Does the son love his parents when he grows up? From an early age, it can be seen that the following behaviors are filial piety

Does the son love his parents when he grows up? It can be seen from an early age that the following manifestations are filial piety to children

Who said that the son must be careless and can’t do anything well? of? In fact, when a son grows up, he loves his parents or not. It can be seen from an early age that children with the following behaviors are generally filial when they grow up. 

On Saturday, I went to my cousin’s house as a guest. As soon as my cousin came in, the three-year-old little Douding ran out swaying her body, and then fumbled out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet. Put it at the feet of your cousin. I was stunned at the time, I said, why is Xiaodouding so sensible? The cousin smiled and said, don’t look at Xiao Douding’s young age, but her mind is very delicate. Not only does she say mother, I love you, every day, he will also make me happy every day when I get tired from get off work. After listening to it, I felt even more that Douding must be a filial child when he grows up. 

It is said that children look younger when they are three years old, and look older when they are seven years old. Parents must not underestimate their children. Children are the time of the fastest physical and mental development in childhood, and it is also a critical period for the formation of character. If the child has the following behaviors to his parents since he was young, he will not be bad when he grows up, and he is mostly a good and filial child. 

From an early age to be intimate with parents

If a child has been intimate with his parents since he was a child, he likes to be behind his parents like a stalker, and he can’t get rid of it. Then parents should feel happy, because the more clingy children are, the better they know to be with their parents and filial piety when they grow up. Parents should be patient, don’t be annoyed, and don’t lose their temper when facing the clingy people at home, because this bad temper will make the child afraid. Over time, the child will alienate the parent, which is not conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship. 

Knowing how to love my parents

Remember that my colleague told me When she was cutting vegetables, she accidentally cut her hands. In fact, it was just a small wound. His husband didn’t care to ask, but his son was holding her hand, blowing and crying. The distressed look made her heart warm. Until now, her son is in junior high school. She said that every time she celebrates her birthday, there are festivals, her son is always the first to send blessings. So you see, in fact, every child has a heart. If the child really cares about their parents, then they will give their parents everything, even without reservations about love. And filial children who grow up often feel sorry for their parents. 

If you have something delicious, you can share it

Yes Since childhood, children are more protective of food, especially the ones that they like to eat and drink. They always dominate and are reluctant to share with others. If you encounter this situation, you need your parents to teach and guide them so that your children can share, otherwise they will become a very selfish and selfish person when they grow up. If your child knows how to share and polite since he was a child, he is willing to share it with his parents and others around him even when he meets the food he likes to eat anymore, then he has to praise him. This kind of child with great love will grow up. Later, he will become a good child who is filial to his parents. 

In fact, in the process of children’s growth, they cannot do without the parent’s teachings. The child is like a small sapling. Parents have to water it and trim and cut them so that they won’t grow crooked. , To be able to grow upright and upright, shelter the family from wind and rain. “The top ten in the class, girls occupy nine!” The boy crisis is coming, how should parents respond?

Recently, the China University New Media Alliance A set of data was released about the proportion of male and female college graduates in 2018. In the thousands of years of Chinese history, reading has always been the privilege of boys. Unless it is the daughter of a wealthy family, there are too many “women.” No talent is virtue”. Now it is the 21st century. Has the proportion of male and female college students changed? The results are indeed shocking: girls accounted for 52% and boys accounted for 48%, breaking the previous phenomenon of more men than women. 

Continuous classes The teachers on the school are saying that although there were many girls in the past, boys in science classes have priority. Nowadays, regardless of liberal arts and sciences, among the top ten in the class, girls can occupy nine, and the boy’s crisis is obvious. Earlier, I could find excuses. For example, it’s not enough for girls to get their grades in high school, but now the grades of the high school entrance or college entrance examination are also very obvious. Girls, as rising stars, have obviously moved quickly to keep up. Instead, the previously optimistic group of boys began to fall behind. Makes parents very worried. 

“Boys, in danger!”

Experts have stood up and shouted slogans, but they got the boys’ eyes and disapproval, until the proportion of women in the total social resources As they got bigger and bigger, they realized that the boy crisis is not just talking. So, how do parents educate their son so that he can tide over this crisis smoothly? The method is as follows, it is worth a try. 

Boys are under pressure. Parents are more stressed than

Boys are all grown up listening, from “Look at your sister, a homework for you in general subjects” to “When will you be as easy as your sister?”, similar contrasting remarks occupy boys. Our childhood. At first, the boys were still thinking about fighting for breath, but there were more comparisons, they couldn’t stand their self-esteem, they simply abandon themselves, and believed that their skills were inferior to others. 

What parents don’t know is that boys themselves are inferior to girls in reading and brain development, which involves expertise in brain science. Reading relies on fine movements. It is normal for boys to develop late and not as good as girls for reading. In the same way, boys lag behind girls in the development of the left brain in mastering language and reading, so it is normal for boys to have worse grades than their sisters when they were young. 

What parents really need to do is to encourage the boy to wait until the brain matures and he can naturally catch up. If the parents lose their confidence when they are young, then when the weapon is in hand, the boy has lost his fighting spirit and has no ability to fight again. 

Interest is the best teacher for boys

in Psychologically, interest determines the lowest limit of the development of a single subject, and talent determines the upper limit of children’s life. If the family is a daughter and has no interest, the child will not be too bad. This is due to the girl’s unique sense of crisis, and they will choose the safest way to deal with learning. But boys do not have this ability. They are frizzy by nature, and they still retain the style of the jungle when dealing with problems. Parents want boys to improve their academic performance. It is important to find the interest and direction. 

Of course, it doesn’t matter even if boys can never surpass girls. As long as girls enter marriage and parenting, their advantages in learning and career will naturally fade. When the boy’s crisis is resolved, parents should not worry too much.

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