“Do parents have a pension?” Young people have a new standard for blind dates, and it’s not easy for parents this year

“Do parents have a pension?” There is a new standard for young people’s blind dates. It’s not easy for parents this year.

I have heard such a saying that a rich family background is the result of the joint efforts of several generations. Got it. 

Especially some well-off families, in addition to relying on hard work and wisdom to earn, they also rely on frugality to accumulate. So no one’s gains come from nothing. 

In order to make a family more sustainable, “male elders should be married, female elders should be married” has become an important matter for men and women of the right age. Therefore, when young people have reached a certain age and have no marriage partner, the family becomes anxious, so various blind date activities will be arranged. 

“Do both your parents have a pension?” Now Young people have new standards for blind dates.

After graduating from graduate school, Xiao Wang has a stable, decent and well-paid job. After graduating for many years, he bought a small two-bedroom house with a loan in the city with his own efforts, and also bought it. a car. 

Because Xiao Wang is from the countryside, his parents are peasants, and he is the only child in the family. Considering his bad conditions, Xiao Wang never dare to meet a girl he likes before. Confession. 

Now, Xiao Wang’s family and friends are all anxious for him, so enthusiastic friends around Xiao Wang look for opportunities to introduce him. 

But Xiao Wang has a few girls in a row , None of the talks were successful. Friends and family members are not only wondering, but Xiao Wang’s conditions are good, how could he be so “disgusted”? 

As a result, Xiao Wang smiled bitterly and said that when he met a girl on a blind date, he would always ask the same question: “Do your parents have a pension?” When Xiao Wang said no, the girl will no longer be I have contacted Xiao Wang, and it seems that now that parents have pensions have become the standard for starting a family. 

Netizens have different opinions on blind dates asking about “retirement”

Xiao Wang’s experience is not accidental. Different netizens have different opinions when asking about pensions during a blind date. 

Netizen Blue Cat: Everyone is strange anyway People, since they are all on a blind date, the parent’s pension itself should be asked clearly in advance. You can’t regret it just because you get along well with each other and find out the shortcomings when you get married. 

Netizen Zifeng: Blind date and marriage are both a matter of fate. If two people think it’s suitable, it’s not a problem whether the parents have a pension; if two people think it’s inappropriate, even if the parents have a pension, they won’t be there. “Bonus” in the relationship. 

Netizen Suzhou Yu: Today’s young people are too realistic. They are looking for husbands (wifes), not “purses”. It is not easy for parents this year. They have worked so hard to raise their children. , Getting old, getting old, and being rejected for not having a pension. 

Not young people are too young on the issue of pensions Reality

It is said that after a house, a car, and a deposit, young people nowadays also attach great importance to whether their parents have a pension or not. But in fact, it’s not that young people in this class are too realistic. They also have their own difficulties. . 

▼Having a pension means that the burden on the children’s shoulders is reduced a lot

I have a friend by my side, and neither of the four parents has a pension. 

At first, the young couple felt nothing, but as their parents grew older, their worries gradually became apparent. First, the boy’s father fell ill and spent more than 20,000 in the hospital. Later, the girl’s mother got a serious illness, and the operation and other expenses cost more than 100,000. 

For an ordinary family, this is Not a small expenditure. Therefore, the heavy family burden has to make children start to consider the issue of pensions. 

▼Retirement means that the elderly can have a little planning for their own old age

The elderly have no protection in their old age, and the need to “gnaw their children” for the elderly does not only appear in the plot of TV dramas, but also in real life. It is also often staged in China. 

The elderly with pension means that they have a living security and can live a life they like, and some even “support” their young children. 

Actually, marriage not only requires the husband and wife to maintain together, but both parents must work together.

It is said that a good marriage not only means two people simply live together, but also two families. The process of mutual integration. 

After the young children get married, they not only form their own small family, but also face the trivialities of life every day, as well as the parents of both sides. They will eventually face the problems of birth, old age, sickness and death. If they can alleviate some stress, a good thing. 

In addition, young people need to bear the family In addition to their responsibilities, they can also plan ahead for the parents’ old-age care and maintain the harmony of the family. 

At the end, there is something to say:

Although pension is important, it can’t bring happiness, happiness and peace. 

People often say, “Before getting married, keep your eyes open, and close your eyes after getting married.” Whether it’s marriage or family, or even the relationship between family members, they all depend on each other’s intentions. If you only focus on the immediate benefit, I am afraid that you will lose sight of the other. The “killer” of the baby’s eyesight hides these small details. There are not a few mothers who have been recruited.

After the baby is born safely, the whole family is very happy. They like to hug and touch him frequently. Laughing, crying, and making trouble are a kind of happiness in the eyes of the whole family. But the baby is very immature in all aspects of physical development, so family members must be careful when taking care of them. Especially, the vision of the newborn baby is very weak, and it takes about 6-8 months to develop to be like an adult. Therefore, parents must be careful not to do things that harm the baby’s eyesight. The following 4 things that endanger your baby’s eyesight have already been “blacklisted” by doctors, so don’t do it again! 

Take pictures with flash

Taking photos and sharing in Moments has become a popular way of posting babies in Moments, and there is nothing wrong with this way of posting babies. But mothers must make sure that the flash is off when taking pictures of the baby. Regardless of the small lamp holder of the mobile phone, the brightness is very dazzling. This is undoubtedly a hazard to babies whose eyesight is developing. If the use of flashlights for a long time causes irreversible damage to the baby’s eyesight, it will be too late to regret being a parent. It is recommended that mothers try to choose a place with good light during the day when taking pictures, so that there is no need to use flash lights! 

Baby in the sun

Don’t look at the baby’s petite body, but with a strong metabolism, the growth rate can be said to be the same every day! Therefore, the demand for nutrients such as calcium is also high. Many mothers take their babies to bask in the sun when they are free to supplement calcium. Exposing the sun to promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the baby’s body and speed up the absorption of calcium, but be sure to avoid strong sunlight. The eyesight of a baby is very fragile, and it is very dangerous to be exposed to strong light for a long time. It is recommended that mothers take the baby out to enjoy the sun in the morning or evening when the sun is mild. 

Bath and open Yuba

Summer is okay, the weather is relatively hot, it is not easy to catch cold when bathing your baby. However, in the spring, autumn and winter, the temperature changes greatly, and many mothers will open all the bath heaters in the bathroom when they bathe their babies. The light source of Yuba is mainly infrared light, which is very strong, but the cornea and conjunctiva of the baby’s eye are very fragile, which can easily cause burns. Therefore, give your baby a bath and try to use less bath heaters. If you are worried about him getting cold in the bath, you can put a heating device indoors and keep it at room temperature! 

Show your baby the phone

< p>The baby loves to cry and make noises. He doesn’t need to do anything at home, but he can make his mother unable to do anything. Isn’t it very real? Therefore, some mothers simply play some cartoons on their mobile phones and let their babies watch them in bed. The mobile phone screen will release a certain amount of blue light, which will stimulate the baby’s fragile eyes for a long time, which will bring potential hazards to the eyes, such as affecting future vision. If you want to comfort your baby and do other things with peace of mind, mothers may wish to prepare some interesting toys to attract the baby, which is much safer than looking at the mobile phone. 

Baby’s eyesight is very fragile, and damage may occur once it occurs It will be permanent and irreversible, so mother must pay more attention to his eyesight and avoid these 4 things above! Children suffer from “soft violence” in kindergarten. There are three obvious manifestations that the teacher will not say, but parents should understand.

For the term violence, parents will think of school violence, that is, the child is bullied by others and physically Hurt. But there is such a kind of violence that is often overlooked by people. It is soft violence. It hurts the child’s psychology, and the psychological harm it brings to the child is no less than the harm caused by physical violence. 

When the child talks about going to school, he is emotionally disturbed. Bao’s mother’s approach It is worth learning

Wu Wu is in the middle class of kindergarten. When he was in the small class, he didn’t resist going to kindergarten. But since he started the kindergarten middle school, he is not used to it. Every time his mother said that he would take him to kindergarten, he would cry loudly. Wu Wu’s mother really didn’t understand: Why did Wu Wu feel good when he went to the small class, so he had emotions in the middle class? 

Especially recently, as long as his mother mentioned sending him to kindergarten, he would be emotionally disturbed and his expression looked scared. He cried and said to his mother: “Mom, can I not go to kindergarten anymore? I will listen to you obediently at home and don’t make trouble. Please, I really don’t want to go to kindergarten anymore.” Normal parents hear children say this. , Either will scold the child or send the child to the kindergarten forcibly. 

When the child mentions going to school, he is emotionally disturbed. What mom will do next is worth learning. Wu Wu’s mother felt that the child’s emotions were not right. After calming the child, she communicated with the child, only to find out: Two new classmates came to Wu Wu’s class, and these two new classmates always bullied him. 

Mom gave her son a hug and told her son: “Son, you are the best, because these classmates are not good, so mom will tell the teacher, let the teacher educate them.” So the mother took her son When I arrived at the school, I told the teacher about the situation. After learning about the situation, the teacher educates the two bad students and asks them to apologize to Wu Wu. Since then, Wu Wu has no resistance to going to school. 

What is soft violence? 

According to Li Meijin, a parenting expert, soft violence means that children are attacked by other people’s language. Children who practice soft violence against others generally have low moral standards. Their words and deeds will be more powerful, and their language will be full of lethality. Such behavior will bring critical blows to the child’s mind. 

School violence can also be divided into soft violence and hard violence. Soft violence is a type of school violence. What is soft violence? Soft violence means that a child suffers verbal insults, ridicule, slander, etc. at school by his classmates. The child does not know how to resist, and at the same time the child will be excluded and isolated by others. 

Because of the restriction of identity, the teacher can only preach to these children who have soft violence to others. Although soft violence is not like hard violence, it can hurt the child’s body, but it can also hurt the child’s soul. The damage this brings to the children’s mind is no less than the damage caused by hard violence. 

When children experience soft violence in school Because children have nowhere to ask for help, they have to choose to escape and face it. They will become tired of school because of soft violence. Children will even become inferior due to this, and feel that they are not good enough, and they will suffer soft violence. 

If a child suffers soft violence in kindergarten, there will be these three obvious manifestations. Normally, the teacher will not say it, but the parents must understand. Parents should pay more attention to their children. These three manifestations are that the children are calling for help from the parents. 

The baby suffers “soft violence” in kindergarten. There are three obvious manifestations that the teacher will not say, but parents must understand

1. Suddenly do not want to go to school

If the child is used to it at first Going to school, there is no bad mood when going to school, but the child suddenly doesn’t want to go to school, and is very resistant to going to school. At this time, parents should not force their children to go to school, because children may experience soft violence in kindergarten. Parents must first communicate with their children, understand the situation, and then communicate with their children’s teachers to solve the problem for their children. 

2, children often lose things

If the parents buy new pens, toys, workbooks, hair clips, etc. for their children, they will lose them after they arrive in kindergarten. Parents ask their children, the children will only cry and say to the parents: “It’s gone.” The children often lose things. At this time, the parents should not rush to blame the children, because the children may be suffering from soft violence in school. Parents should stabilize their emotions and communicate with their children well. Only after understanding the situation can they actively solve problems for their children and reduce the negative impact of soft violence on their children. 

3. It is disgusting to mention teachers or classmates.

In general, if a parent mentions his teacher or child in kindergarten to his child, the child will happily introduce him to the parent. Which teacher and which children the kindergarten likes most. 

But if parents and children mention the teacher or When students are classmates, children will be very disgusted with such problems, which shows that children are suffering from soft violence and parents should pay attention to it. 

Parents need to understand the reasons, and give their children confidence and let them have confidence, so that they will bravely face soft violence and say “no” to soft violence. 

If a child suffers “soft violence” in kindergarten, there will be these three obvious manifestations. The teacher will not say it, but the parents must understand. Parents should pay more attention to their children, interact and communicate more with them, and build up their self-confidence. When they find problems, they must communicate with the teacher in time to solve the problems for their children. 

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