Does the child eat well? Mostly caused by these reasons, parents should learn to “prescribe the right medicine”

Does the child eat well? Mostly caused by these reasons, parents should learn to “prescribe the right medicine”

People often say “food is the heaven for the people”. 

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For many parents, eating is always a headache for children, some children As soon as I got to the point of eating, I drew on it, no matter how much I coaxed it, it didn’t taste good. Over time, the parents lost their patience, and they yelled while feeding. 

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Maybe many children don’t like to eat, and parents chase them one by one, but this is actually the reason , The root cause is probably in the parents. 

Case: A 3-year-old granddaughter does not eat, and her grandma has to feed her mouthfuls

Xiao Li is already 3 years old this year. She is usually taken by her grandma alone, but she always refuses to take good care of her when she eats. To eat, others have to chase and feed the meal, and even sometimes, even if they don’t eat, they have to turn on the TV to quietly eat the meal that grandma feeds one bite at a time. 

In fact, the problem of eating has become a worry and anxiety for many parents. Some parents will use yelling to force their children to eat properly when they see the persuasion. Other parents will use snacks and snacks to coax their children to eat. But these The way is often to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. 

To completely solve the problem of children not eating well, we must first figure out the reasons why children do not like eating, and then we can prescribe the right medicine. 

Why doesn’t the baby eat well? 

➤ Food does not change patterns

When children add supplementary foods, many parents often feel that there are not many types and things that children can eat, or they see that children like to eat Whatever, just keep making this kind of food. 

However, if you eat too much of the same food, adults will feel tired, let alone children. If children feel tired of eating, they will inevitably develop resistance and become reluctant to eat. 

The correct way:

First of all, you can spend more time on the recipe, often change the pattern of the food, change the taste. The second is to pay attention to the shape of the food, such as buying some beautiful and interesting tableware, or transforming the food into various cute shapes to attract the children’s attention, and use this interest to make the children like eating. 

➤ Eat snacks before and after meals

Some parents always feel that their children are hungry fast, so they often give their children some fruits, snacks and the like, and want to let their children pad their stomachs in advance. 

However, children’s appetites are inherently small. If parents continue to feed regardless of time and quantity, they will naturally be unable to hold them when they eat. 

Similarly, if you often give your child some snacks after a meal, the child knows that there is something to eat after the meal, and he certainly does not want to eat well. 

The correct way:

The extra snacks for your children must be limited and regular. Within 1 hour after a meal, no snacks, even fruits, should be paid attention to. 

In addition, you should also pay attention to the selection of snacks. Eat less snacks with higher calories such as potato chips and biscuits. You can eat some fruits and nuts appropriately, but you should also save your stomach for a regular meal. Otherwise, When children eat other foods, naturally they will not eat well. 

➤ Eat heavy salt and heavy flavors

Many parents have questions about children eating salt. Some elderly people feel that they have no energy if they don’t eat salt, so add salt to their children’s complementary food early. Or give your children some heavy-tasting meals. 

After eating this kind of flavorful food, the child’s sense of taste will be stimulated, and he will naturally become very picky and reluctant to eat those light foods. 

The correct way:

It is best not to add salt to the complementary food within 1 year old. Within 3 years of age, you should also maintain a light diet, and try to let your baby eat some original food. 

Heavy flavored meals Not only children should eat less, but adults should also eat less. Keeping a light diet is one of the important factors for healthy growth. 

➤ Watching TV while playing while eating

In fact, many children have poor eating habits. They often eat while playing, or eat while watching TV. 

As a result, the child’s attention is distracted and naturally cannot eat well. After all, as far as toys and cartoons are concerned, even the most delicious meals will become dull. 

Correct way:

As a parent, you should set eating rules early. When eating, whether you are an adult or a child, you must concentrate on eating. Adults can’t watch mobile phones, children can’t play with toys, and TV watching must be avoided. 

➤ Chase the children to feed

Some children eat slowly, and a bowl of rice takes a long time, so they choose to take the initiative to feed them; some children are scattered everywhere when they eat , Parents can’t stand it and choose to take the initiative to feed. 

Over time, when children know that someone is feeding themselves, they will lose interest in eating, and even develop a habit, thinking that parents will feed them anyway. 

Correct way:

Let the child develop the habit of eating independently. If the child refuses to eat, don’t chase to feed it. Instead, let the child understand that if you don’t eat now, you have to wait until the next meal. And during this period, there is no food to eat, so the rules for regular meals should be established for the children. 

➤ Too few activities

With the rapid development of the times, children nowadays are not like when we were young, they often play outside, and the development of electronic products has caused many children to stay at home and often I use my computer or mobile phone for a whole day. I have too little activity, lack of exercise, and my consumption is slow. I don’t feel hungry when I eat. Naturally I don’t have any appetite during meal time. 

Correct approach:

Parents should strictly regulate the time their children spend watching electronic products. After eating, it’s best to take your children out for digestion and let them take part in more outdoor activities instead of staying at home all day. 

The child eats independently “Golden period”

In fact, the so-called “golden period” is not a fixed time period, but since each child is an independent individual, the development of physical skills is naturally different. Each parent It should depend on the situation and cultivate the good habit of independent eating. 

➀. Germination period: about 10 months

During this time period, many children like to grasp things with their hands and show strong curiosity about tableware and food, so , Parents can make some “finger food” for their children. 

The so-called “finger food” is to make food into the shape and size that children can hold with one hand, such as sweet potato sticks, carrot sticks, etc., to exercise children’s grasping ability. 

➁. Golden period: 12-18 months

At this stage, the child’s self-awareness gradually increases, the hand-eye coordination ability develops rapidly, and he desires to eat independently. 

As a parent, you must give your children a certain degree of autonomy. Don’t deprive them of the right to eat independently just because they get food everywhere. 

➂. Consolidation period: 18 months later

In this period, many children have strong self-control. They often think about having fun and skip meals deliberately, which often makes parents feel tired. 

This requires parents to set rules for their children during meal time. When eating properly, turn off the TV, put away toys, sit on a dining chair and concentrate on eating. After eating, you can do other things. thing. Return to Sohu to see more

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High-level parents, often love to talk to their children Four sentences seem common, but they contain truth

Children’s growth cannot be separated from parents’ insightful instruction. Parents’ influence on children can be said to accompany them throughout their lives. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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Children came to this world as a blank piece of paper, What they eventually become depends on what kind of graffiti their parents do on it. 

If you find that your child is bad, then see if your education is a problem. 

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Parents with large patterns will often say these few words to their children

1, “studying hard is to have more choices in the future”


In this century, knowledge has become more and more important. In the face of children who don’t like learning, some parents have drunk the poison of “happy education” and feel that even if they don’t like learning, they can go elsewhere. The path is successful, the so-called “Thirty-six rows, the best candidates.” 

However, in the modern era when knowledge and culture are particularly important, without knowledge, children are likely to be unable to make progress or even survive. 

So when you were in school, children who did not study well and received education, when they grow up, they may only be able to work in coolies, with a meager salary. As they grow older, their lives will become more and more. Difficult, and some children feel that they have too little knowledge after entering the society, and want to start over, but the years are not forgiving. 

Parents with a larger structure will think farther for their children and warn their children to study hard from an early age. In this way, children who have received a good education and mastered knowledge will have more choices when they enter the society in the future. Life will be better. 

2, “Nothing is more important than health”

The so-called “body is the capital of revolution”, so if a person wants to go further, he first needs to have A healthy body must not consume one’s own health for the sake of striving for a career or being busy with fun. 

Yu Juan, a teacher at Fudan University, once said many times in his life diary: “I worked hard for my career, put pressure on myself, stayed up many times, and finally sacrificed my health. In retrospect, I was in front of my health. , Everything becomes very small.”

Although the pace of life is much faster now, if you are too busy with business or having fun, it makes your body unbearable, and you will lose a lot in the end. Therefore, parents with a large pattern will educate their children from an early age to put physical health in the first place, and must not ignore their own health in the pursuit of career and play. 

3. “There is no time for peace and goodness, but parents have resisted everything for you”

With the continuous improvement of material levels, children nowadays not only have enough food and clothing, but also have many beautiful toys and clothes. , And daily necessities, enjoying a comfortable life, this will make the baby feel that the world is so relaxed and comfortable. 

In fact, everything a child has is the result of the hard work of the parents. Parents always choose to suffer silently by themselves, and do not want their children to know, but the baby is going to go to society after all. Even if you leave a rich fortune, you will end up in a day. 

Therefore, as parents with a large pattern, they should be aware of the crisis of their parents and children early, so that they can understand that there is never a time for peace, but the parents have resisted everything for you. When they grow up, they need to be alone. Face it all. 

4. “Be calm and deal with things, take a step back and broaden the sky”

The so-called “where there are people are rivers and lakes”, children will inevitably have conflicts with their peers when they grow up. Some parents worry that their children will suffer and suffer. To convey to them the idea of ​​using violence to control violence, but the attitude of dealing with things like this also depends on the situation. 

If parents want their children to fight for victory no matter what they do, if they encounter some more hostile people in the future, they will probably lose both sides and cause great harm to the body and mind. . 

Therefore, as a parent with a big pattern, you should educate your children from an early age, do not treat people who are not worth it too seriously, think more about everything you encounter, deal with it calmly, and take a step back. 

To sum up, if parents can often say these kinds of things to their children and instill such ideas with them, then the baby will grow up more smoothly in career and life. 

How do parents educate Good boy? 

1. Lead by example

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As a parent, if you want your child to be a good person, you must lead by example and set a good example, so that the baby will gradually learn those good qualities from the parents. 

2. Be good at praising and praising children

As a parent, we must be good at praising and praising children. This can help children build self-confidence and encourage them to persevere in accomplishing certain things. In the future work and life, we will be able to accomplish everything more efficiently. 

3. Don’t criticize children at will.

When children grow up, they will inevitably make some mistakes. If parents don’t ask questions, it will be a criticism. If it goes on for a long time, it will be easy to attack Their self-confidence, and thus become inferior, feel that they can’t do anything well, are inferior to others, and they will not be happy in their entire lives. Return to Sohu to see more

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