Does a female university need to avoid her father? Psychologists have shown that these aspects can be ignored

Does a female university need to avoid her father? Psychologists have shown that these aspects can be ignored.

People often say that when a son grows up, he must know how to avoid his mother, but when a daughter grows up, he does not need to avoid his father. Nowadays, many fathers are too close to their daughters, and the relationship between daughters and fathers is sometimes jealous when mothers look at it. Do women’s universities really need to avoid their father? Psychologists show that some aspects can be ignored. 

Parents think they are female There is no need to avoid her father, but her daughter develops an “Electra complex”

Mengmeng is the only child in the family. From childhood to growing up, her parents loved her, especially her father. Dad is usually a serious person in the company, but when facing his daughter, the dignified man becomes a “daughter slave”. 

As long as the daughter is happy, he can ride her as a horse, or at her daughter’s command. The relationship between the daughter and the father is very good. Sometimes even the mother can’t help but feel sour after watching it. He said, “I really deserve to be your dad’s little lover in my previous life.”

In a blink of an eye, Mengmeng is already ten years old, but she still has a very close relationship with her dad. At this age, she often asks her dad to help her bathe. Dad dressed her. Mom often tells dad, “When your daughter grows up, you are of the opposite sex to your daughter. You should avoid it, and you should not do something too intimate with your daughter.”

But after hearing this, my husband smiled and said, “She still It’s just a child, and it’s my daughter. It’s okay. Don’t care too much.” But my mother found that her daughter was very dependent on her father. Feelings are getting rusty and even hostile. It turned out that the daughter had already produced the “Electra episode”. 

Many parents know that when their sons grow up, they will avoid their mothers, but they have questions about whether their daughters will avoid their fathers when they grow up. Do women’s universities really need to avoid their father? Next, a psychologist will explain for everyone. 

Do women’s colleges need to avoid their fathers? Psychologists indicate that these aspects can be ignored

According to the famous American psychologist Maslow Abraham, when the daughter grows up, when the father interacts with the daughter, listens to the daughter’s voice, and gives her support, these aspects can be ignored. But in other aspects of life, it is recommended that fathers know how to avoid them. 

1. When interacting with your daughter

According to a psychologist’s research, it has been shown that when a daughter grows up, she is accompanied by her dad, who often interacts with her daughter. For example, playing games with your daughter, taking your daughter out for sports, etc., will make your daughter have an optimistic and cheerful personality, and her daughter will have better emotional management skills. Even if the daughter grows up, there is no need to avoid the interaction between the father and the daughter in order to make the daughter grow up happily. 

2. When listening to her daughter’s thoughts

When mothers are raising children, they often feel anxious, but fathers will be more stable when facing children, and they will be more stable when facing children. More tolerance and tolerance than my mother. When a daughter has something on her mind, she usually talks to her dad, and her dad will also give her some advice to make her life easier. Although the daughter grows up, the father does not need to avoid the matter of listening to the daughter’s thoughts. 

3. When giving daughters unconditional support

Girls are more sensitive by nature and tend to feel insecure. At this time, father’s company and support will become more important. Dad is a strong backing for her daughter. After her daughter grows up, she still needs her unconditional support from her father, which will give her self-confidence and courage to meet the unknown future and challenges. Even if the daughter has grown up, the father does not need to avoid the matter of giving his daughter unconditional support. 

Although the daughter has grown up, dad does not need to avoid these three things. But the father avoids the following three things in order to let his daughter grow up healthily and happily. 

The daughter grows up , Dad should avoid the following things.

1. Don’t dress for his daughter’s bathing

In the case, Mengmeng is already ten years old, but his father still regards his daughter as a child who has not grown up. Wearing clothes in the bath and not listening to the advice of his wife caused her daughter to have an “Electra episode”. The Electra complex means that the daughter regards the father as the object of love. When the daughter grows up, that is, after the age of three, the father must know how to avoid her daughter’s bathing and dressing. Only by not dressing her daughter can he establish a correct sexual concept for her. 

2. Don’t act too intimately with your daughter.

Many dads treat their daughters with unusual affection. When facing their daughters, they will do some very intimate actions with their daughters. For example, kissing her daughter mouth to mouth, taking a bath together, and so on. When the daughter grows up, it is recommended that dads not do too intimate behaviors with their daughters. If they want to kiss their daughters, they can kiss their foreheads, cheeks or the backs of hands, so that they can understand the difference between men and women. 

3. Don’t touch her daughter’s private parts

I once saw such a video on the Internet. A father took his daughter on a train. When he was holding his daughter, he kept his hands behind his daughter’s buttocks and faced her. Dad turned a blind eye to his resistance. When the daughter grows up, it is recommended that dads do not touch the private parts of their daughter. Although in your eyes, she is just your child. Such behavior does not have any meaning, but it will affect the formation of the child’s sexual concept. After the daughter grows up, the father must know how to avoid avoiding when interacting with the daughter, listening to her daughter’s thoughts, and giving her support. But in life, such as bathing your daughter, making some intimate behaviors with her daughter, touching her daughter’s private parts, etc., it is recommended that dads avoid it in order to allow their daughters to suggest growth. 

Parents, when your daughter grows up, what aspects do you think your father needs to avoid? What aspects do you think you need to avoid? Please interact in the comment area. Children don’t do these exercises too early, otherwise it will be “ineffective exercise”. The key is that they may hurt the body

Appropriate exercise can improve the child’s physical fitness, strengthen the physique, and at the same time, improve the child’s body immunity and bones. There are also certain benefits in development and so on. 

However, while parents urge their children to exercise, they should also guide their children correctly. 

Not all exercise types are suitable for children. If you choose the wrong one, it may not only cause ineffective exercise, but also may harm your child’s health. 

Dad Bao trained his three-year-old daughter to learn to swim. He didn’t realize that the little guy was drowning. The doctor said that he shouldn’t let the child learn to swim so early.

Mr. Wang believes in elite education. Although his family conditions are average, he believes in “poor” Raise children and rich daughters”, so she is very attentive to the education of her daughters. 

As early as when the child was two years old, Mr. Wang sent the child to the early education class. He said, “You cannot save money on children’s education. Only talents can be promising!”

Mr. Wang felt that it was not a big skill for children to go to early education classes, so he enrolled them in some interest classes. 

Finally, because he thinks girls are particularly good-looking when they swim, Mr. Wang enrolled his three-year-old daughter in a swimming class. 

In order to let his daughter learn to swim well, Mr. Wang happily registered his daughter in the swimming pool downstairs. 

But who knows that the child has not learned for half a month, Mr. Wang received a call from the swimming coach. The coach said that the child accidentally drowned while learning to swim. 

Mr. Wang didn’t take care of it too many times and hurried to the hospital. Fortunately, the child drowned for a short time and did not cause too serious consequences. 

But what the doctor said made Mr. Wang regret it. The doctor said that such a young child shouldn’t learn to swim

“The child’s physical strength is not enough, and it is easy to lose strength during practice. In addition, the child’s cardiopulmonary function is not yet fully developed. It may affect your health.”

Experts suggest that these types of sports are not suitable for children’s premature exposure


Many parents prefer swimming as a sport, and some Many parents think that children have the “instinct” to swim, and they will be more relaxed when learning to swim. After all, the little guys can swim in a swimming ring not long after they are born. 

But in fact, it is not recommended for children to learn to swim before the age of four, because swimming has certain requirements for cardiopulmonary function. If the children’s cardiopulmonary system is not fully developed, then the forced training at this time, It may harm the child’s heart and lung health. 

In addition, if the child is soaked in water for a long time, the gravity and pressure of the water will also hinder the growth and development of the child’s bones. For the children’s health, this has caused a certain degree of harm. 

Long-distance running

Some parents believe that long-distance running can not only exercise children’s physical fitness, but also hone their children’s patience. But in fact, long-distance running is really not suitable for children under six years old. 

Such strenuous exercise may not only damage the bone development of the child’s knees, but also cause a burden on the child’s cardiopulmonary system. In severe cases, it may also induce hypoxia. The occurrence of suffocation and other conditions. 


For early childhood dance training, interest should be the main focus, but if parents blindly ask their children to master some difficult dance moves, This may cause harm to the child. 

Although children in the early childhood stage have better physical flexibility, if they are too reluctant, they may also cause damage to the child’s body when the child makes lower back, splits and other movements. 

Especially for children under the age of four, interest should still be cultivated, and the mastery of motor skills should not be the focus of learning. 

in training children When forming exercise habits, what should parents do? 

Choose the right type of exercise for the child

When parents help their children develop good exercise habits, they must choose the appropriate type of exercise based on the child’s age and physical fitness. 

Try to avoid excessive physical loss of children during exercise, especially for children whose bones are still under development. Parents should especially understand and pay attention to the choice of exercise items. 

Reasonable arrangements for children’s exercise time

For young children, parents must grasp the exercise schedule when supervising their children to exercise. 

Exercise for too long will not only make the child feel physically tired, but also may stimulate the child’s inner boredom. In the long run, this is not conducive to the development of children’s exercise habits. 

Guide children to prepare before exercise

Before exercising, in addition to wearing suitable sportswear, parents should also supervise their children to do warm-up exercises. 

Relaxed muscle state is more helpful for children to perform exercises in the next line of exercise. Tensioned muscle state may induce exercise risks. 

Although exercise seems very simple, for children with delicate bodies, parents should pay more attention to science in the choice of exercise type and time control. 

Do you have any experience sharing on the type of exercise suitable for children?

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