Do you have to avoid the child in a fight? There is no need to avoid the two situations, so that the baby can learn to resolve the contradiction correctly

Do you have to avoid the child in a fight? There is no need to avoid the two situations, so that the baby can learn to resolve contradictions correctly

The unsatisfactory things in life are nine out of ten, so in daily life, quarrels between husband and wife are inevitable. 

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As we all know, parental quarrels will be to a certain extent. It affects their children, so many parents choose to avoid quarreling in front of their children, but is this really correct? 

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Xiaomeng is 8 years old this year. She is usually docile and well-behaved. She gives a good impression, but she is a bit shy, so she rarely takes the initiative to see her Playing with the classmates, only occasionally laughing with the children in her seat. 

But once, she had a conflict with a child. In fact, the teacher had already understood the whole story and the reason. In order to see the child’s processing ability, she first observed it. 

Who knows that Xiaomeng swept away the image of being well-behaved and gentle before, and he was very excited, and even wanted to push the kid. The teacher saw that the situation was not good, so he quickly separated the children. 

Through the teacher’s patient guidance, the kid readily apologized to Xiaomeng, but Xiaomeng said: “I don’t think it’s a big deal, so I just quarreled and apologized?”

Finally, I learned from the teacher that when Xiaomeng’s parents were about to quarrel, they would worry about affecting her and let her stay in the room. Then the two of them quarreled unhappily, and they didn’t know why they quarreled afterwards. I don’t know how to reconcile, as if they can “self-heal” each other. 

It can be seen from the above cases that when parents are quarreling, completely avoiding it, then it is difficult for the child to know how to deal with the conflict, and even feel that the conflict will disappear naturally, which will not be conducive to the treatment of the baby’s interpersonal relationship. 

Should parents avoid their children when they quarrel? 

Quarrel itself is not a bad thing, it is just a kind of conflict, which originates from the disagreement between people, because it is impossible for one person to think the same as another person all the time. 

Children will also face these problems when they grow up. The family belongs to a miniature society. Instead of deliberately pretending to be perfect, it is better to let the baby see the things themselves. The way parents deal with problems will also lay the foundation for children to solve problems in the future. 

Of course, not all quarrels of parents can be carried out in front of the children. The divorce has already been involved in the quarrel; the words and deeds are relatively vulgar; the emotions are too agitated, and they want to smash things or fight, etc. , These situations are best not to appear in front of the baby, so as not to bring them psychological harm. 

In addition to the above-mentioned situations, these situations do not have to avoid the children

1, the cold war

If parents pretend to be okay in front of their children after a dispute, create a kind of non-arguing Fake appearance, or just leave without joy, wait to see each other, and do not talk. Parents think that this kind of quarrel can minimize the harm to their children, but they don’t know that it hurts them even more. Big. 

For a long time, children have not learned how to deal with negative emotions or conflicts from their parents. It is very likely that when they have conflicts with others when they grow up, they will also choose to avoid problems and avoid conflicts. Treated as a wrong and unacceptable thing, or even split a relationship. 

2. Contradictions and disputes

When parents have conflicts and disputes, they completely avoid their children, which will lead to children not understanding the reasons, processes, and how to reconcile their parents’ quarrels. Not only will the baby not be able to learn how to deal with conflicts and disputes, but will leave suspicion in the heart, and the sense of security will also be reduced. 

Parents shouldn’t think that their children don’t understand anything when they are young. In fact, babies are the most sensitive, but because they don’t know the reasons, they are likely to show their own image. 

Therefore, it is recommended that if the quarrel is not very fierce, parents are only purely discussing the matter, do not deliberately avoid the baby, let them understand the process; but if it is a more serious dispute, parents can also Choose where it is suitable to do a good job of comforting your children and tell them something. 

To sum up, if the parent’s quarrel is purely a disagreement of opinion, choose the way of negotiation to alleviate the conflict. At this time, the baby can watch the battle, so that the child can learn to communicate. Way to deal with contradictions, not other ways. 

Parents often quarrel and do not deal with the impact on their children

1. Lack of security

If the parent’s normality is too intense, and the above-mentioned situations occur, and the parent does not deal with it properly, it is likely to be Let the child feel that his father and mother will be separated, and he will feel whether he is leaving his father or mother. Over time, his psychological security will be lost, and he will become very sensitive to emotions when he grows up. 

2. Personality “deficiencies”

If a child is in an environment where his parents quarrel for a long time, his psychology will easily breed inferiority complex, fear, and even fear. Time is like this, it is very likely to leave a trauma in a person’s heart and become a character defect that accompanies them throughout their lives. 

3. Influence the future view of marriage

If parents often quarrel, causing family disharmony, it is likely to have a certain impact on the child’s life when he grows up, causing him to suffer from a certain degree of marital phobia. Even if you are married, you still want to divorce.  In four cases, the fetus is prone to umbilical cord Around the neck, do four small things to help your baby get around it

It is very common for the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck during pregnancy. According to the current data, it accounts for about 20% to 25% of the total number of deliveries. 

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Mothers have a lot to pay attention to during pregnancy Wherever possible, you should be very careful in your actions to avoid harm to yourself and your fetus. 

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What is the umbilical cord around the neck

Mainly refers to the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of the fetus, which is a common umbilical cord abnormality. It is also a kind of umbilical cord winding, accounting for 90% of the total umbilical cord winding. 

Our common situation is usually around the neck one week, some in two weeks, and rare in three weeks. Research shows that it is about 0.2%. 

The umbilical cord can be wound very loosely or very tightly. If it is too tight, the umbilical cord of the fetus will be pulled, affecting and obstructing the blood circulation of the fetus, causing fetal hypoxia. In severe cases, it may be life-threatening. 

Generally speaking, there is no need for treatment. You only need to check on time to ensure the baby’s health. Once there is a problem, you need to terminate the pregnancy in time. 

The performance of the umbilical cord around the neck and Impact

Many pregnant women do not fully understand what is the umbilical cord around the neck, let alone the harm. Umbilical cord around the neck is a kind of high-risk pregnancy, which changes according to different conditions in the abdomen, so it can cause breathing difficulties in the womb at any time. 

In many cases, the umbilical cord will wrap around the neck during delivery, and the incidence is relatively high. However, if there are multiple entanglements in the third trimester, the baby is also likely to be too short and tightly wound due to the umbilical cord. Due to the metabolism of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the fetus, the fetus will have a slower heart rate or even hypoxia. 

Generally, the umbilical cord is not around the neck It is recommended to have a normal delivery, because the position of the fetus gradually decreases with the downward pull of the large cervix. As the fetus descends, the umbilical cord will be gradually tightened, and the baby will be easily strangled. 

In the four cases, the umbilical cord is prone to wrap around the neck

1. The umbilical cord is too long. This is mainly determined by the development of the fetus, and is the main factor that causes the umbilical cord to be entangled. Generally, the length of the umbilical cord of pregnant women during full-term birth is 30~100cm, and the average length is 55cm. If the umbilical cord exceeds 100cm, it means that the umbilical cord is too long. The longer, the higher the probability of occurrence. 

2, excessive amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is the baby’s life water, too much or too little is not good, too much amniotic fluid will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck. 

3. Frequent fetal movement. Frequent fetal movement is also an important reason for the umbilical cord around the neck. The more frequent the fetal movement, the greater the chance. 

4. The fetus is too small. The smaller the fetus, the longer the relative length of the umbilical cord. Naturally, the umbilical cord may wrap around the neck. 

Doing the following four things can often help the baby to get around it

It is very common for the fetal umbilical cord to wrap around the neck. In fact, doing these things can effectively reduce this The probability of the situation, help the baby to avoid it:

1. The diet should be based on balanced nutrition, avoid some spicy and irritating foods, and foods that are not fully cooked and easily cause allergies. Should be avoided. 

2. Exercise should be moderate. Generally speaking, some mild exercises are good for pregnant women and fetuses, but some strenuous exercises should be avoided. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of exercise. . 

3. When prenatal education should be Choose soft and sweet music, avoid some music that is too noisy and rhythmic, and the time for each prenatal education should not be too long. 

4. Don’t touch your belly with your hands. Many mothers often like to touch their belly with their hands during pregnancy, but random touching is not advisable. Because the fetus is likely to move with the position of the mother’s hand, it is easy to get around the neck. 

Mom should move in one direction when stroking her belly. This not only prevents the umbilical cord from wrapping around the neck, but also comforts the fetus to a certain extent. 

What to do if the umbilical cord is around the neck ? 

1. The first thing is to reduce body vibration, try to keep your body stable, and don’t do some strenuous exercise. Although pregnant women can freely choose their sleeping position in many cases, once this happens, it is recommended to sleep on the left side. 

2. The number of fetal movements should be recorded every day. If there is a significant difference between the number of fetal movements and usual times, then you should go to the hospital for inspection in time to understand the situation and take corresponding measures according to the doctor’s instructions. 

3. The umbilical cord appears around the neck After the circumstance, in order to prevent the risk of childbirth, the doctor usually recommends a cesarean section, of course, if there is no obvious fetal distress, you can also choose a normal delivery. 

But no matter which method is used, pregnant mothers should follow the doctor’s arrangements and cannot forcefully insist on their own ideas. 

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The umbilical cord around the neck is a common symptom. Pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much. They only need to observe the above points to avoid it. Once this happens, there is no need to worry, as long as you strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, you will be able to give birth smoothly. 

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