Does the baby always fall asleep? Sleep characteristics of children from 0-12 months, novice parents should pay attention to check

Does the baby always fall asleep? The sleep characteristics of children from 0-12 months, novice parents should pay attention to check it

Before the baby is born, parents will be full of expectations for the baby, but after the baby is born, they face the breastfeeding, sleeping, bathing, For a system of trivial things such as changing diapers, parents seem to have less expectations. Their only wish is to hope that the baby can grow up quickly. 

But this simple little wish also requires the baby to have a good body, so eating, sleeping, etc. have become the most concerned and concerned things for parents in a period of time. 

However, the child’s sleep time is not exactly the same as the parent’s sleep time, and the baby always has “reverse sleep” situations, which really troubles Mom. 

Little troubles of novice mothers: little babies day and night, What’s wrong with crying in sleep? 

As a novice mother, Jiaxin has recently encountered problems with her baby’s sleep. It is said that babies have to sleep for a long time every day, but the babies of Jiaxin’s family always can’t sleep for a long time, and even have “reverse sleep”. 

Little babies often fall asleep during the day. When the family members are asleep at night, the baby wakes up. He is either too hungry to find milk or crying for unknown reasons. This directly affects Jia The sleep quality of Xinhe’s family, this novice mother doesn’t know what’s wrong with the child? How to deal with it? 

Actually, babies under one year old The sleep patterns of our adults have not yet formed. However, they also have their own sleep characteristics. As long as the patterns are found, children can develop good sleeping habits. Now parents come to find out. 

Here are the sleep characteristics of children from 0-12 months, novice parents, please pay attention to check the newborn—3 months

Sleep characteristics: babies from birth to three months have a longer overall sleep time , Up to sixteen or seven hours a day, almost sleeping when you are full. 

However, due to the limited capacity of their stomachs, they will be hungry for three to four hours after eating. Therefore, their single sleep time is about three or four hours. 

What to pay attention to: If the baby is in the evening After sleeping for more than four hours, parents can wake up the baby appropriately and play with them for a while, which can also help them develop the habit of “sleeping less during the day and sleeping more at night”. 

In addition, if Baoma wakes up in the middle of the night to feed, try not to turn on the light, or just turn on a warmer night light, so that the baby will fall asleep as soon as he is full. 

3 months-6 months

Sleep characteristics: Generally speaking, babies of about four months start to have their own sleep patterns, and generally can reach about fifteen hours of sleep per day. 

At this time, most of the babies can sleep at night, so the tired mother will gradually be able to return to normal sleep afterwards. 

Problems to note: If you The baby is not in the habit of sleeping at night. It is recommended that Baoma make good adjustments to the indoor environment, including indoor humidity, temperature, etc., or give him a bath or a touch massage before going to bed. Help your baby fall asleep at ease. 

6 months-9 months

Sleep characteristics: As the baby grows in months, the sleep time will be slightly shortened, and the baby’s sleep time will be shortened to about 14 hours a day. 

However, mothers don’t have to worry about it. With the increase in food intake and exercise, the baby’s sleep quality is getting higher and higher although the overall sleep time is shortened after the half-year-old. 

Issues that need attention: At this time you need to pay attention The thing is, don’t let your baby play too tired during the day. Do not let your baby sleep for too long in the afternoon nap, so as not to affect the night’s sleep. 

9 months-12 months

Sleep characteristics: The length of sleep for babies at this stage varies from person to person, but it can usually reach more than ten hours. They often form their own sleeping habits. They almost no longer sleep in the morning, and their noon nap time will be shorter, so they can fall asleep with their mother obediently at night. 

Problems to pay attention to: Bao Ma at this time Don’t rush to sleep in separate beds with your baby, because for them, it is still an important period to build a sense of security. The “most dear mother” baby is born and has to reach out and hug it as soon as he landed. Netizens: Didn’t drink Meng Po soup

People who have been mothers are hard-hearted about the newborn baby’s condition. As we all know, When little babies first came to this world, they always greeted the world with crying sounds. 

Of course, some babies are more out of the ordinary Different, when he was born, he did not cry loudly. At this time, the doctor would hold the baby with his hands upside down and gently pat his butt until the baby cried loudly. Most of the babies in the world are like this, and there is another part of the unique babies who welcome the world in some special ways. 

In recent days, a group of photos of newborn babies aroused the surprise of netizens. In the photo, the newborn baby stretched out his hands vigorously and hugged his mother. Such a scene not only aroused the laughter of netizens, but also made people feel the warmth of maternal love. 

In the photo, the baby’s mother finds herself When the amniotic fluid broke, the doctors and nurses were promptly sent to the delivery room. After a arduous delivery process, her baby who was conceived in October was finally born into this world! However, I didn’t expect the little baby to greet the world in that way, seeming to give back to his mother for her hard work. 

The baby was crying a lot Sheng, the facial features are wrinkled, but they look like they are trying to reach out to hug their mother. It is estimated that the baby also felt the success of his mother’s welcoming. He has gone through a long October pregnancy and a nine-death childbirth process before he wants to hug his mother to comfort her. 

Experienced obstetricians and nurses have said that they have never seen such a scene. Many netizens can’t help but joked, “I’m afraid this child did not drink Mengpo soup, and reincarnated with the memory of his previous life?”

In fact, mothers are pregnant with babies At this time, babies can more or less feel the outside world, and they can get in touch with the outside world through their mothers. 

Especially during pregnancy, babies can have “empathy” with their mothers, and can achieve emotional resonance with their mothers at the same frequency. Therefore, if the mother is happy every day during pregnancy, it is very good for the baby’s development. 

During pregnancy, the mother feels a lot of pressure and will face the fetus What is the impact? 

1. Affect fetal brain development

According to authoritative studies, pregnant women may suffer from fetal brain development when they are under great pressure during pregnancy, such as husband and wife quarrels, family breakdown, moving and resignation, and fetal gender. loss. 

All in all, stress during pregnancy can really have a lot of substantial effects. Therefore, Bao Dad also needs to work together with Bao Mom during pregnancy, which can provide pregnant women with more emotional and physical support and help her relieve stress during pregnancy. 

2. Affect the gender of the fetus

According to a survey in the United States, the stress that pregnant women endure during pregnancy may be closely related to the sex of the baby. For example, pregnant women who are physically or psychologically stressed are more inclined to give birth to girls. 

Although the birth of boys and girls is decided at the moment of fertilization, the pressure during pregnancy may cause male embryos to face greater risk of fetal arrest or miscarriage during development, while female embryos are more likely Survive until childbirth. 

How can pregnant mother relieve stress during pregnancy? 

1. Husband’s support

Meeting the little life is not a matter for Bao Ma alone, Bao Dad also has to participate in it. First of all, during Bao Ma’s pregnancy, the husband can work hard, care about his wife’s condition during pregnancy as much as possible, have no bad habits, and maintain good living habits, which can ensure a stable income; maintain stable and effective communication between the husband and wife, and at the same time Reduce the extra consumption due to health problems, and prepare for the baby’s birth. 

2. Adjustment of self-state

Pregnant women need to maintain good living habits, maintain emotional stability, and go to the hospital regularly for birth check-ups, which will help ensure a smooth pregnancy. 

At the same time, pregnant women can do more things to make themselves happy, such as: exercise properly, go for a walk often, eat some delicious food, chase favorite dramas in their leisure time… Speaking of exercise, pregnancy There are not many exercises you can do, but you can try some gentle yoga.

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