Do you know the points that you should pay attention to when buying clothes for your baby? Wearing the wrong clothes is harming the baby

Do you know the points that you should pay attention to when buying clothes for your baby? Wearing the wrong clothes is harming the baby

For pregnant mothers, what I like most is to prepare good-looking and comfortable clothes for the baby when the baby comes. However, there are many baby clothes on the market, and all major brands have all kinds of styles. 

The biggest problem is the suitability of the clothes for the baby. Many parents will ask their relatives and friends around to see if they have any good suggestions. But everyone’s aesthetics are different, and their needs are also different. This will not only fail to answer, but will also be more confusing. 

In order for parents to better buy clothes for their babies, today I will list these key points for everyone, and I hope they can help parents. 


Now children’s clothes are getting more and more It looks good, no matter whether the baby is a little girl or a little boy, parents want to dress their children cutely, and some parents even buy some expensive clothes. 

But sometimes although the clothes are expensive, the baby’s skin discomfort and allergies may still occur. In fact, this is because the fabric of the clothes is wrong. 

The baby’s skin is very delicate, and the fabric of the clothes should be mainly cotton, avoid using too bright colors. 


In addition to comfortable fabrics, clothes Safety is also indispensable, and now there are not a few clothes that do not meet safety standards. Do not wear decorative clothing with bows, buttons, hooks, etc. for your baby. 

Such clothing is likely to cause the baby to suffocate. If you really want to wear clothes with ornaments to your baby, fix the ornaments on it. 

There are also clothes with belts that can’t be worn by the baby. Clothes with belts, belts, and ties can easily hold the child. 


The baby’s body growth rate is very Quickly, make sure that your baby’s clothes are of the right size and that they do not affect your baby’s activities. If you are not sure about your baby’s size, you can buy it for your baby according to the baby’s standard size chart. Of course, some babies who are longer and fast have to buy it as appropriate. 

If you are not sure about your baby’s size, you can buy slightly larger clothes. And the baby’s clothes must be easy to put on and take off, and the concealed buttons and zippers on the clothes must also be confirmed if there are any problems. 


For newborns, do it every day The most common thing is to sleep, so the clothes for your baby must be comfortable, soft fabric, easy to put on and take off. Also, consider the practicality of baby clothes, and don’t buy some clothes that are difficult to wear for your baby. 

Choose easy-to-wash and washable clothes. Sometimes babies may have to change clothes several times a day. Easy-to-clean clothes save Baoma’s time and energy. 

If you don’t know what to buy for your baby Clothes, it may cause the baby to be unable to wear the last pile of clothes. 

Especially the growth rate of babies is very fast, every year a lot of clothes are thrown away, half of which are inappropriate, which is also very wasteful. Plan ahead and choose clothes that suit your baby. There is a kind of “unreliable” called auntie to bring a baby, and all kinds of cards do not follow the routine. This baby is too difficult

To many parents, bringing a baby is hard work, because for children, It’s their nature to be mischievous. If they don’t have enough physical and intellectual support, it’s really not easy to bring a baby. 

On the one hand, it is because mothers always appear to be cautious when bringing a baby. For this “baby” that fell from her body, she always feels that she is not loving enough, and she is reluctant to bump into it, and even more reluctant to let the baby suffer. A little wronged. 

On the other hand, the elderly always seem to be unable to bring their babies. After all, they are too old and their physical conditions are not allowed. Therefore, the elderly are more limited in bringing their babies. They dare not take the babies out to play more. Just stay at home and play with toys or watch TV. 

At this time, the aunt and the uncle bring a baby The advantage comes out. Not only are they young and physically strong, they have the courage to take the baby out of the house, and they are more willing to let the baby do some “manual labor”, but this “wild way” way of bringing the baby is more attractive to the baby, so the aunt brings the baby What kind of experience is it? 

There is a kind of “unreliable” called auntie bringing a baby. The style of painting is always surprising.

In the impression of ordinary people, the auntie should also bring a baby as an elder. It’s “reliable”, but the aunts with all kinds of strange brains also don’t follow the routines in the process of bringing their babies. They often grab snacks and toys with their children, and they look like “big kids”. Similarly, it’s no wonder that some netizens complained: I really don’t know who is bringing whom, this year’s baby is a little too difficult! 

Let’s take a look at how the auntie and the baby “mingled”. 

Snack for baby’s snacks? I just taste it! 

For example, this mother is busy cooking, so she asked her to take care of the baby temporarily, and she also washed two peaches for them to eat. 

However, I am worried about it after I eat The baby’s, after all, the baby’s peaches seem to be more delicious, so she has a bite first without saying a word! Fortunately, the baby is generous and doesn’t care about with the aunt! 

Others carry bags, I carry the baby

In order to make the baby obedient, the aunt also resorted to various tricks, such as taking the little guy to the cold drink shop to buy drinks, which they use most often. One of the ways. But what should I do if the baby walks too slowly and does not want to hug? 

The aunt came up with a coup, and saw that she found a rope to tie under the baby’s arm, took a deep breath and secretly shouted “Go you” and picked up the little guy. . 

Ma Ma, is she my aunt? ? 

Little milk baby’s fleshy little face always looks very cute, and the aunt naturally loves it when she sees such a cute face, completely ignoring the little milk baby’s small eyes asking for help, she will His face was crumpled into a “little bun” appearance. 

Let my aunt sit in your car “! 

Seeing that my beloved toy car was robbed by my aunt, Xiao Mengwa had no choice but to compromise. However, Mengwa looked small but had great strength. I saw the little guy using the “strength of feeding”. It is to let the auntie experience the feeling of sitting on a big run. And looking at these solid-eyed little cute babies, netizens all smiled and joked: “This is really one thing, one thing is reduced. Sure enough, ginger is still hot.”

In fact, it’s not difficult to see here. Although the aunts seem to have been playing tricks on the babies, but the babies I still like to play with them, so why? 

Although the aunt and her baby seem to be “bullying”, they are very popular with children

1) The aunt is more like a playmate to the child

The aunts are young and energetic, and Childlike and playful, the generation gap with the babies is small, and you can accompany the babies without any scruples. For the babies, such aunts are not like elders and more like playmates. 

2) The aunt will bring her baby to a lot of new things

Most aunts are young people, with a childlike innocence and full of curiosity about things. They prefer to explore with their children instead of just preaching. For children, they can learn more in the process of exploration. Impressions can also increase interest. Therefore, children prefer to play with their aunts. 

3) The aunt is more willing to let her children play

Because the aunt has no experience of getting married and being a mother, she still retains a child-like thinking mode, so the aunt is bringing her baby They will not confine the children’s range of activities when they are playing, they will let the children play boldly, and exercise their courage and responsiveness in the play.

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