Does the baby drink milk first or eat first when he wakes up? Children’s ages are different, the order will be different

Does the baby drink milk first or eat first when he wakes up? Children’s ages are different, and the order will be different.

In the process of giving birth to children, parents will always have an inexhaustible heart. Among them, the baby’s feeding problem is the top concern of many parents. 

After all, the baby’s body develops rapidly in the neonatal period, and only the correct feeding can help the baby’s physical development. 

However, babies were drinking breast milk or formula milk 6 months ago, so there is no need to get too entangled, but after the children start adding complementary foods, should they drink milk first or eat first when they wake up? What? With regard to this issue, many mothers are standing on the forked road and do not know how to choose. 

When the baby wakes up, he drinks milk or eats first ? 

Liu Qing’s baby is 9 months old, and the number of meals a day is gradually reduced, and the supplementary food is gradually increasing. In the past, Liu Qing and her family added supplementary food between two milk meals, but now it is obviously not applicable. 

On this day, Liu Qing was about to be late for the evening shift when she woke up in the morning, and she had no time to eat, so she drank a bag of milk on an empty stomach and hurried to work, but she felt her stomach as soon as she arrived at the company. Uncomfortable. 

As a mother, Liu Qing’s first thought is not of herself but of her baby. She thinks that since adults drink milk on an empty stomach, it would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t children? Does this prove that the child should eat complementary food first after waking up? 

So she is the same as her mother Colleagues asked this question, but the answers they got were different. Some colleagues said: “Of course, the baby must be milk at a young age, so the first meal in the morning must be milk.”

There are also A colleague said: “Baby transitions from milk-like complementary food to adult meals, so if milk is added between complementary foods, the first meal should be complementary food.”

After listening to the different opinions of colleagues, Liu Qing said. Confused, so when the baby wakes up, should he drink milk first or eat first? 

In this matter, children are different from adults.

This worry of Liu Qing must be the worry of many mothers. For adults, drinking milk is good for your health, but drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning Milk does cause discomfort. 

But it’s different for babies Because their staple food has been milk since they were born, they have adapted to drinking milk a long time ago, and there will be no discomfort, let alone whether they are fasting. 

However, to determine whether the baby’s first meal is milk, Baoma still has to judge based on the baby’s age. 

Depending on the age of children, the order of milk and meal will also be different.

▶Baby under one year old: If you can’t eat adult meals, you should drink milk.

Although children It is necessary to slowly add supplementary food at about half a year old, but for babies before one year old, their staple food is still milk, even if they eat supplementary food, they are not adult meals. Therefore, the first meal of a baby under 1 year old is still milk. 

▶1-3 years old baby: milk Food and food are indispensable. What you eat depends on your personal preference.

Baby at this stage has fully adapted to the supplementary food. At this time, they can eat “adult meal” normally, and milk has withdrawn from the status of staple food. , But they were not completely weaned. 

Therefore, parents can decide what to eat for the baby’s first meal based on the baby’s personal preferences. 

▶For babies over 3 years old: Meals are the main thing, so as to meet the energy needs of the morning

Baby over 3 years old is about to enter the kindergarten. Even if you don’t go to the kindergarten, the amount of activity at home is very large. Therefore, the baby at this stage should take “adult meal” as the mainstay, supplemented by milk, so as to be able to meet the energy needs of the morning. 

Expansion: Parents also have a time limit for milking their babies.

The World Health Organization believes that children should be exclusively breastfed before the half-year-old, and if conditions permit, it can be carried out to 2 years old. The recommendation of the American Academy of Children is: breastfeeding can be up to 1 year old. 

Many parents believe that breast milk is beneficial to their children’s growth. So this kind of feeding method will always be adopted, but from this point of view, in fact, parents also have a time limit for breastfeeding. After all, it is not the case that when a child reaches the age when he should go to kindergarten, he often clamors for milk. 

Conclusion: Food not only affects the growth and development of children, but also affects their emotions and behaviors. Only good feeding habits can make babies thrive. Have parents learned it? “She is not good enough for me.” Dad Bao disliked his full-time wife, and finally bowed his head because of “6 buckets of water”.

After having children, many couples, besides having the identity of parents, also have more After all, it’s not an easy task to raise (pay) children together with the friendship of “comrades-in-arms”. 

In addition, in some families, there is no elderly to help bring the baby, so the wife has to quit her job and take care of the children full-time at home. 

Because full-time mothers do not have an informal career, sometimes not only do they fail to get the understanding of their family members, they may even be rejected by the so-called “excellent” father. 

“Leadership” Bao Dad dislikes his full-time wife, In the end, she bowed her head because of “6 buckets of water”

In a show called “Super Parenting”, a mother named Xiaolin asked the show team for help. 

Kobayashi is a working woman with good career prospects. But after getting married, she and her husband had three children one after another. In order to better take care of the children, Xiao Lin chose to quit her job and become a full-time mother. 

At first, everything went well, although Kobayashi Busy but fulfilling. But after a long time, the husband who originally worked in the leadership position in the unit has lost the thoughtfulness and understanding of the past. 

Especially when Kobayashi complained about the trivialities of life, this slightly “leader-style” father began to abandon his raunchy full-time wife, and even thought that “she is not worthy of being so good.” The concept of “the me”. 

For this, the childcare teacher asked Kobayashi’s husband to Feel the hardship of the wife by moving the bottled water. The rule is to move two barrels back and forth at a time. When Xiaolin’s husband took the third trip, there were already six buckets of water. He was exhausted and completely overwhelmed. Facing the village of the childcare teacher, the proud husband finally bowed his head because of the “six buckets of water”. . 

In fact, the meaning of “6 buckets of water” is limited, and the hard work of full-time mothers is difficult to fully understand.

The parental teacher uses “6 buckets of water” to let her husband feel the hardship of bringing a baby, which is like bringing a baby. The process of bringing three babies from one baby. 

For a full-time mother, it’s not as simple as “one is to bring and two are to raise”. The hard work and effort are several times greater. What’s more, bringing a baby not only requires effort, but also energy, wisdom and patience. 

And many full-time mothers, not only with For the baby’s job, they also have to clean up the room, wash the clothes, buy vegetables, cook…When the children are old and need to go to school, they are also responsible for picking up and going to school, and homework. 

More mothers not only lack the sense of accomplishment in the workplace, but also work without pay, 365 days a year. Their hard work and dedication can hardly be fully understood by their husband and mother-in-law. 

A full-time mother who is not understood, not only feels wronged, but also has a negative impact on the family.

Becoming a full-time mother is sometimes a helpless choice. If you don’t understand it, sometimes it’s not just your own grievances, but also the whole family. Bring many negative effects. 

1) The child has something to learn, not Respect the mother’s contribution

The person who should understand and care about a full-time mother is her husband. A family formed by a husband and wife is not a unilateral effort, but the mutual understanding and support of both parties. 

If the husband doesn’t respect his wife’s contribution, the child will also behave like a “useless” housewife. If this happens, it will only make the mother more and more chilling. 

2) One aspect of giving will make the family The balance is tilted

Although the division of labor between “males lead outside and females inside” seems fair and reasonable, the responsibility for the family is not borne by the role of wife or mother alone. Over time, only It will make the paying party feel psychologically unbalanced. 

3) The conflicts between husband and wife can make the family atmosphere tense

One feels that he is not understood, and the other feels that the other party always complains. As the conflict between two people grows deeper and deeper, the family atmosphere will become extremely tense. This will also affect the children’s feelings. Therefore, full-time mothers need to be understood and respected. 

Understanding and sharing is the right way for the husband to open up

Although the husband who works hard outside has a lot of hard work, it is also not easy for the mother to take care of the children at home. 

The status of husband and wife in the family is like The scales cannot distinguish which is light and which is heavy. Only by tolerance and mutual understanding can we go hand in hand. 

Furthermore, from the perspective of parent-child relationship, it is also very necessary for fathers to participate in the upbringing of their children. When buying shoes for your child, you should pay attention. These 4 kinds of cotton shoes are very fashionable, but they will affect the healthy development of the child.

We have entered the cold winter. It is very important to choose a suitable pair of cotton shoes for your baby. Cotton shoes are dazzling, how should you choose cotton shoes for your child? Some mothers think that buying cotton shoes for their children is enough to keep them warm. 

Actually, children’s feet and children are developing. It is very particular about choosing a suitable cotton shoe for your child. The following items are best not to be bought for your child, otherwise it is easy to cause harm to your child. 

Snow cotton boots

For northerners , Snow boots are the “artifact” in winter. They are not only very warm, but also usually have a non-slip outsole. Even in snowy days, people can rarely wrestle. 

However, this kind of seemingly “artifact” shoes are only suitable for adults and not for children, because most snow boots are very heavy and have large uppers. 

While children’s legs are still growing, their ankles are still developing. Wearing such shoes for a long time will cause the child to walk deformed and may affect the normal development of the child’s ankle bones. 

high-top cotton shoes

high-top cotton shoes, The pants can be tucked in, windproof and warm. And the appearance is good, they are warm and beautiful shoes, so they are deeply loved by children and parents. 

Although the shoes are powerful, they are not suitable for children. Because the upper is very high and hard, and the children have a lot of activity, one can easily get a foot without paying attention. Bring extra harm to the baby. When buying shoes like this for your children, you must be careful

Increase in Cotton shoes

Some children develop late and appear to be slightly lower than their peers. In order to make the children look taller, Bao Ma buys shoes with increased height inside. 

In fact, wearing this kind of shoes for a long time will also bring greater harm to children. First of all, wearing height-enhancing shoes will cause the focus of the feet to move forward. After walking for a long time, the feet will be painful. Secondly, long-term Wearing height-increasing shoes seriously affects the development of the child’s metacarpal bones, and may cause the child’s metacarpal bone to develop poorly. 

sponge cake cotton shoes

sponge cake cotton shoes A very popular style, the platform shoes have thick soles, which are hard to wear, and it is not easy to wet the upper under heavy snow, which is very suitable for winter at first glance. 

However, popularity does not mean that it is a good shoe. Thick soles are not conducive to children’s balance, and it is easy to make mistakes when going up and down the stairs, and it is easy to step on empty, which brings potential safety hazards to children, and it is best not to buy them for babies. 

You need to buy cotton shoes for your children in winter, although There are many warm and good-looking cotton shoes, but for the developing children, it is not enough to keep warm and good-looking. These cotton shoes are “taboo” and have potential harm to the child or affect the baby’s development and health. They have already been added. “blacklist”. 

Parents buy cotton shoes for their children, it is best to avoid these kinds of shoes, soft and comfortable, warm and convenient, safe and light shoes are good shoes for children.

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