Choose children’s shoes for your child, and avoid these pits carefully, which may affect the baby’s bone development

Choosing children’s shoes for children, and avoiding these pits, may affect the baby’s bone development

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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The height of children is an issue that many parents care about. In order to make them grow taller, parents have tried various methods, but they have neglected the choice of shoes. According to experts: children are long-term Wearing inappropriate shoes will not only make the feet suffer, but also affect bone development. 

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The bone development is affected because of the shoes

After Xiao Zhang married her husband, because his health has not been very good, he only got married for six years. Child, it is a happy thing, but troubles also follow. 

The child was only 6 years old and was originally in the stage of rapid development, but its development speed was obviously too slow, which was far from the standard development data, which made the couple very anxious. 

I found various methods: It is a pity that calcium supplements, nutritional supplements, and exercises with children have little effect. 

No, the couple had to take the child to the hospital for an examination. The doctor found that he was not lacking in nutrients through various aspects of his body. At this time, the doctor looked at his feet and finally found out problem. 

The shoes are obviously larger than the feet. The doctor told them: “The size of the shoes is not suitable for the feet, which will cause the child to walk in a non-standard posture. Maintaining the wrong walking style for a long time will easily cause the feet to deform, which will affect the bones. Development.”

Choose children’s shoes and avoid these pits

1) Buy larger ones

Children who are in the stage of rapid development will naturally have long feet It’s faster. After many parents realize this, when buying shoes, they usually choose to buy larger shoes, so that they can be worn when they grow up. However, this method can easily cause physical harm. 

Because when the child wears larger shoes, the feet cannot be fixed, and the wrong posture will appear when walking. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult to correct it, and it is easy to cause the development of the foot. , Affect development. 

2) The upper is too soft

In order to improve wearing comfort, many shoes will choose to make the upper softer. This is also the style that many parents will choose. This is more suitable for babies who are just starting to learn to walk. However, it is not suitable for babies who can already walk, especially children who love to move. 

When children grow up, they usually run and jump independently. If the vamp is too soft, it will cause insufficient foot support. They are prone to rocking when walking, and can easily damage the ankle joints and ligaments. health. 

3) The soles are too curved

When parents buy shoes, they will have a habitual action, that is, bend the soles. While looking at the quality of the soles, they also feel that shoes that are easy to bend can make Children walk and run better, but this kind of shoes can easily damage the baby’s arch development. 

How to choose suitable shoes? 

① The size is right

We know that an inappropriate size can cause harm to the baby, so the size is very important. If you want to buy suitable shoes, you need to go to the store to try on different sizes. It is usually best to choose the time between 3 pm and 6 pm, because the feet will be slightly swollen at this stage, and the shoes that can be worn at this time can be worn at other times. 

At the same time, suitable The standard is as follows: After putting on the shoes, put the index finger into the heel of the child, and it will not feel too tight or too loose. The difference between the shoes and the feet is about 0.5 cm. 

When trying on shoes, be sure to wear both feet, and then walk a few steps back and forth, as long as you feel comfortable. 

②There are two steps in the selection of shoe uppers

The choice of shoe uppers (shoe uppers) near the back heel should be hard, so as to give a certain degree of support when the child is walking. As for the problem of swinging; the head of the shoe should be relatively hard, because the front toe is easy to kick other objects, and the collision and friction when walking is also relatively large. Too soft will cause toe injury; while the fabric of the instep part should be relatively soft , So that the feet can bend freely when squatting or stepping. 

③The choice of material

In addition to taking into account some incidental problems, the problems of the shoes themselves should also be taken into consideration, and the purchase of some toxic substances, such as some chemical dyes, should be avoided. 

In addition, the shoes themselves should not be too complicated, try not to have some accessories or decorative items, to prevent them from being swallowed or hurting the baby after falling. 

Avoid these kinds of shoes

▲ Pointed-toed shoes

The head ratio of the shoes should be too pointed, because the front part of this kind of shoes has too little space. And the area of ​​the toes is relatively large, which will form a squeezing feeling, and long-term wearing will cause the toes to turn out. 

▲ High heels

This article is mainly for girls. After entering puberty, many girls will wear high heels, but this is not good for their development. 

In addition, for women, the foot bones will not mature until they are 15-16 years old. Wearing high heels will make the foot bones ossify according to the angle of the high heels. Deformed. 

▲ hole Hole shoes

This type of shoes can be said to be all the rage, and many parents are scrambling to buy them for their children. However, this type of shoes is not suitable for them to wear. 

Because its main material is plastic, the upper is too soft and cannot be supported. There will be swing problems during walking, which is easy to cause injury, which not only hinders development, but also causes poor walking posture.  There are three hazards in children’s early recognition of characters, generally The outbreak does not occur until the baby goes to elementary school. It’s not good to pull seedlings to encourage growth

A 3-year-old mother proudly said: “Her children have been able to recognize characters since they were 2 years old, and now they have recognized more than 400 characters. Some simple characters can I wrote it.”

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Children’s education has always been a parent The issue we are concerned about, after all, parents want their baby to grow up to be able to be successful and become the pillars of the country. Therefore, many parents want their baby to win at the first starting line, for example, to let the baby start to recognize words early. 

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Huihui is a precious mother. Her son is 4 years old this year. She can speak a lot of words, but she doesn’t recognize a few words. She thinks that the child should follow the developmental basis and take time It should not be too early to educate and recognize words. 

On this day, she took her son Xiaozhi to play downstairs. She didn’t intend to have too much interaction with other mothers, but after seeing the children, the little guy consciously joined the team. , Then Huihui also joined the ranks of other mothers. 

During the conversation, a 3-year-old mother proudly said: “Her children have been able to recognize characters since they were 2 years old, and now they have recognized more than 400 characters. Some simple characters can I wrote it.”

The surrounding mothers were very envious, and suddenly asked her mother to ask Huihui: “Your child should be three or four years old, right? Does he know a lot of words? ?”

Huihui shook her head and said: “My child can recite a few poems, and the words will not be recognized.”

The mother of a 3-year-old child said: “The child’s education should be as early as possible, if I won’t teach the children earlier that they will have to lose at the starting line in the future.”

Huihui smiled helplessly, and left with her son because she didn’t agree with this point of view at all. The way of advanced education will not only have no effect on the future learning of the baby, but will even cause harm. 

Why young children are ahead Will literacy bring harm? 

A Yale University professor once said: “How many words a child knows before the age of 7 will not help him in his future studies. After all, the child’s brain has not yet reached the stage of development, and all advanced education is wasted. Time.”

In addition, it is strictly prohibited in Austria to allow children before the age of 7 to recognize characters. They think that allowing children to recognize and understand language structures too early may harm their intelligence. 

Before 6 years old, children do not have the ability to think logically, and let them recognize characters too early. At this stage, they basically can’t understand the meaning of words, so babies can only learn by memorizing Chinese characters. The shape and the objects it represents, to remember these words. 

This is the same as indigestion caused by irregular eating. Letting children passively accept knowledge for a long time will not only make their childhood time boring, but will also be forced to accept because the baby’s left and right brains are not fully developed, although there may be a short period of time. However, if it does so in the long term, it may bring fatal damage to the development of intelligence. 

Early childhood recognition The harm of words

1. Impeding the development of the brain

Originally, children are playing unscrupulously when they are young. Parents use mechanical methods and rote memorization to let children learn to recognize words all day long. This method is easy to confine the baby. The development of thinking and creativity. 

This is because the children are still young and their comprehension ability is limited. If the parents insist on letting the children memorize words, this method will only allow them to develop the bad habit of following the quilt and rote memorization, thus the brain is now Thinking ability, if this goes on, it is bound to have a certain impact on the development of the brain. 

2, destroy the interest of learning

Children are always full of curiosity and desire to explore new things. If parents always let them learn to recognize characters, then it is likely to affect their future learning interest. 

Especially after I went to elementary school, I found that the words taught by the teacher were all I knew, so I would naturally not listen carefully, so it is easy to develop a negative learning attitude. 

Furthermore, prematurely oppressing children to learn to recognize words, and allowing them to learn by memory too early, will easily put pressure on children to learn new things, which may be caused in the way of learning in the future. An invisible psychological pressure hinders normal learning. 

3. Repress the child’s natural development

Every child’s childhood should be happy. If parents let them stay at home and learn to read words too early, then this will A baby’s childhood may be boring, which affects her natural development, especially when she sees other children playing, she will be very envious. 

In addition, children are still young, and their hobbies and personalities have not yet fully formed. If they are taught to recognize words too early, it will be difficult to release the baby’s nature and help them find the direction they really like. . 

How do parents step by step To guide children to learn correctly? 

1. One-and-a-half-year-old babies can teach some simple words and sentences

In fact, children are very smart, and parents can teach their babies some simple words and sentences through some small skills. For example, you can hold grapes in one hand and lychees in the other, and then ask the children which ones they want to eat. They will choose the food they like very smartly. 

Maybe at this time, children may not necessarily say the name of the fruit, but sometimes they suddenly say “apple”. 

2. Some telegram sentences can be taught at about two years old

Telegram sentences refer to the words spoken by the baby, like a telegram, a few words popped out, such as “I don’t want”, “take “This” etc. This is because the child does not have mature speaking ability, but can express his wishes in simple words. 

3 and 5 years old can use picture books to recognize characters.

After children enter the kindergarten, parents will start to worry about their children’s schooling, and they will also be taught to learn and recognize characters at home. , But they are still young and have limited comprehension skills, so parents can use picture books, plus body movements, to increase their children’s interest in learning, and to better grasp the knowledge of words and other words. 

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