Disobedient children how to do? In addition to beating and scolding, there are several ways that are more effective, and parents need to learn

Disobedient children how to do? In addition to beating and scolding, there are several methods that are more effective. Parents need to learn

Educating children seems to be a course that every parent should learn. 

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Every child has his own personality, “Dragon begets dragon, phoenix begets phoenix” is not without It is reasonable that many behaviors of parents have a certain impact on children. At the same time, correct education methods are also extremely important. 

So when children are disobedient, what kind of education is most effective? 

Case: Children who grew up under the “beating and scolding” education

Linlin has a pair of very strict parents. Because she is worried that her child will go wrong, so in the process of educating Linlin, If she is dissatisfied, she will scold. Once Linlin talks back, she will do it directly. After a long time, Linlin has become more introverted, she doesn’t dare to have too much contact with classmates, and she has no words with her parents. It can be said. 

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This situation continues until adulthood. Parents thought that when their children grew up, they would understand that their parents were For her own good, but she didn’t expect that when she grew up, Linlin still didn’t like socializing, and she didn’t want to go home. She even wanted to marry a boyfriend from another city, far away from home. 

It can be seen that regular beating and scolding education for children will not only make children unable to experience the warmth of home and the love of their parents, but also make them into the kind of introvert and inferiority person. The child’s growth suffers from all harms but no benefit. 

These kinds of education methods are more effective than beating and scolding.

It seems that it is very common for children to be disobedient. After all, their physical and psychological ages are placed there, and there is no clear concept of right and wrong. Parents’ guidance is needed, but in this process, every parent needs to learn what kind of education method to adopt. 

1. Observe carefully and prescribe the right medicine.

Children are not obedient. On the one hand, they are playful by nature and cannot hold other ideas in their hearts. On the other hand, they are because they are a little older. There are also more and more ideas about the problem. When the parents’ arrangements are completely contrary to what the children want, they will naturally not be obedient. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should carefully observe your child’s every move, and respond in time to prescribe the right medicine. Otherwise, it will not only lead to the child’s “no control”, and the parent-child relationship will become more and more alienated. 

2. Use other forms to replace beating and scolding.

Although many parents know that beating and scolding children is bad behavior, some parents still follow the concept of “filial piety under a stick” , Every time you are dissatisfied with your child, you will criticize, scold, and even do it directly when you are angry. 

In fact, this kind of education will not only suppress the child’s nature, but will also increase the child’s rebellious psychology and produce more serious consequences. 

But if you can use other forms to replace beating and scolding, such as when the child messes up the room, you can choose to let the child clean up, let the child experience the hard work, and realize their own mistakes. 

3. Make good use of rewards instead of punishments

In terms of educating children, rewards are actually more effective than punishment and easier to achieve their goals. 

For example, when a child does not want to do homework, parents can propose a reward mechanism to encourage the child. In this way, it is often easy to promote the child’s initiative. 

If every time a child is disobedient, as a parent, he only knows how to yell or punish him directly. On the contrary, he will lose his interest in learning and even the relationship between the two parties will be far apart. 

4. Make rules

As the saying goes: those who don’t know are fearless. Many children are full of curiosity about the world, want to try everything they haven’t tried before, and can’t distinguish what should be done and what should not be done. 

Therefore, while satisfying children’s curiosity, parents also need to formulate a series of rules so that children have a general understanding of which behaviors are correct and which behaviors are wrong. In this way, you can also make your children obedient. 

5. Control emotions and learn to listen

Actually, in the aspect of educating children, there may be many times when beating and scolding are just because the parents can’t hold their breath and can’t control their own emotions. So if you feel dissatisfied, the first reaction is to blame, beat and scold. 

As a parent, you have a rational thinking mode and you should know how to control your emotions at all times, especially when educating your children, you must always pay attention to your words and deeds. 

The most important thing is that parents should learn to listen to their children and understand the true thoughts of their children, instead of being at the commanding heights from the beginning, making criticisms and accusations. 

4 points that family education should eliminate

Ⅰ. Too harsh and strict

Many parents believe that children should unconditionally obey their own arrangements, otherwise they will develop a lawless personality, but in fact , Parents are too harsh and strict, but will make the child have a strong rebellious psychology. 

The correct approach should be to establish the idea that trust is better than strict, so that children understand the reason their parents do this, and listen to the children’s opinions in time, and learn to discuss everything with the children. 

Ⅱ. Hope that the child will become a dragon, hope that the daughter will become a phoenix

This is the greatest expectation of every parent, so since childhood, they plan a life path for their children, learning music, painting, or learning tennis Wait, all kinds of interest classes continue one after another. Even if the children don’t understand now, they will understand the parents’ hard work in the future. 

But in this process, when children have their own opinions and desire to break through the cage drawn by their parents, it is easy to get into trouble with their parents. 

Therefore, even if it is for the good of the child, while arranging homework and interest classes, the child’s playful nature should not be ignored, and space and time should be reserved for the child. 

Ⅲ. Spoiling children

During the growth period, many parents will use “the child is still young and ignorant” as an excuse to do their best to help their children settle all difficulties. It is easy and pleasant, without any dissatisfaction. 

However, this kind of education method of “contained in the mouth” can actually make children become arrogant. In the future, they will habitually seek help from their parents when encountering difficulties. It is difficult to become that kind of independent person, and it will eventually suffer a big loss. 

Ⅳ. Threatening children

For children, especially children in early childhood, parents are the people they value most, but every time the child is disobedient, some parents like to “threat” the child—— “The disobedient mother doesn’t like you.”

Although this method may be more effective now, but in the long run, it will not only affect the child’s physical and mental health, but also make the child trust his parents. Sense decreased. Return to Sohu to see more

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Many parents bought “poisonous children’s shoes” Many harmful substances exceed the standard, which can cause precocious puberty and damage intelligence.

Many parents have bought the “poisonous children’s shoes”. Many harmful substances exceed the standard, which can cause precocity and damage intelligence.

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At the stage of rapid physical development of children, parents have to change more than a dozen pairs of shoes for them every year. Nowadays, the huge market is also Many unscrupulous merchants have been attracted. 

Some parents who don’t have enough budget and like to buy cheap shoes that are not made by regular manufacturers at street stalls or online will often fall into the trap of businesses. 

Therefore, many parents find that their children have blisters, deformed feet, and gastrointestinal discomfort after wearing new shoes. 

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Long time, it will also cause some subtle changes in the baby’s body that are not easily detectable, and it may be too late when it is discovered. 

Therefore, parents must be careful when choosing shoes for their children. Do not buy the “poisonous shoes” exposed by CCTV. 

CCTV reports chaos in the children’s shoes market For example, many kinds of harmful substances in many shoes exceed the standards.

A report carried out by CCTV shows that there are many shoes in the children’s shoes market that do not meet the standards, and harmful substances such as phthalates and lead exceed the standards. Moreover, the wear resistance and hardness of the shoes are relatively poor. 

Merchants add phthalates, or plasticizers, to shoes, mainly to make shoes more elastic, which caters to the psychology of many parents who like to buy soft shoes. 

But this substance can make children mature prematurely. 

Lead can make many products The color remains bright and bright, and is often added to good-looking children’s shoes. 

Other harmful substances are mainly added to leather shoes, such as formaldehyde, chromium, etc., which can make leather products elastic or used as preservatives, while some leather dyes are in contact with the skin. It produces aromatic amines, which is very harmful to the body. 

Other harmful substances such as heavy metals can damage children’s brains. 

It can be seen that an unqualified children’s shoe produces more harmful substances than parents imagined. 

In addition to harmful substances that can harm the child’s body, children’s shoes with unqualified workmanship will also have a direct negative impact on the development of the baby’s legs. 

For example, deformed toes, calf Bend and so on. 

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose suitable and healthy children’s shoes for children. 

How to choose harmful substances for children Few shoes? 

✔ Smell the smell

Don’t buy shoes that smell pungent, strong, or have peculiar smells. The more complex the smell, the higher the possibility of containing chemicals. 

✔ Look at the color

The content of heavy metals in shoes with bright colors and too harsh may exceed the standard. 

✔ Pinch softness

Shoes that are too soft are not necessarily suitable for the development of children’s feet, and there may be excessive plasticizers. The sole has a certain degree of resilience and the toe You can bend just one-third of the way. 

✔ Buy less leather shoes


If the budget is not enough, don’t buy cheap leather shoes for your children. Leather goods are more likely to exceed the standard of harmful substances. 

✔ Look at the brand and after-sales

Although it is not absolute, the safety of branded shoes may be guaranteed. If there are after-sales, it is best to solve the problem in addition to the problem. And the place of complaint. 

How to choose suitable children for them Shoes with developed feet? 

✔ The size is right

Parents should not buy shoes that are much larger than their children’s feet because they are cheap, or do not replace them in time if the shoes are too small. :

If the shoes are too large, it is easy for children to worry about the shoes falling off, and walk carefully. If there is a problem with the walking posture, their calves are prone to bend. Shoes that are too small may cause their toes to deform. 

It is best to choose a baby longer than their feet One centimeter shoes. 

✔ There is a certain degree of anti-slip force

Parents can slide the shoes on the ground by themselves, and choose the one with moderate anti-slip force. 

The shoes are non-slip, and the child is in danger of falling down at any time. 

Shoes are too non-slip and not good. The baby needs a lot of effort to walk, which is not conducive to the development of the feet. 

✔ The shoe upper absorbs sweat

The bottom and surface of the shoe should preferably be made of sweat-absorbing material, because children’s feet are easy to sweat. If they are too stuffy, they are easy to appear Sweaty feet. 

✔ The shoes are moderately soft and hard< /p>

The heel of the shoes should be about 3~5mm, with a certain degree of resilience, and the forefoot should be thinner. It is better to help them grasp the ground and use the correct walking posture. 

Furthermore, shoes cannot be deformed at will. It is best for parents to quickly restore their original shape after twisting them. 


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