don’t need to dress your children too much, this is because in the baby She is lively and active, and she has a lot of activity. Wearing too much clothes can easily lead to sweating. If the autumn breeze blows, it is very likely to catch a cold. 

Therefore, in the autumn, parents must pay attention to adding clothes to their children in time, but don’t wear too much when the activity is heavy, and don’t wait for the baby to wear clothes when it feels cold. In this case, the cold has often penetrated into the body. 

4. Adhere to appropriate exercise

Parents usually take their children to do appropriate exercises, which will not only help improve immunity, but also a calm face. The influence of weather and mood on the body can also keep the mood happy, promote bone development, and improve the growth of height. 

According to research, children aged 0 to 3 persist in outdoor activities for about 2 hours a day, and those over 3 years old can increase their activities slightly, which can boost immunity and stimulate bone development. 

In addition, people’s appetite will gradually improve after the cold in autumn. If the parent prepares the wrong diet for the child, or makes the child eat too much, it is likely to damage the spleen and stomach and make the sick come to the door. 

How do parents let Does the child have a good stomach in autumn? 

1. Avoid blind tonic

Some parents, after seeing their children’s appetite, want to give them some nutritious food to promote growth and development , Excessive tonic can only cause a burden to the baby who has not fully developed the spleen and stomach itself, which will cause the child to become susceptible to illness. 

2. Avoid forced feeding

Some parents eat the amount of food their children eat, which is used to measure growth and development. Feeding in a favorable or compulsory manner, I want my baby to eat more. 

But if the child eats too much food for a long time, it is easy to cause indigestion, cause a kind of damage to the spleen and stomach, is not conducive to growth and development, and also affects immunity. Kind of injury. 

3. Avoid raw and cold food

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are negative, and cold foods are easy to cause damage to the spleen and stomach, not only easy Stimulate the vasoconstriction of the gastric mucosa, and may also cause damage to the spleen and stomach. Return to Sohu to see more

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