Did the child get a cold from wearing too little? After listening to the professional analysis, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally stopped quarreling

Did the child get a cold from wearing too little? After listening to the professional analysis, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are finally not quarreling

The mother-in-law and Lily have different ideas. He thinks that the child is still young and he is afraid of the cold, so he wears a lot of clothes for the child. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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Said that the child has a cold, this is what every parent is worried about The problem, and most of the reasons for this are thought to be frozen out of cold, but is the truth really the case? 

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Shortly after getting married, Lily and her husband gave birth to a son. Due to high financial pressure, she chose to let her mother-in-law help take care of the children after the maternity leave ended. Take care of yourself. 

But due to the different education methods of the two generations, the son finally fell ill. Lily felt that the child did not need to wear too much clothes, just like an adult, so that he would become active in winter. Easier. 

The mother-in-law and Lily have different ideas. They think the child is young and they are afraid of the cold, so they wear a lot of clothes for the child, but at night Lily feels that her son wears too much clothes, so she drags the baby Finally, it caused a cold and became ill, and then the mother-in-law blamed it because her baby was wearing less clothes and it was frozen out. 

After going to the hospital, the doctor checked and asked about the situation, and finally said that the reason for the cold of the child was that the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law would make the child wear a lot and make the body very hot, and then wear very little and make the body very cold. , So that the internal temperature difference is relatively large, so that after several tossing, the baby will become sick. 

causing the child to catch a cold The real reason is

1. The air in the bedroom is not fresh

The bedroom is a place for rest. If the air inside is not clear and there is no regular circulation, it will easily cause bacteria to grow and cause illness; in addition, the indoor air Humidity will also cause the space not to circulate, and if you are sick, the virus will not disappear, which will cause the baby to get sick frequently. 

2, viral infection

As soon as the spring, autumn and winter seasons arrive, it is the peak period of viral influenza, and the child’s resistance is weaker. 

If someone encounters a cold, they are likely to be infected and sick because of a virus invasion and without a complete resistance system to resist. 

3. Wearing too much

Many parents worry that their children will wear a lot of clothes when they are sick, especially in the cold season, but they actually dress them too much. More, it is likely to cause the baby to get sick more often, and the more serious the sickness will be, and the situation will not continue to be better. On the contrary, those children who don’t wear a lot of clothes when they are cold have relatively fewer sicknesses. 

4. Blowed by the wind after sweating

Children usually have a lot of activity, so they are easy to sweat. If you go to the cold wind at this time, it is likely to cause a cold and catch a cold, so parents play with their babies After sweating, try to wipe off the sweat or change clean clothes before going out to avoid the cold wind. 

How to effectively prevent The child has a cold? 

1. Develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently

Contact is an important way to spread colds and viruses. Therefore, in order to avoid being infected, you need to wash your hands frequently. 

In addition, you can use more hot water for feet, because your feet are closely related to the five internal organs of the human body. Soaking feet can promote blood circulation in the body, thereby regulating the body and preventing colds. effect. 

2, healthy eating

When preparing food for their children, parents should pay attention to preparing fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc., and also pay attention to a light diet, which can not only meet the nutritional needs of the body, but also Can appropriately improve immunity. 

3. Insist on exercising

According to researches, it is found that adhering to an appropriate amount of exercise can not only improve resistance, but also promote the increase of height. 

4. Pay attention to room ventilation

Many parents will reduce the chance of their children going out after the weather is cold. They are afraid of catching a cold. But if you insist on keeping your baby at home, you must Pay attention to the ventilation of the room. If you keep the windows closed and the air does not circulate, it is likely to cause the baby to get sick easily.  The “hardest” parturient is enviable. Get out of bed and walk after delivery, and my husband looks dumbfounded

Having a child is a very physical-consuming thing, requiring quiet cultivation, but some recovering rapidly. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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For women, it’s like walking through a ghost gate, and the hardships can only be understood when they really experience it. Some parturients are very weak after giving birth to a baby. They need to take a good rest before they can get out of bed. Some are like okay people. 

The pictures in this article are all sourced from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

The “most stiff” parturient is on fire. She gets out of bed and walks directly after the delivery.

Recently, a famous parturient has been on fire. She chose the delivery method to be normal delivery. The doctor observed after delivery. After a few hours, after confirming that there was no abnormality in her body, she was ready to be pushed out of the delivery room and sent to the ward. 

But the parturient didn’t feel any serious health problems. She stayed in the delivery bed for too long and felt uncomfortable. She wanted to get out of bed and walk around. With the help of her mother-in-law, she held her belly and got out of the parturient. When she came out, it wasn’t the nurse next to her that no one knew that she had just given birth to her baby. Except for her face, she looked very good in terms of mental appearance and actions. 

From the photo, we can see that the husband next to her was shocked, and the mother-in-law smiled very happily. The expressions of the two people seemed to say: “This woman is awesome, and she is like a okay person after giving birth.”

After seeing this group of photos, netizens all praised that this woman, like a general who had won a battle and returned triumphantly, can be called the “hardest” woman in history. 

After all, most parturients are weaker after giving birth, and their mental state is also very poor. It takes a period of self-cultivation to recover slowly. 

If a parturient has a caesarean section, the nurse will be pushed back to the ward after the baby is born, and the time to get out of bed will be a few days later than the mother who gave birth. 

How long after delivery Is it better to move around the bed? 

1. The sooner the better

For most parturients, whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean section, they should get out of bed as soon as possible. This will not only help the body recover, but also help to urinate. 

Under normal circumstances, doctors generally recommend that women who have given birth should get out of bed 4 to 8 hours after delivery to promote the urinary system and gastrointestinal peristalsis. 

Like the parturients mentioned above, if they have good physical fitness and have not experienced tears or lateral cuts during the normal delivery process, they can also get out of bed after they have confirmed that there is no abnormality after delivery. 

For parturients who have a cesarean section, since there are postoperative scars on the abdomen and uterus, walking too early will cause the scars to be too painful, or the wound will be pulled, so the doctor will recommend 2~3 days after delivery Get out of bed and walk around again. 

2. Consult a doctor according to your physical condition.

Although walking around as early as possible can promote the recovery of the mother’s body after delivery, everyone needs to be based on their physical condition. Make appropriate adjustments. 

Some parturients have excessive physical exertion during the delivery process, or have dystocia, tears, lateral cuts, etc., so they need to take more rest. After their physical strength has recovered, they will consult a doctor before proceeding. When moving around the bed, pay attention to the support of family members to avoid accidents. 

produced by Bao Ma What preparations should be made to make production smoother? 

1. Maintain appropriate amount of activity

Before childbirth, you can maintain an appropriate amount of activity during pregnancy according to your own physical condition. Try to avoid lying in bed all day long, especially during the third trimester. Conducive to shorten the labor process, but also make the delivery more smoothly. 

According to a follow-up investigation by experts, it is found that pregnant mothers who exercise frequently during pregnancy have a much shorter delivery process during pregnancy than those who hardly exercise, and the delivery process is more smooth. 

2. Keep a happy mood

For pregnant mothers, keep a good attitude and walk into the operating room with a smile to welcome the baby’s arrival, which can help the birth After all, a good mood can bring about all good things. 

3. Try to accompany the people you want to see by the pregnant woman.

Before giving birth, all the people you want to see with the pregnant mother will stay with her as much as possible. This can give her comfort and cheer for her. After all, she is the most Only by staying with the closest and most trustworthy people can you feel more at ease. 

After coming out of the delivery room, still being able to see these people will make the mother very happy. 

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