Does the child always cry when he wakes up? This is a sign of “getting up”. Parents’ actions are very important.

Does the child always cry when he wakes up? This is a manifestation of “getting out of bed”. Parents’ actions are very important.

Many friends get out of bed when they wake up, and they are easily irritated. In fact, the baby is also getting up, and crying after waking up is not only one of the manifestations. Faced with the child’s rising gas, how should parents deal with it? 

The child wakes up It turned out to be troublesome because of getting up. Grandma easily resolves to watch the dumb mother.

Baoma’s daily life with a baby is always full of all kinds of turbulent situations, especially the novice mother. Recently, a treasured mother said that her child always cried very badly after waking up, and she didn’t know how to deal with it every time, and she was even a little afraid that the baby would wake up. But when the child’s grandmother came to bring the baby, he could easily solve this problem, which made people wonder if it was another child. 

A long time ago, this mother had told her child’s grandmother about this many times, and the child’s grandmother said every time “this is not a problem.” At that time, Mother Bao still felt that it was because the old man could not speak while standing, and even her own mother was not considerate of herself, and she felt even more wronged in her heart. This time the child’s grandmother came to see the child, and Mother Bao gave the old man the arduous task of coaxing the child to get up. 

After the child woke up, he started crying as usual. After the old man picked up the child, the child soon calmed down, and even giggled. The first time Baoma thought it was a coincidence, but several times later, after the child woke up, he was comforted by the old man. Only then did Bao Ma have to admire the old man’s wisdom in bringing up a baby. It turned out that the child’s anger at getting up was not so terrible. 

To talk about the most annoying thing about bringing a baby, many parents may say that it is the cry of the child straight through the eardrum. Especially after the child wakes up, the cry is particularly vigorous. In fact, it’s normal for a child to cry after waking up. As long as Mommy masters the method, it is not that difficult to resolve the child’s anger. 

The baby’s wake up Qi is not incomprehensible. Mommy has mastered these 3 tricks, and the ears are more than a little clean.

Provide a good resting environment for the baby

If you are awakened or awakened, even adults will get up. Annoyed, let alone a child. Therefore, it is very necessary to provide children with a good resting environment. On the one hand, when the child wakes up, it is not too sudden, it is a natural wake up, and the chance of crying is smaller. On the other hand, it can improve the quality of baby’s sleep and is also good for baby’s development. 

Baoma’s mood should be stable

Faced with the crying baby after waking up, many parents are too anxious, so coaxing them twice may be impatient. Whether the parents are patient or not, the child can feel at the first time that in the face of irritable parents, the child’s crying will only become more serious. Therefore, after the child wakes up, crying will not stop, Bao’s mother must be stable, speak not too loudly, speak too fast, and don’t be anxious after two rushes. 

Attracting the baby’s attention

Baby’s thinking is relatively simple, so their attention is easily taken away by other things. When the baby is crying, Bao’s mother does not have to use a pleasing coax, it can be Try to get the baby to focus on another thing. For example, blowing a whistle to the child, pretending to make a face, and giving the child a toy to play with, etc. 

Most babies are more or less angry about getting up. Parents must first accept this. Don’t expect that the child will be quiet after waking up, otherwise it will be easy to be disappointed, which will aggravate their anxiety. Emotions. 

Newborns sleep most of the time, and the state after waking up can actually reflect the baby’s development. When the baby wakes up, the following behaviors indicate that the baby may be smarter in the future. 

Baby wakes up The last two performances are likable and may be clever performances. Do your children have

play by themselves after waking up

In the case of spontaneous awakening, some babies will still Anxiously looking for Bao Ma’s figure, some of the children have learned to “entertain themselves” and can play with themselves. When Bao Ma found out that the child was awake, the child might have been playing with herself for a long time. And not crying or making trouble after waking up, and being able to play by oneself is also a manifestation of a child’s sense of security. 

Laughing at people after waking up

Some babies love to laugh very much. When they wake up, they will start to giggle and look very happy when they see Baoma’s figure. , Especially lovable. This is a very good signal, indicating that the baby has been able to recognize Momma and has a real emotional connection with Momma in his heart. This is also a manifestation of the faster development of the child. 

There are three main reasons for the crying after the child wakes up. One is scared awakened, one is hungry, and the other is pulling. Baoma first solves the child’s hard needs, namely feeding and changing diapers. Some children can be quiet. And patience with the cry of a child is an experience that almost every mother has to go through, and there is no way to escape. Let me tell everyone that you have worked hard. What are the characteristics of everyone’s children after they wake up? The doctor made a “drink blacklist”, every kind of children love to drink, and it is very harmful to the body

Now the children are really too happy, and the parents will try their best to satisfy what the children want. Child, for fear that the child will be wronged. 

But sometimes the love that parents provide to their children is not necessarily beneficial to the children. 

Xiaofei’s son is 3 years old. I don’t know when he has developed a habit. He never drinks boiled water. It’s really hard to get him to drink some water. 

There is no way. Later, Xiaofei thought that the child does not like to drink water, so she would give her some yogurt, fruit juice or something, but if it was not a matter of drinking, the child liked the sweet taste. , Clamoring for drinks every day. 

As long as Xiaofei takes his son out, his son will definitely let Xiaofei buy something to drink. At first, Xiaofei wanted to drink some juice-like drinks for her son anyway, which would not harm the child. At least the son can drink it. Just buy it for your son! 

In this way, the son was pampered by his family, time and time again. Now his son is 5 years old, and his son has almost drunk all kinds of drinks. Now his son seems to be infatuated with carbonated drinks again. 

The last time my son’s kindergarten organized a student physical examination, his son was only 5 years old and he was already overweight, and his teeth were broken due to frequent drinking. 

But Xiaofei also knows that giving her son a drink all day is not good, but as long as she is not satisfied with his son, his son will start crying and making a lot of noise. Xiaofei feels distressed when he sees his son like this, so every time Anyone who wants to cut off a drink for his son will end in failure. 

In daily life Parents of these “drink blacklists” are best not to let their children drink

carbonated drinks

I believe that every child cannot resist the temptation of carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks taste sweet and sour, and are loved by children. . 

But carbonated drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide, and excessive intake of carbon dioxide in the body will affect the growth and development of children. 

There are also carbonated beverages that can stimulate the child’s stomach and affect the child’s appetite, and carbonated beverages will also affect the child’s body’s absorption of calcium. 

Yogurt drinks

Some parents also like to give their children some yogurt drinks. Parents think that yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, which can help their children’s digestion and absorption. 

Of course, the parents think it is very good, but some of the parents give their children some real yogurt drinks, most of which are yogurt drinks. The probiotics in yogurt are really rare. 

The yogurt drink that parents give to their children will only affect the child’s appetite, and will not help the child’s body digestion at all. 

Juice drinks

Some parents think that their children don’t like to drink white water, so it’s good to drink fruit juice for the children. The fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins, and it can not only supplement the nutrition for the children, but also allow the children to consume it. Moisture. 

But most of the juice drinks sold out now are blended, and there are very few real juice drinks, so if parents want to drink juice drinks for their children, it is better to make them themselves. 

In fact, the best drink that parents provide to their children in life is plain water. Of course, some children do not like to drink it. 

If the parent is true If you want to give your child something, it is best to choose these kinds of

pure milk

Apart from water, the best drink for children is milk! Parents can usually let their children drink some pure milk, milk is rich in calcium, protein and other substances, which can meet the needs of children’s growth. 

Of course, the choice of pure milk is also very particular. If the choice is wrong, it is easy to step on the pit. Parents should choose raw milk for their children. Such pure milk is really helpful for the children’s physical growth. 

Homemade juice

If children really don’t want to drink water or something, parents can make freshly squeezed juices for their children, such as apple juice, orange juice, watermelon juice and so on. 

If the concentration of the homemade juice is too sweet, parents can add some water to the child to dilute it. If the child can accept it, of course, it is okay to drink it directly. 

The juice made by myself is fresh, delicious, and nutritious. It is much better than the juice sold outside. 

Homemade milk tea

If the child is tired of drinking juice and milk, parents can also give the child a different trick, and occasionally make milk tea or something for the child. 

As long as the parents make it purely by hand and do not have too many additives, it will not hurt the child to drink it in time. Drink it in time, unlike the drinks sold outside, which contain too many additives, and the child will take a long time Drinking is harmful to the body. 

Of course, it is best for parents not to develop this bad habit for their children. Usually, they should let their children drink more boiled water as much as possible. Parents should not do things that spend money to buy harm to their children. 

Children lack some basic judgments. Parents should not be confused with their children. Parents should check for their children, help them reduce the intake of harmful substances, and ensure the healthy growth of their children.

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