Compared with precocious puberty, “sexual ignorance” is more terrifying, and the pictures tell you how serious the fault of sexual ignorance is

“Sexual ignorance” is more terrifying than precocious puberty. The photos tell you how serious the scourge of sexual ignorance is.

In recent years, there have been frequent social news such as child sexual assaults or teenage sexual assaults. It has been reported that the topic of sex education for children has attracted more and more public attention. 

After all, for many traditional parents, giving their children sex education is something that makes them feel ashamed to speak up. 

Professor Li Meijin once said on the issue of children’s sex education, “Parents should not avoid talking about sex education to their children. If they have not been given relevant education for your children, they are actually not responsible for your children. Responsibility.”

Compared with precocious puberty, “sexual ignorance” is more terrifying. The pictures tell you how serious the disaster is caused by sexual ignorance! 

Previously, two pictures circulated on the Internet aroused the attention and heated discussion of many netizens. One of them took place on the subway in Shenzhen. 

A boy who looked like 12 or 13 years old actually made a very indecent gesture at the opposite girl in the crowd. 

The girl took this photo out of anger and posted it on the Internet. Judging from the boy’s look, he was very calm and didn’t feel that he was doing such indecent actions at a strange girl. Proper. 

The other picture is a screenshot of a parent’s chat with a QQ group formed by his son who is still in the 6th grade of elementary school and a few male classmates. 

You can see in the chat history that these children actually share some indecent videos in the group. Some videos are of a scale that makes it impossible for adults to look directly at them. 

The parent said that after he accidentally found out, he couldn’t believe that children under the age of 12 were discussing such blatant things. 

In shock, he didn’t know how to educate his son on sex, fearing that each other would be very embarrassed. Finally, you can only upload the screenshots to the Internet and ask the netizens for help. 

In 2019, Tencent News released the “Report on the Sexual Status of Chinese Young People in 2019”. According to the survey data, more than 47.5% of the post-95s were in high school or even before. Already have sex experience. 

As for the young people surveyed, they were very ignorant of sexual knowledge when they were physically and mentally underdeveloped. They just felt that in the knowledge that they came into contact, they needed to have a relationship when they fell in love. 

According to the statistics on the number of abortions published in my country every year, nearly 15 million people undergo abortion operations every year, 50% of which are women under the age of 25, and half of these 50% are underage women . 

When many parents immediately avoided talking about sex education to their children, they have already put their children in danger! 

Teens lack sex What are the adverse effects of education? 

1. Inducing some criminal behaviors

According to the big data survey, when young people do not get the correct sex education, but get it through the Internet, TV and other channels, they are easily influenced by bad information and mistaken Go astray. 

Because of deviations in sexual understanding and lack of awareness of protection, it is very easy to infringe or be violated by others. 

In recent years, cases of children being sexually assaulted or teenagers assaulting others have continuously emerged, precisely because of lack of self-protection awareness or ignorance of the serious consequences of infringement on others. 

Therefore, parents should face up to their children’s sex education. Instead of making children ignorant, it is better to let children understand thoroughly through formal books, videos and other channels. 

2. Affect the child’s physical and mental health

When a child enters puberty, he faces physiological changes. If the child does not understand the knowledge of secondary development and the difference between the sexes, it is likely to cause panic and may be Cover the secondary development and do things that hurt the body. 

Or ignorant of sexual relations, tasting the “forbidden fruit” out of curiosity, failing to take protective measures, leading to pregnancy, etc., these will cause extremely serious damage to the health of children, especially girls The adverse effects. 

Maybe some children go to the Internet to find answers out of curiosity and because they are ashamed to speak, they are easily misled by bad information, which will seriously affect their children’s mental health in the long run. 

The lack of sex education is an extremely detrimental thing to children’s physical and mental health, and even makes them hurt people without knowing it. 

For the healthy growth of children, sex education for children is already an important and necessary thing! 

How do parents respond Child sex education? 

1. Face up to children’s sex education

When children ask about sex education, parents should not avoid it. 

Instead of letting children learn knowledge that they don’t know is correct from other unknown channels, parents should be frank with their children, face up to their children’s sex education, and answer the children’s relevant questions positively and comprehensively. 

2. Take the initiative to find relevant books and videos for children

For the content of sex education, parents can find scientific explanation videos and buy related books on the Internet for their children. The child selects scientific and positive knowledge. 

3. Guide children to understand love and responsibility

Nowadays, early love has gradually become common. Parents should also guide their children to understand the meaning of love and responsibility when their children enter puberty and at the same time teach their children about the meaning of love and responsibility, so as not to hurt their children. Lost oneself or others. 

Sex education to children is not a shameful thing. The popularization of sex knowledge, so that children understand the science and meaning, is a kind of protection for children’s physical and mental health. 

Not only do parents pay attention to sex education for their children, the school also needs to carry out physiological courses for their children. Only with the cooperation of children, parents and teachers can children grow up healthy, cheerful and scientific! 

Will you educate your children on sex? What do you think of this matter? Welcome to leave a message to share! Be careful during the confinement period. These things cannot be done. It is a lifetime thing to get the root of the disease.

Many people think that during pregnancy is the most important thing to pay attention to life and personal habits, but in fact, after the child is born Women should pay more attention to some things during confinement. If they do something that shouldn’t be done during confinement, they will easily fall to the root of the disease and it is difficult to treat. 

After 10 months of hard pregnancy, my best friend finally gave birth to a child. It is a great treasure to treat this child and the whole family, and my best friend is naturally very happy. The best friend is younger, so after giving birth, she thinks she recovers faster. 

One month after the child was born, she was going to take the child to the hospital for an examination, but when she arrived at the hospital, she found that there were a lot of people in the elevator. Exercise is good, so I decided to hold my baby and climb the stairs right now. 

One hand holds the child, and the other hand holds the daily necessities that the child needs in daily life. Although it is very heavy, the girlfriends did not feel any hardship. Instead, they quickly climbed to the fifth floor. 

My best friend also thinks that she is the mother who recovers the fastest after giving birth, so she took a picture with her child and sent it to her circle of friends. But who knew that this circle of friends was seen by a relative of a girlfriend, and his relative is a very famous doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department, and immediately commented under this circle of friends, “It’s just a nonsense.”

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So I criticized the behavior of my girlfriends by name in the family group, saying that this method of my girlfriends was wrong. After giving birth, there are many emergencies that cannot be touched, otherwise confinement will be done for nothing. . 

Many people don’t pay much attention to confinement, but it is precisely because they do not pay attention to it, which leads to many confinement diseases after confinement. This shows that confinement is very important, so during confinement, which taboos should be paid attention to? 


1. Doing strenuous exercise

Since it is confinement, strenuous exercise must not be touched. Many pregnant women think that they should move more after giving birth, and exercise more to help our body recover. 

Although exercise is right, strenuous exercise must be stopped. Recovery exercise after childbirth is determined according to personal physique. Exercise time also varies from person to person. When is it suitable for exercise? According to the doctor’s instructions, blind exercise will only increase the burden on our body. 

2. Carrying heavy objects

Mothers should also pay attention to not carrying heavy objects after giving birth. In fact, this is also a question that many elderly people are always willing to ask, and it has a certain basis after scientific verification. 

It’s not that after confinement, we can live like a normal life, but in fact, after giving birth, we have to go through the puerperium. If during this period, the mother does not pay attention to the body and moves harder With heavy objects, uterine prolapse is prone to occur. So even if you are holding a child, you should be careful, otherwise it will really be in danger. 

3. Don’t eat it.

During pregnancy, every mother will control her own diet, but after pregnancy, some parents will eat special food instead. But in fact, during the confinement period, we should also ensure that our diet is light, and we must not eat some spicy and greasy food. 

Especially some breastfeeding mothers, if they eat these foods, it will affect our milk and affect the physical development of their children. And too spicy food can also cause mother to get angry and affect her health. Therefore, during the confinement period, you must know how to avoid food, and many foods are not to be touched. 

4. Climbing stairs

After giving birth, mothers try not to climb stairs, because in the process of climbing stairs, all the weight of our body will be concentrated on the legs In addition, women’s body has not fully recovered due to the birth of a child, so if we go to climb the stairs at this time, it will easily cause our knees to be injured, and such injuries want to recover the day after tomorrow. Very difficult. 

In short, parents must not take confinement too small. Instead, they should pay attention to many things during confinement. There are some taboos and don’t touch them. To ensure our physical health, and to avoid affecting our children.

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