Does the daughter need to be sensible and obedient? If you have a daughter in your family, you can make her “perverse” appropriately

Does the daughter need to be sensible and obedient? Having a daughter in the family can make her “perverse” appropriately

As a parent, everyone hopes that their children can grow up safely and happily, and will be able to excel in the future. 

However, the road of parenting is always full of multiple choice questions and bifurcations, which require parents to be extra cautious when taking steps. Especially in the process of educating boys and girls, parents should treat them differently according to their own characteristics, and cannot be generalized. 

Perhaps in the general impression of most people, girls are well-behaved and obedient. Compared to naughty boys, they are softer and cute. When a little girl blinks her big eyes When looking at you with an aggrieved face, even the hard-hearted parents will be unable to resist. 

So many parents with daughters, They will often educate their children to look like ladies and tell them to be kind, sensible, and respectful. However, does the daughter really need to be sensible and obedient? In fact, in my opinion, parents can make them “perverse” appropriately. 

There is nothing wrong with educating your daughters to be kind, but don’t forget that they will eventually “go out”

Professor Li Meijin, as a popular teacher in the parenting circle, she once stated in the program “Chunni Weekend Time” This point of view: Having a daughter at home can actually save her from being so well-behaved. 

Why is there such a thing? It turned out that Sister Moon had been educating him to be kind to others in the process of raising her child, so the little guy would greet him warmly when he saw the courier or the neighbor in the elevator, but it was precisely because of this kindness. , On the contrary, it is easy to trust others and leave them easily. 

Professor Li Meijin then recounted such remarks , She said that some family education is in place now, educating girls to be the kind of ladies, but if this little girl is unhappy in the future marriage, then she will not even have the ability to protect herself at all. 

This is because she has suffered from childhood Education is civilized, polite, restrained and self-disciplined. But when the other party is not self-disciplined, parents should think that when we educate children, we must tell them to be civilized and courteous, but don’t forget that they will eventually go out, so parents should talk to their children about the outside world in time. Authenticity means telling them how to protect themselves. 

So how should girls be educated? ? 

Tell girls to know how to love themselves

Parents don’t need to frame girls in a certain range, so that they must be what they imagined, or let the girls “be obedient and sensible because they want to protect themselves “, and choose to yield. In fact, free growth can also lead to a wonderful life. 

The strength of girls comes from the heart, Parents should tell their children that they know how to take good care of themselves. Although we are kind to others, we must bravely fight back when facing the harm of others and have the courage to say “no”. 

Girls can actually be “tiger”

Although in many people’s minds, girls should be labeled as “quiet” and “sensible”, but in fact, such children seem to have been living in a glass room. The flowers in the middle can’t stand the wind and rain. 

On the contrary, if girls are not so behaved, they can experience some setbacks from an early age to encourage them to explore and avoid using words such as “dirty” and “not like a girl” to restrict their development. This allows girls to become independent in their thinking and character, so that they will have the courage and ability to stand up and resist even in the face of difficulties and setbacks in the future. 

Communicate more with children and bring them solutions< p>As Professor Li Meijin said, parents can talk to their children more about what happened in the outside world, tell them what society is like, and work with them to find solutions to problems. 

This is the responsibility education that parents should bring to their children. Let the children clearly realize that there are not only good people, but also bad people. 

Instead of saying, parents always wrap their children Under their wings, create a “protective cover” for them, so that when these beautiful little girls enter the society, they may be harmed. Children grow slowly, which may be related to life. Parents must know.

Some parents leave a message saying that their children are not as tall as other babies of the same age now. Is it because the physical development is lagging behind? In fact, the age we are talking about here is not the age of the child, but the age of the child’s bones. Yes, you heard that right. In fact, the bones of people’s bodies also have age. 

The growth of the human body is from the fertilized egg to the baby The process from birth to adulthood is called growth and development. Growth retardation actually refers to a child whose overall development of all organs of the body, including the child’s intelligence and language, is lower than that of the same age. Among them, the physical retardation is actually the growth rate during the development process. If the order of fast or too slow is reversed, the incidence rate is about 7%. 

So, what are the causes of children’s physical retardation? 

1. One is that the child’s normal growth has changed, about 75%. Such as systemic developmental delay, intrauterine dysplasia or congenital genetic factors, if it is congenital heredity, this growth rate is basically normal and does not require special treatment;

2, the other is pathological Causes, such as physical development caused by metabolic diseases, chronic diseases, bone diseases (such as achondroplasia), chromosomal abnormalities (Turner syndrome and Down syndrome), endocrine (such as hypothyroidism, lack of growth hormone), etc. slow. 

If the child is two years younger than the child of the same age I have a height difference. After the check is confirmed to be a physical growth retardation, in addition to regular check-ups and medications as prescribed by the doctor, how can I cooperate with the treatment in my life. 

Cooperate with the treatment in daily life:

1. From the diet, the diet can be combined with meat and vegetables to make the daily diet diversified and rich. Develop children’s reasonable eating habits, avoid picky eaters, and develop a balanced development. 

2. From daily exercise, take your children out to exercise more. Such as running, climbing, playing ball, children’s exercise to promote growth, usually drink more water, metabolism faster. After exercising during the day, you will get tired at night, so your child will sleep better and grow faster. 

Parents must understand the height of their children in each age group:

In life, parents should learn more about the health of their children, fully understand their children’s physical development and health at different ages, interact more with their babies, and take care of their children’s mental health. Once it is found that the child is abnormal, the child should be taken to a regular hospital for examination in time, early detection and intervention, and try to avoid the child from being affected by the disease. You may also have the 4 kinds of personality babies that are the most troublesome for parents. It’s not too late to guide them.

For parents, the education of babies is a very labor-intensive task. It’s often said that “you see the old when you are three years old”. From this sentence, we can find that the character of the baby has actually taken shape at a very young age, so the sentence “education should start from the baby” is really a little bit. That’s right. 

Baby’s personality is closely related to the inheritance from the parents and the nurturing environment. However, according to surveys, people who have these personalities when they grow up may not have such a smooth “social road”. So how should parents guide them correctly? Let’s take a look together today! 

Shy babies

Shy babies are actually slow A kind of hot baby, if the baby is slightly shy, it will gradually get better with time. 

But some babies are also very shy. They will be nervous about the unfamiliar environment and things in the outside world, and will lose a lot of opportunities to express themselves. 

When encountering this type of baby, parents should take more babies to “meet the world” and teach them how to deal with different situations in the process of “meeting the world”. 

Grumpy babies

Many babies are very old When you are young, you will lose your temper to some extent, especially during the “rebellious period” of your baby. 

But if the baby is not in the rebellious period and always loses his temper by throwing toys or crying loudly, parents should pay attention. 

It is possible that the baby has achieved unreasonable goals by losing his temper before, so he has developed the habit of losing his temper. 

In the face of this situation, parents must clearly tell the baby that it’s okay to be angry, but it’s not possible to vent it by losing your temper or destroying things. 

At the same time, it can also guide the baby to calm down correctly, such as drawing. 

Withdrawn babies

Some babies have very temperaments Gentle, but will habitually shrink back when things happen, habitually say “I can’t”, or don’t have my own opinion. 

They don’t like to communicate with their peers, and they often don’t express their opinions when playing with other children. This is mostly because the baby has no self-confidence, and it is the easiest and most effective way to cultivate the baby’s self-confidence. The method is to let the baby learn to “do your own things”, and encourage and praise the baby after he is done. 

Of course, if the baby does not do a good job, parents should sincerely feel happy for the baby’s hard work, and tell the baby that the hard work is more important. 

withdrawn babies

withdrawn babies often don’t like Playing with other children, even if they accept the invitation of other children to play together, they are very reluctant; they like to be alone, often even indifferent to many things, just want to immerse in their own world. 

If there is a baby with this personality in the family, parents must encourage the baby to play with other children, and they can also take the baby to contact with different worlds, so that the baby can come out of his own world. . 

Once the personality is really formed, it will be difficult to change. Moms and dads must grasp the critical period of the formation of the baby’s character, guide the baby well and cultivate his good character, so that the baby can be more popular, and after he grows up, can he take his social path more calmly.

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