Does the baby need to wake up and feed after sleeping soundly at night? Different ages are different, and choosing the wrong one hurts the baby

Does the baby need to wake up and feed after sleeping soundly at night? Different ages are different. Choosing the wrong one can hurt the baby.

Expert suggestion: In the first three months of life, a child usually feeds more than three times at night. 

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Many mothers exist Such doubts: “Does the child need to wake up to breastfeed after he is asleep?”

If you wake up rashly and worry that it will disturb your child’s rest and affect the quality of his sleep, you may be afraid that he will be hungry if you don’t wake up. So what should we do? 

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Wake up OR not wake up? Different age groups have different choices.

As for whether children should be woken up when they sleep, they should not just be judged on this issue, but judged by the size of the baby’s month age——

√ Within 3 months: The child’s breastfeeding frequency is higher at this stage, usually 8 to 10 times a day, and about 3 times at night. For breast milk, nutrition experts have always advocated feeding on demand, that is, feeding according to the needs of the child. 

For babies who are fed milk powder, they should replenish nutrition on time, but usually the frequency is not too much, and the child is in a state of deep sleep, so there is no need to wake up specially. 

√4~6 months : At this time, many babies can breastfeed before going to bed. When the baby is full, just eat once at night. Night milk is just a psychological need for the baby. 

At the same time, the child will be in a state of rapid development, and his sleep time and appetite will have greater changes than before. After 4 months, he will also have frequent night awakenings, mainly to adapt Its own physiological changes. 

At this stage, parents shouldn’t wake up their children. If he wakes up midway, parents can tell stories and play lullabies to sleep. 

√6~8 months :At this time, the child’s stomach is well developed, and the sleep time is longer. Basically, he can sleep until dawn. At 6 months old, he should start to wean off night milk, and at 8 months he should be completely weaned so that the baby can be better. Parents can’t wake up their children. 

Some mothers may be worried about their children being hungry, so they like to forcibly wake their children to breastfeed, but they don’t know that this will have a greater negative impact on their children:

(1) affect their children Mood

When a child is asleep, his body and mood are in a relaxed state, and of course his consciousness is weakest. For adults, there will be “before getting up” when they are forcibly awakened, let alone children. 

A child who is forcibly awakened is easily frightened and disturbed, which affects his mood and makes him irritable and crying. 

(2) Affect the development of children

Infancy is when the child’s growth hormone is strongest, especially after a deep sleep, this growth hormone will reach its peak. 

Research found that: The human body secretes most of the growth hormone when sleeping at night, accounting for about 80% of the total amount of the day. 

If parents wake up the child casually, it will slow down the secretion of this growth hormone and hinder the normal development of the baby. 

(3) Affect the health of children

Sleep is essential for adults, and it is even more indispensable for babies who are developing rapidly. 

Infants and young children sleep from light to deep and then from deep to light, alternately. If parents wake up their children at will, this rule will be interrupted, which will affect the normal operation of their immune system and blood circulatory system. , It is detrimental to the healthy development of the child. 

Children’s sleep needs to be paid attention to in many aspects. Apart from being unable to wake up, they should also be aware of these.

Pillows should be replaced on time: different pillows should be used for each stage of the child: try not to use them before 1 year old Pillows: 1~5 years old can choose small pillows with a thickness of 6~8 cm; 6~10 years old can choose 8~12 cm medium pillows; 12~18 years old can choose 12~15 cm large pillows. 

Sleeping alone: ​​Moms may find it convenient to sleep with their children Taking care of children is actually not the case. Because the lung capacity of an adult is much higher than that of a child, it is easy for the parents to take the oxygen away and the fetus to become hypoxic if they are too close. Therefore, it is necessary to give children independent sleeping space. The bed is soft and hard: the child spends more than half of the time in the bed every day, and the bed is very important to the child. The child’s skeletal development is not yet complete. A bed that is too soft must have been unable to support the body’s bones. Therefore, a supportive bed must be selected to support the child’s spine and develop healthy. 

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When your child is sleeping, will the parents wake up?  Some things are beautiful, but not Suitable for pregnant women, easily affecting the health of the mother and fetus

Everyone has the love of beauty, but for the fetus in the belly, it must be properly restrained. 

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Women are naturally beautiful and somewhat pregnant Mom is no exception during pregnancy, paying special attention to her own image, which is certainly not wrong, but no matter how beautiful you are during pregnancy, some things are still not suitable for wearing, otherwise it is likely to cause harm to yourself and the fetus. 

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Minmin is a woman who loves beauty especially, even after she is pregnant, she can’t ignore it. 

Because of myopia, I have been wearing contact lenses before pregnancy, and I did not even think about removing them after pregnancy. I feel that my eyes will not have any effect on the fetus. 

As the gestational age increases, she feels that her eyes are obviously uncomfortable, and the comfort is far less than before. Ask the doctor during the birth check, and the doctor told her that it is best not to wear contact lenses during pregnancy. 

Why can’t you wear contact lenses during pregnancy ? 

1. Cause ocular edema

Women’s hormones and metabolism will change during pregnancy, which may cause mild edema of the corneal tissue and the thickness of the cornea. . 

If you insist on wearing contact lenses during pregnancy, it may aggravate corneal tissue edema, and may also block the contact between the cornea and the air. This can easily induce acute corneal damage for a long time. 

2. Causes dry eyes

Women will have less tear secretion during pregnancy. Therefore, if you continue to use contact lenses during pregnancy, you are likely to suffer I feel a foreign body sensation in my eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, etc. 

3. Changes in corneal curvature

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, corneal edema and changes in corneal curvature are caused, so the previous contact lenses are probably no longer suitable. 

How can myopic pregnant mothers live through pregnancy safely? 

1. Use frame glasses as much as possible.

Although frame glasses will affect the beauty of the face than contact lenses, they are safer and will not cause unsuitable injuries. Therefore, pregnant mothers You can choose frame glasses to use during pregnancy, as long as you do a good job of cleaning it. 

2. Use daily disposable contact lenses

If pregnant mothers insist on using contact lenses, or encounter occasions where contact lenses are not necessary, it is recommended to use daily disposable contact lenses , Throw it away after use, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell. 

3. No vision correction Surgery

Some pregnant mothers feel that wearing glasses is not good-looking, but contact lenses are harmful to the eyes, so they can simply go for vision correction surgery. 

It’s easy to say, but it is surgery. Some drugs will be used in this process, which may be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

In addition, the hormone levels in pregnant mothers will change during pregnancy, and the anti-infection ability and immunity will become worse. If surgery is performed, the postoperative infection rate will increase and the recovery rate will also be reduce. 

What other things are best not to use during pregnancy? 

1. Ring

Women’s weight will increase after pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the body will also appear swelling, and the fingers may become thicker , The ring will get stuck on the finger, which will lead to poor blood circulation in the finger and aggravate the swelling. 

2. Perfume

After a woman is pregnant, due to the increase in the secretion of progesterone in the body, the amount of sweat secreted increases, and some unpleasant odors may appear. At this time, some Pregnant mothers will choose to use perfume in order to cover up such odors. 

Can perfume contains a lot of Chemical components are likely to affect growth and development. If you use inferior perfume, it is easy to cause a strong pregnancy reaction. 

3. High-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are a must-have product for beautiful women, but you should not wear high heels after pregnancy. This is because the pregnant mother’s belly is relatively large during pregnancy. The center of gravity of the body will shift. If you put on high heels, the center of gravity will be larger. This will not only cause you to fall down easily, but also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

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