Do you want to bug your baby? Parents have reasonable judgment, and don’t worry after reading this

Do you want to bug your baby? Parents have a reasonable judgment, after reading this, don’t entangle.

Spring is the season for the recovery of everything. If the baby is in an unsanitary environment or has weak resistance, it is very easy to be infected with parasites, which will seriously affect the baby’s development. Health leads to the occurrence of other diseases. For the healthy growth of the baby, parents should quickly make a reasonable judgment, does their baby need to be worms? 

What kind of baby needs bugs


Infestation is for worm infection in parasitic infections. Once infected, it will affect the baby’s development, and in serious cases, it will cause the baby’s cognitive problems and tissue damage. 

In the South, due to environmental reasons, The worm infection rate of babies is relatively high. It is recommended that parents who have lived in the south for a long time regularly infest their babies. In addition, the worm infection rate in rural areas is higher than that in cities. If babies grow up in rural areas, parents are recommended to also treat their babies. Insects regularly; if the baby does not live in the above areas, there is no need to have them regularly. Only when the baby has itchy butt and foreign bodies in the stool, it is enough to insect the baby according to the doctor’s recommendation. 

Which parasites affect your baby’s health

Common parasites that affect your baby are roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. Roundworms are the most common parasites in baby worm infections. When a baby is infected by a roundworm, he will suffer from indigestion, reduced appetite, stomach pain, and teeth grinding when sleeping; when a baby is infected by a pinworm, he will blink frequently, have gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and nausea, etc.; when the baby is infected Hookworm infection, cough, fever, skin pimples, small blisters, etc.; when a baby is infected by tapeworms, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. may occur. 

How old is the baby to fight insects

When a baby has symptoms similar to a worm infection, many parents think that the baby should be wormed first. In fact, there is also an age limit for the worm. If the baby is too young to worm the baby, it will not only not eliminate the symptoms, but may also Seriously affect the baby’s growth and development. 

Under normal circumstances, only children over 2 years of age can have insects, because the substances contained in insecticides will affect the development of the baby’s liver function, and the physical development of babies under 2 years of age is not perfect , If the insects are caught too early, it may affect the baby’s liver function. 

No matter how old a baby is infected with parasites, As long as the insecticide is taken, it will affect the healthy growth of the baby. The most important thing parents should pay attention to is prevention. In daily life, parents should keep their baby in a clean and hygienic place, pay attention to his own personal hygiene, and isolate the intrusion of parasites. If they are accidentally infected with parasites, parents should seek medical attention in time and follow the doctor’s advice. Bug the baby! “I’d rather let my children chew on the old than I am promising.” How many parents’ voices are expressed by the elderly

Between the children and their parents A parting far away, when the child looked at the back of the parent when he was young, and when he grew up, the parent looked at the back of the child. 

When young, parents want their children to be productive, but in old age, parents hope that their children can “gnaw the old”, even if the cost is that the money they have saved for many years is spent. , But also willingly. 

There are always people who pity the elderly , Saying that the old man is too old to be confused, but is the old man really confused? In fact, it is not. The old man is sober, and it is precisely because he is sober. 

Mr. Hu is 75 years old this year and his wife is with a child He left unexpectedly when he was 3 years old. For all these years, Mr. Hu has been pulling his son up by himself, and he is very fond of him. 

Single-parent families, parents spoiling their children can only cause one result in the end, that is, the children are doing nothing in their lives, and they can only eat the old when they are not. Of course, Mr. Hu’s son is also like this. 

My son is 30 years old this year and has never been to Ban has always relied on Mr. Hu’s pension. Occasionally, Mr. Hu also does odd jobs to earn money, and his son is not too much. If he has money, he will spend more, and if he has no money, he will spend less. 

For the situation in Mr. Hu’s family, many neighbors look down upon him and hate that iron is not a steel. But Mr. Hu smiled and said, “I would rather let my children chew on the old. , This can be regarded as a kind of companionship.” 

The old man’s words, reality and heart, say How many parents’ opinions are expressed, for the elderly, there is nothing happier than children and grandchildren, even if they lose a little money. 

Nowadays, more and more parents think this way, I hope that children can nibble on the old

1) When children nibble on the old, parents will feel needed.

The older you are, the more people understand, and at the same time they lose a lot of attention, and change with the times , There are fewer and fewer familiar things around, and close friends have left one after another, and the old people’s daily life is very boring. 

If children can nibble on the old at this time and make more requests to their parents, it will give the elderly a sense of being needed and feel their own value, so that they will not complain about themselves all day long. 

2) gnawing is always another kind of company Way

The old man has lived for so many years, how could he be deceived by the little tricks of the child? Most of them are trying to understand and pretend to be confused. The child will certainly please the old man for a while before cheating on the old. 

It doesn’t matter whether the child is sincere or not. What parents feel is the company and love of the child. Even if it is cheating, they hope that the child can cheat themselves for a longer time. 

That’s why some old people will have to go to work to earn money to supplement their children when they get older next year. In fact, this is similar to how old people urge young people to have children. 

Some elderly people want their children to nibble on the old, and Some old people hope that their children can give birth to a grandson, so that they can be accompanied by others and their children can work without worries. 

As I get older, my friends and children are drifting away from themselves. Most of the elderly are lonely in their later years. Although it is not that the children are not filial, the elderly still feel wronged. 

How can parents avoid being too lonely in old age? 

1) Have their own hobbies

The reason why many elderly people are too lonely in their old age is because they have nothing to do and can only stay at home lonely every day. How can they not feel uncomfortable? 

Parents need to find their own hobbies when they are young, they don’t need to persist for a lifetime, but they must have an immortal heart, so that no matter what age they are, they can find a suitable circle for themselves, such as dancing square dancing. Playing Go and so on. 

Parents must understand that one day their children will grow up, leave themselves, and have their own lives. Parents can’t hold their children back. What they can do is to take good care of themselves so that their children will have no worries. 

2) Give children enough company

Some children, no matter how far away they are from their parents, will always keep in touch with their parents and meet each other. This is because when they were young, their parents gave their children enough company and love, so that the children would care about their parents no matter where they go. 

There is a natural bond between children and their parents, but the relationship ultimately depends on how they get along. How parents treat their children and parents in the first place, what kind of precepts and deeds will be left to the children, What kind of rewards will be reaped in old age. 

Furthermore, as long as the feelings are in place, some children do not need to be mentioned by their parents at all, so they actively stay in the city where their parents are located and often visit their parents’ homes. 

3) Consider nursing home life

If your children are really too far away from their parents to come back often, and you don’t have any friends, you can consider living in a nursing home. 

Nursing homes may not have freedom at home, but at least some people cook, some take care of themselves, and they can usually chat and have fun with their partners. As long as you have a right mind, you can live well in the nursing homes. 

But the specific choice is based on the actual situation, but in any case, parents should make arrangements for themselves in their later years. Don’t just wait for their children to come back to visit them, have their own life and fun. “The most beautiful kindergarten “Teacher” became popular. It’s not a big deal for male parents to pick up their babies. Female parents want to take a group photo.

When it comes to parents picking up their babies from school, I believe everyone can think of a large area of ​​mothers, grandma, or grandpa standing in school. At the door, they were waiting in groups for the children to come out. 

However, there is a kindergarten with a beautiful teacher who combines wisdom and beauty. Since this teacher appeared, many dads in the family don’t want to be “hands shopkeepers” anymore, but gradually grab them. He said he would pick up the child from school. 

The saying goes well: look at others first face. In the process of making friends, everyone first appreciates a person’s appearance, and then is willing to spend time to understand a person’s qualities, and finally it is possible to succumb to a person’s talents. 

Many adults can’t resist this beautiful teacher, let alone children. Many students say they like to take the beautiful teacher’s class, not only because the teacher looks good, but also because the teacher teaches. It is very lively and interesting. Many netizens said: If they had such a beautiful and talented teacher back then, they would be willing to go to kindergarten for a few more years. 

Because there are many high-quality female teachers The male parents are rushing to pick up the baby, and it’s nothing. Even the non-girl parents also want to take a photo with Yang Ying because of this teacher. 

Since the most beautiful kindergarten teacher became popular, netizens have raised a question: Is the teacher’s appearance important? 

Is it necessary to choose a beautiful teacher to teach students? Appearance is really important to anyone and any profession. It not only adds a lot of goodwill to the first impression, but also has an advantage in interviews and making friends. 

Although having a beautiful appearance is an extra point, in schools, it is not only a beautiful appearance that attracts students to learn, but also wisdom and humor in class. 

Let students like the teacher’s class, teacher At least three basic characteristics must be possessed:

  • Interesting soul, vivid classroom: an interesting person can infect friends around, when the teacher has an interesting soul , Then she is more likely to find ways to innovate to make the traditional boring classroom more lively and interesting, and more popular with students. 

  • Dignified appearance, Neat dressing: As a teacher, you should pay attention to your dress and appearance, lead by example, and set a good example for students. Let students realize the importance of appearance. A clean and dignified appearance is also a bonus point for the first impression. 
  • Rich and professional knowledge and skills: The teacher should be a leader full of wisdom, respond to the problems raised by each study as much as possible, so that students have a desire and yearning for knowledge. Enhance students’ motivation to pursue knowledge. When students admire the teacher’s skills, they will also have a desire to learn. Therefore, teachers should use their own expertise to drive students to understand knowledge and explore the unknown. 

    Parents should clearly and clearly guide their children so that they cannot Just look at the teacher’s appearance, but also appreciate the teacher’s inner qualities. 

    Let children learn to discover the beauty of the teacher, the charm of knowledge, and the benefits of school with an appreciative perspective. In order to better guide children to establish correct concepts, parents should not rashly comment on the appearance of the teacher in front of their children, nor can they instill the idea of ​​discrimination in appearance. 

    If there are these bad behaviors, or More or less will affect the child’s judgment, and seriously even affect the child’s academic work. For example, children cannot study well when they meet a long, good-looking teacher. Only when they meet a long, good-looking teacher are they willing to learn. However, there are not so many teachers who meet their aesthetic requirements in society. All in all, parents should always remember that their behavior will affect the growth of their children.

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