Children who can become talents in the future will often have these behaviors when they are young. One of the parents will have fun.

Children who can become talents in the future often have these behaviors when they are young. One of the parents will cheat.

According to scientific investigations, a person’s personality, behavior habits, three outlooks, etc. are all related to childhood experiences. 

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Parents both have a “hope for a child to become a dragon, and a daughter to become a dragon” Feng” heart hopes that his children will become talents when they grow up. This not only shows that their education is successful, makes them happy, but also can be proud of their children. 

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If these three signs appear, it means that the child can become a talent.

1. Strong self-care ability

Self-care ability refers to taking care of yourself The ability of a person is the most basic life skill that a person should have. His formation can not only give children self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, but also handle their own problems well. 

Then when this kind of child grows up, his self-independent ability will be very strong, and his work ability will be very strong, so the chances of becoming a talent in the future will be much greater. 

2. Good interpersonal relations

Anthony Robin once said: “The greatest wealth in a person’s life is good interpersonal relations, because it can open up all A door that needs ability, and it can allow you to grow up gradually.”

If a child has a very good interpersonal relationship since childhood, he knows how to get along with other children, so that when the baby grows up, no matter where he goes Wherever I can make a lot of friends, I will be able to deal with interpersonal relationships like a fish in water. 

In career and life, they are good at communicating with others, and they can get help from friends, which will make them easier to become talents when they grow up. 

3. Optimistic mentality

People often say: “Luck is not too bad for those who love to laugh.” An optimistic person can always face life with a smile, even if Even unsatisfactory things can be dealt with calmly. 

Bi Shumin once said: “A happy person will smile in the dark. A miserable person, even if they fall asleep, tears will drop in their dreams.”

A person who can always maintain an optimistic attitude can face everything positively and optimistically every day. Almost nothing can affect their mood, so they can solve everything positively and energeticly every day. When children grow up, they will become more talented. 

“Incorrect mind “Children, have these three auras since they were young.

1. Selfish

Selfish children are always self-centered and feel that they should be like this no matter who they are. They can’t share their own. If you give things to your friends, you will go to others to grab some things you like. 

Then when this kind of baby grows up, she will probably use whatever means she wants for what she wants. In their opinion, if she wants something, she won’t be unable to get it. This may cause the child to slowly become “incorrect mind”. 

2, will please people

Although everyone likes his nice words and listens to others complimenting themselves, if they can be praised by a child, adults will be happy. 

Such a child is very clever. Since he was a child, he knows how to look at his words, how to please others, and how to flatter him. This allows him to quickly integrate into a new group, but after a long time, everyone will feel like this People who are too hypocritical, over-scheming, and insincere to others, eventually choose to stay away. 

Therefore, when such a child grows up, it is very likely that he will be a person with “unhealthy minds”. 

3. Lies come and go

Children with “incorrect minds” are likely to lie since they were young, and their lying skills are very superb. Even the parents sometimes find it difficult to detect the baby’s presence. lie. 

Such children, after lying into sex, feel that this way can not only avoid parental punishment, but also get some happiness or sense of accomplishment, which is likely to keep this habit Then, it is easy to be unsure of right and wrong, and he will not admit to what he has done wrong, even if he is kindly reminded by others, he may lie to lie, and eventually become an “improper” baby. 

Therefore, if parents find that their children have the above three signs, they should promptly help them to change it, so as not to affect his life. According to scientific investigations, a person’s personality, behavioral habits, three views, etc. are all related to childhood experiences, and it may be too late to be later than 12 years old. 

How can parents cultivate an excellent child? 

1. Exercise children’s self-care ability from an early age

As parents, we must exercise our children’s ability to take care of themselves from an early age, and let them do things within their capacity. Don’t choose to do everything in a way that they will not do anything when they grow up. Faced with the choices in my life and career, I don’t know what to do. 

In addition, parents should not spoil their children too much. They should focus on him in everything, and they should be satisfied in time. This is likely to cause their self-reliance and self-reliance, which is harmful to the healthy growth of their children. The needs of children should be properly met and delayed. Of course, this does not include infants. 

2. Parents set an example and be a good example

Parents should be honest, trustworthy, positive and optimistic people in life. When they grow up in such a family atmosphere, their children can gradually learn Yes, when facing life and dealing with things, you can also face it in this way. 

When a child lied, parents can figure out the reason, and then tell them through storytelling to let them understand that lying is not correct and to be an honest baby. 

3. Encourage children to socialize with others

Some parents worry that their children are too young, making friends are easy to lose, and being bullied by others, they rarely take them out, and even do not support their children to make friends, which will not only affect Their interpersonal skills may also cause children to become withdrawn. 

Therefore, as parents, encourage their children to make friends. In this process, they can slowly learn how to live in harmony with others, and they can handle the contradictions handily, making their interpersonal skills more and more Strong. Is near delivery, there are a few foods for pregnant mothers Eat less, it is easy to make the amniotic fluid become cloudy and the fetus is hypoxic in the uterus

No matter what the expectant mother does at any time during pregnancy, it may cause harm to the life, health or growth of the fetus, so you need to pay more attention during pregnancy. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

After a woman is pregnant, she needs to pay more attention to all aspects of life. Diet is one of them. If you do not resist the temptation of food, it is likely to pose a threat to the growth and development of the fetus. 

Some pregnant mothers think that they can eat whatever they want near delivery, but such an action is actually undesirable. Even at this period, it is likely to affect the fetus. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


Lili has been pregnant for 39 weeks, but the doctor told her that the quality of amniotic fluid was abnormal during the checkup. It was too turbid, which might cause hypoxia in the fetus. She advised her to hurry up The fetus is taken out by a cesarean section. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, Lili was very nervous, but she was afraid of threatening the baby’s life, so she immediately agreed to the doctor’s advice and asked her husband to take the delivery package at home to the hospital. 

After the caesarean section is over, the baby is born safely, but some signs of hypoxia can be seen. Fortunately, I listened to the doctor’s advice and immediately gave the caesarean section. Otherwise, I really can’t imagine what it will bring. as a result of. 

Kelly is also very puzzled. She has always paid attention during pregnancy. The previous check-ups were all normal. How could there be turbid amniotic fluid? 

With doubts in her mind, she went to ask the doctor. After the doctor asked about the life habits of Lili in the third trimester, she learned that pregnant mothers like to eat spicy and irritating food in the third trimester, so this is likely to cause these foods to be unavailable. It is metabolized and excreted from the body in time and stays in the body, thus affecting the amniotic fluid. 

Lili regretted the truth, but she did not expect that she was greedy in the final stage, which would threaten the life and health of the fetus. 

Therefore, in order for the fetus to grow and develop normally during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still need to make some sacrifices. Even in the third trimester, they cannot become lax near delivery. 

Near delivery, Pregnant women eating these are likely to cause abnormal amniotic fluid quality.

1. Fried and barbecued foods

Typical representatives: grilled skewers, fried chicken, burgers, etc. 

a. Easy to be infected with parasites. Since this kind of food is not evenly heated and the ingredients are not up to standard during the preparation, it is very likely that the pregnant mother will be infected by parasites, which will threaten the life and health of the fetus. 

b. Cause pregnancy complications. Due to the high fat content of such foods, pregnant mothers will likely cause excessive weight gain after eating, and cause pregnancy complications, which will worsen the health of the expectant mothers, which will not only affect the normal delivery, but also Will affect the quality of amniotic fluid. 

2. Sweets

Typical representatives: chocolates, candies, desserts, etc. 

a. The heat is too high. Because sweets contain too much sugar, the calories will be higher. Excessive intake of pregnant mothers is likely to cause rapid weight gain and induce gestational diabetes, which will threaten the safety of themselves and the fetus. 

In addition, the occurrence of gestational diabetes in pregnant mothers will affect the quality of amniotic fluid, causing the amniotic fluid to become turbid and the baby is born early. 

3. Spicy and irritating food

Typical representatives: spicy strips, hot pot, mala Tang, etc. 

a, get angry. Because this kind of food is very irritating, it is likely to cause irritation of the pregnant mother’s intestines and stomach, thereby affecting the occurrence of indigestion, getting angry, and constipation. 

b. Amniotic fluid quality. Because this kind of food is rich in a large number of food additives, after the pregnant mother eats it, it is not excreted from the body in time, which will affect the quality of the amniotic fluid, resulting in the deterioration of the metabolic rate of the amniotic fluid and inducing the turbidity of the amniotic fluid. 

Abnormal amniotic fluid quality

1. Excessive amniotic fluid

According to research, if pregnant women have too much amniotic fluid, the chance of fetal growth defects will rise to 25%. 

2, too little amniotic fluid

If the pregnant mother has too little amniotic fluid, then the fetus’s space in the womb will become smaller, or even unable to move freely, then it is likely to be Occurrence of amniotic membrane adhesions, even growth defects, suffocation and other situations. 

3. Amniotic fluid turbidity

Because of the different causes of amniotic fluid turbidity, the harm caused by it will also be different, as follows:

a. The impact is not significant. If the amniotic fluid is turbid due to the natural shedding of fetal fat on the body of the fetus, it is mostly slightly turbid, which has basically no effect on the growth and development of the fetus. 

b. Hypoxia in the uterus. If the amniotic fluid is turbid due to the passage of meconium into the amniotic fluid, then the fetus may suffer from intrauterine hypoxia. 

c. Abnormal development. The slight turbidity caused by lanugo, fetal fat, cholestasis, etc. has little effect, but if it is severely turbid, it will threaten the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

Near delivery, Pregnant women also need to pay attention to their eating habits

1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to a balanced diet and eat healthy foods such as high-quality protein foods, milk and dairy products. The daily fat content of carbohydrates, cereals, nuts, etc. should be controlled at about 25 grams. 

2. Supplement dietary fiber

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus and abdomen of the pregnant mother are stretched very large due to the weight gain of the fetus. At this time, constipation is prone to occur. Take 20 per day according to expert recommendations. ~30 grams of dietary fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, etc., help the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, effectively avoiding some problems. 

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