Did the child have poor grades in elementary school? Parents don’t worry, poor students with 4 characteristics have the opportunity to counterattack

Did the child have poor grades in elementary school? Parents, don’t worry, poor students with four characteristics have the opportunity to counterattack

As parents, we all know that it is not easy to successfully develop a child into a good person. 

While choosing the right feeding method to provide good conditions for the growth of the child, it is also an important part to pay attention to the child’s academic performance and cooperate with the teacher to supervise the children’s study. 

So everyone will be very concerned about their children’s academic performance from the first day their children enter the classroom. After all, everyone is looking forward to their baby being a little bit better and better than the other children in the class. 

But not all children can be like Parents grow up as expected. Even when some children just start school, old fathers and old mothers can’t help but ask: “How can children have such poor grades as soon as they go to elementary school?”

Become a poor student in the class

No, Ms. Liu is very worried about this issue. Her son just entered the first grade of elementary school this year, because the children are usually smart and sensible, and Ms. Liu thinks that the first grade curriculum is also It’s relatively simple. She has never worried about her children’s academic performance. She rarely supervises her children’s homework when she comes home at night. 

Because she originally thought that with her son’s ingenuity, she could completely handle the knowledge points she had learned in the first grade. 

What Ms. Liu didn’t expect was, As soon as the final exam results came out, she was invited by the teacher to “drink tea” because her son unexpectedly counted down the exam in the whole class, and when he first entered elementary school, she became the lowest student in the class. 

This made Ms. Liu particularly anxious. She immediately paid attention to her child’s study, supervised her child’s homework every day, and hoped that her child could improve next time in the exam, but at the same time she was also more confused. Children are obviously not stupid than others, so how can they become poor students when they start school? 

This There are several reasons why this kind of examination method is not suitable for the first time in elementary school.

The teaching method and the examination method of elementary school and kindergarten are different, so it takes a time for the children entering elementary school to overstep and adapt to the elementary school examination method, so at the beginning The child’s academic performance may not be very satisfactory, it is because the child is still adapting. 

Limited cognitive abilities, do not understand the questions.

Some children go to school earlier and are younger than other children in the class. Their understanding and cognitive abilities are not as good as other children, and they do not understand the questions during the exam. Meaning, the results will naturally not be very good. 

Going to a public kindergarten can’t keep up with the teacher’s learning progress

Pre-school education is also very important for children’s academic performance. Some children who go to public kindergartens from the beginning have less knowledge reserves than private kindergartens, and they are naturally not as good as they are in elementary school. . But parents are also differently worried. After their children reach the second grade, these preschool gaps will slowly make up for them. 

Playing too hard, it is common to miss the account number in class and not listen to lectures.

Some children have poor academic performance because they are more playful, do not listen well in get out of class, and do not write homework carefully after class, resulting in poor academic performance. 

However, parents should not worry about their children’s poor performance. After all, learning is a “marathon”, and no one can decide whether to win or lose until the end. Some poor students will also wait for a “turnback”. opportunity. 

The “poor students” with these 4 characteristics are inverse Opportunity to become a student leader

Feature 1: Serious learning attitude

Although such a child is not as strong as other students at the beginning, he has a very valuable quality, that is, a serious attitude towards learning. As long as you work hard, your results will get better and better in the future. 

Feature 2: Class concentration is stronger than other students

The key time for teachers to impart knowledge to children is in class, if children’s concentration in class is better than other classmates Sooner or later, the performance will be improved. 

Feature 3: Be careful and consciously Avoid the mistakes you have made.

Sometimes the academic performance is not only based on IQ, but the child’s seriousness and care are also very important. This quality prevents children from losing points that they shouldn’t lose. Past mistakes are rarely made again. 

Feature 4: Interest in literacy

When we accomplish one thing, interest will be our greatest spiritual pillar, which allows us to go more on this road In the long run, children who are interested in literacy tend to be more interested in learning new knowledge than other children, and their results in future studies will tend to be more prominent. 

In general, don’t worry if your child has poor academic performance just in elementary school. It is not difficult to find the right reason, treat it correctly, and help your child to counterattack and become a primary school bully. Bringing my baby back to my hometown during the New Year, the gossip I heard from my relatives and friends is truly real in the world

Although the call is to celebrate the New Year in situ, but fortunately, my work place and my hometown are only less than an hour’s drive away. It belongs to the same city, so I was fortunate to be able to bring the baby back to my hometown for the New Year. We can’t come to visit us with great fanfare. It’s not as lively as usual, but our WeChat family group has always been very active. In the few days I was at home, my housekeeper was able to hear a lot of “gossip” in the group by swiping the phone. 

A few of them gave me a spiritual shock, reflecting human nature, and it can be regarded as real in the world. 

▲Parents and children: the most popular Filial piety, filial piety is held on top of my heart

This is an uncle’s business, and it is what I feel most empathetic to. 

The two sons of the uncle’s family are three years apart. The boss is steady, and the second is clever and clever. The uncle accidentally fell his leg a year ago. The cousin heard that he had not said anything. He had been waiting for two months in the hospital day and night. The uncle went to the toilet with him holding him, and it was all sorts of disgust. , I feel poorly taken care of. As for my cousin, my uncle has only been to the hospital twice in the past two months after the accident. After that, I just sat next to him and played games. My aunt helped him peel the seeds in advance. 

The relatives couldn’t see it. They said a few words about the second child, and the uncle and aunt gave the second child various reasons, “He has a good job and earns a lot of money at work.” “You can’t delay your work.” It is also “He can’t take care of people, and he will have to worry about him when he comes.” Relatives say that these two people are too eccentric. 

To be honest, I feel worthless for my cousin. But at the same time, looking at the surrounding families, there are still many people who have encountered things like cousins. It is strange that in a family, the more filial and sensible, the less respected the parents, and the less filial, but the parents hold their hearts on the cusp. Who caused “filial piety” and “unwelcome”? Is it more filial because you are not treated, just to get the attention of your parents? Or is it because there is no fear of being too spoiled, so I don’t care about my parents, so I don’t care about them? 

Families with many children are most likely to have this The situation is particularly reflected in the care of elderly parents. Take my family as an example, my dad is the least favored of the three brothers, but my grandparents are the only ones willing to raise them in their later years. But even if they live in my house, grandparents are still biased towards their other two sons. Usually when the farmer is busy, he rushes to the youngest son’s house in the same village to help him. When he has dinner, he will go back to my house to eat, and then my dad will take care of him when he gets sick. My uncle and my uncle do not come during the New Year holidays, grandparents will say “They are busy, they can’t be free”. What can we say? 

▲Husband and wife: the man is infertile and can be adopted, the woman Infertility Tie Lie

In the New Year, I also heard that my cousin and my cousin are going to divorce, because my cousin is unable to give birth and has not been cured after two years of treatment. I blurted out at the time, “Can’t you adopt one? My cousin and cousin did not all come here?” My mother said mysteriously, the situation is different. 

It turns out that the cousin’s cousin couldn’t give birth back then, and the responsibility lies with the cousin. The family adopted a child, and the two went on. But now the responsibility for not having children lies with my cousin. My aunt is crying and crying to hug her grandson, and my cousin can’t accept the fact that she can have children but can’t have her own flesh and blood. Only divorce. It’s just that my poor cousin, who is over 30 and will not have children. It is even more difficult to remarry in the countryside. 

In reality, this situation is very common. It is also infertility. If the responsibility lies with the man, the woman can accept adoption. If the responsibility lies with the woman, the chance of the man accepting adoption is extremely small, and the two will eventually divorce. why? 

I think it is related to the man’s more emphasis on “inheritance.” We are a nation that pays more attention to “passing on from generation to generation.” Girls with blood and blood are even despised because they will marry into their husbands in the future, their children and their surnames, let alone adopted children and daughters who are not related by blood. 

Therefore, if the man himself is fertile, he naturally wants a “born child” with his own blood to inherit his surname and family property, so that at least the family can be guaranteed “pure blood.” Therefore, a woman who cannot have children will be divorced. 

▲Between brothers and sisters: parents are not young Contact is equivalent to “weaning” directly

My second grandfather passed away last year, and my second grandma passed away five years ago. Auntie Tang Shutang came to my house this year, and where to go to play after an appointment with my dad. I asked too much, “Aren’t you going to go with your relatives?” The uncle pouted. “My parents are gone. The brothers and sisters have fallen out because of the separation. Who should I contact?”

I heard my grandma say before However, if the older generation is gone, there will be less contact between several children, which is equivalent to “breaking off relatives”, I still don’t believe it. After all, they are blood brothers, how can they say that they don’t contact them if they don’t. But the uncle’s matter is right in front of us, and this situation is most obvious during the Chinese New Year. 

Think about it, just ask for a reunion during the New Year. There are old fathers and old mothers in the family, and the children have to go back to get together no matter how far away, because the parents are there. Once the parents are away, the whole family seems to lose cohesion, and the “soul” disappears.

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