Does your child like to watch movies? If you don’t like it, I suggest you train it

Does your child like to watch movies? If you don’t like it, I suggest training.

Tiantian is 10 years old this year. Her mother often takes her to the cinema to watch movies. On weekends, the neighbor’s children go to study or interest classes. Tiantian was taken to the movies by her mother. 

The children envied her, but the parents of the child did not understand. Once the neighbor couldn’t help but ask Tiantian’s mother, “Other children are being cultivated by their parents. Why don’t you give Tiantian? Also sign up for an interest class, let the children learn a skill?”, who knows Tiantian mother smiled and replied: “Watching movies is just a hobby. Isn’t this just being cultivated.” 

When it comes to cultivating hobbies, most parents think of learning instruments, painting, painting, dance, calligraphy and other general hobbies. Few people think of watching movies, but in fact, watching movies is also a very good hobby. Hobby, and cultivated properly, there are various benefits. 

The benefits of watching movies

From the perspective of adults From a point of view, watching a movie may be to pass the time, but from the perspective of children’s curiosity, after watching the movie, they will ask why and think, gain knowledge in the process of thinking, and apply knowledge in learning. 

For example, some history-telling movies can let children feel the history in the movie, and they can better understand the memory when they read the book, and some better lines in the movie Or the theme, after the child understands it, it can be used in writing and so on. 

How old is it to train children to watch movies

Then At what age should children be trained to watch movies? Watching movies is the same as other hobbies, and it is usually done after the child is 10 years old or when the child already has a certain literacy foundation. 

Although most of the movies with children are dubbed in Chinese, the ability to watch the subtitles can make the children’s movie watching experience better. Children after the age of 10 also have the ability to think, and at the same time It also retains valuable curiosity and is a suitable age for watching movies. 

What kind of movie to choose

Then you should bring your kids What kind of movies are you going to watch? Although the child already has the ability to think, we still have to consider the child’s acceptance. 

At the beginning, you can choose some simple and easy to understand cartoons to let your children adapt to the length of a movie. When the child adapts and is older, you can gradually choose some in-depth movies , Arouse children’s thinking. 

How to watch movies correctly

Of course, I want The hobby of watching movies is very simple to become a habit, but to make it effective, parents need to guide their children to think about the themes in the movie or the places worth learning after the child has watched the movie. It’s just passing the time. 

Movies are more intuitive and more intuitive than books It is easy to cause thinking, parents may wish to cultivate the good habit of watching movies in their children! The smarter the child, the harder it is to take! If children have these 3 “annoying” behaviors, parents should be happy

It’s too difficult to take care of children! 

After having children, most parents should have similar ideas! 

Some children dismantle wherever they go, and their parents follow to tidy up and they can’t finish it…

Some children are energetic, which makes people think that the word “walking baby” is simply wrong It’s obviously that the baby is walking with dad and mom…

However, every time I complain, the elderly in the family will say: “The smarter the child, the harder it is to take! It’s a good thing that it’s hard to take it now.”

So, let’s take a look at the baby’s seemingly “annoying” but clever performance? 

1. Love to make pranks

“Pranks” this The words are the little conspiracy of the bear child. 

However, from another perspective, a “prank” can be designed to show that children have their own ideas, can act on their own ideas, and can even deceive their parents. This shows that the child’s There are many ghost ideas and strong practical ability. He is a clever person with independent thinking ability! 

Of course! It’s not that pranks are good. When facing a child who loves to play pranks, parents should also teach him to distinguish right from wrong and not to do bad things. 

2. Excessive energy and restlessness

Some children Energetic is too strong, I can’t stop for a moment, I keep flipping, crawling, walking, running…

Children have poor safety awareness, parents can’t do without, and old arms and legs are tortured. That won’t work! 

Actually, when the child moves around, the brain is in an active state, and the child’s physical coordination will get better and better. 

Moreover, proper exercise can promote the brain to secrete a variety of beneficial neurotransmitters, which can help the brain improve concentration, memory and other abilities. 

3. Always disassemble and install toys Demolition

Some children are especially fond of sabotage. Sometimes they ask for a new one after a long time. After playing for a while, they will try to take it down. They don’t know how to cherish it at all! 

In fact, when a child does this, it just proves that his hands, eyes, and brain are well coordinated. 

It also shows that the child is curious, and at the same time he is willing to devote time and energy to exploring. With proper guidance, he will definitely be a child who loves to learn in the future. 

How to train smart children? 

If your child also has the above three behaviors, it means that the child is very smart, and parents should not rush to stop it! 

Furthermore, the smarter the children, the more they need the attention and cultivation of their parents, and the smart little brains of the children cannot be wasted. 

0-6 years old: systematic early education

The early childhood educator Montessori found that every child has to go through a series of “sensitive periods” from birth, namely The golden period of development in a certain aspect. 

Such as language sensitive period (0-6 years old), reading sensitive period (4.5-5.5 years old), math sensitive period (4-6 years old)…

These sensitive periods are mostly concentrated in 0-6 years old, so parents of 0-6 years old should help their children Do some systematic early education and do a good job of enlightenment. 

After 6 years old: initial thinking growth stage

After 6 years old, the brain enters a critical stage of the development of abstract logical thinking. 

Parents can use some thinking games to promote their brain development, such as Sudoku, Lubansuo and other puzzle games are good choices. 

It should be noted that at the beginning, it is best to let the children come into contact with some simple and interesting puzzle games, and encourage them to continue to study and use their brains through the sense of achievement of winning. 

It’s very important to develop the brain well for children since childhood Importantly, parents must seize this stage and find the right way to develop their children’s brain so that they can grow up better!

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