Children who like to crawl since childhood are better than others at this point, and it’s useless to work hard the day after tomorrow.

Children who like to crawl since childhood are better than others at this point, and it’s useless to work hard the day after tomorrow.

When the baby is in the infant stage, their physical development is in a state of rapid development, parents will find that The little guys are simply “the same thing every day”, and they grow up very fast. 

Especially in the development of big sports, adults will find that the little guys will have new skills to master almost every month. 

Among them, crawling is the most “cute” stage. Watching the little guys go from creeping to being at ease, parents also get a lot of joy and sense of accomplishment in the whole process. 

However, there are some children who don’t like crawling, and even walk away without learning to crawl. So, relatively speaking, what are the growth advantages of children who like to crawl? 

The little guy likes Climbing everywhere, Bao Ma was very annoyed by this, but people who came by said that Taotao is a very naughty little guy. After just eight months, he has mastered the skill of crawling proficiently. 

So the two-meter bed at home can no longer accommodate the little guy, because Taotao’s mother found that she didn’t pay attention to the baby and fell out of the bed. 

In order to allow children to have a more spacious crawling space, Taotao’s mother spread the entire floor of the living room with crawling mats, but although this is convenient for children, Taotao’s mother is worried that her children will be there all day. Climbing on the crawling mat is unhygienic. 

So Taotaoma had to sterilize the crawling mat every morning and evening, so that she was already very busy, and Taotaoma became even busier. 

So Taotao mother thought, use a fence in the living room to enclose a space for the child to crawl, so that no adults walk around, the hygiene of the crawling mat is also guaranteed. 

But what Taotao’s mother didn’t expect was that the little guy didn’t like the feeling of being surrounded. Seeing the baby staring at the outside of the fence, Taotao’s mother had no choice but to let the little guy out again. . 

Taotao mother, who was annoyed by the crawling children, was really helpless. But when she complained that children like to crawl everywhere, friends who came by thought

“Crawling is good for children, and children like to crawl, which saves you the trouble of guiding!”

“My child just learns to walk if he can’t climb. It feels like the little guy’s development of big movements is missing a big piece!”

After listening to everyone saying this Only then did Tao Tao’s mother react, it seems that the child likes to crawl, maybe this is a good thing! 

Children who like to crawl since childhood have very obvious advantages in sensory balance ability, for example, the coordination of the limbs is stronger, the body balance ability is stronger and so on. 

Of course, in addition to the most obvious advantage in sensory balance, crawling will also have some other beneficial effects on the growth of children. 

like crawling Which aspects of the development of the child will help? 

1. Contribute to the development of the baby’s brain

During the crawling process, the child’s field of vision is richer and the content they see is more diverse, which makes the child’s brain receive More environmental stimulation, which obviously helps the baby’s brain development. 

The more active the nerve cells affected by abundant environmental stimuli, the better the baby’s brain will naturally develop. 

2. It helps to improve the baby’s cognitive ability

When the baby is crawling, the world in their eyes changes from static to dynamic, which also inspires the little guy Their desire to explore. 

When the baby’s desire to explore is released and satisfied, their cognitive ability of things will be significantly enhanced. At the same time, crawling will also exercise children’s thinking and imagination. 

3. Contribute to the improvement of the baby’s language ability

During the crawling process, the baby’s inner ear and vestibule are affected by a certain degree of stimulation, and these two parts are very important for the child’s language learning of. 

So children who like to crawl have laid the foundation for their language learning early. And during the crawling period, the little guys can also get more language learning opportunities in the communication with their parents. 

during the crawling period , How do parents guide their children to learn to crawl? 

1. Guidance based on month age

When babies are in different months of age, the guidance they can accept should be different. When the baby is six months old, parents can help the little one to carry out parallel training, preferably 2 to 3 times a day. 

When the baby is seven months old, parents can assist in rolling training and crawling training. At this time, the crawling training should be kept at about 10-20 minutes. 

When the baby is eight months old, parents can strengthen crawling practice, such as setting up some small obstacles for the child to break through. At this time, crawling training can be extended to 30 to 60 minutes each time. 

2. Create a safe crawling area

During the crawling process of the baby, if there are obstacles, it is likely to cause safety hazards. 

So when parents let their babies crawl, they must try to ensure that there are no obstacles in the crawling area. For example, angular toys like building blocks must be properly placed. 

3. Inspire the baby’s enthusiasm for crawling

For example, during the crawling process, parents can choose some toys that the little guys like to entice the baby to crawl. 

In addition, during the crawling process, parents can also say some encouraging words, or do some encouraging body movements, which can stimulate the baby’s enthusiasm for crawling and make the little ones like crawling more. Things. 

In addition, when parents are training their babies for crawling, they must combine work and rest. Don’t be too forceful, otherwise it will easily arouse the baby’s resistance, which is not conducive to crawling training. 

Do you have any guiding experience to share with babies in the crawling period? Compared with women with low fertility, women with “prone fertility” are outstanding in these aspects.

Now the social resource conditions are getting better and better, the daily material life we ​​can see and use And spiritual life is getting richer and richer. Contrary to the increasingly developed economy, more and more people in the country are unable to have their own children due to physical reasons. 

This can also be seen in more and more specialized hospitals on the market. Many experts analyzed that this decline in overall fertility quality is closely related to the living habits of modern people. 

Whether it is a male or a female, sedentary, staying up late, junk food, tobacco, alcohol and coffee, etc., have become small mines buried in daily life, which will be buried in future pregnancy and childbirth. Various hidden dangers. 

However, bringing a new life into their own family is still a major event in many women’s lives. Although women will encounter a lot of pressure during the whole process, and the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is also quite difficult, but from an emotional point of view, many women are eager to have children. 

Because for a new family, the child is not only the crystallization of the love between the husband and wife, but in the context of Chinese culture, the child has also become a’signal’ or’symbol’ of the opening of a new life. 

If you want to have a child of your own, then female friends must pay attention to their own living habits, and they can also learn about the performance of the “prone physique” and learn more about it. 

1. No history of reproductive system diseases, no history of surgery

With the open mind, pre-marital sex is now very common. However, when some young couples forget safety measures when they are passionate, they risk causing women to become pregnant afterwards. If you can’t have children at this time, many women can only choose to abort. 

Whether it is a medical abortion or a surgical abortion, it will directly damage the woman’s uterus and affect the secretion of hormones in the body. Many women will thin the uterine lining due to abortion, which will affect future pregnancy and even lose their fertility directly. In addition, due to the lack of sex education, many women are unable to protect themselves well in daily life or sexual behavior, resulting in accidental infection with various pathogenic pathogens. 

These diseases that erode the reproductive system will not only cause physical pain, but will also cause various negative effects on women’s pregnancy and production links in the future. Therefore, in order to be able to maintain their own health and to have a child during pregnancy in the future, female friends must learn more about this knowledge and protect themselves. 

Second, women with regular living patterns, good health, and active exercise

There is a gap between the true age of a person and the age of the body. For some professional athletes, because they often maintain a healthy and balanced diet and have a large and scientific exercise plan, many athletes are younger than their real age. 

If a woman can maintain a regular schedule in daily life, eat a healthy diet, and often exercise, then her body hormone secretion level and health level can be well maintained under normal circumstances . 

In this case, the cells in the body can get a good metabolism, the overall level will be improved, and the quality of the eggs will naturally be good. Such women naturally have better fertility. This is also the reason why many women are advised by doctors to adjust their life patterns and habits when preparing for pregnancy, because these small daily details really affect a person’s health. 

3. Women at the right age, not too young or too young

Early studies have shown that men and women have different, but they are the most suitable for childbearing in their lives. age. Generally speaking, the best age for women to give birth is 25 to 30 years old, while the best age for men to give birth is 30 to 35 years old. 

This age stage is divided according to average physical fitness and average wealth ownership. Generally speaking, women and men of this age are in good physical condition, and such healthy physical conditions are more conducive to pregnancy. At this age, many women and men also have a stable source of wealth and income and can afford to raise their children. 

So, women at this stage generally have better fertility than women at other ages. However, this advantage brought by age is not decisive. 

If you can combine all the advantages of the above three “prone” physiques, then you can naturally become a “reserve” mother who is quite prepared for pregnancy and childbirth. Self-regulation and self-control, these two methods are not only for the benefit of pregnancy, but are actually positive improvements in our lives.

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