Counting the wedding photos that turned over, each has a “highlight”, how many pictures can you laugh?

Counting the wedding photos that turned over, each has a “highlight”, how many pictures can you laugh? 

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Taking wedding photos is an important part of the marriage of men and women. Taking a set of beautiful wedding photos also represents the couple The yearning for a good marriage and family can be shown to them after having children, how romantic and beautiful the parents were back then. 

But some parents of the older generation seem to think that the wedding photo is just a process, or offends the photographer. It should be the most beautiful photo, and it turned over. 

The children dare not recognize each other: This is my parents? 

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1. (pictured above) The father’s eyes are a cloud of shadows, and I can’t see what they look like at all. Although my mother was photographed very well, her eyes were also unclear. 

2, this father Mingming He looks pretty good, with a pretty nose bridge and fair skin. As a result, he was photographed across the eye and his painting style changed suddenly. 

3, Mingming should be A happy thing, the two seem to be very unhappy, but seeing the two parents get close together, it shouldn’t look like a bad relationship. They may be nervous, causing the photo to roll over. 

4. Dad is offended As a makeup artist, my mother didn’t seem to make much makeup, but she drew her father’s eyeliner specifically, but the drawing was too bad. She looked like a “monster”, and I don’t know why Dad felt when he saw the photo. 

5. Take this photo When I went out, I felt that no one said it was a husband and wife, maybe a father and a daughter. It is rare to wear formal clothes when getting married, but you can also clean up your face. 

6. This couple It’s more like a father and a daughter. It turns out that good-looking people look good no matter how they take pictures. Those with a lower face value need to look for angles. This father’s wedding photo has a big car overturned. 

Positive significance of wedding photos

1. Enhancing children’s recognition of family members

The person in the photo is inherently different from the real self, plus Last time, the appearance of people has changed, and the difference between the appearance of parents after the birth of their children and their wedding photos is even greater. 

When a child is young, taking out a photo for him to recognize can enhance the child’s recognition of his family, especially when the parents are not often around, and when the elders take care of the child, it can also deepen their understanding of the parents. impression. 

Furthermore, they can exercise cognitive skills and improve their children’s intelligence by conducting cognitive training since they were young. 

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2. Enhancing children’s confidence

The American family psychologist Marshall Duke said that children who understand their parents’ love and marriage process better may have stronger self-esteem and self-confidence. 

The wedding photo is a good time for parents to tell their children about their relationship from acquaintance to marriage. Many children will have a lot of problems when they find their parents’ wedding photo. 

For example: “This is Dad and Mom?” “Why is there no me on it?” “What is marriage?”

At this time, parents have many stories to tell their children Up. 

3. Improve parents and children The relationship between the parents

When parents tell their children about the happy and loving past, the relationship between the two people unconsciously deepens, and they also have a tender time with their children, giving them a dedicated company. , The relationship between parents and children will deepen. 

Family who are used to revisiting the happy time of the past are more likely to be happy in the future. Children who grow up in such a family not only know how to get along with people close to them, but also feel safe. 

However, many parents have encountered such a problem when they show their children their wedding photos. There are always little babies who think the wedding photos taken by their parents are too beautiful, and then ask: “Why did you take the wedding photos? Don’t you take me?”

Some parents may coax them: “Are you going to kindergarten at that time?”

However, when the child hears this answer, he may be even more angry: “Then why can’t you wait for me to shoot together after the holiday?”

Some parents may think that their children don’t need to know too much, so just coax them casually, lest they have more questions to ask. 

But in fact, many children are very concerned about this issue. If they feel cheated, or if their parents leave them secretly taking pictures of their wedding, it may make them unhappy for a long time. 

Parents can directly tell them the real situation, such as “There was no you at that time?” If the baby continues to ask: “Why is there no me” or “Where did I come from?” Give her a simple explanation. 

Don’t look at it as a simple fragment of life, but are there many benefits for children to deal with it carefully? 

1. Keep your children curious Heart and thirst for knowledge

When their questions can be answered, their curiosity is satisfied, and they may therefore prefer to ask questions and explore new knowledge and fields, which will affect the development of children’s IQ and the future There are great benefits to your academic performance. 

2. Let children gain a sense of security

Although parents love families can gain more sense of security for their children, parents should not ignore their children’s feelings when they love each other. They feel that they are superfluous in this family. 

Especially when you see parents go out to take good-looking photos without telling them, explain to them clearly that you can reduce this kind of anxiety. The best way is to make up the photo with your child immediately. 

This makes them feel more If you are respected and loved, you may have enough security and confidence.  There is a behavior when the child sleeps, which is easy to pull Low appearance, long-term uncorrected, may also affect intelligence

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Snoring in children is a very common phenomenon. Some parents mistakenly think that snoring is a manifestation of sound sleep. However, this behavior of children will not only reduce the quality of sleep, but also harm in many aspects——

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Snoring seems to be normal, but in fact it is a lot of harm

1. Sleep quality is reduced, which affects mental development

Snoring when sleeping, it would be exchanged when breathing The gas will be obstructed, so there is no way to take in enough oxygen, it is easy to have cough, restlessness and even wake up in the middle of the night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep. 

Because the night is a period of strong growth hormone secretion, if the quality of sleep is not guaranteed, it will seriously affect physical development. 

After research, it is found that children who snore frequently perform worse in school than children who do not snoring, and the error rate in arithmetic and spelling is 3 to 4 times that of other children. 

This data fully shows that snoring will affect the child’s intellectual development, of course, this is mainly due to the impact of sleep quality. 

2, lower the value , There is an inferiority complex

When snoring occurs, the nasopharynx will be blocked and you need to breathe through your mouth. After a long time, the bite of the upper and lower teeth will be abnormal, and the teeth will appear irregular. Problems such as lordosis of the upper jaw seriously affect the appearance of the child, and even produce an inferiority complex. 

3, cause otitis media, threatening hearing

Infants and young children’s nose and nasopharyngeal cavity are relatively short, which is easy to cause blockage, resulting in excessive hyperplasia or hyperplasia. 

Once the eustachian tube pharynx is blocked, it may cause otitis media, which is mainly exudative. The ears will feel stuffy, tinnitus and hearing loss may also occur. 

These kinds of questions, yes The root cause of snoring

▲ The pharynx is squeezed

When a child is young, many lymphatic tissues are concentrated in the pharynx. If the proliferation is too large, the problem of proliferative hypertrophy will occur. Hypertrophy of the tonsils or proliferators will cause the pharynx to squeeze, and snoring when falling asleep occurs. 

▲Narrow nasal passages

In this case, as long as there is a little secretion or swelling, it is easy to cause obstruction and snoring. Sometimes children within 6 months of age often have nasal congestion or expectoration. 


Generally, fatter children will have more soft flesh on the pharynx structure, which will block the airway when sleeping, so the chance of snoring will increase. 

▲Improper posture

Some postures can also cause the child’s breathing to be unsmooth, such as the way of sleeping on the back, the root of the tongue will fall backward under the action of gravity Lower, the airway will also be blocked, causing snoring. 

▲Other reasons

In addition to the above four reasons, there are also some special reasons, such as illness, colds, wearing while sleeping, and the environment. 

A coup to prevent snoring

① Weight control

Some studies have pointed out that obesity is an important cause of snoring, and weight control is the most effective treatment. Usually the weight loss is about 4 kg, snoring can be controlled. 

② Choose to sleep on your side

The survey shows that the chance of snoring when lying on your back is more than 5 times that of sleeping on your side. 

Therefore, side sleep is also a good control method. In addition, you also need to pay attention to adjusting the height of the pillow, not too low, otherwise the jaw will be raised, and mouth breathing will occur. The situation can also easily lead to snoring. 

③ Breathe deeply

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This kind of exercise has many benefits to the human body. Among them, it is important to prevent respiratory problems. It helps to keep the nasal passages open, breathing more smoothly, and reducing the frequency of snoring. 

④ Singing

When entering this behavior, the muscles near the vocal cords can be exercised to make them more elastic, so that there will be no looseness during sleep. The problem of clogged pharynx caused by collapse can naturally reduce the chance of snoring. 

Knowledge extension: In addition to snoring, These kinds of behaviors should be paid attention to

Children’s physical development is affected in many ways, not just as snoring, so once the following phenomena occur, you should also consult professional personnel in time——

A 、 When you sleep, if you keep your neck upright all the time, you probably have a problem; B. After going to sleep, you will become very anxious, and you will turn your body repeatedly, and you will wake up in the middle of the night from time to time. Sweat problem;

C. It often shows a tired state, It’s hard to concentrate when doing things; D. In the daytime or while staying awake, he still habitually breathes with his mouth; E. The child’s appearance is very different from those around him, either too thin or too small Too obese. 

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