Compared with money wealth, the ability to manage money correctly is the treasure of a child’s life.

Compared with money and wealth, the ability to manage money correctly is the treasure of a child’s life.

When we become adults, we often find such a strange phenomenon when we went to college and entered a good company. The student bully lives mediocre; and the classmate with mediocre academic performance may have become soaring. This result seems to be for the saying that’knowledge changes destiny’? 

In fact, knowledge can still change destiny. It’s just that this knowledge is not something we can learn in textbooks, but it needs to be cultivated and educated by others, about the knowledge of managing and using money. 

The famous book “Poor Dad and Rich Dad” on how to use money, save money, and master money once wrote, “If we don’t teach children money, someone will take this place sooner or later. TA It may be the child’s future creditor, adulterer, or it may be a police officer or a liar. “From this, we can see the consequences of lack of money knowledge and ability to master money. 

Therefore, we need to consciously cultivate the correct view of money when the children are young, and help them master the ability to control and use money. 

The right money Outlook has a positive impact on the future of children

In addition to the cultivation of IQ and EQ, the current education community has also put forward the concept of’financial quotient’. Financial quotient refers to a person’s ability to maintain, grow, and use his wealth. If a child has a high IQ, there is no doubt that this will provide a good platform for the future development of the child. 

At the same time, children with high emotional intelligence, such as being able to maintain good interpersonal relationships, are also very helpful to their life and career. With these excellent qualities, perhaps children can easily earn the first pot of gold in life, but how to use the wealth they have, how to maintain it and grow it? 

To answer this question, you need a strong financial quotient. 

We may have seen in many news that some executives with extremely high salaries, after being laid off, chose to self-destruct because they felt that they were’poor and can’t live anymore’. 

Many people will be surprised. They earn one or two million in income every year, and there are no bad habits. How can such a person put himself in debt? This is because he does not have the ability to maintain and grow his wealth, he always earns and spends much, and even always consumes supernormally, and does not have a correct understanding of money. 

On the contrary, people who know how to use wealth reasonably can spend money more rationally, have their own financial plan, will not consume unscrupulously, and plan to carry out the necessary before any storm comes. Accumulation of assets. Such children will have better anti-risk capabilities in their future lives. 

How to cultivate Children’s correct concept of money

If you want to develop a good concept of money, you must first give your child the opportunity to exercise. From an early age, we should give children a certain amount of freedom to spend money, and use this as an opportunity to teach them how to allocate their own money and manage their own wealth in a planned way. For younger children, such as those below junior high school, we can try to give them a certain amount of money every week to provide them with opportunities to master and use money. 

In the beginning, children will definitely suffer from the use of money. We don’t need to worry and worry too much about this, or criticize him for being stupid. After all, the development of an ability needs to be formed in a stumble. In addition, we can cultivate children’s awareness of working in exchange for money. If they want something, they need to make corresponding efforts. 

In life, we can use some small chores in life to make children earn pocket money, and use more work to guide children to understand that there is no free lunch in the world. 

How to teach children Reasonably Control Your Desires

The core of money education is inseparable from children’s ability to delay gratification, that is, to teach children how to control their desires reasonably. If the child can’t control his desires, he will be squandering money continuously. Especially in modern society, consumerism is rampant, and people are constantly brainwashed through advertisements, claiming that early consumption is the path to a happy life. 

This has led to many people earning more and spending more, and they are clearly able to manage money but eventually become debtors. Some people may get up after experiencing painful struggles, and there are others who can only continue to sink in… in order to avoid the children from embarking on this path. 

When the TA made a request from a young age, we need to ask the TA to think calmly for a period of time, and guide the children to distinguish the difference between the’want’ and the’necessary’. The so-called necessary refers to indispensable items; and what we want is more of what we believe in our hearts that we will get positive emotions as long as we have it (such as new mobile phones, new clothes, some unnecessary small ornaments, etc.) Wait). 

For most ordinary people, the gap in IQ is not big, and emotional intelligence can be acquired slowly through acquired cultivation, but the key to a person’s ultimate success is still the ability to obtain money, use money, and maintain money, otherwise even if they make money , It is also difficult to hold for a long time. Other needs during pregnancy have to be tolerated, but for these three major needs, solving them as soon as possible can save a lot of trouble

I believe pregnant mothers have the same feelings about this topic, and all aspects of the needs will become more and more after pregnancy. Intense, whether it is dietary, physiological, or other aspects. 

Some needs really have to be endured, but there are other needs that will be very detrimental to pregnant mothers if they endure, and the fetus may even be affected by that time. 

Since Xiao Zhou became pregnant, her mother-in-law has been like a “pendant”, wishing to stay with her all the time, fearing that Xiao Zhou would do something secretly. The main thing she prevented was her eating problems. 

Xiao Zhou has become especially fond of spicy food since she was pregnant, but her mother-in-law refused to let her eat it. In her mother-in-law’s view, if pregnant women eat too much spicy food, they will have fetal poison. At that time the baby will be affected. 

Because the mother-in-law has been in charge, Xiao Zhou hasn’t eaten it all the time, but once this idea comes in, if he is not satisfied, he will keep it in mind. In addition, the meals cooked by her mother-in-law are relatively light, so that Xiao Zhou wants to eat spicy food even more. 

No, no matter what her mother-in-law cooks recently, Xiao Zhou has no appetite and has lost a lot of weight. At the time of the check-up, the doctor found that the weight should have gained a lot in the second trimester, but why did it gain a little? 

Xiao Zhou said that she had no appetite. The doctor originally suspected that Xiao Zhou might have a digestive system problem, but her mother-in-law said, “She wants spicy food. I didn’t let her eat it. She said she has no appetite. The less.”

The doctor heard a laugh, “You can let her eat a little spicy, but don’t eat too much.”

Mother-in-law one I was nervous and said, “How can it be done, spicy food will produce fetal toxicity, which is not good for the fetus!”

The doctor said helplessly, “Who told you that pregnant women will produce fetal toxicity if they eat spicy food? Do not let pregnant women? Spicy eats because if you eat too much, it will get angry and cause constipation in pregnant women. This has nothing to do with fetal poison.”

So after returning home, Xiao Zhou ate spicy food beautifully. It can be said to be a big appetite! The mother-in-law was relieved to see her daughter-in-law eating like this. 

1, “Dietary requirements”< /p>

Most pregnant women will especially like to eat certain flavors for a period of time after entering the middle and late stages of pregnancy, which may be sour, spicy, or other things. 

But family members always don’t let them eat. They think that the things that pregnant mothers want to eat are junk food, or it will be harmful to the fetus, so they are resolutely not letting pregnant mothers eat. 

In fact, in terms of eating, as long as the food has no quality problems, whether it is sour or spicy, pregnant mothers can eat it. Just be careful not to eat too much, otherwise pregnant mothers may have nutritional imbalance. 

2. “Needs for Emotional Relief”

The prospective fathers must have clearly felt that since their wives became pregnant, their personality has changed drastically, especially emotionally, they may collapse or become noisy at every turn. 

“What did you do? Why do you get off work so late?”

“I am pregnant, why can’t you understand me?”

“Why I work so hard, you just play with your phone?”

“Do you dare to talk to me so loudly?”


These words are familiar, right? Most of them come from the mouth of pregnant mothers, because after a woman is pregnant, her body hormones will undergo greater changes, which is also the main reason that affects emotions. 

Pregnant mothers will become more sensitive, fragile, and may have neurasthenia, and the more serious is depression during pregnancy. Therefore, expectant fathers must help pregnant mothers to resolve their emotions, otherwise once the negative emotions accumulate, the pregnant mothers’ body and mind will be greatly affected. 

Pregnant mothers don’t want to be so “flammable and explosive”, but they can’t control their emotions very often. When pregnant mothers are in a bad mood, fathers-to-be must comfort them and guide them out of their bad moods, otherwise they may be trapped in their own negative moods. 

3. “Physiological needs”

In fact, it is not only men who have strong physical needs during women’s pregnancy, but pregnant mothers also have physical needs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy (not having sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy) ). However, many pregnant mothers feel embarrassed and embarrassed to speak to their husbands, so they just endure it by themselves, but often the more so, the more anxious and difficult it is for pregnant mothers. 

Actually, pregnant mothers should express this need, otherwise they just endure and hold back, then the body hormones will also undergo major changes, which may also stimulate the fetus and affect Their normal development. 

Here is a reminder to fathers-to-be that we must take care of the emotions of pregnant mothers and control the intensity and rhythm in the process of husband and wife behavior, otherwise it will bring greater adverse effects. 

Solve these needs as soon as possible. Otherwise, the more you hold back, the more likely you are to hold back problems, whether it is psychological or physical.

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