Do babies need to stop “sleeping”? If it is more than a certain month old, parents please do not interfere too much

Do babies need to stop “sleeping”? If it is more than a certain month old, please don’t interfere too much.

There are data showing that when babies sleep on their stomachs, the efficiency of breathing will be improved, and the oxygen content of hemoglobin will increase by 5%~10% compared to sleeping on the back . 

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When parents take their children, they will find many When a baby sleeps, he likes to adopt a sleeping position on his stomach. Even if he is adjusted to sleep on his back, it will not take long for him to go on his stomach again. 

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Is it okay for the baby to “sleep on the stomach”, do parents need to stop it? 

Because of the occurrence of “sleeping and suffocation” incidents from time to time, many moms and dads are very worried that they are afraid that their babies will threaten their lives when they sleep on their stomachs. 

Actually, for babies “sleeping on the stomach”, many experts advise that babies should try their best to avoid them within 3 months to avoid accidents. 

After investigation, the American Academy of Pediatrics found that the probability of infants with apnoea syndrome is between 0.06% and 3%, and almost all accidents occur when the baby is in the process of sleeping and is 2 to 3 months old. Old age is the month age with the highest chance of occurrence. 

This is because the neck bones of babies within 3 months of age are relatively soft. Sleeping on the stomach may cause the neck to be twisted and cause poor breathing. 

Medically, it is speculated that sleeping on the stomach will limit the diffusion of the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, causing the baby to inhale the exhaled carbon dioxide again, which will easily cause the brain to be in a hypoxic state, and the auditory arousal value will increase. It is also difficult when breathing is difficult. Awakening voluntarily, it eventually caused suffocation. 

Therefore, if the baby is less than 3 months old, parents are advised to intervene in time to avoid accidents. 

After the baby reaches 3 months, his head and neck strength has been developed, and he has gradually learned to stand over, and has a certain degree of self-protection ability. Therefore, parents can observe when the baby sleeps on the stomach, if If there is no danger, there is no need to intervene to adjust their sleeping posture, so as not to affect the baby’s sleep quality. 

Baby sleeping

1. Habits survived during pregnancy

Because during pregnancy, when the baby is still a fetus, the “sleeping” posture is often used in the mother’s womb, especially in the third trimester. The increase in volume leads to a smaller space for activities, so they can only maintain a curled posture with “abdomen facing inward and back facing outward”. 

Then after the baby is born, they will also maintain the habit of sleeping in this way, feeling that this will enable them to sleep more soundly. 

In addition, this sleeping position is also a way for them to protect themselves. It can make them feel safe during pregnancy and after birth. 

2. The temperature during sleep is not suitable

If the temperature during sleep is not suitable, then the baby will like to turn over and over again during sleep, looking for a suitable sleeping position, and finally You may choose to sleep on your stomach, because this can reduce the body’s heat dissipation to a certain extent and maintain sufficient heat for the body to prevent cold. 

Therefore, when the baby is sleeping on the stomach, you can also check the temperature around the baby. If the temperature is low, you can add some quilts to avoid catching a cold. 

Baby sleeping

1. Improve sleep quality

Foreign scientists have followed up and investigated the sleeping posture of healthy babies and found that babies who sleep on their stomachs sleep longer and have higher sleep quality , And the number and time of waking up are relatively small. 

The reason is speculated that when sleeping on the stomach, the light and sound stimuli received by the baby will be relatively reduced, which will be conducive to sleep. 

2. Relieve gastrointestinal discomfort

For babies of two or three months, flatulence is likely to occur. If you can sleep on your stomach for a while, you can properly relieve the physical Discomfort, reduce pain. 

In addition, sleeping on the stomach can also help prevent the occurrence of spitting up and spitting up milk. For babies, if they burp improperly or eat too much after eating, they will spit up and spit up milk, and sleep on their backs may occur. There is a danger of suffocation, and there is no such worry about sleeping on your stomach. 

3. Strengthen the baby’s physical fitness

Data shows that the baby’s breathing efficiency will be improved when the baby sleeps on his stomach, and the oxygen content of hemoglobin will be higher than that of sleeping on the back. Posture increased by 5%~10%. 

In addition, when sleeping on the stomach, the rib cage will be compressed, and the reaction force of the bed can promote the development of the heart and lungs to a certain extent. 

Therefore, babies sleeping on their stomachs can enhance their physical fitness to a certain extent and reduce respiratory infections.  Experts frankly say: There are several kinds of fruits that may contain “Parasites”, I rarely let my children eat

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Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Material and water are very important to the development of the human body. Many doctors and nutritionists always eat more fruits in their diet recommendations for children. 

Although it is rich in nutrients, it needs to be cleaned up and eaten correctly, otherwise it will affect the child’s body. 


Xiao Na bought some mangoes to go home a few days ago. Her daughter who was about three years old was so happy that she couldn’t stop eating her hands and face covered with juice. Xiaona wanted to tell the child that eating too many mangoes would be easy to get angry, but when she saw that she liked it so much, she let her go. 

The pictures in this article are all from the network , The pictures and texts are irrelevant

But after eating for a while, the daughter began to say uncomfortable, feeling very itchy on her face, and she couldn’t stop it with her hands. Xiaona saw her scratching her face. It broke, grabbed her hand distressedly, and wiped her face with a hot towel. 

Not only did she not get better, her mouth gradually swelled up, and some small bumps appeared on her face. Xiaona was so scared that she hurriedly took the child to the hospital. The doctor said that she should be allergic to mangoes. The blood was drawn again by infusion, and it took a long time to relieve the itching. 

Indeed, because mangoes contain irritating substances such as fruit acids and amino acids, the skin of the child’s face is relatively weak, and it is prone to adverse reactions after getting too much mango juice, so it is best not to let the child eat more. 

In fact, in addition to foods like mangoes that are easy to cause children’s allergies, experts frankly said: There are also some fruits that often contain a lot of “parasites”, and I generally rarely let my children eat–

< p>1. Water chestnuts

Winter is also the season to eat water chestnuts. Although its skin is difficult to remove, it cannot stop those who like it. Water chestnut has the function of relieving cough and reducing phlegm. Many parents also like to buy it for their children, but few people know that this fruit may contain parasites. 

The larvae of ginger worms are adsorbed on water chestnuts, lotus roots and other aquatic plants. After eating on the child’s stomach, they may cause intestinal problems, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. 

2 Figs

Figs are a very interesting fruit. Its flowers grow in the fruit. The pistils and stamens inside can grow into a mature fruit after pollination. But the flesh of the figs we eat is Developed from flowers. 

This kind of fruit is rich in nutrients, tastes good, has no pit, and is easy to eat. So many parents let their children eat, but children may eat bugs into their stomachs and cause intestines if they are not careful. Unwell. 

Because the fig flower grows in it, it needs a small bee, the ficus bee, which drills from the crack at the top to the inside to help pollinate, and the ficus bee also depends on the fig to hatch. Offspring. 

So there are always some eggs and bugs left in it. If the child eats a lot, they will probably get it. 

3, cherry

Cherry is rich in nutrients, easy to ripen, juicy, and very sweet fruit that many children and adults like, but people like it, and bugs like it. 

So attentive people will always find white, squirming bugs in the pulp of cherries. Those who are not careful and eat at one bite…

In fact, this kind of worm is the larva of fruit flies. Fruit flies like to lay eggs in this ripe and perishable fruit. They can lay hundreds of them at a time, and they will grow into adults in about 10 days. 

Although many fruit fly larvae can be killed by the body’s gastric acid and become body proteins, some fruit fly egg shells may be acid-resistant and will not be corroded by gastric acid and eat too much pile. In the child’s body, it may cause discomfort. 

And there are fruit flies It also means that its pulp may have rotted, and other bacteria will be formed. It is also bad for children to eat too much. 

4. Bayberry

The flesh of bayberry is exposed, and it is easy to attract all kinds of parasites. Even if many parents do not have the psychological burden for their children to eat, no one can I don’t know what kind of parasites you will encounter. 

In case they can stay in the body, it will have a great impact on the health of the child. 

Therefore, it is very important for children to eat fruit correctly. 

1. Wash the fruits carefully

For some fruits that are prone to parasites, parents need to soak them in brine with a salt content of 10% for about 30 minutes, and then put the brine on the fruits Wash it and give it to the child. 

2, a knife for cutting vegetables Separate from the fruit-cutting knife

The fruit-cutting dish must be separated from the vegetable-cutting knife, especially the knife that handles meat dishes, because there are more parasites on meat, which is more harmful. If their eggs are If you touch the fruit and eat it in your body, there will be serious consequences. 

3. Fruit juice cannot be used instead of fruit

After squeezing the fruit into juice, almost all the dietary fiber and most of the vitamins and minerals in it are destroyed, leaving behind Excess sugar. Children drink fruit juice not only can’t supplement nutrition, it is also harmful to the body. 

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