Do you know how serious childhood obesity is? Don’t let the kids eat like this anymore

Do you know how serious childhood obesity is? Don’t let your children eat like this anymore

Nowadays, a lot of eating and broadcasting are used for blogging. The incident that a 3-year-old girl, Peggy, was fed by her parents to 70 kilograms for eating and broadcasting once again sparked heated discussion. CCTV has also repeatedly criticized the phenomenon of deformed eating and broadcasting. 

According to the table of standard deviations of height and weight for children and adolescents (females) aged 0-18, the normal weight of a three-year-old child should be about 30 kg, while a small Peggy reached the age-appropriate weight of 11 at the age of 3. 

Obviously, this is beyond the normal weight range. Many netizens expressed anger and incomprehension about their parents’ feeding methods. Lawyers said that the girls’ parents used their children as a tool for making money in this way, but ignored the children’s health. Already involved in abusive behavior? 

In real life, many parents do not treat their children in this way, but the euphoria model of “opening their mouths with food and reaching out with clothes” is still Without reservation, this has led to more and more childhood obesity. At present, the incidence of childhood obesity in my country is increasing year by year. The latest research shows that the incidence of childhood obesity in my country has reached 20%. According to relevant data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 550,000 obese people under the age of 17, and 12% of children are overweight. 

What is childhood obesity? 

In medicine, children who exceed 20% of the average standard weight calculated by weight are called childhood obesity. Those who have a history of overnutrition, insufficient exercise, and obesity, and are uniformly obese without other abnormal clinical manifestations, can be diagnosed as simple obesity. Children of any age can see simple obesity. The highest age of onset is less than 1 year, 5-6 years or adolescents, and those with obvious causes are called secondary obesity. 

What are the causes of childhood obesity? 

1. Parental genetic factors

Genetic factors are the predisposing factors for simple obesity in children. According to related research, the possibility of childhood obesity is directly affected by whether the parents are obese. Parents are not obese, and the chance of obesity in children is only 11.1%. If a parent is obese, the incidence of children is 19.4%~22.9%. If both parents are obese, the child’s chance of obesity is as high as 33.7%. 

2. Behavior and eating habits factors

Children eat too many high-calorie foods every day, Such as sweets, desserts, fried foods, and eating less fruits and vegetables are more likely to cause obesity in children, and many children exercise less. 

The human hypothalamus has two pairs of nerve nuclei, which are mainly responsible for the human body’s hunger response and satiety. When the hypothalamus has disease symptoms, the nerve reflexes of the hunger nerve center and the satiety nerve center will be unbalanced, which is likely to lead to obesity. In addition, obesity is also related to the body’s endocrine factors. Once the body’s endocrine and metabolic functions are disordered, it is easy to cause obesity symptoms. 

What is the impact of childhood obesity on health? 

Child obesity can affect children’s IQ, behavior and psychology, leading to a significant increase in the secretion of basic insulin and C peptide in the body, relatively low thyroid function, and significant cardiopulmonary function With the decline, total IQ and behavior decline IQ, and sexual development matures. Obviously, it can also cause visceral diseases, such as fatty liver, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and even endocrine and immune system damage. In addition, childhood obesity is more likely to cause premature death and disability if adults remain obese in the future. 

Through the above events, we realize that in the process of childhood obesity, the influence of parents on children cannot be ignored. The dangers of childhood obesity are unlimited. Therefore, parents should pay attention to reasonable guidance of children’s living habits to help children develop good living habits. After childbirth, it becomes “mother’s buttocks”. Don’t avoid taking care of your body. You can’t blame others for calling you ugly.

The process of nurturing life is great, but it has to be said that it will also cause certain problems for the female body. Degree of loss. 

Of course, in addition to this, women’s figures will also have some obvious appearance changes due to childbirth, such as the “mother buttocks” that makes the mothers very headache. 

This not only makes the mothers look less “young”, but also affects the proportions of their entire bodies. 

Baoma becomes “mother’s buttocks” in seconds after giving birth. A joke made Bao Ma worry about it.

Xiao Li had a very good figure before she became pregnant. When she went shopping with her girlfriends to buy clothes, she was often praised as “walking clothes rack”. 

However, after pregnancy, in order to allow her baby to get adequate nutrition, Xiaoli is not taboo at all. In this way, during the whole pregnancy, Xiaoli gained 30 pounds. 

Xiaoli thought that as long as she unloaded the cargo smoothly, she would be able to lose weight back to her prenatal appearance. However, what she did not expect was that although the baby was born, the fat she “accumulated” during pregnancy was not at all. No less. Seeing her “big” figure Xiaoli was a little frustrated and disappointed. 

But slowly Xiaoli wants to open “My body is in good shape. After I recover for a period of time, my body will eventually get better!”

So, although Xiaoli had the idea of ​​losing weight for a period of time after childbirth, she developed it during pregnancy. Xiaoli’s appetite for “eating and drinking” quickly puts the idea of ​​weight loss behind. 

When the baby was one year old, Xiaoli and her girlfriends made appointments to go shopping on the street. Seeing her girlfriends constantly trying on clothes, Xiaoli was also a little bit ready to move. 

But when she found her size and happily put it on, she found that her figure was really different from before, especially the changes in her hips. 

At this time, the straight-hearted girlfriend said, “Oh, this is the legendary mother’s buttocks? It looks really old!” Xiaoli felt very uncomfortable after hearing this from her best friend, so she didn’t want to continue shopping. 

After returning home, Xiaoli still had a sorrow about the words of her girlfriends. Although it may be the unintentional thing of her girlfriends, Xiaoli felt that “it is not very harmful and very insulting!”

In this way, Xiaoli stood in front of the full-length mirror for a long time, looking at her so conspicuous “mother buttocks”, she felt very uncomfortable. 

Why are women prone to “mother buttocks” after becoming mothers “? 

1. Accumulate a lot of fat during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers pay more attention to diet in order to allow their babies to get more adequate nutrition. 

So many pregnant mothers are willing to accept some high-calorie, high-fat foods in order to “complement nutrition”. 

And these fats accumulated during pregnancy will not disappear with the delivery of the fetus. They accumulate in Baoma’s abdomen and buttocks. 

2, the pelvis is deformed during delivery “

In order to allow the fetus to be delivered smoothly, the pelvis of the parturient will be “opened”. 

As the connecting hub between the upper body and lower body of the human body, the pelvis that has experienced childbirth will become significantly wider. Therefore, women’s buttocks will look more “larger” in appearance. 

3. The impact of postpartum lactation

After childbirth, women quickly enter the lactation period. During the lactation period, most of the women in order to better breastfeed, they will supplement one Fan, this will make the fat in the buttocks accumulate again. 

Moreover, women spend too much time sitting for a long time after giving birth, which obviously will also have a certain impact on hip shaping. 

In order to avoid mothers’ hips, women should do it after delivery What are the few things? 

1. Adjust eating habits.

After giving birth, mothers must adjust their diets, especially those who need to avoid food. For example, for some too greasy foods, mothers Be sure to stay away. 

Because this will not only cause fat accumulation, but also affect the milk. 

In addition, in terms of dining habits, pregnant mothers are best to eat 70% to 80% full, and slowly adjust the food intake during pregnancy. 

2. Pay attention to body management

After childbirth, mothers can do some exercises that are helpful for shaping. This will not only allow mothers to recover their body faster, but also Help the mothers adjust their nervous and anxious emotional state. 

Relatively speaking, yoga games are more suitable for pregnant women to try, and some shaping training that helps pelvic floor recovery is also very suitable. 

3. Change unhealthy living habits


For example, after childbirth, mothers try not to sit for a long time. This not only makes the lower back feel pressure, but also is not conducive to hip shaping. 

For example, when sitting, pregnant mothers try not to cross their legs and keep their waist and abdomen straight. The adjustment of the sitting posture can also help shape the hips. 

After half a year after giving birth, women will enter a critical period of body shaping, so mothers must seize this time to make dietary adjustments and body management. Women can still very beautiful! Da Bao coaxed Er Bao to sleep. Mom opened the quilt and laughed. Bao Da: Fortunately, the two sisters have a good relationship.

Some parents have a headache when they talk about asking Er Bao, because they always think about it. After having the second treasure, the big treasure and the second treasure can’t live in peace. There are always conflicts between the big treasure and the second treasure. Thinking of these, many parents give up the idea of ​​having a second child. But sometimes the relationship between Dabao and Erbao is not as bad as the parents thought. In fact, as long as the parents find the right way to deal with the relationship between Dabao and Erbao, Dabao can really love each other with Erbao. 

The age difference between the big treasure and the second treasure More than 2 years old, in fact, the age difference between Dabao and Erbao is 2 years old, which is the most difficult to bring. Because at this time Dabao is also the time when parents are most in need of company, the arrival of Erbao at this time will distract parents from spending time with Dabao, so sometimes Dabao is always difficult and unfriendly to Erbao. 

One day, Xiaoan coaxed Dabao and Erbao to sleep. Maybe Xiaoan was too tired, so she coaxed herself to sleep. I don’t know when, Xiaoan woke up. Opening her eyes, Xiao An saw that Dabao was following his own way, coaxing Erbao to sleep! 

At that time, Xiaoan felt that the scene before her was both warm and funny. What was warm was the feeling that Dabao coaxed the second treasure. Sometimes, Dabao could also take care of the second treasure and get along well with the second treasure. The ridiculous thing is that the second treasure that Dabao really coaxed was only a raised quilt. There was no second treasure in the quilt. The second treasure was sleeping next to the quilt, Zhengxiang. 

Although it is a simple scene, but Xiao An felt special warmth in her heart for an instant. Seeing Dabao’s scene, Xiao An was relieved. At least in the future these two children will be able to help and support each other when they grow up. 

The reason why Dabao and Erbao can’t get along with each other is related to the children’s own reasons.

1. Parents’ preference

Generally, after having the two treasures at home, parents I always prefer the little treasure at home. I always feel that the second treasure is relatively small, and everything has to be left to the second treasure. Therefore, the parents will love the big treasure less and prefer the second treasure. It was this kind of preference of the parents that made Dabao psychologically imbalanced. He felt that it was because of Erbao’s birth that he would do this, so Dabao pointed all the fingers at Erbao. 

2. Parental distrust

The bad relationship between Dabao and Erbao has something to do with the distrust of the parents. Because from the bottom of the parents’ hearts, they don’t believe that Dabao will be good to Erbao, that Dabao can like Erbao, or that Dabao will take care of Erbao. The parents’ distrust of Dabao has led to various constraints and restrictions on Dabao’s behavior. If the big treasure is not released, he will naturally attack the second treasure. 

3. Parents’ neglect

After having the second treasure at home, the focus of parents basically began to shift, and some parents not only shifted their focus, but also Kind of neglect, turning a blind eye to some things about Dabao. This ignorance of the parents stimulated Dabao’s inner desire. If Dabao wants parents to pay attention to himself, he must make a little movement, so there is a contradiction between Dabao and Erbao in the eyes of parents. 

Parents want to be between the big treasure and the second treasure Get along well. When two babies have conflicts, the way parents handle them is especially important. 

You are facing two baby problems, how should parents deal with it? 

1. Take care of Dabao’s emotions first

In fact, sometimes there are problems with Dabao and Erbao. Parents instinctively choose to protect the weak, so sometimes whether it is Dabao’s fault or not, but in the end the critics are always It’s Dabao. This will only make Dabao’s psychology more unbalanced, and Dabao’s resentment towards Erbao will become heavier and heavier. In fact, when two babies have conflicts, parents must first take care of Dabao’s emotions. As long as Dabao’s problems are resolved and Dabao’s emotions are eased, Dabao will not turn his anger on the second treasure. In fact, he is protecting the second treasure in disguise. 

2. No interference or participation

When two children have problems, if the parents really don’t have a better way to deal with it, then the parents had better choose not to interfere and not participate, and let the children solve it by themselves. At least in the process, the children will not feel that the parents are deliberately biased. Who. Instead, parents let the child solve it by himself, which can exercise the child’s ability to solve problems and enhance the relationship between the two babies. 

3. Fairness and justice

When children encounter problems, parents should not mix their own feelings in it. Parents should be fair and just, just to discuss matters, regardless of The size of the child must be treated equally as long as there is an error. The more fair the parents, the closer the relationship between the children. 

In fact, sometimes now Dabao’s perspective is considered , I can’t blame Dabao for being hostile to Erbao, because for no reason there is one more person who shares his parents, food, and toys with him. Anyone may not accept it. However, as long as parents give Dabao enough security and enough time for Dabao, I believe Dabao and Erbao will get along well.

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