Does blood type affect IQ? The baby is of this blood type and may be smarter than the average person

Does blood type affect IQ? The baby is of this blood type, and may be smarter than the average person.

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University of California blood The research center has issued a survey result: blood type can affect a child’s intelligence to a certain extent. 

This also means that children of different blood types are different in intelligence. 

The common blood types in life are O, A, B and AB. 

What is the intelligence ranking of these 4 blood types? We together look. 

Fourth place: Type B blood

Many parents may feel very angry when they see that babies with type B blood have a lower IQ, but don’t worry. The level of intelligence mentioned here means that they are not good at rational analysis or course learning. 

But children with type B blood are more sensitive and perceptual. They have such a personality, they are often more talented in art, which is another sense of higher intelligence. 

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Third place: blood type A

Compared with blood type B, children with blood type A have stronger concentration and rigorous thinking, so they are Also good at learning. 

Research shows that Germany, which is rated as the most sensible and rigorous, accounts for 43% of the people with type A blood. 

Second place: blood type O

Scientists have investigated and found that people with blood type O have stronger immunity to certain diseases. For example, people with type O blood are less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease when they are old. 

This is because when people with type O blood are young, the area of ​​gray matter in the brain is relatively large. This also means that they are better at dealing with problems, memory and creativity are also better. 

Therefore, blood type O The child has higher intelligence. 

First place: AB blood

The United States has conducted a survey of a group of high IQ groups, and found that people with AB blood type account for a higher proportion. 

This is because AB blood has both A and B antigens on red blood cells, which means it combines the intellectual advantages of A and B blood types. 

Furthermore, children with AB blood type have leadership skills, are more sensitive and meticulous, and easily stand out in academic performance or other aspects. 

In addition to blood type having a certain impact on IQ, Japanese experts also believe that blood type and personality also have a great relationship. 

Parents can check the child’s blood type Come up and judge their personality comprehensively in order to implement better education. 

▼ Babies with blood type B are more sensitive and delicate

Baby with such a personality does not like complicated interpersonal relationships. If he wants to do his own thing alone, he sometimes lacks a little confidence. Need the care and encouragement of others. 

When facing such babies, parents can leave them alone and give them time and space to complete their own tasks independently. 

At the same time, don’t blame your baby immediately after doing something wrong, and don’t tell them in public, so as not to undermine your child’s self-confidence. It is best to encourage and comfort them often. 

▼ A baby with blood type A More sensible and rigorous

Scientific and rigorous babies can take care of their own affairs in an orderly manner, but they are also prone to become stubborn, stubborn, and even paranoid. 

When parents are educating a baby with such a personality, it is best not to head-on, ask them to do something very hard, and to know how to use praise and rational analysis to let the children accept and recognize. 

▼O-type blood babies are optimistic and have good memory.

An optimistic baby is easy to make friends, but may also like to pay attention to the faces of others and care about their opinions. 

Parents need to tell them that they only need to care about themselves first and not be influenced by the outside world. 

▼ AB blood type baby Strong and sensitive

Keen babies are easy to point out problems sharply, but this also leads to their strong and impulsive personality. 

When facing such children, parents can also use complimenting language to let them play their keen ability. But don’t deliberately avoid and ignore your baby’s strength, lest they suffer a loss in future interpersonal relationships. 

In terms of blood type, genetics, etc., the impact on children’s intelligence is only internal, and external influences are also very important. Babies who grow up in these types of families may have higher intelligence. 

▶ There is no noise in the family

French scientists found through research that when babies live in 55 decibels of noise, their understanding ability, the error rate reaches 4.3%; when living in 60 When in decibel noise, the probability of understanding error reaches 15%. Therefore, parents should try to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for their babies. 

▶ Parents often communicate with their children

Studies have found that children who are “forced” to listen to their parents from the very beginning have generally higher comprehension and language skills than other children who have little communication with their parents when they reach school age. . 

This is because babies in their early childhood have almost three times as much language learning ability as adults. Even if they can’t speak at this time, they can understand certain instructions through the words of their parents and exercise them. Own understanding and expression skills. 

▶ The color of the family is rich and bright

The color in the family is rich, which stimulates the baby’s vision development, and thus stimulates the development of their brains. 

And research shows , Dark blue, yellow-green, and orange-yellow can invigorate children’s spirits and improve their concentration in learning; dull colors such as black, brown, and white may reduce intelligence. 

Therefore, parents can use brightly colored things to decorate their baby’s activity space. Before women give birth, some things are really not recommended Take it, not to mention that it is easy to cause trouble, and it is not good for the pregnant woman

Before the mother enters the delivery room, the doctor will tell the mother clearly what is not recommended to be brought into the delivery room. As a mother-to-be, you must follow the doctor’s advice and listen to the doctor’s advice , So as not to cause some unnecessary trouble. 

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People often say that a woman gives birth to After going through the ghost gate, it can be described as “nine deaths”, and some unexpected events are likely to occur. Therefore, the doctor will advise the mother not to wear something on her body when she enters the delivery room, even if she is reluctant to take it off. 

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Before being pushed into the delivery room, Lily was asked by the midwife to remove some things, including the ring on her hand. 

Lily said that she couldn’t understand. She said that the ring was a token of love given by her husband. It should be worn all the time. Why should it be taken off when giving birth? 

Seeing that Lily was so confused, the doctor explained in detail the reason why the mother did not recommend wearing jewelry to the delivery room. 

Why do pregnant women enter Can’t wear jewelry in the delivery room? 

1. Taking into account the safety of mothers

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are reluctant to take off the jewelry they wear. However, as the gestational age increases, weight gain and body edema, it is easy to cause rings, bracelets, etc. to be difficult to remove. Later, it may even hinder blood circulation due to long-term wear. 

In addition, the parturient may have accidents during delivery, such as heavy bleeding. If the ring is still worn at this time, the swollen fingers will hinder the blood flow due to the wearing of the ring. The ischemia becomes more serious. 

2. Taking into account the safety of the newborn

After the mother has given birth, the nurse will hold the newborn in front of her mother as soon as possible to get familiar with her mother’s feelings, but if this Shi Bao’s mother wears hard, cold accessories, which may cause damage to the baby’s delicate skin. 

3. Avoid conflicts between doctors and patients.

Some parturients are easily emotional during childbirth. During this process, they may cause the jewelry to fall off or fly away due to excessive movements. . 

Women are not very conscious during this process. After giving birth to a child, they find that their jewelry is missing. It is easy to mistakenly believe that the nurse or doctor took away the jewelry that she wore during the delivery. This will invisibly increase some unnecessary doctor-patient conflicts. 

Therefore, before the mother enters the delivery room, the doctor will explain to the mother clearly what is not recommended to be brought into the delivery room. As a mother-to-be, we must follow the doctor’s advice and listen to the doctor’s advice so as not to cause some unnecessary trouble. 

Women before giving birth What should be prepared? 

1. Food to supplement physical strength

For normal parturient women, they need to consume a lot of physical strength, and the labor process will be relatively long. At this time, they need to replenish energy in time to avoid insufficient energy or physical exhaustion caused by lack of water. , Dehydration, etc. 

Therefore, when giving birth, mothers must prepare some foods that can replenish their physical strength and energy in time, such as red bull, milk, chocolate, etc. 

2. Special paper for parturient delivery

Special paper for parturient delivery is a must-have item during the delivery process. During the normal delivery process, it may be due to the drop of the fetal head, plus Shouting, urinary incontinence may occur; in addition, amniotic fluid will flow out during delivery of the fetus. This item is needed at this time, which is not only convenient for cleaning, but also effective to avoid infection by bacteria. 

Parturients who have a C-section may use it both during surgery and after surgery, so you need to prepare more before delivery, otherwise it will be more embarrassing to buy it temporarily when that time comes. 

3. Clothing for newborns and mothers

After giving birth, mothers will discharge a large amount of lochia, and there will be puerperal sweating during confinement. At this time, It is necessary to change clean clothes in time to avoid bacterial infection and hidden dangers caused by soaked clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare 3 to 4 sets of pure cotton confinement clothes for timely replacement. 

In addition, after the baby is born, you need to wear clothes. Because the newborn’s skin is more delicate, although some hospitals will prepare the clothes, they are all new and more irritating, so the mother is giving birth You must prepare pure cotton baby clothes before you wash them and take them to the hospital. 

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