“Doctor, can I shave?” The pregnant woman asked for help shyly. It is better for the doctor to shave under these three conditions.

“Doctor, can I shave?” Pregnant women shyly asked for help. The doctor shaved better in these three situations.

Modern women have a stronger self-health awareness, especially those who are influenced by the British and American “sex culture”. Anyone who knows the impact will know that European and American women have the habit of “shaving” regularly, usually before or after the bath. 

Because they believe that this is beneficial to their sexual hygiene and can further promote their sexual hygiene. But in the past, the vast majority of women in our country don’t even dare to try to do it, and many people even don’t have this consciousness at all. 

In recent years, many women have more and more gynecological conditions, and some of them are related to private hair. Doctors will also recommend that they can repair their hair regularly. It is precisely because of this that the “private hair hygiene awareness” of many domestic women has gradually increased in recent years. 


The contributor Xiao Zheng has always been hesitant about whether to shave or not, because she is currently in pregnancy and she has always had the habit of repairing hair before pregnancy, but she has never had an accurate answer to the issue of hair repair. 

Some people say that repairing hair in private parts may lead to a decrease in defense, and some people say that it is beneficial to sexual hygiene. Before pregnancy, she didn’t pay much attention to the specific situation in this area. She only knew that repairing could make herself more comfortable, so she has maintained this habit all the time. But now the situation is different. After pregnant with the child, everything has to become cautious. I am afraid that it will really reduce the defense power and cause infection at that time. I am worried that it will affect the child. 

So during the checkup, she finally plucked up the courage to ask the doctor for help, “Doctor, can I fix the hair on the private part?” After saying this, she was still very shy. 

Even the doctors were a little stunned, because very few people in China would ask this, but it is always better to have this awareness. 

Followingly, after understanding the specific situation of Xiao Zheng, the doctor thought that Xiao Zheng had a habit of repairing hair before pregnancy, and it was true that Xiao Zheng’s hair would be thicker, and it would be more if he did not repair it for a long time. It is easy to breed a lot of bacteria, so the doctor also recommended Xiao Zheng to repair the hair regularly. 

It is better for female doctors to repair private hair under three conditions.

1. The private hair is too thick

Some women have thicker and longer private hair. I can feel boring, especially during the menstrual cycle, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell. 

As the season changes, these women have different feelings. In summer, thicker private hair will breed a lot of bacteria, which is more susceptible to infection than other women with less or shorter hair. 

Therefore, if this is the case for pregnant mothers, the doctor usually recommends regular hair repairs, but it should be noted that the repairs mentioned here are not completely shaved, but appropriate repairs. If all of them are cut short, the upper third of the hair on the pubic bone can be shaved selectively, which has little effect. 

At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the methods of repairing and shaving hair, and do not damage the hair follicles or damage private parts, otherwise folliculitis or other diseases are prone to occur. 

On the other hand, if the hair close to the private part is completely shaved, it will easily damage the defense. Because a certain amount of hair can still help provide resistance to external bacterial infections, this is why it is only recommended to shave it short, and not to remove it completely. 

2. Frequent itching

If pregnant mothers feel that they always feel itching in private parts, if the influence of other reasons is ruled out, then you can also try to reduce the privacy by shaving the private hair shorter. Itching. 

Because as mentioned above, if the hair is too thick or too long, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow, and it is also easy to cause mutual friction, and itching is inevitable, so hair repair is a good solution. One way. 

3. When there is a peculiar smell

Too long and thick hair may also produce peculiar smell, especially during the menstrual cycle, or for some women with more secretions. In other words, it is simply miserable, causing women to dare not socialize for fear of being discovered. 

In response to this situation, it is also recommended that women can properly repair the hair in private parts. Because the hair is too long or too thick, it will increase the odor. In addition, in the sultry environment, the odor is more difficult to dissipate, and trimming the privacy hair can help the odor to be better dissipated. 

On this basis, female friends can also do other checks to see if it is caused by other diseases, and regular hair repairs can generally solve the problem. 

Of course, I believe that there are still many women who do not have this awareness, and it is difficult to accept it. But if you don’t have troubles in this area, you don’t have to consider these issues. 

For pregnant mothers, if you want to fix the hair, it is recommended to ask the prospective fathers to help in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. After all, it is quite difficult to fix the hair with a big belly. The super-aged fight for the second child and gave birth to twins. Now her life is sad.

Although childbearing is the right of the couple, I have to say that giving birth to life is still a matter of careful consideration. , Especially for elderly couples who are struggling to have a second child. 

Compared to couples of suitable reproductive age, the practice of fighting for life at an advanced age does have to bear greater risks. 

If the couple do not have the ability and preparation to deal with this series of risks, then the fight for life may cause a lot of trouble in the future life of the two people, and this is obviously the original intention of the couple. It’s different. 

60 years old The super-aged woman is fighting for the second child, but she is not happy after giving birth to twins. She bluntly said that she will think twice about doing it again.

In 2010, the news that a 60-year-old woman Sheng Hailin struggled to give birth to a second child sparked social debate. Sheng Hailin is a mother who has lost her sole responsibility. In order to get out of the nightmare of losing her child, she was 60 years old and asked about everything and finally gave birth to a pair of twins. 

When I was planning my life, my relatives and friends around me were very persuasive. Everyone felt that it was too risky to have a second child at such an advanced age. 

But Sheng Hailin, who wanted to “recover” her baby, couldn’t listen to everyone’s suggestions. In the end, she successfully gave birth to twin daughters in a hospital in Hefei. 

It can be said that Sheng Hailin’s desire to have a second child has finally come true. But what she didn’t expect was that the life of being a mother again was not as easy and happy as she imagined. 

In order to provide better living conditions for the two children, she, who is already old, had to give lectures all over the country in order to earn more money and prepare for the lives of the two children in the future. 

Unexpectedly, Sheng Hailin’s wife suffered from hemiplegia in the past few years, and this undoubtedly made the burden on her shoulders heavier. 

Some people advised Sheng Hailin not to fight so hard and to enjoy her twilight years, but she said that she would have to earn a few more years. After all, there are two daughters to be raised. The helplessness and sadness of this are naturally self-evident for this old man. 

When asked whether she would choose to fight at a super-old age if she had a chance to do it again, she frankly said that if she had another chance, she would think twice. 

Senior students What risks does it mean that couples face? 

Pregnancy risks

Childbirth is not an easy task. For women who have passed the suitable age for childbearing, the practice of fighting for birth is even more dangerous. 

The burden of nurturing life makes women suffer a great loss, and various pregnancy reactions continue to afflict women’s bodies and moods. 

It can be said that in the case of advanced age, choosing to fight for life is equivalent to choosing a way of aging that is visible to the naked eye. 

Raising risks

Parents bear the responsibility and obligation of raising children, but for senior couples, they bear greater risks in the process of raising children . 

In the case of insufficient energy, it is very hard to accompany the children to grow up, and it is also a thing that requires more effort. 

Educational risks

The generation gap between senior couples and their children is deeper, which also makes them often have some regrets in their children’s education. 

Although parents always hope to give their children the best, it has to be said that elderly couples will face greater challenges in the choice and direction of educating children. 

Before choosing an advanced age to fight for life, what adequate preparations should the couple make? 

Sufficient economic conditions as support

Whether it is to take care of one’s own old age or raising children to grow up, everything needs to be supported by stable economic conditions. 

For elderly couples, their ability to withstand risks is worse, which also makes them more need stable economic conditions for protection, otherwise life after fighting will be difficult. 

Be prepared for educational psychology.

Nowadays, children receive more environmental stimuli, which also makes their thinking more premature. 

Older couples who are struggling for life will make their children different from their peers. If they are not prepared for adequate education, senior couples are likely to be sure when educating their children. It is not suitable for a poor scale, overly spoiling and pampering children. 

Enough parenting energy as a guarantee

For elderly couples, their own energy level is very limited. If they cannot solve the problem of accompanying children, then, in the process of raising children and growing up , The elderly couples will be very strenuous. 

I don’t have enough energy but I still have to reluctantly raise my children. This obviously makes the elderly couples feel more comfortable and insufficient. 

In short, when senior couples choose to fight for life, they need to be more cautious before they can make a choice. 

A momentary impulse or a fever in your head is likely to bring the whole family’s life into confusion and confusion, and this is obviously irresponsible to yourself, to each other, and to your children. 

Do you share any opinions about the practice of elder parturients fighting for their lives?

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