“Chinese-style” feeding affects the development of children, parents should stop quickly and learn three ways to let their children eat food obediently

“Chinese-style” feeding affects the development of children. Parents should stop quickly and learn three ways to let their children eat well.

For parents, children’s eating problem has always been a problem. 

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Children’s parents’ wish to “eat well and sleep well” is the greatest wish of parents, but in many families, if children are If you don’t eat well, parents will habitually chase after feeding. 

But in fact, this kind of “Chinese-style” feeding behavior can be said to be harmful to the child without any benefit. 

Case: “Chinese-style” feeding has a great impact on the child

Xiao Zhang’s family has a son. Because the couple are busy at work and don’t have much time to care for the child, most of the time, the child’s diet and daily life are Grandma is in charge. 

However, because of work scheduling recently, Xiao Zhang has gradually gotten more time to go home, but found that his son has a very bad habit. He is not willing to eat well every time he eats, and loves his grandson. Her grandmother was chasing after her with her job. The most important thing was that even so, the child couldn’t eat much, and she was a bit shorter than her peers. 

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Xiao Zhang watched his son in a hurry, and didn’t know how to help him get rid of this problem. 

Many Chinese elders have developed “caring” into a “forced” method. The “feeding” displayed under such a strong desire for control is indeed a unique way for Chinese people. 

Traditional feeding methods are not good for the growth and development of children. As parents, you must stop immediately, teach your children to take the initiative to eat, develop good eating habits, and reap better growth. 

It’s not a problem to learn these 3 tricks for babies to eat well.

“If you want to be healthy, you can eat well.” This sentence has been passed down to this day, and the importance of eating well is self-evident. But what can we do to let the children eat well? 

①. Grasp the golden period for children to eat independently

When children grow up to 12-18 months, it is the golden period for children to eat alone. 

During this period, the child’s hands and eyes can be unified, and it is very likely that they will grab the food with their hands. Parents should be careful not to stop it. No matter what method the child uses, as long as the child can eat the food in his mouth. 

This period of time exercises children’s ability to eat independently, which not only allows children to develop a good habit of eating independently, but also promotes children’s physical coordination, which is very beneficial to children’s development. 

②. Making food into strips is more convenient for children to eat

When children are young, they don’t know how to use forks and spoons, but they can grasp things with their hands, so parents can cut some vegetables into The strips are convenient for children to grab food. Although the children will mess around, if the parents can continue to praise their children in the process, the children will also be happy to eat by themselves. 

③, eat with children and guide children’s eating behavior

Parents eat with children, which can create a good atmosphere, in which children will also imitate parents’ actions , It is helpful for children to learn to use tableware. 

As a parent, you must guide your children in your life and use cartoons and other auxiliary tools to guide your children to eat independently. This method is not only easier to be accepted by the children, but also more conducive to the cultivation of habits. 

The hazards of “Chinese-style” feeding to children

Eating is a major way to provide nutrition for children. It is related to the child’s physical development and health, but “Chinese-style” feeding is more beneficial to children. Great harm. 

➤Not conducive to the development of the child’s brain

During the growth and development period, the child’s own hands can stimulate the development of the brain. If the parents do everything for the child, the child lacks the ability to do it. It will become dull, and if this continues, it will not be good for the child’s intellectual development. 

➤It is easy to cause overfeeding.

When parents feed their children, they always feel that their children can’t eat enough and hope that their children can eat more. However, overfeeding will make children hate eating. Furthermore, overfeeding is also detrimental to the child’s digestive system. 

➤Cause the child’s dependence mentality

If the child is always fed, it will make the child develop a habit, and wait until the time when the child can eat independently is missed. It is difficult for children to eat independently. 

It is a problem for children not to eat, but parents should not do it for their children because of this. Let the children develop a good habit of eating on their own, otherwise it will be detrimental to the growth and development of the child.  After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother can do it “Four no touches” can make the amniotic fluid clear and fetal development better

Amniotic fluid is a necessary substance in the fetal growth environment, so its quality is also very important. 

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In the growth and development of the fetus, it not only needs to rely on the nutrients and oxygen from the mother, but also the amniotic fluid. The healthy development of the fetus requires clear and sufficient amniotic fluid in the uterus. 

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About amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is like a house to the fetus. It is filled with the amniotic cavity in the uterus and provides nutrition and safety protection for the growth and development of the fetus. Colored transparent liquid. 

More than 90% of its components are water, and the other parts are uric acid, minerals, and fetal cells. The source of the components and substances will vary with the gestational age of the pregnant mother. 

Under normal circumstances, the amniotic fluid volume in the first trimester is 50 ml, the second trimester is 300 to 400 ml, and the third trimester is about 1000 to 1500 ml. If it is less than 600 ml, it will be judged as low amniotic fluid. If it is less than 300 ml, it will be correct. The fetus’s movement space is severely restricted, which will also affect growth and development; more than 2000 ml will be judged as excessive amniotic fluid, which is likely to cause placental abruption, uterine weakness and other reasons. 

The formation of amniotic fluid turbidity The reason for

Because the growth and development of the fetus are different depending on the gestational age, the composition and source of amniotic fluid are also changing. If you are doing B overtime, the doctor will detect that the amniotic fluid is thick and dense. The light spot will be judged as turbid amniotic fluid. 

According to the degree of pollution, it can be divided into three levels:

1. One degree of pollution: the amniotic fluid is translucent, light yellow or light green, and thin, which will only cause chronic hypoxia in the fetus , The harm is not great, and it can be improved in time. 

2. Second-degree pollution: Amniotic fluid becomes opaque, turbid, yellow-green or yellow in color, and is accompanied by suspension of solid meconium. This situation is likely to cause acute hypoxia in the fetus, requiring timely oxygen therapy. 

3. Third degree turbidity: the amniotic fluid is turbid, yellow-brown or dark green. The skin, placenta and umbilical cord of the fetus are likely to be stained. If the fetus stays in this state for 6 Hours or more, there is a danger of suffocation. 

The change in the color of amniotic fluid represents the degree of turbidity. If the color is darker, it indicates the degree of turbidity and the longer the fetal distress in the uterus. If the fetus suffocates and dies, it will turn the amniotic fluid into Reddish brown. 

Causes of turbid amniotic fluid

1. The fall of fetal fat. If only the fetal fat shedding from the fetus remains in the amniotic fluid, the turbidity caused is generally the slightest degree and will not cause harm to the fetus. 

2. Excessive meconium. Since the fetus eats and drinks in the amniotic fluid, the meconium discharged by the fetus is likely to enter the amniotic fluid. Under normal circumstances, the meconium discharged by the fetus will not affect the clarity of the amniotic fluid, but if it is stimulated too much, it will lead to Increased amount of meconium will easily cause turbid amniotic fluid. 

3. Cholestasis. Amniotic fluid will be mixed with fetal fat, lanugo hair, etc., and may also be caused by the cholestasis of the pregnant mother. This turbidity is often very serious and threatens the life and health of the baby. 

4. Physical reasons for pregnant mothers. Due to the differences in physical fitness of pregnant mothers, some pregnant women do not have any adverse reactions during pregnancy, while some expectant mothers will have pregnancy syndrome in the early stages of pregnancy, which will directly affect the clarity of amniotic fluid. 

Want to make amniotic fluid What to do if you stay “clear”? Do a good job “4 do not touch”

1, do not touch the impure water

Pregnant mothers must take in sufficient water to promote blood circulation in the body and help the fetus to grow and develop normally, but this water supplement is not all water Yes, during pregnancy, expectant mothers should not touch impure water such as drinks, milk tea, etc., because they contain a lot of additives, preservatives, pigments, etc., which will directly affect the clarity of amniotic fluid. 

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers-to-be drink cold boiled water or warm boiled water when drinking water during pregnancy. 

2. Do not touch a bad mood

Pregnant mothers maintain a good mood, which can not only make themselves physically and mentally happy, but also enable the fetus to grow and develop better. 

If the pregnant mother is not in a good mood for a long time, or the mood fluctuation is too large due to external stimulation, it is likely to cause irritation to the fetus, resulting in increased fetal movement frequency and excessive fetal fat loss; it may also cause some hormones in the pregnant mother to secrete Undesirable substances are likely to affect the clarity of amniotic fluid. 

Therefore, if pregnant mothers want to keep the amniotic fluid clear, they should not be upset. 

3. Do not touch high-salt and high-sugar foods

According to investigations and studies, excessive intake of high-salt and high-sugar foods during pregnancy can easily affect the quality of amniotic fluid. 

This is because foods rich in sugar and salt are not easily absorbed and digested by the body, not to mention pregnant women. If they are also absorbed, they will become garbage and accumulate in the mother’s body, which will not only aggravate pregnancy syndrome, but also Directly cause turbid amniotic fluid. 

4. Do not touch pollutants

Pregnant mothers must not be lazy during pregnancy, and change their own underwear in time to ensure clean and tidy, and stay away from some heavily polluted environments. These are likely to affect the clarity of amniotic fluid. 

Therefore, if pregnant mothers want to keep the amniotic fluid clear, they cannot touch those pollutants. 

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