Does the baby always “roll over the bed” after being asleep? It’s not that the child is lively, maybe it’s the inappropriate way of bringing the baby

Does the baby always “roll over the bed” after being asleep? It’s not that the child is lively, or the way of bringing the baby is inappropriate

It’s really a headache to coax a child to sleep, especially when the baby is a little month old, no matter whether it’s hugged or fed, it’s necessary For a long time, and seeing that the baby is about to fall asleep, as long as there is a little movement, he will wake up again. 

It’s okay during the day. At night, it’s difficult to sleep, and on the other hand, the sleeping baby rolls around and is not honest at all. 

Therefore, mothers sleep next to the baby and get kicked from time to time, which makes it difficult to rest well. If the baby sleeps alone, the mother will worry about the baby rolling out of the bed, and the rest will not be good. 

4 months old baby always loves “full bed rollover” “What’s the matter? 

Nuan Nuan is 4 months old, and if you ask Nuan Nuan’s mom what she feels most about bringing a baby, she will say, “Since the birth of the child, I have not slept a complete Sleep.”

It turns out that Nuannuan itself has the habit of sleeping with milk and eating night milk, so in order to take care of the baby, Nuannuan sleeps with parents on a big bed. 

Later, Nuannuan was able to sleep for the whole time. Mom no longer had to wake up at night to nurse, but her mother still couldn’t sleep well, because Nuannuan was either full of bed rolls or punches and kicks. 

For this, Nuan Nuan is also very confused It is a trivial matter to affect her rest. What she worries most is whether the child will have any problems. Is it really because her personality is too lively? 

Behind the stage of the “Quan Wu Xing”, it is not that the children are too lively

The baby sleeps and rolls, and even the stage of the “Quan Wu Xing” is not that the children are too lively. This may be because the mothers’ way of bringing their babies is inappropriate. Parents shouldn’t ignore it. Up. 

▼Wear too thick pajamas for the baby

Because the baby’s body temperature is slightly higher than that of the adult, mothers do not need to wear too thick clothes for the baby, the baby wears too much , Overheating, it will move around due to discomfort. 

▼The game before bed is too “exciting”< /p>

Moms and babies should also pay attention to time in the game interaction. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to play too excited before going to bed, which may cause the baby to sleep or not sleep well. 

▼The indoor temperature and brightness are not up to the child’s sleep standards

Excessive indoor temperature is the same as the baby wearing too thick, which can easily cause the baby to kick and kick. And too bright indoors can easily cause children to sleep restlessly, or even wake up at night. 

▼Discomfort caused by extra meals before going to bed

Some mothers feel that it is not easy for babies to wake up at night if they are full before going to bed, but this is not the case. If you eat too much before going to bed, it will cause discomfort for your baby, so they will start rolling in order to find a suitable sleeping position. 

▼During the development period of major sports, no exercise during the day

When the baby is in the development period of major sports, but has not received sufficient exercise, he will roll unconsciously at night after falling asleep . 

Frequent rolling will only last for a period of time. Parents should know how to self-adjust.

Since there are so many reasons for the baby to roll frequently at night, parents should observe carefully and find appropriate ways to help the baby improve the quality of sleep. 

Rolling for big motor development:

① With The child is well trained

It is recommended that parents can play with the baby in the morning or at noon after the baby has finished milk, especially some stretching exercises, which is conducive to the baby’s activities and reduces the rolling during sleep . 

② Peace of mind

At the same time, parents should also adjust their mentality. After the baby is asleep, make up for sleep in time, or take turns to take care of the baby, and do a good job of fighting for a long time. “Preparation. 

For rollover caused by environmental changes:

① Control Good temperature, humidity, brightness

Mom should close the windows and draw the curtains before the baby rests, and turn on the humidifier if the room is dry. Ensure that the child falls asleep in a comfortable environment. At the same time, this series of rituals also helps the baby to quickly enter the sleep state. 

② Clothes should be adjusted according to the environment

The increase or decrease of children’s clothing also depends on the environment. If it is an air-conditioned room in summer, it is recommended to put on long clothes and trousers for the baby. Cover the little pants. If you are in a northern city with good heating in winter, you can also reduce your clothes as appropriate. 

③ Create a sense of security for children

The baby’s age is still young, and the self-care ability is weak. In the process of sleeping and rolling at night, it is easy to get bumps and so on. It is recommended that parents do not sleep too deadly and stay awake to create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for their babies. 

Written to the end: Good sleeping habits help the baby’s physical development. This “full martial arts” sleep style for babies will take some time, and parents should also make self-adjustments. When the baby is no longer so “active”, it’s time for them to grow up gradually. The baby was vaccinated to admit his wrong father, and kept “begging for a hug”. After the goal was achieved, the grandmother couldn’t laugh or cry.

The parents gave the child life, and after the child was born, he tried to use his own hands to establish a safe haven and give the child enough Sense of security. Similarly, parents are also dependent on their children. But nowadays, most of the young parents are usually busy with work, so they have to give their children to the elderly at home. Sometimes they leave early and return late, and they may not even be able to see the children. Some children are too young, and even oolong incidents of confessing to the wrong parents. 

Xuan Xuan’s parents are usually busy with work. Xuan Xuan has always lived with his grandparents since he was born. Xuan Xuan should be vaccinated when he was one year old. After discussing with Xuan Xuan’s parents the next day, his grandparents took Xuan Xuan to the hospital for vaccinations. Many people in the hospital basically lined up in front of every window. Long Long, Grandpa can only join the line up with Xuan Xuan. 

When queuing up, Xuan Xuan kept moving and muttering about his father. At first, grandpa only thought that his grandson missed his father, so he calmed down a bit, but Xuan Xuan was still restless. , Eyes have been looking back. 

At this time, Grandpa felt something was wrong and thought It was the child’s father who rushed over from get off work and looked back at a young man who looked very similar to Xuan Xuan’s father. When Grandpa walked into the man with Xuan Xuan in his arms, Xuan Xuan looked very excited. He kept calling his father and stretched out his hand to hug him. The man took Xuan Xuan into his arms. 

Unexpectedly, after a long time, Xuan Xuan refused to leave the man’s arms. People around him couldn’t help crying or laughing when they saw this. 

It stands to reason that parents should be the closest to their children There is no reason to admit the wrong person, but there will be accidents in everything. 

So, why does the child confess to the wrong parent? 

First of all, the lack of close physical contact

The matter of maintaining an intimate connection with the child, if you have been holding it since childhood, the child will adapt to the temperature, the smell, and even the shape of the parent’s arm. Since the child’s vision is weak at birth, most of them are distinguished by smell and rough outline, so if the parents lack close contact with the child, the child will feel unfamiliar with the appearance of the parent’s embrace. 

Secondly, parents bring too much Less

This period is a critical period for children to establish an intimate relationship with their parents, but some parents may be busy with their careers and lack the company and care for their children. The child’s impression of the parent is vague, so it’s no wonder that the child recognizes the wrong person. 

For this situation, parents feel a little helpless At the same time, it is definitely heartache. After all, the child is his own. If he admits wrong, it means that he has not fulfilled his duties as a parent. 

So, how to prevent the child from acknowledging the wrong person? 

1. Bring more children and let them be close to you

In this era, children are not close to their parents. In the final analysis, there is too little company. It’s not that they don’t love their parents, or they don’t know how to get along with their parents. It takes time and attention to accompany your child. If you decide to accompany your child, you must concentrate on putting down your phone. Don’t treat companionship as a task. How close will you be to your child if you treat your child perfunctorily? The relationship between parents and children who know how to accompany them will not be too bad. 

2. Don’t lie to your children

If your children are not close to their parents, it may also be because they have lost their trust. Don’t think that children who are still young have nothing to do with lying to them and will not be discovered. In fact, children are particularly sensitive when they are young, and a small matter will always be kept in mind. If he breaks his hopes at this time, it will hurt him a lot. Dickens once said: Never break the four things in life: trust, relationship, promise and heart. Because when they rupture, there will be no sound, but this is very painful. When trust is broken, it is difficult for parents and children to establish a high-quality parent-child relationship. 

3. Attention and children’s communication skills< /p>

The parent-child relationship in the family is getting colder. The common problem is that adults often do not pay attention to the tone of voice, do not take care of the children’s feelings, are always ironic and impatient. These voices turn concern into questioning and encouragement into The blow extinguished the enthusiasm of the child to talk to the parent. Be patient. During the conversation, you will find that children’s thinking is very interesting. They have different thinking from adults. Meeting a child swearing does not mean that the child is bad at school. It contains these three reasons.

Parents pay more attention to the child’s language development. From the children’s babbling, they can say a word. In complete terms, there are parents’ efforts, children’s follow-up imitation in their lives, language development is very important to children, and it plays an important role in future social expressions, etc. It is best if children develop in a good direction, but some children especially like to speak bad language as they grow up. 

Xiao Zhang’s son is in the kindergarten class this year, She recently discovered that her child didn’t know the reason, and started to talk bad words. At the beginning, she didn’t say a lot, and she didn’t pay much attention to it. She just criticized a few harshly. Until one day, her son did something. Something wrong, in anger, Xiao Zhang raised his hand and beat his son, and said casually, why are you so stupid? 

Unexpectedly, his son would counterattack him and replied with a more nasty swear word. This shocked Xiao Zhang. When would his son even say such swear words? 

She was very surprised, so she slapped her on the child’s ass again with two slaps, and she said, “I asked you to speak bad words, can I talk bad words to my mother? Who will teach you? Yes, I’ll say one sentence later, I will hit you once.” 

I thought the child would not speak bad words in the future But once when Xiao Zhang went to pick up the children from school, he saw him arguing with a few children. How many people you said, you said every word, every word of swearing. After Xiao Zhang heard it, his anger came up all of a sudden. After fighting, the education is also educated, but she still doesn’t understand why the child is swearing, this habit can’t be changed? 

Actually, I think that if you want to get rid of your children and use swear words, this habit must first be fundamentally resolved. That is to say, parents must first understand why their children speak swear words. 

Generally speaking, there are three reasons why children speak bad words.

1. Imitation language

Part of children’s language is mainly learned by imitation. They will listen to the tone of others’ words and then imitate. For children, their minds I’m not very mature, and I don’t have the ability to judge which words can be said and those words cannot be said. There is no clear concept of swear words. It’s just because someone around them says such things, they will imitate them too. Say. 

This kind of swearing performance most often occurs after kindergarten, because there are other children around who say such things, other people will think it is fun to talk like this, so they will imitate him to speak, maybe they will They have some understanding of the situation where swear words are used, but they also don’t understand the specific meaning of those swear words. 

2. Children’s special expressions< /p>

In the eyes of children, their cognition is different from that of adults. Sometimes it looks like a curse to adults, but to children, it’s just an expression, for example Adults will use the word pig when scolding others for being stupid, while children may use the word pig when they see another child who is chubby, but they actually do not mean insulting or insulting others. 

At this time, parents should not always use the adult’s perspective to understand children’s language. Children are very simple. They don’t have a special understanding of how to swear or say swearing, but simply express themselves. the meaning of. 

3. In order to vent their bad emotions

Sometimes children speak swear words to learn their bad emotions, for example, when they are angry they will say Some swear words, they have no other way to vent their emotions, so they can only vent their negative emotions in this way. 

Therefore, parents must figure out what is the reason for the child’s swearing, find out the reason, and then prescribe the right medicine to educate the child, so as to have a good effect. 

Parents might wish to Try the following methods

1. Don’t scold and beat and scold immediately

When the children speak swear words, parents should not scold immediately, the children will feel that this behavior can arouse the parents’ Pay attention, so in the future, in order to attract the attention of the parents, he will adopt the same method, and don’t think that the child is a joke when the child speaks swear words. This will also strengthen the child’s bad behavior to a certain extent and be affected by the parent. After paying attention, they will have a sense of accomplishment, which will aggravate this behavior. 

When some children try to get the attention of their parents by swearing, the best way for parents is to ignore her words and do their own thing if they want to do their own thing. I won’t say it anymore. 

2. Parents’ role models must be played well

The atmosphere of a family is very important. As a parent, you must first set an example, use civilized language, and don’t speak swear words in front of your children. If even the parents keep talking swearing all day, then the children will definitely have They will also learn from parents’ practices to learn swear words. 

3. Guide the child to vent the negative emotions correctly

If the child wants to vent the negative emotions because of a bad mood, and wants to swear words, then parents need to give the child to the child. Correct guidance, tell them how to correctly express their needs when they are in a bad mood, and how to vent them correctly. They can divert their attention or exercise to release their negative emotions, but swearing is ten thousand. It is absolutely impossible, this is not a good habit either. 

Through the above methods, parents To prevent the child from swearing, when the above methods are still not feasible, parents can take certain punitive measures against the child, or consult a professional child counseling expert to find out the reason for the child’s swearing, and the right medicine will be better.

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