Children who grow too fast may be precocious. Don’t be careless. How to prevent precocious puberty?

Children who grow too fast may be precocious. Don’t be careless. How to prevent precocious puberty? 

The growth and development of a child is developed step by step in accordance with the law of growth, and finally mature at a certain age. Relevant data shows that the number of precocious children in China has reached 530,000. 

Precocious puberty is a relatively common pediatric endocrine disease, and most of the children show developmental characteristics that are inconsistent with their own age. It refers to the developmental characteristics of secondary sexual characteristics in boys before the age of nine and girls before the age of eight, or menarche in girls before the age of ten. 

In clinical practice, the symptoms of precocious puberty children generally have these manifestations:

1. Boys have spermatorrhea shortly after the testes and penis enlargement before the age of 9 years old. There are long apples, voice changes, pubic hair, and beards that grow vigorously; girls start to develop breasts, menarche before the age of 10, and their external genitals begin to develop. 

2. In the process of sexual development of boys and girls, the bones will mature rapidly, and they will increase a lot in a short period of time, and the weight will also increase. In this way, the epiphyses will be fused in advance. Eventually lead to a situation where the length is not high. 

If the above situation occurs, it can be preliminarily confirmed that the child has precocious puberty, and the child should be taken to a regular hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible. 

How to prevent it in daily life What about precocious puberty? 

1. Avoid children eating hormone-containing foods, such as the more common animal gonads (lamb kidney, beef kidney, honey, ginseng, hippocampus);

2. It is good to train children more If some children are used to going to bed late, often staying up late, their secretion of growth hormone is affected, and some children turn on the light to sleep, turning on the light to sleep will affect the human body’s secretion of melatonin, which will easily induce precocious puberty. ;

3. Do not let girls come into contact with cosmetics too early. These cosmetics also contain some female hormones, which may also induce precocious puberty in children;

4, To avoid children’s premature exposure to sexual information, parents should pay more attention to their children’s online safety, avoid children’s premature exposure to sexual knowledge through other information channels, and guide them to take care of their children’s physical and mental health. 

Because the symptoms of precocious puberty are more obvious, parents can observe and identify them. When the child has a faster growth rate, the body grows more than normal, and the annual growth rate is more than 6cm, you should go to the hospital in time to avoid missing the best treatment period for the child . There are four sensitive periods in the growth of children. After parents treat them correctly, children will definitely be better when they grow up.

Today’s parents are paying more and more attention to their children’s education, but parents pay more attention to more than just The child’s learning ability will be cultivated, and the child’s character and character will also be sculpted. Hope that the child can develop a good character and have a high EQ. 

Of course, this aspect is related to family education, on the other hand, the child is destined at birth. 

So parents should not always complain about what their children have become? Because these two factors are given by parents, parents who want their children to have a good character must give them the right training at the right time. 

My sister told me one thing, in a She goes out with her baby on rainy days. Because he stepped on the water downstairs for a while, the child was happy to go upstairs, but he kept crying after returning home, and kept pointing his finger at his umbrella. 

My sister is also very depressed, because nothing has happened, why does my child keep pointing at it? When the child was tired of crying and fell asleep, the sister remembered that she had been teaching the child to put the umbrella on the balcony to dry after returning from rainy days, and this time she put the umbrella directly in the cabinet. 

When the child woke up and asked if he was crying because of this incident, the child nodded. In fact, children are very serious about the education of their parents, so parents must learn to plan for their children at different stages. 

Four sensitive periods in the child’s growth process: 0 to At 6 months

Baby at this time just came into this world and didn’t understand many things in the world. They explored this rich world through the organs they could only control. Four months ago The child’s vision is not fully developed, and he cannot see the whole picture of the world. The baby’s heart is scared, and it is easy to be frightened by a little movement. 

At this stage, parents should give their children enough love and hug their children more. Let the child feel that the parents love him very much and can provide a sufficient sense of security. 

one and a half to two years old

at this stage The baby is full of curiosity about the things around him. The child will constantly use his hands or even his mouth to feel things that the outside world has never seen. 

At this stage, if parents observe carefully enough, they can find that the child is really a curious baby. 

Therefore, parents should grasp this stage well, and start to cultivate children’s interest at this stage. If they can do well, children at this stage can learn a lot, so parents should not miss this Stages of education. 

Two to three years old

Children at this time It is still impossible to make a rational choice of the attention given to them by the outside world. Some families start to spoil their children for no reason because of the arrival of their children. 

Under such circumstances, the child’s temper will become very irritable, and he will consider himself when doing things in the future. Such behavior is not good for the development of a child’s good character. . 

At this time, the parents need to judge whether they are a little too spoiled for their children. If the child’s temper really becomes ugly, parents should also learn to implement ground control and not let the child develop in the wrong direction. 

Otherwise, I still have this character when I grow up If the parents regret it, it’s too late. 

Three and a half to four years old

The last stage of the sensitive period is this stage. At this age, the child has already entered the kindergarten. Children entering the kindergarten may be very curious about the things around them, often imitate some of the teacher’s behavior, and even like to draw on the wall with a pen. 

If you encounter such a thing, parents should not be angry, but should buy a small blackboard for the child, so that the child can create on this small blackboard, there may be unexpected results after a long time . 

What parents should do to protect their children’s ideas

Parents should carefully observe some of their children’s behaviors in their daily lives, because some of their children’s behaviors seem unreasonable, but if you think about it carefully, you will find that it contains the child’s own way of thinking. 

So when a child makes some special actions, parents may wish to think from the perspective of the child. 

For example, it’s like a child wants to eat the most complete piece of biscuits. Many parents will take the trouble to give it to their children casually, but smart parents accompany their children. Look for the most complete piece in the package. 

Give children the right to make their own judgments and choices, so that children can be more independent and have their own thoughts. 

Establish an orderly family atmosphere

In daily In life, parents also have to abide by certain rules, just like some items in the home, where they should be placed. 

You can even take your child to participate in it, and arrange the items in the house neatly with the child within the specified time. Or the parents put their belongings and let the children put their belongings in place. 

In this way, the child will have a kind of consciousness in his heart, and all objects have their own designated positions, so they will also develop a kind of awareness of rules. 

Respect your children

Many young parents do this well, because parents have realized that their children are independent individuals. 

Give them choices in their daily lives so that when children encounter problems, they will look at them with respect. This way of thinking is something that children should develop, so that the child will become a loving and considerate little warm boy. In June of pregnancy, the pregnant woman was rushed to the doctor. The fetus moved violently and risked a miscarriage. It was all due to a small action in normal times.

Shiyu before pregnancy and Lin Daiyu after pregnancy, no matter how strong girls usually are, as long as they become pregnant, they need special medical attention.” High-risk objects” too. Statistics show that during the entire pregnancy, the proportion of pregnant women admitted to the hospital due to various accidents is as high as one-quarter. It can be seen how much risk pregnancy brings to women, and this does not count the huge risks during childbirth. 

But speaking of it, what happened to pregnant women Many accidents can be avoided. It is a pity that most pregnant women only have enough awareness when things happen, and before that, they have never felt how dangerous what they are doing. Last Saturday night, my friend Lily suddenly suffered severe abdominal pain at home and was rushed to the hospital. Lily was pregnant for 6 months. The pain made her feel like fainting, but in a daze, she still missed the child in her belly. On the way to the doctor, she kept asking her if she wanted it. 

After emergency rescue, Lily got rid of the danger, and the baby was fine, but the doctor also warned that if it is delivered half an hour late, the adults may be fine, and the children in the belly will be very difficult. Saved. The doctor said that when Lily was sent, the fetus moved violently and was about to miscarry. It was suspected that it was related to the excessive stimulation of the fetus. 

After some inquiries, it was confirmed It turns out that Lily deeply believes in the theory of prenatal education, so she touches her belly with her hands every day according to online tutorials. If the baby responds (that is, fetal movement), she will be more excited and more intense. According to the doctor, it was this small gesture that caused the accident. 

For pregnant women, stroking the belly during pregnancy is simply a common activity. I believe that few pregnant mothers can suppress their inner curiosity and not touch it. Moreover, some prenatal education theories also believe that touching the belly can interact with the baby and promote the development of the fetus, which further promotes the motivation of pregnant mothers to touch the belly. However, Lily’s experience shows that this seemingly ordinary little action sometimes brings huge risks to pregnant women and fetuses. 

These actions will cause harm to the fetus, pregnant mothers must Pay attention to

1. Excessive stroking

Prenatal education theory advocates that pregnant mothers interact with their babies by touching their belly. Some doctors also suggest that pregnant mothers use several fetal movements to determine whether the development of the fetus is normal. On the other hand, there are pregnant women who almost miscarried because of touching their belly. Could it be that the theory of prenatal education and the doctor’s advice are wrong? 

Of course not, the key lies in one word: excessive. Stroking the fetus across the belly is of course no problem, but everything has a degree. One is that the number of times a day should not be too much, and the other is that the intensity should not be too large. If you do not pay attention to these two points, touching the fetus through the belly may cause him harm. 

2. Bend over

< p>In addition to excessive stroking, there are many inconspicuous small movements that can cause harm to the fetus or even the pregnant woman herself, such as bending the waist. For ordinary people, bending over is a very simple action, and it is unlikely to be harmful to the body. However, it is not the case for pregnant women, because bending over will greatly squeeze the abdominal space and bring huge effects to the fetus. A sense of oppression, which has a certain chance of triggering a miscarriage. The later the pregnancy, the greater the risk. 

3. Long squatting or standing for a long time

Squatting or standing for a long time is also something that pregnant women should try to avoid. This is because after pregnancy, under the influence of hormones, pregnant women’s legs will be a little swollen, the leg strength will also be reduced, standing for a long time or the risk of fainting, and once falling, the consequences can be very serious. Similarly, maintaining a squatting posture for a long time will also hinder blood circulation, leading to hypoxia in the brain and the possibility of fainting. 

The above are all normal movements, for ordinary healthy people, of course, it will not affect the slightest, but if you are pregnant, you must be very careful. If you don’t do it, don’t do it. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret when an accident occurs. 

The best way to avoid accidents during pregnancy is to exercise less and more Jing

If you want to avoid accidents during pregnancy as much as possible, the best way is to be an “home girl”, and can not go out without going out. It is better to be quiet. For example, pregnant women should stay away in crowded places, which can prevent accidental collisions and reduce the probability of contracting infectious diseases. For another example, you should stop for the housework you usually do after pregnancy. This can greatly reduce the number of standing, squatting or bending over for a long time, thereby effectively avoiding accidents. 

I hope every pregnant mother can remember the above suggestions. After all, there is nothing more important than the safety of the baby in the belly. Of course, the small movements mentioned above do not mean that pregnant women must not be allowed to do it. The key lies in the word “degree”. 

For example, under the premise of ensuring safety, appropriate Touching the belly and interacting with the baby are beneficial and harmless. This is also in line with the theory of prenatal education. Similarly, proper exercise is also good for pregnant women and fetuses. The key is how to grasp it.

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