Does the child often go out to play? There are differences in four aspects, and the gap will come out after entering the society

Do children often go out to play? There are differences in four aspects, and the gap will come out after entering the society

The way parents educate their children is likely to affect the baby’s life, even if it is not allowed to go out to play this matter. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

When a child comes to this world, it’s like a piece of white paper. What it looks like in the end depends on how parents do graffiti during this period, such as whether they often take their children out. Will affect them. 

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Xiao Ming and Xiao Zhi are two children of the same age who grew up together. Because they are close to each other, they often go to school and eat together. 

Because of the differences in the educational philosophy of the parents of the two children, there are also differences in their personalities and other aspects. 

Xiao Ming’s parents like to take him around for fun, and they will take him out for outdoor activities when they are free. On the other hand, Xiaozhi’s parents are relatively introverted and hardly take him out. Even if the child wants to go out with friends, he will be told to waste money. Over time, he will become more accustomed to staying at home and spending all his energy. Put it all on learning. 

Although both of them eventually passed the university entrance examination, the gap between the two is very large. Xiao Ming is confident and generous in public and has a high EQ. On the other hand, Xiao Zhi is very introverted. Even when he meets friends, he doesn’t have much to talk about. It seems to be very interesting. 

“Go out to play “What is the difference between “Squatting at Home” and “Squatting at Home”? 

There are obvious differences in the four aspects. After entering the society, the gap will come out——

1. Personality

Children who often go out to play, because they see more people, If you communicate more with others, your personality will appear more confident and optimistic, and you will be more likely to mingle with others when you enter society in the future. 

On the other hand, children squatting at home, because they hardly go out and are always alone, they appear inferior, introverted, and even cowardly. 

2. In terms of social ability

Children who often go out to play, because they face more people every day, they will gradually master some communication in the process of interacting and communicating with others Social skills, and a certain degree of learning in the ears and eyes of parents, so this ability will become stronger and stronger over time. 

As for the children who squat at home, because they face family members they are familiar with every day, many parts will be omitted in the process of communication. When it is incorrect, the family will also choose to be tolerant, so the social skills are basically not good. When it comes to exercise, it may be difficult to get together with colleagues in the future. 

3. In the way of thinking

Children who often go out to play often encounter some problems during the trip or outdoor activities. At this time, they need to be solved. Parents’ The solution will allow them to get reference, and then slowly breed their own ideas. 

In addition, during the journey, you can see the scenery and spiritual civilization of various places, then the children’s comprehension will also change, which will promote the development of the brain and become more rational in looking at problems. This is a very important skill in the company’s group cooperation in the future. 

As for the children squatting at home, because they hardly go out, their way of thinking is likely to be relatively fixed. They don’t know how to work, and it may be difficult for them to make great achievements at work. 

4. Insights

As the saying goes, “Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles.”

Children who often go out to play, because they see a lot, they have a vision They will be more open-minded, they will be more advanced and broad in their insights, they will look at problems more comprehensively and deeply, and they will be more efficient in solving problems. 

Just like after Le Jia took her little daughter through the desert, you can see the tenacity and fortitude on the child’s immature face. 

The children squatting at home can only learn about the outside world through reading books or the media. Then their horizons will be limited, and their knowledge will not change much. 

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1. Independence and autonomy

Parents cannot accompany their children for the rest of their lives, so they need to cultivate their independence and autonomy, so that when the children go to society and face difficulties independently, they can calmly face and overcome difficulties, even if they encounter difficulties. The harsh environment can also survive. 

2. Language expression and communication skills

In this big social family, everyone has their own ideas, but if you don’t express them in words, others will not know it. And you need to have strong communication skills, so that your ideas can be understood by others, and you can make more friends and pave the way for your future. The so-called “multiple friends, multiple paths”. 

3. Self-management ability

A PhD in management said: “Unless you can manage the’self’, you can’t manage anyone or anything.” Therefore, if a person can’t manage himself well , Then it is difficult to manage others, help others, and lead others.  If your daughter-in-law is filial or not, it depends on what your in-laws do , There are several kinds of old people who are treasures of the family and their children are filial

Parents are your baby’s first teacher, and your words and deeds will affect your baby. If your children are not filial, it is likely that there is a problem with your own education method. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalization: Su Zihou

The elders hope that their children and grandchildren will be full, not only to appreciate the happiness of the family, but also to be able to depend on them. After all, no one wants to be in his old age, and when he loses his ability, there is no one to take care of, which seems a bit miserable. 

But in real life, unfilial children can often be seen, seeing that their parents, grandparents and grandparents have insecure lives, even if they are sick. Do not ask. 

But in fact, it will be like this in children, and it is inseparable from the normal teaching of parents. After all, parents are the first teachers of their children, and their words and deeds will affect their children. If your children are not filial, it is likely that there is a problem with your own education method, which can also be seen from your usual behavior. 

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Uncle Li has a son and a daughter, which is very enviable. In order to bring the two children together, the couple frugal , What’s good is thinking of children. 

The child gradually grows up. After getting married and starting a business, Uncle Li and his wife have been silently giving, as long as they can help, regardless of whether they treat their sons and daughter-in-laws or daughters-in-laws. . 

Soon after the son got married, the daughter-in-law became pregnant and gave birth to a big fat boy. The old couple took the initiative to take care of the daughter-in-law and grandson and took care of them very well. After the daughter-in-law went to work after taking maternity leave, she looked at the housework at home and the burden of taking care of her grandson. 

As ​​he grows older, his grandson has already entered university, and he wants to go home to provide for the elderly. At this time, the daughter-in-law said that he should respect them and let the old couple enjoy their twilight years. 

The following Parents, children rush to filial piety

1. Elders who are good to daughter-in-law

The conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a world The problem is also a hidden crisis in the family. If the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not harmonious, the family is likely to break down. 

In real life, many families have such troubles. If mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have conflicts or disagreements, the atmosphere of the whole family will be weird. 

But if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along well in a family, then the family will be harmonious and beautiful. Human hearts are grown in flesh. As long as the mother-in-law treats her daughter-in-law as her own family and loves her as a daughter when she enters the house, the daughter-in-law will definitely treat her mother-in-law well, and she will be very filial when she gets old. 

2. Old people with diligent hands and feet

Nowadays young people are busy with work due to high pressure To support the family in this way, and at this time, if the elderly are diligent, they can not only help take care of the children, but also do some housework, which will reduce the burden on the children to a certain extent. 

In this way, children can devote themselves to their careers. After they have achieved something, they will definitely want to give back to their parents. 

3. The elderly with sensible sense

Although respecting the elderly has always been a fine tradition in our country, in the real society, there will always be some Unreasonable old people, the elders themselves are very old and totally unreasonable. Such parents may find it difficult to get the affection of their children. This will make their children stay away. 

But if the elderly are sensible and willing to listen to their children’s opinions, then such parents and children will be willing to live with them, and they will be well in their old age. filial piety. 

Everyone should always be grateful. It is the responsibility and obligation of parents to raise children, and it is also the obligation of children to support the elderly. However, if the parents do not properly nurture them, it is very likely that they will not be able to secure their life in later years without saying that their children have grown up. 

How do parents train A filial child? 

1. Let children understand the hardship that parents have paid for the family

Parents can decide to let them know the financial situation of the family and let their children understand themselves All of this is the hard work of the parents, we must learn to cherish and be grateful. 

If the family situation is poor, parents can let their children understand the economic situation at home, and let their children understand that life needs to be frugal and that they need to overcome difficulties together with their elders;

When the family is in good condition, parents must let their children understand that everything is a result of hard work, let their children maintain good learning and behavior habits, and cherish their parents Pay. 

2. Parents must lead by example

Parents must learn to lead by example and use their own words and deeds to educate their children, How parents treat their elders, then how their children will treat themselves in the future. 

In addition, parents should pay attention to their own words and deeds. This will help their children to establish good behavior. They also need to make them understand the obligation to contribute to their families and realize the sense of family responsibility . 

3. Let the children do what they can do by themselves

Parents must teach their children to do it from an early age Actively participate in the housework for some things within their ability, and let them learn to do their own things as soon as possible, so that they can experience the hard work of their parents and learn to share the burden for the elders. 

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