Doing this action before the baby is one year old is not only cute, but also indicates good mental development.

Doing this action before the baby is one year old is not only cute, but also indicates that the intelligence is well developed

The well-known educator Suhomlinski said that how well a child’s early intelligence develops can be seen through his hands. Parents may be able to look at their children’s IQ through this. 

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As the baby continues to grow, Bao’s mother can find that the child does not know when he has learned a new skill-tongue out. Although no one will teach it specifically, they will come by themselves. This skill. 

The baby’s tongue-out skill looks very cute, which makes many mothers happy, but in fact, this little skill is not only cute, but also an expression of IQ. 

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Scientific explanation

Before the baby is 1 year old (mostly it starts to appear at 2 months old), when eating food, they often stick out their tongues unconsciously. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon. 

There is also a special term called “tongue reflex”. Once it appears, it often means that the baby begins to have a clear understanding of hunger and fullness, and in this way tells parents whether they are full or not. . 

Actually, this little habit is not only cute, but also shows the child’s intellectual development to a certain extent. 

The earlier this happens, the more flexible the tongue is, and some studies have found that tongue out is actually related to hand movement. 

Because the hand and mouth are in the same area of ​​the brain-Broca’s area, when children perform fine movements with the left and right hands, because we can pay attention to an interesting phenomenon: generally used to use the right hand Children tend to tilt their tongue to the right when they stick out their tongue. 

The well-known educator Suhomlinski said that how well a child’s early intelligence develops can be seen through his hands. 

Therefore, the habit of sticking out the tongue can promote a child’s brain to develop very well, which has a suggestive effect on the level of IQ. 

Why baby Do you love sticking out your tongue? 

1. A behavior that develops normally

When babies are about 2 months old, their salivary glands begin to develop and they can secrete saliva. The baby learns to spit out the tongue during the process of licking saliva. . 

In addition, if the baby is able to stick out his tongue normally, it also shows that his tongue frenulum (a thin strip of tissue that connects the dormitory and the bottom of the mouth when the tongue is lifted after opening the mouth) is developing normally , Will not affect normal pronunciation and speaking. 

2. Help children explore the world

When the baby grows up, he will be full of curiosity about everything around him. In the initial stage, he will choose to explore with his mouth, and put everything into his mouth to bite. With a lick, in the process of exploring, it continuously promotes the development of the brain and makes the brain cells active, thereby promoting the development of intelligence. 

In addition, parents can also tell their children whether they are smart through some small behaviors, especially before the age of 3. 

The child is 3 years old There are the following obvious shortcomings in the past, most of which are signs of cleverness.

1. Learn to “lie” to achieve your goals

According to a research survey conducted by a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, 30% of children will When they were 2 years old, they said they lied for the first time, and 80% of children lied for the first time when they were 4 years old, and the younger they lied, the higher their IQ was. 

This is because lying is not an easy task. It is not only necessary to figure out the inner thoughts of adults, but also to organize a series of languages, but also to have a certain psychological quality in order to achieve their goals. 

So, don’t be angry when your baby is lying to you before the age of 3, this is probably a sign of their high IQ. But it should be noted that we need to guide children to be honest. 

2. Like to “talk back”

As the baby grows up, parents will find that when they reach a certain age, they will become like “talk back” and say “no” no matter what you ask him to do, such as Say “no” when you let him eat; say “no” when you let him dress. 

Such behavior makes adults very helpless, but in fact this is a manifestation of children having their own ideas, especially children under 3 years of age who are in the stage of language ability development and are in the process of talking back to their parents. In the process, their language ability and logical thinking ability are also being continuously exercised to promote brain development. 

3. Love “imitation”, like a little adult

Because the baby’s behavior and habits are gradually learned through imitation, and in the process of imitation, the child’s central nervous system is constantly Development, language skills and hands-on skills have become stronger and stronger, which promotes the development of the brain. 

Therefore, the earlier the baby learns to imitate before the age of 3, and the more like imitating adults, it means the higher the IQ. Parents should not think it is bad for them to imitate others. Return to Sohu to see more

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Advice for women after marriage: “Marriage Look at the man’s mom first!” If you have these behaviors, consider more

Women’s advice after marriage: “Look at the man’s mom first when you marry!” If you have these behaviors, consider more

| Mom’s Way (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Girls are generally more emotional. When talking about objects, they care about whether the other party treats themselves well or not, other conditions, such as I don’t care about work ability, family environment, interpersonal relationship, etc. 

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So some unfortunate girls discovered after getting married that sometimes marriage is not a matter of two people, and many external conditions will interfere with it, so life is very good unhappy. 

Especially when it comes to living with parents-in-law and bringing a baby after marriage, the mother-in-law’s behavior is more important. 

If the man’s mother is this You should think carefully before getting married. This is the advice of many women after marriage. 

▶ Too strong mother-in-law

When her mother-in-law is more powerful and her status in the family is the same, she may interfere more with the small family in the future, and the life of the young couple may not be free in the future. , Childbirth, work and other matters must follow the mother-in-law’s requirements. 

Strong mother-in-law Usually a cowardly son will be cultivated. If there is an important family member in the small family who is irresponsible and obeys the mother in everything, if there is no help from the mother-in-law in the future, or encounters any major events, the family is likely to be broken. Broke up. 

▶ She cares too much about her son’s mother-in-law

This kind of mother-in-law regards her son as the driving force of her life. She wants to arrange everything for him. It is easy to cultivate one Mom Baonan who listens to his mother everything. 

If the mother-in-law deliberately provokes the relationship between the couple, it is easy to cause the young couple to quarrel, and the daughter-in-law will also find it difficult to integrate into the family in the future, and may be used by the husband as a tool for filial piety to his mother. 

▶ I like to take advantage of my daughter-in-law The mother-in-law

There is also a kind of mother-in-law, because she does not want her son to suffer, or wants him to live a better life, so she has a calculation for the woman’s family:

❶ Give birth to a child before marriage, Do not give the bride price

If a girl unexpectedly becomes pregnant before marriage, she and her parents are always a little anxious, so they may rush to discuss marriage and face the other party’s request for pressure or refusal of the bride price. , I have to agree. 

So there are always some male mothers who give their sons such an idea, wanting to give a little less money. 

❷ Coax the girl to marry her son earlier

This method is generally aimed at girls with good conditions. The man’s mother is afraid that the two will break up, so she “lower her body” to coax the girl before marriage. It changes immediately after the marriage and starts to choose everywhere. Something wrong. 

▶ An unreasonable mother-in-law

Such a mother-in-law may care about family status and want to suppress her daughter-in-law at all times, so she often picks up her daughter-in-law and sells it in front of her son. The miserable, “add oil and jealous” way of saying bad things about the daughter-in-law strengthens her position. 

If the mother-in-law is too strong or the husband can’t tell right from wrong, the relationship between the two is likely to light up “red light.” 

Except for her mother-in-law, the other Other things at home are also more important.

▶ Do you have a family history of illness?

Some girls may feel that asking about illness-related questions may hurt the relationship between the two, but their relationship In the future, this is a trivial matter. If you don’t want to ask, don’t ignore the pre-marital examination. 

Because girls themselves are also possible I don’t know if the other party deliberately concealed the medical history and cheated. 

▶ Are there any other brothers and sisters in the man’s family?

Sometimes when two people get married, even if they don’t want to, they still need to take care of each other’s brothers and sisters, especially those who are in financial difficulties. time. 

So when there are too many brothers and sisters, and the family conditions and cultural level are not very good, we need to be more cautious. 

Families with many older sisters need to pay special attention. Their parents are likely to favor sons over daughters. Girls who marry in the past will have more pressure to have children in the future. 

▶ How about the relationship between the man’s parents

How parents’ feelings have a great influence on their children’s character:

Parents with poor feelings and frequent quarrels tend to cultivate children who lack love and don’t know how to communicate with their partners normally; Parents who are good but neglect their children are also likely to cultivate children who lack love or hate this feeling; and those parents who have a good relationship between husband and wife and care for their children are more likely to cultivate children to get along well with their partners , The possibility of a happy marriage in the future is greater. 

Girls’ marriage events are even more worrying. How can parents train their children so that they can be deceived in the future? 

▶ Parents, especially fathers, should give their daughters enough care

When children enjoy the love of the opposite sex when they are young, they may become Be more confident and secure, and will not be easily fooled because of the good of others. 

▶ Let children learn to refuse< /p>

When parents make their daughters cute and cute, they must not be wronged for this, otherwise the child may become unwilling to reject everything else over time The requirements, imperfect. 

Sometimes when facing the pursuit of someone who doesn’t like it, I have to agree to it. 


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