Children’s academic performance is difficult to climb, parents should not worry, use the birdcage effect to easily get rid of hardship

Children’s academic performance is difficult to climb. Parents should not worry about it. Use the birdcage effect to easily get rid of hardship.

Children’s learning has always been a problem that parents need to overcome. Some parents really struggle to help their children improve their performance. After all my brains, some parents can be said to be both soft and hard to help their children, but the final result is not ideal. Looking at the children’s ECG-like report card, the parents are really anxious. 

Xiao Wang’s son just entered the first grade when he was 7 years old. During this period of school, his son’s academic performance has been ups and downs and unstable. In order to help his son stabilize his grades, Xiao Wang also used the energy of feeding. 

Xiao Wang turned away all the entertainment for his son. He stayed with his son to study with him every day after get off work. He was very cooperative at first, but after a week, he couldn’t sit down. Living. 

In order for Xiao Wang to cooperate with his son, it can be said that he is both soft and hard. He thought that his son’s academic performance in this exam should also be improved! But I didn’t expect my son’s grades to be as stable as Mount Tai, motionless. Later, Xiao Wang was also poor, so he had no choice but to ask his friends for help. 

My friend said that last time I listened to an expert lecture, she learned a new method for improving her children’s academic performance. She tried it on her own children and it worked, and she suggested that Xiao Wang could also try it. 

My friend said that children’s learning should not be hard-pressed. They must have skills and methods. You can try the birdcage effect. Maybe it can help parents solve their urgent needs. 

It may be the first time that some parents have heard of this term. Let’s take a look at what is the birdcage effect? 

The so-called birdcage effect actually refers to the psychological effects of people. As the name suggests, for example, a person accidentally gets a birdcage. In order to make the birdcage useful, he will add to the birdcage inexplicably A lot of things related to it. 

To help children improve their academic performance, how can parents use the birdcage effect? 

1. Help children create a learning environment

In fact, if parents want to improve their children’s academic performance, they have to have the willingness of the children themselves. If the children do not have the motivation to learn, even the parents’ efforts will be in vain. Therefore, using the birdcage effect, parents can help their children create a learning environment. For example, if the child has a favorite character or animal, the parent can give the child a study table, and the decoration on the study table is what the child likes. In this way, children are willing to sit at the study table every day for the things they like. Sometimes it is boring to sit alone. It is better to sit here to learn something. In this way, the parents do not force the children to learn, but the children take the initiative to learn. 

2. Grasp the children’s interest

Parents who want to improve their children’s academic performance must start with their children’s learning interests. For example, some children like to chase stars or If you like games, it’s okay for parents not to be nervous, and sometimes it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have something you like. Parents can take advantage of this characteristic of their children to satisfy their children appropriately, but they must grasp the degree. When the children become accustomed to the initiative and the parents request, the parents can take this opportunity to tell the children some truth, if they want to do what they want, You must study hard. The child is still willing to work hard for the dream in his heart. 

3. Appropriate material rewards

Parents who want to help their children improve their academic performance can also use appropriate material rewards. For example, they can develop a mechanism with their children. When the children’s academic performance reaches a certain stage, the parents can Reward yourself with something. Parents can openly formulate it for their children. In some cases, appropriate material rewards are still useful, but they are not suitable for long-term use. Parents should make appropriate adjustments. 

In fact, sometimes if you want your child to learn well, you also need to help your child develop good habits. Parents cannot always follow their children’s buttocks to supervise their children’s learning. Give your children a good habit of loving learning, and believe that their academic performance will not be too bad. 

How can parents help their children develop a habit of learning? 

1. Parents do it by themselves

If parents want to help their children develop good learning habits, they must first love learning. Parents should set a good example for their children. If the parents are people who love to learn, and the children will see the scenes of their parents learning when they go home, I believe that the children will naturally be affected when they are infiltrated in this environment all day long. 

2. Make a learning plan

Sometimes children don’t like learning, and they still have no plan. So parents can make a study plan with their children every week, what to accomplish every day? There must be a detailed record of what is not done so that the child will know what to do every day. 

3. Encourage with more details

If parents want to help their children develop the habit of learning, parents should also learn to encourage their children, because it takes time to develop the habit, so it’s not just about it. Children can do well. Parents should learn to encourage children with details and let them see their progress, so that children can understand what they should do next. 

Of course, children’s learning is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Parents must be patient and give their children time to help them find a way of learning that suits them. Moreover, today’s social performance is not the only goal for children. Parents should not always stare at their children’s performance, but be good at them. Discover the advantages of the child. At 43 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has not been “launched”. The mother-in-law said it was a good omen, but she couldn’t laugh after a C-section.

280 days is a common pregnancy length that doctors usually consider. Sum up. However, some elderly people adhere to the concept of “the longer the better”, believing that the longer the fetus stays in the mother’s body, the more nutrients it can absorb and the healthier it will grow. Is this scientific? 

After 43 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor was shocked and quickly went for an autopsy.

Man Man has been pregnant for 43 full weeks, and the fetus has been showing no signs of starting. The first time she was a mother, she always felt a little bit in her heart. Whispered. However, during the epidemic, the whole family was afraid that Manman’s maternity examination would be unsafe. They had not undergone a normal maternity examination for three months. The mother-in-law also comforted Manman. The child’s stable temperament is a “good omen”, and it will be expensive in the future! 

Finally, the epidemic eased, Manman hurried to the hospital for examination. As soon as the doctor heard that it had passed the expected delivery date for 3 weeks and there was no redness, he hurriedly asked the obstetric department to vacate the bed immediately and immediately arranged for Manman to perform a cesarean section. The uterus was opened to take out the baby. The doctor did not see the baby crying after repeated taps. Manman did not see the baby at a glance, so he was rushed to the neonatal emergency department. 

The doctor explained that 7 days after the expected date of delivery, the umbilical cord and placenta began to gradually age; 14 days later, the aging placenta has been unable to provide enough oxygen and nutrients for the fetus, and the fetus is prone to suffocation due to slow hypoxia, and even the fetus Inside the palace. 

When there is no sign of starting the expected date of delivery, the doctor will check the fetus’s placental maturity. The lower the index, the more complete the function of the placenta, the richer blood circulation, and the fetus can obtain sufficient material circulation; If the placenta maturity exceeds the standard, it means that the placenta has aged and needs to be induced as soon as possible. Seeing the baby son lying in the neonatal emergency department, Manman regretted the pregnancies in October that had been passed down for thousands of years, so why didn’t he pay attention to it? 

What should be done during pregnancy to achieve “on schedule” delivery? 

Wang Qi, director of the obstetrics department of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, analyzes that it is not until 40 weeks before delivery. From 38 to 41 weeks, it is already a full-term fetus. If there is no sign of delivery after 41 weeks, it is prolonged pregnancy. , The placenta may be aging, so it needs to go to the hospital for ultrasound examination in time. 

If the double parietal diameter of the fetus and the length of the femur have matured, and the placenta is aging, it is necessary to induce labor or cesarean section in time to prevent the fetal nutrition supply and gas exchange function from being affected. 

So, what matters should pregnant women pay attention to in order to ensure a smooth delivery between 38 weeks and 41 weeks? 

1. Don’t have excessive nutrition.

Pregnant women need rich nutrition, but don’t eat or drink because of pregnancy. The calories that the fetus needs in the mother’s body are not high, but the nutrients it needs are more abundant. Therefore, the diet of pregnant women should be light, diverse, low-oil and low-salt, choose foods with high nutrient density and avoid excessive intake of fats and carbohydrates. 

The development of the fetus is too large. On the one hand, it puts too much burden on the uterus and is more likely to be delivered prematurely. On the other hand, the incidence of hypertension and diabetes in adults is also higher. At the same time, fat fetuses often have an overly fat mother, which makes it more difficult to recover after delivery. 

2. Pay attention to moderate exercise

Pregnant women are often told to pay attention to moderate exercise during the birth check-up in the hospital. On the one hand, pregnant women should not be too lazy to move because of being overweight, lying or sitting for a long time, lower limb muscle atrophy, pregnant women’s edema will develop faster and more serious, the incidence of constipation is higher, and the fetal oxygen intake Insufficient input will result in insufficient energy during production. 

On the other hand, pregnant women should not be too active. Especially nowadays, many young mothers worry about their body changes due to pregnancy, and do not forget to exercise hard when they are pregnant. The uterus expands rapidly during pregnancy, and the uterine wall and cervix will become thinner and longer. Excessive exercise will put a heavier burden on the uterus, and the possibility of premature delivery and premature abruption is higher. 

Therefore, the doctor recommends that pregnant women walk slowly every day, climb stairs, or do a little gentle yoga for pregnant women, which are more suitable exercises. The daily exercise time can be maintained at about half an hour. 

3. Be sure to check up on time.

At the beginning of pregnancy, doctors will emphasize the importance of checking up on time, but many pregnant women don’t want to move because there are too many people in the hospital, too many bacteria, and tired. Waiting for reasons, the check-up was delayed and major problems occurred before regretting it. At 38 weeks, the doctor will help the pregnant woman to check whether the fetus has signs of entering the pelvis, and initially determine when the child will give birth; if it has not entered the pelvis at 40 weeks, the doctor will usually warn the pregnant woman to go to the hospital for monitoring in time, ready to induce delivery or C-section. 

Pregnancy to 38 weeks of fetal development has gone through multiple stages, do not relax your vigilance at this time. The last month’s antenatal check-up is the top priority if the child can give birth at full term and smoothly. 

Pregnancy is difficult, you must be vigilant from beginning to end, and never relax within 280 days. The phenomenon of fetal death at the last moment or brain damage due to hypoxia after birth is not Rare, it has sounded the alarm for hundreds of millions of pregnant women. How many weeks of pregnancy did you “start”? What are the signs before birth?

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