Dad trimmed her daughter’s nails while her daughter was asleep. Bao’s mother’s response was bright. How would you choose a netizen?

Dad trimmed her daughter’s nails while her daughter was asleep. Bao’s mother’s response was bright. How would you choose a netizen? 

“If the daughter is the lover of the father in the last life, then the mother is the’deliveryman’ who sends the little lover of the daughter to the father’s side.” Many mothers whose husbands are “daughter slaves” are right This sentence agrees very much. 

Every time I see my husband and daughter play and play intimately, my eyes are full of each other’s state, and the mother watching by the sidelines can be said to be full of jealousy and helplessness. 

My father secretly trimmed her nails while her daughter was asleep. Bao’s mother’s response was bright. What should you choose for netizens? 

Previously, a Weibo published by a mother-in-law has attracted the attention and heated discussion of many netizens. This mother called herself Ms. Huang, and she fell in love with her husband when she was in college. After graduation, she entered the palace of marriage as a matter of course. 

After marriage, the husband loves himself as always, takes the initiative to undertake housework, and even has a hug before going to work. She was the envy of her friends before she was in love until her daughter was born. 

However, since the birth of the daughter, the husband’s attention has gradually shifted to the daughter. He usually speaks softly to the daughter. Even if the daughter causes trouble, the husband cannot bear to blame. 

When she saw her criticizing her daughter, she immediately defended her. Ms. Huang said that if it weren’t for her to restrain her daughter more on weekdays, and her daughter was more clever and sensible, otherwise, under the husband’s so indulgence in education, he might become arrogant. 

Although her daughter was born after suffering, she loves her daughter no less than her husband. But every day, seeing her husband no longer hugs herself before going to work, but staged a reluctant scene with her daughter, Ms. Huang still feels jealous. 

In order to describe this event more vividly, Ms. Huang also photographed her husband secretly trimming his daughter’s nails while his daughter was asleep. 

Ms. Huang also silently stretched out her hand to beckon her husband to cut her nails, she was pushed away without hesitation, and said, “Don’t make trouble, what should I do when the baby is woken up?”

Some female netizens dragged their husbands to the bottom of this Weibo to ask “If it’s you, how would you choose?”

Some male netizens said, “Wife and daughter spoil together!” Yes The male netizen said, “Why do I choose? I have fatherly love for my daughter and love for my wife. There is no conflict between the two!”

Professor Arriaga and Professor Foshee of Harvard University have treated more than 30 girls I have observed that if the father respects and takes care of his mother, the relationship between father and daughter will be closer. 

Daughter’s personality will become lively and cheerful. It can be seen that the father is too partial to his daughter and ignores his wife, which is not a good thing for his daughter. And it will hurt the feelings between husband and wife! 

How to do a good job in the role of father and husband? Assume the responsibilities and obligations of both? 

1. Don’t miss their important moments

Husbands and fathers are very important and special to wives and daughters. When they encounter important turning points in their lives, No moment should be absent or missed. Even if you can’t be by their side at all times, you should be there at the critical moment. 

For example, wife’s job promotion, birthday, etc., daughter’s birthday, college entrance, graduation, etc. These special days, as husbands and fathers, we should celebrate with them and accompany them as much as possible. 

Of course, in addition to these festive occasions, when they encounter sad and sad things, they should also give them timely care and comfort, and accompany them through the trough. 

2. Show interest in the affairs of wives and daughters

Many people say that after having a child, marriage and family life become a pool of “dead water”, and the topics around are chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea , Children’s studies, and other plain topics. 

Actually, this is because when you get along with your wife or children, you don’t introduce some new topics, and increase the fun through new resonance. 

If the husband is interested in his wife’s affairs, such as asking about his wife’s current work and things he is interested in, communicate with his wife; communicate with his daughter about what’s new in school and how he gets along with classmates. , Increase the topic of novelty and so on. 

These communication methods not only allow wives and daughters to feel the warmth of being cared by their husbands and fathers, but also make their communication full of new and interesting. 

3. Be a good example of consistent words and deeds

In front of children, it is natural to take the lead. By receiving people and things, they can have good ways and methods, which will affect children subtly. 

Let the child know that he has a good father and a correct and good target to imitate. 

In front of a wife, he should be a good husband who agrees with his words and deeds, and is responsible and responsible. Regardless of whether it is before marriage, after marriage, before having children, and after having children, we should continue to maintain these advantages and not let the wife feel the gap. 

4. Organize different “dates”

How many husbands rarely date their wives alone after marriage, especially after they have children? If the time can be arranged reasonably, different “appointments” can be organized. Such as a single date with a wife, a single parent-child time with a daughter, family fun activities for the whole family, etc. 

Through different forms of activities, it is possible to enhance different feelings to help maintain and enhance love and family affection! 

In the United States, this practice is popular on Mother’s Day. Not only children give gifts to their mothers, but husbands also prepare gifts for their wives. 

This can not only set a good example for the child, be grateful for the wife’s dedication, but also express that even if you have a child, you still love your wife. 

After a man has a child, he must learn to play a good role as a husband and father, take on the corresponding responsibilities and obligations, and take good care of his wife and children, so as to ensure family harmony, love, and marriage Happy! 

How do you get along with your wife and daughter? What are your thoughts on how to be a good husband and father? Welcome to leave a message! The elderly who are blessed in their old age have these 4 habits when educating their children. Young parents should learn to learn.

It is also hard to raise children. Some parents are always protected, some are old and have no support, even To be gnawed to death by children. All are parents, why is the gap so big? The reason lies in the early education of parents to their children. If you observe more, you can find that those elderly who have support and even enjoy a blessing in their old age will have a lot in common when educating their children, and this is what young parents should learn from. 

There is a grandfather Zhang in his hometown. He is almost 80. Although he has only one son and one daughter, unlike the old people in the village who often have four, five or even six or seven children, when it comes to the quality of life in his later years, Zhang Grandpa is second to none in the village, and it makes all the old people envious. 

Grandpa Zhang’s sons and daughters usually don’t live with them, but they are not too far away, so on weekends or holidays, they can basically get together with their children. Of course, there are also grandpa Zhang’s most missed and favorite grandchildren. . In life, a pair of sons and daughters are very considerate, and the sons bought them for daily food and clothing. Last year, Grandpa Zhang accidentally broke his leg when he went out. After three months of taking care of his children, he hired a nanny to take care of him. He did not quit until his legs and feet were fully recovered. 

It is very rare to be a child to such a level in my hometown, and heirs like Grandpa Zhang are so thin that I can hardly even think of it. But everyone is envious, but no one said that Grandpa Zhang shouldn’t have it, because his pair of children are very successful, and they are often mentioned by locals when educating children. Of course, their success cannot be separated from the education of Grandpa Zhang. Not only do children know this truth well, but everyone else in their eyes is also the same. 

As the saying goes, “the poor must have something to hate”, the enviable must also have something respectable, and an old man like Grandpa Zhang who enjoys clothes in his old age has something worthy of our respect. , That is their education of children. 

Blessed in old age Xiang’s elderly people usually have these 4 habits when educating their children.

A bowl of water is fair and impartial

Parents of a multi-child family, the most important thing when educating children is a bowl of water. , To be impartial everywhere. The reason is very simple. As the saying goes, “don’t worry about widowhood but suffer from inequality.” If parents are partial, no matter how good the family is, they will make the child who is not favored have resentment. This is by nature. In such a family, there are bound to be gaps in the relationship between parents and children, as well as between siblings. These estrangements may not be manifested when the child is young. When the parents are old and the child is also old, the hidden dangers buried in childhood will explode if they are out of parental control. 

Never kidnapping immorally

Important kidnapping of children is also a big secret for these old people enjoying happiness in their old age, and this is precisely the mistake that many parents make. It is true that parents have paid a lot for their children, even their own happiness, but all these are voluntary contributions by the parents, not the children’s persecution. Using this to kidnap children morally, not only is it difficult to arouse the children’s gratitude, but it will provoke them. If he is disgusted, when the child grows up, the disgust will turn into resentment, and it is naturally difficult for the parents to have a guarantee in their later years. 

Encourage more, deny less

There is also a good habit that is worth paying attention to, which is to encourage the child more and try not to deny him as much as possible. No child wants to hear the denial from his parents, which will seriously hurt their self-esteem, and even make him feel that his parents no longer love him. Encouragement from parents is the strongest motivation for a child’s progress. So wise parents know to encourage their children as much as possible and reduce their denial of their children. This is also an important reason for their happiness in their later years. 

Let go and not interfere

When it comes to Grandpa Zhang’s parenting, the most impressive thing is his trust in the two children. From childhood to adulthood, the two children were rarely disciplined, and it was almost all the children themselves decided what they did and how they made their own decisions. It is this kind of trust and letting go that allowed Grandpa Zhang’s sons and daughters to develop strong abilities and qualities, which helped them achieve professional success as adults. Similarly, those old people who enjoy the blessings in their old age, like Grandpa Zhang, will try their best to let go of their children instead of interfering in their private life. 

Raising children to prevent old age is not necessarily realistic, but if parents can take scientific and reasonable parenting measures when their children are young, it is not difficult to make it a true proposition. So the key is not how the children are, but how the parents are. Those old people who enjoy the blessings in their later years do well in the education of their children when they are young. On the contrary, the old people who are miserable in their old age are mostly attributed to the failure of educating their children that year. 

Parents also grow up from children. No one is born with the ability and experience to be parents. On the road of parenting, only by constantly learning and accumulating experience can parents educate their children well. Educating children well is equivalent to buying a guarantee for their parents’ old age. When it comes to real life, you will know that the most reliable thing in the world is not money or fame, but your blood relatives, your children!

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