Combining the fruitless tadpoles, where is the final “home”? Women are very curious about the top 3

Combining the fruitless tadpoles, where is the final “home”? Women are very curious about the first three types

Most people are concerned about whether male “tadpoles” will combine with female eggs, and how they will develop after they become fertilized eggs. Few people will pay attention to the final “home” of those little tadpoles that have not combined with their eggs. 

“Little tadpoles” that are not combined with eggs mostly have these 5 “destinations”

1. They are “acid” to death soon after entering the female body

Female reproductive system It is weakly acidic, and most of its pH values ​​are between 3.8 and 4.4, while male tadpoles are weakly alkaline, and their pH values ​​are between 7.2 and 8.0. 

Acid and alkali are not compatible. When some of the less active “tadpoles” suddenly enter the female body, they are dying, and after being affected by the acidic environment, they may be inactivated directly. Or it loses its activity after a short period of time. 

This is also why it is emphasized that male friends should pay attention to their sperm quality, otherwise they will suffer a lot from other males during pregnancy. People may win the lottery several times, and you will be due to the poor quality of tadpoles. In the future, he will lose his vitality if he meets the egg. 

2. Lost in the fallopian tube

Not all tadpoles can finally reach the egg smoothly, and combine with it to become a fertilized egg. Some tadpoles may be on the way to see the egg, that is, Lost in the fallopian tube. 

After all, the path of the fallopian tube is indeed very long compared to the tadpoles. Coupled with the large number of tadpoles, the road is congested and it is unavoidable to be squeezed into disorientation. 

Therefore, if a part of the tadpoles get lost in the fallopian tube, they will not be able to reach the place where the egg is, and finally lose their activity in the fallopian tube due to the long time lost. 

3. Being acidified on the road

There are also some small tadpoles, although they were not acidified when they first entered the female body, but on the way to see the egg, due to their own activity or quality Poor, it will not survive the time to see the egg, so it will be acid to death on the road. 

4. Combine to no avail and wait to be killed by acid

In the end, many tadpoles have reached the position where the egg is, but not all tadpoles are So fortunately, it’s just near the binding point. If it is far from the egg binding point, then the opportunity will be preempted by other tadpoles, and the part of the tadpoles that are far away can only watch and wait from a distance. Finally loses activity. 

There are also some small tadpoles, which are relatively lucky. At least they have the opportunity to combine with the small tadpoles, but the combination is also fruitless. They can only give up their position and let other tadpoles try, and they only To be able to go to the side “Lonely”, waiting to lose vitality. 

5. Successful combination

Among countless small tadpoles, if luck is good enough, and the quality of the small tadpoles and the eggs are also good, then they may also combine to form a fertilized egg. Sometimes more than one tadpole will succeed, or two or more tadpoles will succeed. At this time, what we often call multiple births is formed. 

After the successful combination, the fertilized egg will travel deeper into the fallopian tube before long, until it enters the uterus and implants on the endometrium, and finally develops into an embryo. Started the complete pregnancy process. 

Most women are more familiar with the latter two, but they are more curious about the first three, after all, they don’t understand. 

Of course, in this process, many people will also pay attention to some more practical questions, such as which inactivated tadpoles went to? 

In fact, most of them have two results. One is that the secretions of women are finally excreted from the body, and the other is that a part of it is more difficult to excrete spontaneously, and then it will be slowly absorbed by the female body. “Flower” means. 

Therefore, everyone can also see that the key to the success of pregnancy preparation lies not only in women, but also in men, especially the quality of tadpoles. 

If the male tadpoles are of better quality and stronger activity, they will also increase the pregnancy rate to a certain extent. Therefore, male friends should also pay attention to self-regulating their bodies and improve the quality of tadpoles as much as possible. 

As for how to improve the quality of your tadpoles, it is recommended to start from these aspects

1) A balanced diet. Male friends always think this is something that women should pay attention to. In fact, it is not the case. Men should also pay attention to it. After all, this is related to the quality of synthetic tadpoles. If there is no nutrition, how can the tadpoles be of high quality? 

2) Stay up late. Studies have shown that staying up late will also have a greater impact on the quality of male tadpoles, usually in the form of reduced activity. Therefore, those male friends who often stay up all night should pay more attention to the health of their reproductive system and try not to stay up late. 

3) Smoking less and drinking less. It is difficult for some male friends not to smoke or drink at all, so try to reduce the frequency. Because clinical data shows that the tadpole activity of men who smoke and drink is more than 2 times lower than that of normal men, which shows its harmfulness! At the grandson’s banquet, the grandmother helped to “grab the meat”, and the guests’ response was real.

The children brought great joy to the whole family, which also made the parents pamper the little guy. , But I have to say that parents should also take care of love. If they are overly pampered, it is likely to hinder the normal growth of their children. 

Children who are spoiled by parents are easy to be self-centered, and this will also make them “unwelcome” in social life. 

It has to be said that the indulgence that parents give to their children is likely to be eaten back on their children in another way. 

On the grandson banquet “Hu eat sea and drink”, grandma was busy helping out regardless of the fact. The guests looked sideways.

There was such a video of having a banquet before, which aroused the attention of netizens. In the video, a little boy is eating and drinking without hesitation. 

In anxious, he didn’t even use chopsticks, just grabbed the meat slices with his hands and stuffed it into his mouth. When encountering unpalatable dishes, the little boy would vomit directly back onto the plate, completely ignoring that these dishes had already been stained with his own saliva. 

Looking at the boy’s “Little Overlord’s Way of Eating”, the surrounding guests frowned. What made everyone more shocked was that the boy’s grandmother not only didn’t care about teaching his grandson, but she also kept helping her grandson put vegetables into the bowl. 

As long as meat dishes come up, the grandmother of the child will “intercept” the first time and pile the good meat into the plate in front of the child. 

Finally, some guests couldn’t stand it anymore, so they reminded, “Some dishes just came up, and others haven’t eaten them. You have already eaten them to the bottom, and you can’t protect your food like this! Grandma has to hurt her grandson too. There is a limit, it’s a bit unreasonable to spoil the child so much!”

Just listen to the guest’s voice, and the child’s grandmother then said, “You are an adult who cares about the child. Besides, the child is growing up. Eating some meat is good for your body!”

The little guy who was busy eating vegetables on the side heard that grandma said so angrily that he threw all the bones in front of the guests onto the guests and bit the meat. Making faces at the guests. 

The guest who was greasy by the bones was very angry, but there was really nothing to do with the grandparents and grandchildren, so the guest had no choice but to leave a sentence of “too uneducated” and left in a hurry. 

The entire dining table was messed up by the grandson, and the other guests had no desire to eat. It didn’t take long for everyone to leave, and the grandfather and grandson guarded the entire table and ate very happily. 

Parents are too petting What are the possible negative effects of child drowning? 

Causes children to be too self-conscious

Parents’ pampering can easily make children lose their sense. In the children’s worldview, they are often self-centered. This kind of over-self posture makes children lack of co-existence. At the same time, they will be defiant. 

Obviously, children who are overly ego can easily develop the traits of selfishness and indifference, and there will be obvious defects in character development. 

Hinder children’s independent development

When parents lose their sense of love for their children, children are easy to get used to relying on their parents, which makes them more dependent on their parents. However, the development of their own independence will be significantly inhibited. 

Lack of accumulation of life experience and lack of independence at the same time, this will obviously affect the state and performance of children in collective life. 

Affect children’s frustration training

Under the protection of parents, children experience very limited setbacks, which makes them lack of opportunities to exercise their frustration ability. 

With the help of parents, children will find it easy to deal with setbacks, which also makes it easy for them to overestimate their abilities. 

When setbacks really come, children who rely on their own ability to solve problems often fail and hit the wall, and their lack of anti-frustration ability often makes them desperate. 

raising children In the process, how can parents avoid the misunderstanding of excessive spoiling? 

Guide children to master the behavioral sense of scale

When the children have their own ideas, parents should try to communicate with the children and guide them to master the behavioral scale of daily life. 

If there is no parental guidance, there is no restriction in the eyes of children, which makes them often make some improper actions. 

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to properly restrain their children’s behavior and let the children feel the constraints of the behavioral norms, so that the children can restrain themselves. 

Give your child a chance to try exercise

Although letting the child try it by himself may fail, it must be said that this is a good opportunity to exercise the child’s abilities. 

Although parents’ do-it-yourself work provides convenience for children, it also hinders children’s opportunities to exercise themselves. Parents who are willing to let go can see children who grow up faster. 

Let children take responsibility for their mistakes

It is very common for children to do wrong things. Parents don’t have to go online too much, but at the same time, Also teach children to bravely take responsibility for their mistakes. 

When the child mistakenly believes that after making a mistake, there will always be a parent who will take care of himself, the cost of making a mistake in the eyes of the child will be greatly reduced. 

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to hold their children responsible for their words and deeds, and find remedies for their mistakes. 

When love becomes spoiling, love expressed in the wrong way will become a constraint and hindrance to the growth of the child, which is also destined to deviate in the future growth and development of the child. 

What do you think about the impact of doting on children?

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