Does the child do things half-heartedly? Parents, don’t worry, use the right way to improve concentration

Does the child do things half-heartedly? Parents, don’t worry, use the right way to improve concentration.

Nowadays children, because of the influence of mobile phones, their attention in learning is getting worse and worse. One year is bad, which also makes many parents worry about whether their children will achieve nothing when they grow up! 

Actually, poor concentration of children is a very, very common problem now! It’s all because there are too many things that easily attract children’s attention, as I said before: mobile phones, no children will not play this now! 

This makes them unable to pay attention at all Focus on learning! In fact, as far as parents are concerned, they should look a little bit more open. Why? Because this kind of thing is reluctant to come, and many children now have such a problem! 

What parents should do is give more to their children Psychological guidance tells them that they should focus on learning at this age, and cultivate their focus on learning. In this way, children can slowly engage in normal learning, even if there are things that “tempt” themselves. It will be so easy to be attracted away! 

So as a parent, how do you cultivate children’s attention? 

The first point: First help children get rid of half-hearted bad things

Because children are still young, their mental development is immature, and they are easily attracted by some novel things. This Actually it’s normal! However, if the child does anything, it is easy to half-hearted, commonly known as “picking the sesame seeds and losing the watermelon”, then it is necessary for the parents to correct the child! 

For example, the child is doing homework and suddenly TV When the cartoons they like are broadcasted in China, the children choose to watch TV while writing their homework. At this time, parents should stand up and stop them in time, and tell them that if they do, the homework is not well written and the cartoons are not happy. This is Why bother? 

Parents slowly adopt this way of guidance , Tell the child to do things half-heartedly, and the result can only be nothing, so the child will realize that half-heartedness is not a good habit, and will correct it! 

The second point: Find out the key reason for children’s double-heartedness

Everything must have a cause, and there must be an effect if there is a cause! Therefore, if a child does things half-heartedly, there must be a reason for the child to be like this. Then the parent should find this reason and help the child solve it! 

Generally speaking, if it’s not very Children who are eager to play, start to be half-hearted when writing homework. Most of them have encountered some problems in homework. At this time, parents can find out in time and help children solve some problems left over from homework together! 

This directly solves the cause of the child’s double-heartedness, and the child can focus on his homework! 

The third point: Use some appropriate “external forces” to make children more focused

If parents have difficulties in helping their children focus, then it’s better. With some appropriate “external force” support, for example, you can buy some picture books of puzzles for your children, or Sudoku! 

If time permits, you can also accompany your child Playing chess together can effectively cultivate children’s concentration and brain skills! With the help of this “external force” for a long time, children will naturally develop a kind of concentration and do everything with great care! 

Fourth point: Set a reasonable time for the child to reduce the probability of distraction.

Children at this age are mostly distracted when doing homework! Originally, there were not many homework assigned by the teacher after class, but the children had to write around 11 o’clock every day, basically because the children were distracted when doing homework! 

So parents can make peace in this area The child communicates and agrees on a set of reasonable timetable so that the child can follow this timetable to complete his own homework. After completion, he can do other things. If the homework is not completed within the set time frame, then the child must Accept the punishment! 

If the child can finish within the stipulated time, then the child can be rewarded for more entertainment time. This kind of “reward and punishment measures” will let the child know the importance of keeping the time. At that time, it will naturally improve concentration! 

Write at the end:

< p>So, parents don’t have to worry too much about their children being half-hearted and unable to concentrate. After all, at their age, we ourselves can’t be fully focused! 

You must pay attention to a correct method in everything. If you use the right method, your child will naturally get rid of half-hearted ills! There are more and more “pastoral girls”, which are more annoying than “helping the devil” and make people avoid them

I believe everyone has heard of “Chinese Country Dogs” and “Chinese Country Cats”, but not so much. I have heard of “Chinese idyllic women”, and there are more and more idyllic women in modern society. They are even more hated than “helping brothers”. They have been included in the blacklist of marriage and childbirth. What exactly are “pastoral women”? 

“The idyllic girl” is a new word on the Internet. It’s normal if I haven’t heard of it. What is the “pastoral girl”? 

Actually, “pastoral girl” is “Chinese The abbreviation of “Tianyuan Feminist” is a derogatory term like “Phoenix Man” and “Helping Brother Demon”. It refers to those who strongly demand equality between men and women but fail to achieve equality. They secretly require the man to take the initiative to pursue the maximization of their own interests. Modern woman. 

What is the specific performance? Look at this case to understand! 

Meeting with friends, my friend Aqiang scolded the “Pastoral Girl” for nearly two hours, gritted his teeth with hatred. 

Aqiang, who is less than 28 years old, was forced by his family to have a blind date. Aqiang, who is experienced in blind dates, can be said to have “countless women”. He thinks that those “pastoral girls” are more “It’s even more annoying. The girl who had a blind date with him last time is simply the most powerful representative of the “pastoral girl.” 

The girl is 26 years old and has a younger brother at home. She graduated from the bottom of the 211th university. She is not outstanding in height and appearance, and her monthly income is only four thousand. She is low in the local area and in her industry. general. 

It didn’t take long for girls to talk Implying the requirements for choosing a spouse: the marriage partner must be an only child, a registered permanent residence in the city, the parents are healthy and have a job and have a pension after retirement, the family conditions are better, there is at least one real estate in the city, and the man’s salary must be at least in More than 10,000…

Of course, these conditions are met by Aqiang, but he is very dissatisfied with the girl’s natural attitude. The girl even said, “After getting married, I am responsible for being beautiful and beautiful, and you are responsible for making money and supporting the family.” , This made A Qiang explode on the spot, and asked: “Why?”

Unexpectedly, the girl said confidently: “Is it not enough to be as good as me? I graduated from a prestigious university and went to work in a public institution. ……”

A Qiang had countless swear words in his heart. He was funny and a little helpless when he complained to his friends: Normal 211 graduate, height 160, monthly salary of 4,000 is called excellent? My monthly salary of 985, master, and 15,000 is not worthy of such an excellent girl! 

Such “pastoral girls” are included The marriage blacklist is naturally not surprising. “The heart is higher than the sky, and the life is thinner than paper.” It is too pretentious, but it makes people more and more annoying and makes people avoid it. 

Therefore, many people don’t want to see such women in their hearts, and they hold hate in their hearts. 

What are the characteristics of the “Pastoral Girl”? Listening to the real experience of netizens can understand

1. The “pig teammate” in the husband and wife partner

Mr. Huang, who has been married for less than two years, is divorcing his wife because he can no longer bear it. . After marriage, the wife always asks Mr. Huang to do all kinds of things in the name of “gender equality”. For example, the household chores are divided equally, and monthly allowance is given, but when she is asked to take care of her sick parents-in-law, she says, “That’s your parents, mainly you.” 

This is a typical “pastoral girl” who takes advantage of all the benefits and does not want to pay at all. 

2. There is no princess life, but princess disease

Ms. Qin, a strong woman in the workplace, is very uncomfortable with this kind of “pastoral girl”, in her words “pastoral” Women who put it bluntly are worshipping money.” She doesn’t have a princess’ life, but she suffers from a princess’ disease. She doesn’t have the ability or hard work, but she always wants to lose a golden turtle son-in-law. Most of these girls read more romance novels, and always feel that she is very beautiful. There are many people chasing. 

3. “Double standard” degree order People are pointing! 

The degree of the double standard of “Pastoral Girl” is outrageous, and the energetic guy summed up the double standard of “Pastoral Girl”. 

The standard of excellence they defined for themselves: graduated from a bachelor’s degree, is about 158 ​​in height, likes to travel (in fact, loves to spend money), likes to bake (but can’t cook), financial independence (here means just enough rent Hydropower daily meals). 

Excellent boys in their eyes: 985 students, huge wealth at home, first-line household registration, good houses and famous cars, decent work, annual salary of 500,000, good-looking, no bad habits (999 are omitted below ). 

The “pastoral women” are actually those women with mediocre aptitudes, but blindly take advantage of men on the grounds of “pursuing women’s independence”. In general, “the pleasure belongs to me, and the suffering belongs to you.” 

It’s not a good thing for men to show up on “pastoral girls”, and it is a tragedy for parents to raise “pastoral girls”. 

The elimination of “pastoral girls” starts with family education! 

It is said that “girls are the future of the nation.” Parents must educate their daughters carefully, teach their daughters to be independent, and cultivate their daughters to have good qualities of steadiness and filial piety, and they can pursue women’s equality and independence, but the premise is not Take advantage of others so that you will not be “disliked” in the future. 

If there is a son in the family, teach him to distinguish” The abilities such as the idyllic girl, the scum girl, and the gold worship girl will not suffer in the future. 

The “pastoral girls” will not appear for no reason. Girls becoming “pastoral girls” must have a direct relationship with the lack of parental education!

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