Chinese-style “fooling” breakfast is not shallow, and it hurts the body without nutrition, so it will make it healthier

Chinese-style “fooling” breakfast pit baby is not shallow, it hurts the body without nutrition, so change it to make it healthier

Chinese-style “foolish” breakfast pit baby is not shallow, it hurts the body without nutrition, so change it It’s healthier

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Many people think that breakfast is just for filling your stomach, if you start No, there is no problem eating with Chinese food. 

When these people became parents, they not only fooled their own breakfast, but also only required their children’s breakfast to fill their stomachs. 

As a result, the child lost one-third of the time spent on supplementing nutrition. It was also because the breakfast was not healthy enough, and the body also had problems. 

Parents fool their children’s breakfast for a long time, This leads to a big difference between the children

After the children went to kindergarten, Xiaomi and her husband put their energy into work, and it was very hard for them to raise their children and go to work. 

Although Xiaomi and her husband agreed that one person will be responsible for the life of the child for one day, no one can get up early in the morning, so they just stepped up to get up later. 

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Children’s breakfast can only be bought at a street stall, basically porridge, wontons, fried dough sticks, etc. If you think your child loves it or can fill your stomach, it’s ok . 

Sometimes I also buy bread and biscuits for the children to bring snacks. 

As a result, one semester has passed. The child has gained a lot of weight, is shorter than his peers, has a weaker body, and often gets sick. 

When the baby was taken to the hospital for an examination, the doctor, after learning about the situation, criticized: “How can I supplement my children with breakfast like this? What’s more, greasy things make people fatter, which is bad for the intestines and stomach. Not good.”

< p>Xiaomi and her husband regretted, and then began to prepare the children’s breakfast personally according to the dietitian’s requirements. Sure enough, his health was much better and his grades improved a lot. 

I often fool my child’s breakfast, What harm will it bring to them? 

▶ Poor physical development

Children in childhood, the body is in the stage of rapid development, and the need for nutrition is great. If breakfast cannot have enough vitamins, protein, and minerals Waiting for nutrition may affect the child’s development throughout the morning. 

Therefore, if the child only eats 3 meals a day, their breakfast nutritional intake needs to be 20%~35% of the daily. 

▶ Decrease in grades

If breakfast does not help children slowly increase their blood sugar, it will cause their blood sugar to remain at a low level after one night on an empty stomach. 

The kids in class at this time, There will be situations such as inability to concentrate and memory loss, which will affect the efficiency of listening to lessons and thus affect grades. 

▶ Low immunity

Insufficient supplementation of protein and vitamins for breakfast can easily lead to a decline in immunity. 

Common pitted baby style” What are the breakfast options? Is there a way to make them healthier? 

▶ White porridge, soy milk, fried dough sticks, pickles

This is a common breakfast on the table of Chinese families, and it is also the least nutritious one. 

White porridge only has carbon water, and lacks vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fiber. However, the existence of soy milk makes up for the lack of protein. 

And fried fritters and pickles are for children For your body, it is a very dangerous breakfast:

The fat content of fried dough sticks is as high as 17.6%, and the sodium element in pickles is easily exceeded. 

How to improve? 

It is best to replace the white porridge with vegetable porridge, or add fruit; you don’t need fried fritters and pickles. You can replace it with vegetable buns and meat buns, but you can’t eat too much meat buns. 

▶ Bread, juice, biscuits

Bread, juice, and biscuits contain too much sugar. If eaten together, it is easy to make children fat. There is too much carbon and water. Lack of fiber and vitamins. 

And the juice is not nutritious anymore , Is a pure sweet drink. 

How to improve? 

You can replace the bread with whole-wheat bread, add some cheese, vegetables, and eggs to make a sandwich:

Comprehensive whole grains are good for the human body’s stomach, cheese and eggs can supplement Protein, calcium and other nutrients, vegetables can supplement dietary fiber and vitamins. 

You don’t need to drink juice for children, just let them eat fruit. 

▶ Leftovers leftovers

The leftovers leftovers mainly consist of overnight vegetables, which are more harmful. They will produce a large amount of nitrous acid, which can be combined with the amines in the human body. The harmful ammonium nitrite. 

The baby is not yet A mature kidney will have a great burden. 

The remaining meat may cause excessive fat and improper preservation. 

How to improve? 

Don’t eat leftover vegetables, use fresh vegetables and fruits instead. 

After making the meal the day before, if you feel that you can’t finish it, separate it before eating it and put it in the refrigerator while it’s hot. Even if you find leftovers after you are full, put it in while it’s hot refrigerator. 

Parents should not feel too much distressed about the refrigerator, and be more distressed about the child’s body, so as to prevent the food from generating a lot of bacteria in the room temperature environment and causing damage to them. 


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There are three “bad ailments” on the child, and it is easy to become a “primary school bully” when he grows up. Parents have fun with it

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Every child is growing In the process, there will be “problems” in this way. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the process of growing up, certain behaviors and behaviors of children often make parents feel surprised, even sometimes Some of the characteristics of children will be labelled as “bad problems” by adults, but in fact, some “problems” are an advantage, which is good for future development. 

Case: The child’s “bad problems” are unique

Xiao Liu’s son is 3 years old this year. Because her husband is busy with work, most of the time, Xiao Liu takes his son by herself, but when the time is up, she I find that my son is difficult to take compared with his peers. There are a lot of problems with him, which makes it a headache. 

Once, Xiao Liu took his son to a friend’s house to play. He happened to have a fish tank at his friend’s house. After seeing the fish tank, his son didn’t want to leave a single step. Even when it’s time for dinner, he didn’t even notice. The whole person stood motionless in front of the fish tank. 

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After the meal, Xiao Liu originally planned to leave with his son, but he didn’t expect his son to go alive and die. After looking at the fish for a while, there was no way. Xiao Liu had to stay with his son at a friend’s house until it was dark, and it was impossible to delay. Xiao Liu finally took his son and left the friend’s house. 

My friend smiled and said to her: “If your son’s concentration is used in his studies, he will definitely be a top student in the future!”

After he left his friend’s house, the little guy’s I didn’t stop talking, one question after another, as if I was full of curiosity about everything, it was bound to break the casserole to ask the end, and even some questions made Xiao Liu feel unable to resist. 

In fact, this is not the first time this is the case. Every time I see something interesting, the little guy is very focused, and the whole person is immersed in his own world, and no one can bother him. 

Sometimes Xiao Liu thinks that his son’s high concentration is a good thing, but sometimes it takes too much time, causing Xiao Liu to not know whether he should correct his son’s “problem.” 

There are these 3 kinds of “problems” in children. Parents should be happy.

▸ Talking ◂

Many children like to ask “why” when they are young. It seems that there is no moment to calm down. With a small mouth, Barabala talks non-stop, maybe at the beginning, the parents will answer more patiently, but the child feels impatient if he asks more often, so he just fools a few words casually. 

However, this approach is actually wrong. If the children in their own family always like to ask questions constantly when they are growing up, and it is every moment, it means that the child’s brain is thinking, thinking is developing, and has strong language skills and outgoing personality. Parents should encourage their children to be talented. Yes. 

At this time, parents had better not suppress their children’s enthusiasm, otherwise it will affect their spirit of exploration. If parents should patiently explain to their children, accompany them to find answers, and take the children to study together, not only the children can learn new knowledge, but also the parents. Can improve one’s own cognition, and even grow into a talented person in the future. 

▸Like to speak loudly◂

When a child grows up to a certain age, the child starts to learn to speak with his parents. No matter what the parent says, the child always has something to respond, and sometimes even The parents were speechless. 

But in fact, children talking back is not that they are deliberately provocative, but a way to express their inner thoughts. 

In addition, talking back between children and parents is a manifestation of increasing self-awareness and a signal of becoming smarter, which shows that they have begun to think independently and their language skills have also improved. 

Therefore, at this time, parents should allow their children to speak first, listen patiently to the children to finish their words, let the children express their own words completely, and learn to empathize, think from the children’s perspective, and don’t blindly criticize , Listen more to the child’s inner thoughts, and carefully ponder what the child says. 

In this way, the child will feel valued and will dare to put forward opinions in the future. 

▸Love destruction◂

When a child is young, he can be said to be a well-deserved “king of destruction”. 

Whether it’s something at home or outside, as long as the child catches it, it’s hard to escape the “devil’s claw”, causing parents to get angry every time they clean up the mess. 

However, children love to do damage, which in fact also shows that children have a strong spirit of exploration and practical ability, because children can develop various abilities in the process of disassembly and assembly. 

Therefore, parents can properly prepare some toys, play with them, and give them more space to play, which is conducive to the child’s brain development and helps the child’s physical and mental health. 

3 things you should know about bringing a baby

➣Establish rules

When a child grows up to a certain age and has a sense of autonomy, parents should let the child feel more Under the rules, and the impact of the rules. 

While parents help children understand and respect the rules and order, they also need to establish certain rules and regulations, and strictly require children to abide by the rules, which will help the children to cultivate their awareness in the future. 

➣Scientific parenting

Every parent hopes to educate their children well, but in this process, they use different educational methods. Some parents are more direct and rational, but some parents are more gentle and perceptual. Any kind of education method has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Parents should learn from some correct educational concepts, do not blindly give in, and do not forcefully issue instructions. Only by learning scientific parenting can children grow into better people. 

➣Grow up together

Whether it is a parent or a child, we are the first time we have no experience at all, but in the process of getting along with each other over time, not only the children are growing, but the parents are also growing . 

Although some parents may take some detours in educating their children, in any case, the ultimate goal is for the good of the children. Therefore, parents also need to continue to learn and grow in order to provide children with Better help. Return to Sohu to see more

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