Daughter like dad? What characteristics of the father will be passed on to the daughter?

Daughter like dad? What characteristics of the father will be passed on to the daughter? 

I was shocked when I first saw the photo of the little girl from Shenyang. I knew that my little face was carved out of the same mold as my dad, especially It’s those eyes. What is alive is a reduced version of Xiao Shenyang. It has to make people feel that Dad’s genes are really powerful. 

Some time ago, my old classmate in the classmate group posted a 2-year-old photo of her daughter. Although she is a little girl, I can tell if I haven’t clicked on this photo. Her daughter really followed his dad. , Almost exactly like his dad. 

I asked her jokingly, the child she gave birth to in October is not like you at all. Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable? She said solemnly, isn’t it normal for a daughter to look like a father? 

I think about it carefully, and it really makes sense. If Mom has other opinions, you can contact me and share them with everyone. Let’s take a look at what I summarized. Daughters are most likely to inherit these characteristics of fathers. 

The first characteristic that is easy to inherit is the chin. In life, if the father’s chin is very long, needless to say, the child’s chin can’t be short, after all, father’s genes are very strong! 

The second thing that is easy to inherit is the character of the father. Everyone knows that the role of the father is a very important role in the life of the child. If the character of the father is taciturn, most of the children will also have this kind of non-talkative character. This kind of example is very obvious in life, so creating a good family atmosphere is also very important. The development of OR, a child-rearing artifact, is obstructed. Mom must know how to use electronic devices.

With the development of the times, parents nowadays are simply “fantastic tricks” in taking care of their babies. For example, when the baby is crying, directly take the mobile phone or iPad to open the cartoon for the baby to watch. The reason why this method is called a “trick” is because it has an immediate effect. Almost nine of ten babies can be coaxed right away, and the remaining one may need to be changed to another cartoon. 

In fact, many electronic devices are effective To coax your baby well, it is most likely because of the “example” of parents. Nowadays, many parents choose to swipe their mobile phones for entertainment after returning home from get off work. When babies look at this way every day, they will naturally think that mobile phones are a good thing. La! 

But prematurely exposing the baby to electronic equipment is actually a great harm. The most direct harm is to cause the baby’s eyes to be nearsighted. 

However, electronic devices are not without harm , Because many parents’ scientific parenting methods are actually learned online through electronic devices, and there are now many early education videos that require babies to learn through electronic devices. 

So how can electronic devices take advantage of development? 

1. You can choose a suitable video early education method, but you must control the time your baby watches every day. 

2. Lead by example. Parents hope that their babies will develop good habits. First of all, they must lead by example. For example, don’t play with mobile phones as soon as you go home, and don’t play with mobile phones at the dinner table. 

The 27-year-old flight attendant diagnosed cervical cancer. The doctor: The skin has “small flesh Ball”, don’t drag to cervical cancer

The 27-year-old Lily is an airline flight attendant. She is tall and lively. She is very cute and enjoys getting along with colleagues and friends. But recently, Lily has some worries: on the always smooth skin, there are “small balls” of meat. Although it is not painful or itchy, it also affects the beauty. Lily was very distressed and went to the dermatology department to see a doctor, but the doctor briefly looked at it, but suggested that she go to the gynecology department. Lily wondered: What’s the gynecological issue for growing a few small meatballs? 

In spite of this, Lily still did not take it to heart. After almost half a year, Lily found that her vaginal discharge was abnormal, exuding a fishy smell, and she would bleed abnormally every time she had sex with her boyfriend. . So, Lily went to the hospital with her boyfriend for a check-up, and it turned out that cervical cancer was early, accompanied by high-risk HPV16 infection. The doctor bluntly said that this is directly related to the “small balls” on the skin before. 

There are 4 abnormalities in the female body, which is cervical cancer. , Be careful! 

1. Irregular bleeding from the private parts

When the cervix is ​​invaded by HPV, some inflammation or damage will occur. At this time, the cells in the cervix will be destroyed and ulceration and bleeding will occur. Even if the amount of bleeding in the private parts is not very large, it should be paid enough attention and be checked in time. 

2. Odor of leucorrhea

Generally speaking, normal leucorrhea has no obvious smell, but women suffering from HPV or cervical lesions, the leucorrhea will be infected by bacteria. A foul smell appears, indicating that the cervix has suffered severe damage. 

3. Lower back and leg pain

When the early viral infection is not serious, there will be no back pain and leg pain, but when the cervical cancer develops to a certain degree, the lesion will be Transfer to the lumbosacral area and legs of women, resulting in a sensation of lower back and leg pain. We must be vigilant. 

4. Pain during intercourse

Many women experience unbearable pain during intercourse, and it will also be accompanied by irregular bleeding in their private parts. If the pain is not available for a long time Relief is mostly related to HPV infection. It is recommended to seek medical attention in time. 

Usually, those younger than 30 years old In women, 70% of low-risk HPV infections within one year can be cleared automatically by the autoimmune system, and 91% within two years can be cleared automatically. High-risk infections may take longer and are more prone to disease. Therefore, it is generally recommended to find ways to improve immunity in time when infection is found, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating the virus, and also to eliminate the concerns of disease as soon as possible, so that you can feel at ease. 

How to improve immunity and remove HPV virus? The doctor recommends this:

1. Vaccinate HPV vaccine

It is recommended that girls should be vaccinated as soon as possible, which will have a greater effect on protection. Other women can go to the hospital to check whether they are infected with HPV before receiving the vaccine, in order to better evaluate the effect of the vaccine. 

2. Regular physical examinations

Women over 30 years of age should develop the habit of regular physical examinations. It is generally recommended to check HPV and TCT every 3 years to screen for cervical cancer. Check your work and understand your own situation in time. If HPV infection is found, it must be cleared in time. 

3. Add 1 nutritious food to enhance Immunity, prevention of cervical cancer

Researches have shown that the immunity of HPV-infected patients and cervical cancer patients is at a low level, and that HPV virus conversion also depends on the strong immunity of the human body, which can be supplemented at ordinary times. Nutrition and exercise to improve immunity. 

Women infected with HPV virus can supplement one kind of nutritious food at ordinary times, which can promote the vitality of immune cells, enhance the body’s antiviral resistance, and help the high-risk HPV virus turn negative.

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