Does the baby speak early suggesting a high IQ? I haven’t spoken for a while, it may be a hearing problem

Does the baby speak early suggesting a high IQ? I haven’t spoken for this time, it may be a hearing problem

Language is an advanced ability possessed by humans, which can be used to express one’s own thoughts and thinking, and is also a measure of how children develop. 

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After the baby is born, it brings joy and laughter to the whole family. In the process of raising the baby, the mother is the most difficult, but every time I see the smiling face of the baby, it seems that all the sadness is Healed instantly. 

In the process of baby’s growth, one of the things that makes mothers feel the most heartwarming is probably when they hear the baby’s milky voice calling herself “mother”, at that moment she feels like she is in this world The happiest person in Shanghai is very excited. 

But do you know that, in fact, the time when a baby speaks is actually related to his own development. 

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Does the baby speak early to show good mental development? 

In fact, there is a certain regularity in the growth and development of babies, and the same is true for learning to speak. After the baby is born, it has the ability to speak, but in the initial state, it can only cry, and then slowly learn to speak. 

After 3 months, that is, 3~6 months, it will start to babble and utter some single syllables, say “ah”, “ah”, etc., and occasionally hear “dai” , “Ma”, “ba”, etc. 

Although this is not really calling mom and dad, it is not really speaking, but parents will still be very happy when they hear such a pronunciation. 

After 6 months, babies will happily imitate their parents’ pronunciation, and they will also make some sounds to attract parents’ attention. If they ignore them, they will usually be very angry. 

After 9 months, that is, 10 to 12 months, the baby will clearly and consciously call out “Dad” and “Mom”, and also say simple words such as “hold, take, go”, and say Say some baby language that others cannot understand. 

After the age of one to one and a half years, the baby will speak more and more, and will gradually be able to say his own name, the names of familiar objects, etc., and he can also hear the parents’ instructions. 

Therefore, under normal circumstances, babies can call out “Dad” and “Mom” when they are about 10 months old. Of course, this is likely to be slightly different from the parent’s usual way of education. Some babies Will say these words of parents later. 

In summary, if a baby can call out “mother” 6 months ago, it indicates that his language ability is well developed, then his brain will not develop badly, that is Good intellectual development. 

However, this does not mean that children who speak late are mentally retarded. It may be restricted by language environment and eating habits. 

How can parents make the baby speak earlier? 

1. Communicate more with your baby

Parents want their baby to speak earlier, which requires parents to communicate with them more often and ensure a certain amount of vocabulary input every day, so that children can listen more , I will speak earlier in the future. 

In addition, when the baby utters some single syllables, parents can give a timely response, which can stimulate their interest in learning to speak. 

2. Tell a story to your baby

Parents can start telling stories to their babies after they are one year old. They can start with the simple and speak clearly and slowly. Coupled with movements and facial expressions, this can effectively promote the baby’s interest in learning to speak. 

Parents can repeat a story several times, and the more they tell the better, this can promote the development of children’s language ability; parents can also make up stories according to their children’s hobbies, which can help them form good habits and moral qualities. 

3. Play games with the baby

After the baby learns to walk, parents can play games with them, and they can talk while playing to explain the actions, such as kicking a ball. , Holding the ball, kicking high points, etc., in this way, slowly guide the child to learn to speak. 

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Under normal circumstances, babies will say some simple vocabulary when they are about one year old; at about 2 years old, they can say 2~4 short sentences, about 50. You can simply communicate with your parents. 

Therefore, it is not too late for babies to speak. Their language ability is fully established at about 2 and a half years old. If the oral muscles are not fully exercised, there may be some problems in pronunciation. 

There is no scientific basis for the so-called “noble speech delay”. If the baby is not able to speak at about 2 and a half years old, and it is accompanied by unresponsiveness, slow response, etc., parents need to be vigilant. , If necessary, you can go to the pediatric health care department for medical treatment. It may be that the child’s hearing is wrong.  Maternal confinement in winter, pay attention to the following In this small detail, the body recovers quickly and well

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< p>Winter is a special season. Mothers who give birth at this time should pay special attention to the confinement period. If you can pay attention to the following small details, your body will often recover quickly and well. 

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Keep your body warm

1) Indoor temperature

Research shows: In winter, the indoor environment required by the pregnant woman needs to be 20~ At 25 degrees, the humidity should be kept at about 40% to 70%. 

A major feature of winter is cold. In order to prevent mothers from catching cold, they usually choose air conditioning or heating to adjust the indoor temperature to keep the temperature suitable for the pregnant woman’s body. 

However, this method will reduce the humidity, and the winter is already relatively dry, which will aggravate this situation, so you can place a humidifier in the room to increase the indoor humidity. 

2) Clothes increase and decrease< /p>

In addition to maintaining the temperature of the room where the mother is in, the clothing should also be warm. During the confinement period, you also need to walk around, and once you leave the room, the temperature will also change, so you need to add clothes. 

Note: Postpartum clothing is mainly loose and comfortable, and mothers who need breastfeeding should also choose clothing that is convenient for breastfeeding. 

3) Sleep temperature


When sleeping, many people choose soft beds, but this is not friendly to Bao Ma’s recovery, because soft beds can easily cause the waist to sink, which can cause insufficient support and hinder the body’s recovery. 

At the same time, in the choice of quilt, you should not choose a thick quilt for warmth, but should choose a lighter and thinner quilt with pure cotton and pay attention to cleanliness. 

Keep your diet healthy

① Don’t touch raw, fried, spicy food

These kinds of foods are not only for the mothers in the confinement period, but also thousands of It is absolutely undesirable, because at this stage, the immune system is low and the stomach is weaker. 

Raw foods are prone to bacteria, spicy foods are irritating, and fried foods contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. For normal people, these types of foods need to be eaten less, and they are even more avoided for mothers. Far away, otherwise it may cause illness, gastrointestinal discomfort and other problems. 

②Mainly for qi and blood

The temperature in winter is relatively low, and the mother will become weaker after giving birth. Naturally, she will feel more chills. Therefore, we can keep warm by replenishing qi and blood, and at the same time, it can also achieve the purpose of contracting the uterus. 

It is mainly through the use of warming and tonic foods, which can promote blood circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of replenishing qi and blood. Some chicken soups, fish soups, lotus roots, etc. are all good foods, but soups are high Don’t eat more nutrients, otherwise it will easily lead to obesity, about 2 to 4 times a week is appropriate. 

During the confinement period, you need to eat carbohydrate-related foods. Try to use brown sugar to help discharge lochia. 

Keep a good mood

Surveys show that people who are in a bad mood during pregnancy are 10 times more likely to suffer from depression than other women, and the probability of confinement is much higher than other women. Maternity. 

During confinement, mood is an important factor affecting postpartum recovery. Women who are in a good mood not only recover better and faster, and are not prone to postpartum depression, but women who are in a bad mood not only recover more Slow, but also prone to depression. Therefore, we must maintain a good mood during pregnancy. 

A. Good family atmosphere

Baoma’s postpartum psychology usually has great changes. Usually the biggest feature is sensitivity and suspiciousness. This kind of psychology is naturally prone to conflicts with family members. Therefore, only rely on family members’ tolerance and enlightenment. Only the parturient can release their feelings better. 

B. Various ways to solve it.

Even with the care of family members, it is often difficult for the mother to fully understand and accept the mood of the parturient. At this time, it is necessary for the parturient to find a suitable one. Way to troubleshoot. 

For example, listening to music, some soothing The music can be very relaxing or find some emotional, story-like radio stations, and you can be healed in other people’s stories. 

Knowledge extension: the choice of breastfeeding underwear

One of the most important things for women after giving birth is breastfeeding. If you wear underwear that you usually wear, it will appear during breastfeeding. Problems such as inconvenient operation and time delay can be overcome by choosing suitable breastfeeding underwear to a great extent, and it is convenient for mothers to breastfeed and babies to eat. 

Choice of nursing underwear:< i class="backsohu">Return to Sohu to see more

Be sure to choose a full cup, so as to give enough support and avoid sagging problems; choose the front button, or you can Open the cup directly, so you don’t need to put it on and take it off again and again when the performance is not as good. It not only simplifies the operation, but also is more hygienic. In the choice of material, you should still choose pure cotton, because the body after production It is still in a sensitive and fragile period, and rough clothing is prone to irritating reactions. 

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