Children who often talk about these mantras are mostly top students in the class. Have you ever said that?

Children who often talk about these mantras are mostly top students in the class. Have you ever said that? 

As the saying goes: “When you are three you see the old, when you are seven you see the old.” 

In the view of the older generation, we can see whether a child is smart and has the potential to read books when he is a child. 

In addition, every child has his own speaking habits, and some children often put the “mantra” on their lips, especially the mantras of Xueba and Xuezhu. The difference is still very obvious. 

The 6-year-old girl was marked as “school scum” by her mother Tag

My friend Yueyue complained to me that my daughter became a “scumbag” in the class when she started school. It was really sad. After hearing this, I was a little puzzled. The little girl in her family had just entered the first grade of elementary school, so why did she make a conclusion so early? 

My friend said that her daughter Qianqian always said that she wanted a watch during her vacation. Yueyue felt that it was a good idea to buy a watch for her children to cultivate time, so she agreed. 

Since owning this watch, thousands of Every day when I go home from school, I am more willing to announce the time. At the beginning, Yueyue felt that this was a good habit she had cultivated thousands of times, but she didn’t expect that soon after the child started school, she learned the true purpose of this watch from the teacher. 

It turned out that Qianqian was holding a watch to announce get out of class time for each classmate. This not only disrupted classroom discipline, but also made Qianqian less focus on learning. 

And “how long will the get out of class be over” This sentence has gradually become a “mantra” on the lips of my daughter and surrounding classmates. Yueyue said with a gloomy expression: “When I was in school, this mantra was a special phrase for scumbags!”

Actually, although my friends’ worries are too early, it is not difficult for us to find out. , The mantras of Xueba and Xuezhu in a class are indeed slightly different. And the top students in the class always put these “mantras” on their lips, so do you sound familiar? Did you say it again? 

The kids who often talk about these mantras are mostly top students in the class “Hey, I didn’t do well this time.”

I don’t know why, every time after the exam, everyone will I heard Xueba complain: “Hey, I didn’t do the exam well this time, and I didn’t even finish the last big question!”

But when the scores are really posted, everyone will find that a roll paper with a perfect score of 150 can get 120 no matter how badly you play. From left to right, sometimes everyone will inevitably be curious. Are the schoolmasters dissatisfied with their grades or are they humble? 

“Teacher, can you say it again?”

When you are in class, can you say it again? “Teacher, can you say it again?” It will definitely become your “savior”, and usually this It’s all the result of humbly asking teachers from teachers for places they don’t understand. 

However, if you encounter a question that a student master cannot know, then it must be even more difficult for ordinary students like us, probably this kind of question is specifically for the student master Customized. 

“This question is actually very simple”

Actually, The schoolmasters also have their own pride. When the students frown, their sentence “This question is actually very simple” makes the students feel full of envy for them, and the next step is It’s time for schoolmasters to show their excellent ideas! 

We have finished talking about learning tyrants, and everyone can’t help but have some questions in their hearts. Is there any “mantra” for scumbags? The answer is of course not. 

What are some of the things that scumbags often talk about? “How long will it take to end get out of class”

Speaking of the most popular question asked by the scumbags, it is probably “how long will it take to end get out of class”! 

When they say that, they prove The scumbags have already given up on this class. After all, in the eyes of such students, the content of the teacher’s teaching is no different from the “Book of Heaven”, and they can only try to control themselves not to doze off. 

However, there are also some scumbags who will arrange the time for class to the fullest, but most of what they do has nothing to do with learning. I have to say that this is also a super skill. 

“Help me stare at the teacher”

Relative As far as the class is concerned, self-study is the paradise for the scumbags. Every time someone says “Help me stare at the teacher”, it means that they are starting to make small moves. 

“I have finished writing the homework, lend me a copy”

I can’t understand the content of the class, and the homework after class is naturally difficult for the scumbags, so “I have finished writing the homework, lend me a copy. “It has become the mantra of such students. In addition, the phrase “Teacher, I have lost my homework” is also a technique commonly used by scumbags. Hiccups are very important to children. The technique, strength and posture are very important. It is recommended that mothers understand in advance

As we all know, the most important skill for mothers to take care of babies is “belching”, because Little babies have a limited “meal”, and they tend to suck in a lot of air when the speed is too fast during the milking process, so there will be situations such as milk overflow. At this time, it is necessary for the family members to help them expel the air by “belching”. 

As a novice mother born in the 90s, Wanshu often learns all kinds of parenting knowledge and will practice according to the method in the book. She knows that the baby should burp after drinking, but sometimes it is clear that the baby is fine after drinking, but Wanshu’s burp makes the baby vomit. 

In this regard, Wan Shu is at a loss. 

So, Wan Shu asked her neighbor sister who is also Bao Mom about this matter. The neighbor sister was very enthusiastic and came to visit soon. After watching Wanshu’s hiccups, her neighbor’s sister was very happy. She said: “It’s only your hiccup technique. It’s strange that the child doesn’t spit up milk.”

It’s important to “burp” your child. The burp technique, strength and posture are all important.

To tell the truth, parents give it to the child. Milking hiccups is really learned. If the posture and details are not correct, it will be like Wanshu. Even if the filming is finished, Baoma will not be of much use, and it will even cause the child to spill milk. 

Hiccup technique: Parents put one arm around the child, and the palm of the other hand is slightly bent to keep it hollow. It does not require much effort, as long as it can produce a strong vibration. The child can shoot the air effectively, and it will not hurt the baby. 

Hiccup strength: the strength of the hiccup Moderate, the vibration mentioned in the above hiccup technique also refers to slight vibration. Keep this intensity, from bottom to top, the rhythm should be one second. 

Hiccup posture: Three postures for the child to burp, namely, vertical holding, sitting, and airplane. 

Vertical hug burp: Parents who adopt this method, whether sitting or standing, only need to gently lean the child’s head on their shoulders, and let the little guy’s whole body face Lean on this side of Bao Ma, and then gently pat the child on the back with the empty palm, which is also the most commonly used posture by Bao Ma. 

Seated hiccups: This method is more suitable for older people Child, at this time Baoma can hold the child on her lap, and then support the child with one hand, let the little guy’s face face down, and then pat the child’s back with the other hand. Airplane burp: also known as side prone position, the child needs to lie on the parent’s lap or arm, and then put the baby’s head close to the mother’s arm, and give the child an empty palm with one hand. Shoot. 

In addition, there are a few details that parents need to master when burping their children.< p>First of all, it is a common phenomenon for children to spill milk, so parents don’t need to worry too much. Secondly, in the process of hiccups, parents should also pay attention to some details to avoid wrong hiccups, so it is recommended that Mommy understands in advance. 

①Control the hiccup time within 15 minutes.

Hiccup is not as long as possible. On the one hand, the child can burp, and on the other hand, even if the child does not shoot Don’t keep taking hiccups. 

Because the child’s body is weak, it takes a long time Hiccups are also not conducive to the growth of children, so it is recommended that the hiccup time be controlled within 15 minutes. 

②Not all babies can shoot hiccups. Parents need to observe the state of their children.

If parents think that hiccups can be taken, this idea itself is wrong. Because not all children can hiccup every time, so parents need to carefully observe the child’s state. 

If the child has no signs of spilling milk or discomfort, or even closes his eyes slightly, it proves that the child is now comfortable and ready to go to bed with a drink. 

③After the hiccup is over, gently Put the baby down

After taking a hiccup on the baby, it does not mean that they will not spill milk. Therefore, parents should gently put down their children to avoid spilled milk caused by excessive shaking. Breastfeeding knowledge science is here! Full of dry goods, so that mothers are not confused when feeding their babies

Every mother is worried and suspicious about the full of dry goods during lactation. After all, all aspects of breastfeeding mothers who are not aware of it may affect the baby, and the newborn baby cannot withstand the toss. 

Moreover, breastfeeding is usually about 6 months. For such a long breastfeeding time, mothers have too many questions. Today we will sort out the four most common questions from breastfeeding mothers and respond in a unified manner. Mother who doesn’t know yet quickly takes the notebook and writes it down! 

Breastfeeding on demand or on time? 

Many mothers may have such a question when they first start breastfeeding, that is, whether to feed on demand, wait until the baby is hungry, or feed on time, whether the baby is hungry or not, as long as the time is up, give it to the baby Breastfeeding. 

Mothers who are uncertain can use on-demand feeding for a period of time after the baby is born, and can use regular feeding when the baby’s diet is found out. This can also reduce the burden on breastfeeding mothers. 

In addition, the more milk you suck, the more you secrete it. Mothers who are worried about not having enough breast milk must let their babies suck their breasts to stimulate the mammary glands. 

Can I lose weight during lactation? 

Which mother doesn’t want to return to her non-pregnant figure after giving birth. Even during pregnancy, she has already figured out how to lose weight after unloading, but she still needs to breastfeed and needs to protect the baby’s nutrition, so she is breastfeeding Is it possible to lose weight without affecting the baby? 

You can lose weight during breastfeeding, but you should pay attention to the method and degree. For example, dieting to lose weight and medicine to lose weight will affect the baby. You can exercise appropriate exercise and eat small meals to control your weight in order to achieve the goal of weight loss. 

Can I breastfeed if I am sick? 

We all know that the virus can enter the baby’s body through breast milk, but breastfeeding mothers will inevitably get sick. The question now is, can mothers continue to feed their babies if they are sick during breastfeeding? 

Don’t breastfeed after you get sick during breastfeeding, because it will affect the quality of breast milk. Then, find out the cause of the sickness and consult your doctor, and decide whether to use drugs under the doctor’s advice. Remember, breastfeeding mothers must not take medicine without authorization. 

Will I get pregnant during lactation? 

Even if you have a child, it will not delay the shame of your parents. After all, the blood is strong, and proper intimacy can also help improve the relationship between the husband and wife. But because the mother has to breastfeed, she can’t take birth control pills and hurt her body, but she is worried. If you don’t use contraception, you will get pregnant. I have just given birth to a baby, and I don’t want to have the next one so soon. 

The breastfeeding period is not a safe period. During this period, there is still a chance of pregnancy, but the fertility will be reduced. Even if there is no menstruation within a few months after delivery, ovulation will occur before menstruation, and basically The mothers will regain their fertility in about 3-8 months after giving birth. 

The above are the 4 types of breastfeeding mothers Frequently asked questions, the answers have been sorted out, novice mothers hurry up to collect them, otherwise they will not be found later!

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